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4 NEWS Tuesday, February 13 2018 | NEW ERA Unam to probe report claiming it lost students’ data Albertina Nakale Windhoek Hours after an alarming letter went viral on social media yesterday that the University of Namibia (Unam) had lost all records pertaining to students’ the university management acted promptly to curtail further letter is ‘false and malicious’. “The University of Namibia wishes to distance itself from a false and malicious unsigned which is being circulated When contacted for that management would engage their internal investigators to get to the bottom of “this When asked if they have said there were no suspects as yet. which sent shockwaves among informed all senior students that the university administration continuous assessment and The same letter alleged this disappearance occurred due to a computer centre staff member who accidently was transferring marks to the new student management system. marks would have to be recollected and re-typed into the system and is purported to have questioned the authenticity of the letter since its alleged records while it’s alleging to “If you investigate the but Mainga doesn’t work with student records. Also Ms. Mainga’s letters are handsigned with a pen. This one is not signed at all. The language is also quite sloppy…It’s not our “We assure all students and stakeholders that there is nothing wrong with our databases and student marks are not compromised in any way serves to tarnish the good name of the university and all relevant authorities will be engaged to get to the bottom of this very asserted Namesho. Recovering alcoholic uses art to deal with addiction Eveline de Klerk Swakopmund Having endured the hardships of life that have left him at the mercy of the cold streets of Walvis The 45-year-old Slinger who has been living on the says that he has experienced his fair share of hardships in life and is now ready to pick up the pieces to see him himself from alcohol addiction. He has now turned to art as part of his recovery cardboard and match pieces he collects. motivates him to stay away from alcohol and its ruinous consequences. He has been clean for almost a year and says his biggest achievement was resisting touching alcohol during the Christmas holiday last year. and out of prison for various petty criminal offences of which he is not proud of. in him turning to the streets as his home and alcohol as his friend. Slinger started sleeping on the streets and in the parks where he would also collect empty bottles and any kind of material he could sell to get money to feed his habit. “My life revolved around drinking. Sometimes I would pass out and only wake up in prison or with wounds. Sometimes I would end up in hospital and only to learn later on that I suffered an asthma attack. That looking down on me. I also had nothing to show in terms of what I have achieved in life apart from my addiction and living from bottle to bottle was not an On a new path… Anthony Slinger who is using art to help him recover from his addiction to alcohol that has destroyed many lives across Namibia; in Africa. Photo: Alvine de Klerk weeks. The withdrawal symptoms were a nightmare. I had to push through and I am glad that that part is continues. He does not stay on the streets anymore but in an old garage close to the Walvis Bay Magistrate’s in life. My hobby is helping me stay sober and is my started as my task is to stay sober and I am taking it STUDY IN INDIA PROGRAMMES OFFERED City Dates Venue 1 WINDHOEK 12 th and 13 th February 2018 Safari Hotel and Conference Centre, Corner of Auas and Aviation Road 2 SWAKOPMUND 15 th February 2018 Atlantic Villa, 24 Plover street, Swakopmund 3 WALVIS BAY 16 th & 17 th February 2018 Protea Hotel by Marriott //Kharas governor warns council thieves Matheus Hamutenya Keetmanshoop //Kharas governor Lucia Basson has warned workers of the //Kharas regional council to refrain from stealing from the government. Speaking at the regional council’s annual employees who do not carry out their duties and functions but keep on receiving their salaries on some only come three times a work. aware of such employees and warned those that were getting their salaries while they sit idle and The queue for those that want to work is very long. How do you feel getting a full salary that you didn’t work for? It is a shame and you are She further said the situation is exacerbated by the fact that supervisors of such employees entertain their sluggishness and do not do anything about it as per the provisions of the Public Service Code of Conduct. She said some employees have become untouchable or special and thus nothing is done to them even if they are unproductive during work hours or even when they are absent from work that their days are numbered. so if you are that person who is forever absent The governor reminded the employees present mainly to deliver services to the inhabitants of the people are not productive. but a question that needs to be asked is whether those responsible are living up to that vision administratively. Council chairperson Jan Scholtz called on the council employees to deliver despite the limited resources that might be at their disposal. He said employees should be committed to their work and be ready to achieve goals that they accountability and service delivery. “All our actions and decisions must be focused the days when we threw money at every challenge various ministries and employees of the regional council attended the meeting.

Tuesday, February 13 2018 | NEW ERA NEWS 5 Maerua Mall hosts gift market Staff Reporter Windhoek The one day a year dedicated entirely to love and romance will be celebrated in style at Maerua Mall this week, with a Valentine’s Day gift market at the Mr Price atrium, which started on Saturday and will end on Valentine’s Day on Wednesday. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time of year to say, ‘I love you’ to those who matter most, and what better way to show your love than with a range of other covetable Valentine’s Day gifts to suit every pocket, and will also be treated to Valentine’s Day sales at participating retailers. “Our goal is to make it easy and enjoyable their appreciation for those around them on Valentine’s Day,” stated Carel Fourie, CEO of Oryx Properties, owners of Maerua Mall. For those who need a break from the kids while enjoying a quiet Valentine’s movie cinemas to choose from. Otherwise, Fourie encourages a date with the whole family at the mall’s brand-new Family Entertainment Centre – which offers fun activities for the young and the young-at-heart, including an ‘Around the World’-themed 18-hole glow-inthe-dark mini-golf course, trampolines, tenpin bowling and more. “The Family Entertainment Centre, built just last year, is one of our proudest achievements, offering fun for the whole family,” says Fourie. Shopping at Maerua Mall is always a pleasant experience. With over 120 outlets, it is the second-biggest shopping centre in Namibia, in the country – but its design ensures that nobody ever feels crowded. “Easy accessibility for each and every customer, even during the busier times of the year, is of the utmost importance to us,” Fourie says. The mall is designed to be not only ultraconvenient – with four entrances and over 2,000 parking bays, including dedicated bays for the elderly and disabled as well as for parents with young children – but also ultra-stylish, having recently undergone a complete facelift. To show love to its customers, Maerua Mall on Saturday teamed up with FreshFM bringing Valentine’s cheer to a few selected shoppers. Cupid was on duty from 10h00 to 15h00 looking for the happiest couples and picked up the bill for them, up to the value of N0. Thatch grass venture ready for business John Muyamba Rundu The Thatch Grass Logistics Centre at Rundu that aims at radically changing the thatch grass business for Kavango and Zambezi residents has been completed and is up for lease. This centre will provide a platform to hundreds of Kavango and Zambezi residents, who make a living from selling thatch grass, to better trade in thatch grass, once it opens for business The Multi-Purpose Trade Centre in Rundu, which includes the Rundu Convention Centre and the Thatch Grass Logistics Centre, was constructed by the Ministry of Industrialisation, Trade and SME Development through the Namibia Development Corporation (NDC) to Youth to set up zinc processing factory Obrein Simasiku Omuthiya The Oshikoto Youth Forum Organisation has unveiled plans for the construction of a zinc processing factory at Enzile village in Omuntele constituency, which will create employment for 40 young people. This is according to the forum’s chairperson Naftal Nuule, who said the project would need an initial start-up Ready to roll… Rundu Thatch Grass Logistics Centre. Photo: John Muyamba industrial development. The facility is under the control and management of NDC and has now invited entrepreneurs to lease and manage the Thatch Grass Logistics thatch grass industry, not only in Kavango and Zambezi but in all of Namibia as this grass is used widely in all corners of the country. “Yes, the property is being leased, applicants should bring their applications by March 2. capital of N.2 million. “Right now, we are still lobbying for funds to start the project. In the meantime, we have decided to set up a poultry farm, still in Omuntele, to raise funds,” said Nuule, adding that once the poultry project becomes a success they will roll it out to two more constituencies. “The organisation is striving to create poverty-alleviating ployment in the region, and this is one of the ways of how we Prospective tenants who wish to view the property can contact Fernando Marungu. The construction that started in February 2014 was completed last year by NDC with the focus on manufacturing and skills transfer, as well as in support of NDC’s Thatch Grass Development Strategy. According to the NDC, local small-scale harvesters will be able to sell their untreated want to meet the government halfway. The poultry project will cost around N0,000, and hopefully by June/July it will be up and running, which will see 15 youths employed. We ventured into this because the region is of an agricultural background, so it will minimise the cost of training,” said Nuule. In addition, Nuule encouraged the youth to come up with tangible ideas as the organisation’s purpose is to facilitate and convey ideas thatch and other thatch-related materials directly to the centre for processing by the operator, unlike the current situation where the harvesters are forced by buyers to sell their thatch grass cheaply. The private operator to lease the centre will be expected go to various harvesters to buy untreated grass and bring it to the centre where he/she will then do before the grass is transported to other regions. This is also to limit foot-andmouth disease (FMD) from being transmitted from one region to another as grass has been of transmission of FMD. The centre will also give small-scale thatchers (people and harvesters training in sustainable harvesting and thatching methods. Proactive… Chairperson of Oshikoto Youth Forum, Naftal Nuule Photo: Obrein Simasiku to the right people. “Towards mid-year, we will host a youth seminar, a platform where the young generation of the region can share their thoughts such as the challenges faced in their areas, and present workable ideas all. I have toured almost all the constituencies, and there is one common thing I established, which is high unemployment, which we as the youth should work together in fighting,” Nuule said. 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