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6 NEWS Tuesday, February 13 2018 | NEW ERA Ministry unable to sustain youth projects Nuusita Ashipala Ongwediva The Ministry of Youth, National Service, Sport and Culture is unable to fund youth projects in nine regions despite equipping young people with project management skills at the start of last year. Youths who attained vocational Service (NYS) and other vocational training centres were trained by the ministry to enable them to set up projects in their constituencies. They were expected to set up gardening projects, orchards, bakeries, poultry farming and welding and fabrication, with the prime purpose of creating employment for those who received training and fellow youths in their respective communities. Although the money was already supposed to have been disbursed by last April, nothing has been received to date. “Every time we enquire we are told the money will be sent through the next week and that has been the trend until today,” related one of the youths who received vocational training. Apart from that another one blamed the ministry for not opening up accounts for youth funding on time. “But once the accounts were in place in all the regions, the money was still not coming forth,” he related. Youths were in unison saying they were mandated to set up accounts with the bank as well as locate places for TENDER POWERCOM (PTY) LTD INVITES COMPETENT AND WELL ESTABLISHED COMPANIES TO EXPRESS THEIR INTEREST FOR THE PROVISION OF AN ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING. Tender Number - PC0006/2018/O Description - ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING Closing Date - 20 February 2018 at 16h00 Tender Price - N$ 500.00 Registered with the Registrar of Companies (Ministry of Trade and Industry) NB!!! ALL SUBMISSIONS SHOULD BE HAND DELIVERED OR SEND VIA POST, NO EMAIL WILL BE ACCEPTED Physical Address: Postal Address: “It’s going to be a year now that we are not employed. If there are no funds, the ministry should come out and tell us to go and look for jobs instead of sitting at home.” – Trainees their businesses. However, what frustrates them the most is that they were also told not to leave their respective towns since last year as the projects could start at any time. “Until when are we going to keep waiting and losing out on other opportunities?” questioned another youth who like the others also requested anonymity. “It’s going to be a year now that we are not employed. If there are no funds, the ministry should come out and tell us to go and look for jobs instead of sitting at home,” said one of the trainees. Efforts to get comment from the ministry proved futile. The Windhoek Observer this week reported that over 600 trainees at the NYS Rietfontein training centre were asked to stay home for an extended period because there is no money to cater for their food, books, uniform and other necessities. Worthy cause… acquisitions to Diaz Primary School principal, Bendos Garoeb. Photo: Tuulikki Abraham Namport donates laboratory to Diaz Primary Tuulikki Abraham Lüderitz Namport’s Social Investment Fund has donated an information communication and technology (ICT) School in Lüderitz. It procured laptops, printers and chairs for the ICT used for the upgrading of the girls’ and boys’ toilets at Lüderitz Junior Secondary. handed over 30 laptops, two printers and 30 chairs principal, Bendos Garoeb. Namport’s Social Investment Fund was created as part of its commitment and drive to reinvest and plough back into the community. Obrein Simasiku Omuthiya In order to accelerate its slow growing economy, Grootfontein could host an industrial exposition in order to attract international investors as it aspires to become the country’s industrial hub with a container depot expected to be constructed at the town soon. The municipality has come up with several mechanisms such as the provision of industrial land that will be complement the mass land serving undertaken in the town. This is to make it easier for investors that aspire to do business there. “We have further resolved that council’s farmlands which were used for animal breeding, will now be used for crop production which in turn enhances food security and eventually become the breadbasket for the entire country,” noted Grootfontein Mayor Abisai Haimene, adding that they have approached some investors to assist with expertise in this regard. He also said that a silo project for maize and mahangu storage is lined up, as well as a medical Different approach needed to address economic crisis – Schlettwein Namibia should look into diversifying its business and taking a different approach if it is to recover from the current economic crisis, Minister of Finance Calle Schlettwein has said. The minister made these comments during a panel discussion on the economic outlook “What we have to discuss is what we are going to do different. We have to move away from the status quo to enhance growth,” Schlettwein said, adding that in order to achieve economic growth, social issues that affect the ordinary Namibian cannot be ignored. He said addressing inequality – which he labelled “the mother of all problems” – is paramount. population has access to legal representation in the He explained the fund sees education as a critical component in realising sustainable development as this guarantees a future with sound and competent leaders. Namib Circuit Inspector, Casius Shanyengange applauded Namport for its contribution towards the betterment of education in Primary School is a step in the right direction. “A donation towards the empowering of young true for the school and the right step to realise Vision to leave any child behind,” stated Shanyengange. Garoeb applauded Namport for its latest act of generosity. “We are extremely grateful for the opportunity to open up our learners’ minds to the of education, as well as excelling in computer centre of the magnitude of Ongwediva MediPark. He said council approved these projects, and is only waiting for ministerial approval for the go-ahead. “All these projects will create employment for the locals, hence uplifting our economy,” enthused Haimene. to improve and resolve the social ills affecting our people, and one way to do so is by providing employment opportunities and housing. As a result, we have lobbied for a number of investors that have shown interest in constructing low cost housing, purpose,” stated Haimene. Furthermore, he highlighted that about 38 plots were awarded through the Build Together programme; construct houses through a Chinese donation. Haimene said the hospitality industry in the area is one sector lagging behind and he appealed to investors to come on board. have access to private medical aid cover, 86 percent do not. Those are two frightening examples which speak to nothing else but inequality.” Sharing his sentiments was Ohlthaver & List Group chairperson Sven Thieme who said, “Namibians are our greatest asset. We all together have to take it a lot more serious that our people are the biggest asset. And if we come to understand that, the rest will be easy to overcome,” he said. On Namibia’s economic prospects, he said the private and public sectors should join forces if the economic crisis is to be addressed. Thieme was however optimistic that Namibia will recover. He also said the current economic climate is “no excuse for businesses not to perform”. Some of the challenges Namibia faces are hunger and abject poverty, but Thieme believes Namibians can feed themselves. “It’s absolutely possible to feed ourselves,” he said. Thieme said Namibians limit themselves to only “We could become the engineering hub of southern Africa,” he mused. – Nampa

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