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8 CRIME & COURTS Tuesday, February 13 2018 | NEW ERA RUNDU TOWN COUNCIL VACANCIES Applications are hereby invited from interested candidate the following vacancies. X1 STRATEGIC EXECUTIVE: FINANCE & IT Department: Finance & Information Technology GRADE: D3 Basic Salary: Min – N$ 342,645.00 The incumbent reports directly to the CEO and will be responsible for an procedures Minimum Requirements: Department: Division: GRADE: Basic Salary: LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER Community Service Emergency Services C3 The incumbent reports directly to the Divisional Head: Emergency Services and is responsible for ensuring that laws and municipal regulations are enforced in the town. Major activities includes; tackling anti-social behaviour, preventing illegal dumping, reducing theft, robbery and street related crime, combating organized crime, supporting victims and providing a reassuring presence in the community and overall responsible for maintaining order in the town. Minimum Requirement: DIVISIONAL HEAD: HUMAN RESOURCES Arnold desperate to be sentenced Maria Amakali Windhoek Anthea Arnold, a Windhoek resident who was convicted last year for killing her German ex-boyfriend is now begging the court to sentence her. Arnold, 32, who made an appearance in Windhoek’s regional court before magistrate Ileni Velikoshi without her attorney pleaded with the court to impose sentence stating that she was tired of the agonising wait. “I killed the deceased because he infected me with HIV. I did not plan to kill him but I just had enough and did it that day. Please I want my sentence, to go and serve my time and still come out to be a mother to my kids,” explained Arnold in her letter written under oath on Friday. The court convicted Arnold for murder with direct intent for the shooting which resulted in the death of her former married boyfriend, Michael Breder, 52, in a car in Windhoek’s Southern Industrial Area during the night of May 14 to 15, 2011. The police found a handwritten note at the scene stating reasons for the gruesome murder. Breder was at close range, according to the post mortem report. You were 101 percent right in your judgement. Why should I suffer with postponements like this?” queried Arnold. Although convicted, Arnold’s defence attorney Mbanga Siyomunji argued the court was not partial throughout the trial and that it had favoured the State, thus they approached the High Court to appeal the lower court’s decision to convict Arnold. The same step down from the case but was dismissed as the application by the defence team was deemed too vague. However things took a twist on Friday when Arnold informed the court that the idea to approach the High Court was her attorney’s and not hers; further stating that she agreed fully with the outcome of the judgement and all she wanted was to start serving her time in jail. “I want my sentence to be done by Mr. Velikoshi. Why? Because everything transpired the way he said it did. I did it. I wrote the note. Who else would have written the note if it was just me and the deceased …I do not want to go the High Court,” she declared. Arnold was informed that there was nothing that the magistrate’s court could do to help her as an appeal has already been noted in the High Court. Court giving reasons why you want to abandon the appeal,” advised Velikoshi. Arnold’s appeal will be heard on February 22 in the High Court. The court postponed the matter to February 23 for the High Court’s outcome. Department: GRADE: Basic Salary: Corporate Services The incumbent reports directly to the Manager: Corporate Services and will be area committee administration. Minimum Requirement: STORES & PROCUREMENT OFFICER Department: Division: GRADE: Basic Salary: Finance & Information Technology Creditors C2 Town Council stores. Minimum Requirements: advantage MESSENGER/CHAUFFEUR Department: Corporate Service, Human Resource and Administration Basic Salary: courteous transportation service to Councilors and Staff with safety a top priority to act as a peer counselor; to provide a communication link between Councillors, maintain vehicle and records. Minimum Requirements: The Council offers a Competitive remuneration packages, which Include annual leave, medical aid, pension, housing allowance/subsidy, transport allowance, th cheque. supporting documents should be addressed to: The Human Resource Division, Rundu Town Council Private Bag 2128, Rundu Enquiries: DUE DATE: 12 March 2018 Photo: Emmency Nuukala Ready to do time… Murder convict Anthea Arnold with defence attorney Mbanga Siyomunji. Gobabis man gets 23 years for girlfriend’s death WINDHOEK A Gobabis resident found guilty of murdering his girlfriend in September 2013, was yesterday sentenced to 23 years imprisonment. Erwin Tebele, 32, was found guilty as charged and sentenced to an effective 23 years by Judge Dinah Usiku on a charge of murder with direct intent to kill. Tebele killed Nina Katjatenja - the mother of his minor child - by stabbing her once in the chest at her shack in the Epako residential area shortly after they had an argument on September 3, 2013. Judge Usiku said women and children are particularly vulnerable in Namibia and rely heavily on the police and courts for protection. “In this case, the two young children of the deceased had to helplessly witness their mother being killed. Erwin Tebele was supposed to protect and take care of the deceased and not end her life. In my view, he is not truly remorseful as he is now claiming before court,” the judge said before handing down the sentence. During trial and through his State-funded defence lawyer Mbanga Siyomuinji, Tebele told the court he had indeed stabbed the deceased, but did not intend to kill her. Usiku said Tebele’s claims of self-defence and that the deceased was accidentally killed while he attempted to wrestle the knife away from her were mere afterthoughts. “You on several occasions made verbal threats on 03 September 2013,” Usiku told Tebele during judgement on October 20, 2017. Tebele attended school up to Grade Five and earned a living by doing odds jobs in the Gobabis area. He is a first-time offender with no record of previous criminal convictions. State Advocate Felistas Shikerete-Vendura appeared for the prosecution. - Nampa

Tuesday, February 13 2018 | NEW ERA NEWS 9 Alvine Kapitako Windhoek After undergoing a mastectomy on her right breast nearly 10 years ago, Hedwig Hoveka never thought she would nurse a baby. Last November, four years after being declared breast cancer-free, Hoveka gave birth to her second healthy child, only this time she had to nurse him on one breast. “I live a normal life like other normal people. The only difference is I have one breast,” she said while nursing her three-month old baby. in 2010 when on cancer treatment. “I go for a check-up every year and I am cancer-free,” she said. Hers was not an easy journey to recovery, reminisced Hoveka. Apart from the physical symptoms of the disease and the effects of treatment such as chemotherapy and radiation, Hoveka had to constantly battle her inner voice that questioned her womanhood with the absence of her right breast and the hair loss as a result of chemotherapy. “I used to ask myself if I would ever have children again. I asked myself if I would ever live a normal life. But I took my pain and worries Her bundle of joy after cancer diagnosis to God in prayer. I accepted what I could not change and embraced a positive attitude,” she relates. With a positive attitude, Hoveka’s inner peace was restored and that was also the beginning of her physical healing. “When we think we are at the end of our road God is there to restore us,” said Hoveka who kept on stressing that her life is a “miracle”. In 2014, Hoveka got married. “My partner and I parted ways before my diagnosis and we rekindled our love after my diagnosis. He learnt of my condition through the media and word of mouth but I still asked him if he would accept me with one breast. I see he has accepted me because he would not have married me,” said Hoveka. After tying the knot, Hoveka started praying for a baby but did not give it much thought. During her annual check-up last year, Hoveka received the most Her everything… Hedwig Hoveka nursing her baby boy who was born late November last year. Photo: Alvine Kapitako unexpected news. “While undergoing the checkup the doctor suddenly had a facial expression that indicated something was not right. I was so sure something was wrong with my health because of the shock on her face and when she told me I was expecting I asked her if she was sure.” With a smile on her face, Hoveka continued: “I really didn’t expect that. That day I learned that God really exists. This is a miracle.” Before the good news, Hoveka did not experience any signs of pregnancy. And, her pregnancy was free from complications. “I delivered via caesarean sec- My baby lactates well. Only I now have to supplement with baby formula because he is growing,” she added. “Life has taught me that anything can happen, whether good or bad, and I have to embrace it. I have learned that with God all things are possible,” said Hoveka. She urged women to go for regular check-ups and to self-examine saves lives,” added Hoveka. According to the American Cancer Society, many women are able to become pregnant after treatment for breast cancer. However, some treatments can make it harder to get pregnant. Some doctors’ advise breast cancer survivors to wait at least two years after all treatment pregnant. The best length of time to wait is not clear, but two years are thought to be enough time to which could affect your decision to become pregnant, according to an article on the American Cancer Society website. UNFPA donates consignment of contraceptives Alvine Kapitako Windhoek The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) has donated contraceptives worth over N million for the country’s public health facilities. The contraceptives are long-term and include 60,000 units of DMPA depo-provera and soloshots syringes, 110,000 units of noristerate and soloshots syringes, 5,000 units of Copper T 380A IUDs, 1,100 units of Jadelle implants, 200,000 units of female condoms and 7,000 implanon NTX. “We trust these contraceptives girls and young women not only in urban communities but also the rural and hard to reach communities,” said Dennia Gayle, the UNFPA country representative, at the handover ceremony last Thursday. Meanwhile, the Minister of Health and Social Services, Dr contraceptives on behalf of the ministry, said the contraceptives would be taken to the people who need them. “N million is not small money,” not keep the contraceptives piled up in warehouses as has been the case in the past, which ineptitude was raised by President Hage Geingob. Geingob had urged the prime minister to see that inept permanent deliberately derail service delivery under the delusion they are untouchable, should be held accountable. Meanwhile Hausiku said: “We’re not informed enough to combat unwanted pregnancies. It is commodities such as this that will help us go forward. Many young girls still fall pregnant and we still have teachers being impregnated by young boys.” call for feedback regarding abortion consultations on whether to legalise it or not. Furthermore, Gayle said that without access to contraception, poor women, particularly those who are less educated and live in rural areas, are at heightened risk of unintended pregnancy. This, she added, may result in health risks and lifelong economic repercussions. The lack of power to decide whether, when or how often to become pregnant can limit education, delay entry into the paid labour force and reduce earnings, emphasised Gayle. As a result, women’s ability to build a better future for themselves, their families and their communities is threatened. “It is essential that we act now to close this gap and ensure that family planning is an option for everyone who needs it, including adolescent girls and young women,” said Gayle. According to the UNFPA, there are 1.2 billion adolescents (10-19 age group) globally who are entering or already in their reproductive years. Yet, most of them do not have access to comprehensive sexuality education or contraception. Gayle felt what happens in the next few years is critical for their lives and futures and for their countries’ futures. As a result, there is an urgent need to ensure that programmes that are aimed at addressing adolescents and young people’s sexual and reproductive health are scaled up, especially for the hard to reach areas. “With the current high incident of teenage pregnancy in the country, that stands at 19 percent but as high as 35 percent in some regions; with the prominence of new HIV infection among adolescents and particularly adolescent girls; it is clear that we need to take action,” she said. UNFPA believes that investing in adolescents and young people’s sexual and reproductive health is a smart investment that Namibia can make. Namibia Development Corporation NOTICE NO. : 01/2018 : REQUEST FOR THE SUBMISSION OF COMPANY PROFILES FOR THE PROVISION OF GOODS, WORKS & SERVICES TO NAMIBIA DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION (NDC) PURPOSE NEEDS TO PROCURE NB: : To obtain company profiles from suppliers interested in conducting business with NDC in respect of the supplying of goods, works and services to be procured through the 2018/2019 financial year. Companies are requested to submit the relevant documentation and clearly indicate the types of goods and services it wishes to render and same should correspond with the nature of business stated in the founding statement or amendment. : GOODS: Supply of newspapers, periodicals, books & other media publicity materials Supply of Stationeries / Genera Office Supplies Supply of cleaning materials and equipment or related materials & supplies Supply of computer, networking equipment and related goods Supply of equipment, tools and materials Supply of cellular phone, tablets and electronic accessories Supply of gifts Supply of office furniture Supply of hygiene related supplies Supply of refreshments Supply of security equipment and related supplies Supply of promotional items Supply of photocopiers Supply of protective clothing and garment related products Supply of Tyres & related items Supply of Fuel, oil & vehicle items Supply of Horticulture related goods (fertilizer, chemicals and other) Supply of Cattle feed, fodder & supplements Supply of Cattle production related items Supply of Grocery related items (maize meal & other) Supply of packaging material Supply of raw Gemstones Supply of electrical motors CONSULTANCY SERVICES: Architecture Services Quantity Surveying Services Land Surveyors Engineering Services Agriculture Services Software Development Services Accpac Support Services WORKS: Operational equipment & Office equipment Supply & Installation of Water Meters and related items Supply of electrical and mechanical services Engineering Services Interior design services Software design services Surfacing of Roads Building Construction inclusive of sanitation, painting and other related works NON-CONSULTANCY SERVICES Supply of air tickets and transportation services Data Communication Services Service of operational equipment (elevators, machinery etc.) Service of air conditioners, fire extinguishers. Service of security system (access control, alarm systems & surveillance cameras) Advertisement Printing Event Management & Decorations Hospitality & Catering Services Computers Software Licenses Rental of Photocopiers Branding Services Cleaning Services Security Services Occupational Health & Safety services Training providers : The documents outlined below are mandatory in order to be eligible to participate: A valid company Registration certificate An original valid good standing Tax Certificate An original valid good standing Social Security Certificate A valid Affirmative Action Compliance Certificate, A certificate indicating SME Status (for Bids reserved for SME’s) NDC has the right to: (a) Seek clarifications when evaluating company profile and (b) Rejects company profiles, if the above-mentioned is not adhered to. (c) Due to security reasons, some services may require vetting (d) NDC reserves the right to add compliant company profiles CLOSING DATE : Friday, 09 March 2018 @ 11:00 NB: Submission of profiles are to be submitted in sealed envelopes marked with Notice Number and should be delivered at NDC Tender Box, NDC Head Office, 11 Goethe Street, Windhoek ENQUIRIES : Natalia Nandago E-MAIL TEL: 061-2062340

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