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New Era Newspaper Tuesday February 20, 2018

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14 FARMERS Tuesday, February 20 2018 | NEW ERA Communal farmers see auctioneers and their agents as enemies Kae Matundu-Tjiparuro Windhoek Despite the menace of climate change that over the last three to four years has threatened communal farmers in the country through persistent droughts, a human issue has combined with the natural conditions to make farming in communal areas an endangered specy. This menace is none other than local auctioneers in the country whom communal farmers believe have been all out to destroy the cattle-producing industry in communal areas by especially buying heifers and cows from these areas. Because heifers and even cows are these days the milking cows in the cattle-buying industry, and dominated by local auctioneers who usually are the middle agents between local producers and the the abattoirs, communal farmers have been rapidly running out of heifers and cows for restocking husbandry in the communal areas of the country is running the All ears… Communal farmers-cum-workers working in Windhoek listening to a fellow farmer making a point about a matter of common Vision 2030 this year last Tuesday. risk of rapidly retrogressing and eventually collapsing unless the farmers themselves come to this stark realisation and take drastic measures against this menace. The marketing of livestock from communal areas is one of the several vexed questions Harambee Vision 2030, an informal forum of communal farmers held issue of grave concern which farmers raised at the meeting is the rumoured discussions about the possible ban of export of weaners on the initiative of the Meat Corporation of Namibia (Meatco) and Namibia National Farmers Union (NNFU). Ironically the the concerned communal farmers and its rumoured involvement in the suspected ban cannot augur among communal farmers from the regions of Otjozondjupa and Omaheke, which following their last congress last year, the union in representing their interests, especially as cattle breeders in view of the absence of representatives from these two regions on the new leadership of the union. In this regard the meeting requested through an NNFU’s national coordinator for livestock, Vetuundja Kazapua, present at the meeting in an individual capacity, an urgent meeting with the NFFU to clarify and verify the rumoured bid by the NNFU and Meatco to have the export of weaners to Communal Land Board to the public regarding its intention to consider registering customary land rights applications in the Epukiro, Otjinene and Otjombinde constituencies, thus inviting the views of the public, was also a subject of vociferous expressions. against traditional authorities wholesaling land to outsiders despite inhabitants continuing to suffer from land hunger. In fact, some traditional leaders in some of these constituencies have long been known to be selling land with impunity, a fact of the said meeting and a councillor of one of the constituencies in the Omaheke region. This has been an open secret that traditional leaders in communal areas have been selling plots of land to outsiders at the expense of their subjects and inhabitants of the constituencies. The chiefs of the traditional leaders with jurisdiction in the suspect constituencies seem to have been turning a blind ear and eye to such information. Thus, while the suspect leaders have been well known, no action seems to have been taken by the traditional authorities, or the chiefs of these authorities, against these leaders. Meat Board of Namibia Standard Values for the 2018 –19 financial year Nutrifeeds, Namboer offer farmers feeding knowledge Staff Reporter Windhoek turn bleak in many parts of the country, Nutrifeeds Namibia and information on small stock feeding at no charge at an information session tomorrow at Namboer pens in Windhoek. Organisers and presenters Dean van Dyk (Nutrifeeds) and Piet Coetzee (Namboer) say the initiative is to share information freely with the realisation of way below average rainfall this season, for producers in the months to come. Knowledge on feeding and preparation programmes are therefore vital. Van Dyk will explain the importance of preparing ewes for the mating season, as well as the feeding rules for ewes and pregnant ewes and the feeding of weaners which is vital for growth and development. He will also of preparing rams and ewes for shows in tough times as well as the importance of fodder in preparing animals for auctions and shows. Coetzee will bring his vast knowledge about the preparation of auction-ready animals and breeding standards. The discussions on small stock feeding will be followed by a keenly-awaited production auction of Piet Coetzee and guest sellers Peter von Wieiligh (20 Boer Goat ewes) and Wouter Moolman (20 Damara ewes) on Thursday at 12:00 at the Namboer pens. Fever amongst buyers is running high after Zirk Coetzee sold a Boer Goat ram for a whopping N 000 last week. Coetzee will bring 15 Boer Goat rams, 10 Van Rooy rams, eight Damara rams, six Veldmaster rams, Nine Van Rooy ewes (commercial) and three Kalahari Red rams of the highest quality to the ring. The Boer Goat rams are all dark red heads, strong and ready to work and that will bring prestige to any Boer Goat stud. Peter von Wieilligh is wellknown for his Boer Goat ewes of superior quality. Three of Coetzee’s Van Rooy rams are still young and will be good breeding material. The other Van Rooy rams will give any commercial Van Rooy herd a boost. Coetzee will offer Veldmaster rams that were at the 2017 Windhoek best examples money can buy. Expect good Kaokoland and Red Damara rams from Coetzee, and 20 of the best Koakoland Damara ewes of Wouter Moolman at the auction. Three of Coetzee’s Kalahari red rams, from his award-winning stud, will also come under the hammer.

Tuesday, February 20 2018 | NEW ERA 15 TENDER INFORMATION As an added bonus for our readers we will publish the results of all tenders opened in public from Mondays to Thursdays on a regular basis. This information is noted and reported by a New Era Reporter Closing at City of Windhoek 24 January 2018 Town House Complex in Windhoek at 14H30 on Wednesday, 24 January 2018. W/ONB/COW-33/2017 Water Works Stock Items (Two Yearly Tender) Seven bids were received for the supply and delivery of Water Works Stock Items to the City of Windhoek. No tender prices and as announced for: 1. Exacto Engineering 2. Mono Trading 3. Evale Holdings 4. Valco Pipes 5. Valco Pumps & Valves 6. Sinclair Services 7. Danste Industrial W/ONB/COW-34/2017 Uniforms for Water Meter Readers and Drivers (Two Yearly Tender) Seven bids were received for the supply and delivery of Uniforms for Water Meter Readers and Drivers to the City of Windhoek. ITEMS TO BE DELIVERED COMPRISE: ITEM 1:Trousers, standard with 2 pockets and 50mm belt loops. (STEP OUT) MATERIAL: Trevera/Wool/Poleyster Cotton COLOUR: Navy blue Quantity +/- 300 Trousers/year ITEM 2 (a): Shirts, S/S gladneck with collar, 2 Pockets and with Municipal Logo. MATERIAL: Poly/cotton COLOUR: Saxe blue Quantity: +/- Shirts/year ITEM: 2 (b) Shirts, L/S close collar, 2 pockets and with Municipal Logo MATERIAL: Poly/cotton COLOUR: Saxe blue Quantity: +/- 150 Shirts/year ITEM 3: COLOUR: Navy blue Quantity: +/- 15 Jackets ITEM 4: Raincoats: Heavy duty with Hood, ¾ Length. MATERIAL: V940 COLOUR: Navy blue Quantity: +/- 150 Raincoats ITEM 5: Socks-Half hose navy blue – cotton Quantity: +/- 400 pairs/year ITEM 6: Belts/leather COLOUR: Black leather +/- 35mm Quantity: +/- 300 belts ITEM 7: Hats – Floppy hat – navy blue with Municipal logo Quantity: +/- 150 hats/year ITEM 9: SHOES DESCRIPTION/CUT: Grasshopper (Arizona G/H ZAR) – Meter Readers Shoe Men Lace-up – Drivers MATERIAL: Leather with rubber sole. COLOUR: Black Quantity: +/- 400 pair/year No tender prices and as announced for: 1. G.H.M. Investment 2. Image Makers 3. Flolhuda Trading Enterprises 4. Kakangala Investment 5. Mickir Supplies 6. Nguazireko Investment 7. Enro Trading Enterprises W/ONB/COW-35/2017 Fastening Stock Items (Two Yearly Tender) One bid was received for the supply and delivery of Fastening Stock Items to the City of Windhoek. ITEMS TO BE DELIVERED COMPRISE: 1. BOTS AND NUTS STAINLESS STEEL HEXAGEN M10X25MM. 2. BOLTS AND NUTS STAINLESS STEEL HEXAGEN M12X30MM. 3. BOLTS AND NUTS GAL VANIZED HOT DIPPED M16X40. 4. BOLTS AND NUTS GALBVANIZED HOT DIPPED M16X45. 5. BOLTS AND NUTS GALVANIZED HOT DIPPED M16X50. 6. BOLTS AND NUTS GALV ANIZED HOT DIPPED. 7. BOLTS AND NUTS GALVANIZED HOT DIPPED M16X65. 8. WASHERS FLAT STAINLESS STEEL 10MM HOLE. 9. WASHERS FLAT STAINLESS STEEL 12MM HOLE. 10. WASHERS LOCK STAR 10MM HOLE. 11. WASHERS LOCK STAR 12MM HOLE. 12. WASHERS SPRING PLATED 10MM HOLE. 13. WASHERS SPRING PLATED 12MM HOLE. No tender price and as announced for: 1. Ramorona Investment W/ONB/COW-36/2017 Hardware Material Stock Items (Two Yearly Tender) Two bids were received for the supply and delivery of Hardware Material Stock Items to the City of Windhoek. ITEMS TO BE DELIVERED COMPRISE: 1. BAGS WATER CANVAST FLAT 5LTR. 2. BLADES HACKSAW 12MMX30/5CM 18 TEETH. 3. BRUSHES PAINT FLAT 22MM. 4. BRUSHES PAINT FLAT 50MM. 5. BRUSHES PAINT FLAT 75MM. 6. BRUSHES PAINT FLAT 100MM. 7. DROPPERS STEEL FENCING RIDGEBACK 1,29M. 8. LENGHTS IRON ANGLE 22MM X 25MM. 10. LENGHTS IRON ANGLE 40MM X 40MM. 11. LENTHTS IRON ANGLE 50MM X 50MM. 12. LENTGHTS IRON FLAT 25MM X 6MM. 14. LENGHTS IRON FLAT 30MM X 6MM. 15. LENGHTS IRON FLAT 40MM X 5MM. 16. LENGHTS IRON FLAT 40MM X 6MM. 17. LENGHTS IRON FLAT 50MM X 6MM. 18. LENTHTS ROUND MILD STEEL 10MM. 19. LENGHTS ROUND MILD STEEL 12MM. 20. LENGHTS ROUND MILD STEEL 16MM. 21. LENGHTS ROUND MILD STEEL 20MM. 22. LENGHTS IRON CHANNEL 76MM X 38MMX 6M. 23. UNION GOWER LOCKSETS COMPLETE 2LEVER 2 KEYS FOR DOORS UNION. 24. UNION GOWER CYLINDER LOCKSET COMPLETE. 25. UNION GOWER 4 LEVER LOCKSET COMPLETE. 26. CISA NP-PROFILE CYLINDER. 27. CP-178 PUSHLOCK 28. CP-E./G CUPBOARD CYLINDER LOCK. 29. OVAL CYLINDER LARGE WITH ESCUTCHEON. 30. OVAL CYLINDER SMALL WITH ESCUTCHEON. 31. LOCKS PAD CISA 55MM. 32. LOCKS PAD CISA 60MM. 33. LOCKS PAD CISA BRASS 50MM WITH HARDENED STAINLESS STEEL SHCACKLETS TO PASS KEY REF. WHK- RKA 1 BUTH WITHOUT KEY KEYED ALIKE TYPE CISA 22010- 50. 34. LOCKS PAD UNION BRASS 50MM WITH HARNDENED STAINLESS STEEL SHCACKLES KEYED ALIKE REG. NO. A-8625 BUTH WITHOUT ANY KEYS MARKED “WMMR” 35.J LOCKS PAD CISA BRASS 30MM STAINLESS STEEL 24MM SHACKLES KEYD ALIKE BUT WITHOUT ANY KEYS TO BE ENGRAVED “EARTH” REF. 22011/30. 36. PICK HEADS 4,09KG (9LBS). 37. RAKE HEADS ONLY 14TEETH GARDEN WITHOUT HANDLES. 38. RAKE ROAD 16 PRONG WITHOUT HANLDES. 39. SHOVELS ALL STEEL WITH WOODEN GRIPL. 40. STICKS SOLDER S5 WIPING METAL 30/70 TO SABS. 41. STICKS SOLDER S6 FOR SWEATING FERRULES AND SOLDERING. 42. SPADES ALL STEEL WITH WODDEN GRIP. 43. STANDARDS L83M Y- SECTION 4,5KG. No tender prices and as announced for: 1. Momo Trading 2. R & G Investment W/ONB/COW-37/2017 Stationary Stock Items (Two Yearly Tender) Five bids were received for the supply and delivery of Stationary Material Stock Items to the City of Windhoek. ITEMS TO BE DELIVERED COMPRISE: 1. BINS OFFICE WATE PAPER METAL COLOUR IVORY. 2. PACKETS BATTERIES ALKALINE DURACELL SIZE: D FOR TORCHES 2/PACKET. 3. PAC KETS BATTERIES ALKALINE DURACELL MN1400 LR14 SIZE: C 2/PACKET 4. PACKETS BATTERIES ALKALINE DURACELL 9V. 5. PACKETS BATTERIES ALKALINE DURACELL SIZE: AA 4/ PACKET. 6. PACKETS BATTERIES ALKALINE DURACELL SIZE: AAA 4/ PACKET. 7. BOOKS MINUTE WITH INDEX REF. JD166. 8. BOOKS COUNTER A4 (192 PAGES). 9. BOOKS SHORTHAND NOTE WIRE BOUND. 10. CARBON PENCIL A.4 FILM TYPE PELIKAN HANDIFILM 205. 11. BOXES CLIPS PAPER MEDIUM 30MM. 12. BOXES CLIPS PAPER 50MM. 13. CLIPBOARDS( A4) WOODEN. 14. BOXES ENVELOPES WHITE WOVE C6 114 X 162MM WITH MUNICIPAL CREST UNBANDED STRAIGHT FLAP BOXES OF 500. 15. BOXES ENVELOPES MANILLA BROWN DL-B 11.0 X 220 MM WITH MUNICIPAL CRESXT UNBANDED BOXES OF 500. 16. BOXES ENVELOPES MANILLA WITH MUNICIPAL CREST C5-B 229 X 152MM BOXES OF 250. 17. BOXES ENVELOPES BROWN WITH MUNICIPAL CREST UNBANDED C4-P 324 X 229 MM BOXES OF 250. 18. BOXES ENVELOPES BROWN WITHOUT MUNICPAL CREST UNBANDED C4-P 324 X 229MM BOXES OF 250. 19. BOXES ENVELOPES MANILLA BROWN WITH MUNICIPAL CREST C3-P 458X324MM JBOXES OF 250. 20. HIGHLIGHER BLUE. 21. HIGHLITER GREEN. 22. HIGHLITER ORANGE. 23. HIGHLITER PINK. 24. HIGHLITER ORANGE. 25. MARKERS PERMANENT BLACK. 26. NOTES POST-IT 76 X 76. 28. NOTES POST IT 38 X 51. 29. PRESTIC 100GR. 30. HOLDERS KEYTAG ASSORTED COLOURS. 31. PADS EXAMINATION. 32. FILES LEVER-ARCH A.4 70MM BOARD. 33. MEMOCUBES COMPLETE. 34. PUNCH OFFICE (KANGARO DP520). 36. STAPLER OFFICE (KANGARO DS435). 37. STICKS GLUE OFFICE UHU OR PRITT 21 GR STICKS. 38. ERASERS. 39. FILES OBLONG A4 70MM BOARD. 40. PENCILS BLACK LEAD STAEDLER 2H. 41. PENS BIC BLACK. 42. PENS BIC BLUE. 43. PENS BIC RED. 44. BOXES PINS OFFICE 25MM. 45. BOXES PINS DRAWING 12MM. 46. RIBBONS PRINTER AVM (EWRC23B) 47. RIBBONS EPSON PRINTER (ERC38BR) 48. ROLLS TALLY 76 X 76 BOND. 49. PACKETS STAPLES REXEL NO. 56. 50. POCKETS COPY SAFE A.4 (100/PACK). 51. ROLLJS TRING OFFICE USE 100GR ROLLS. 52. ROLLS TAPE CELLO 12MMX66M. 53. ROLLS ADDING MACHINE 57X76. 54. ROLLS STAPE BUFF 48MMX50M 9PACAGING TAPE). 55. ROLLS TAPE MAGIC TRANSPARENT. 56. ROLLS TAPE MAGIC TRANSPARENT 3M 12MMX25M. 57. BOXES RUBBER BANDS NO. 18. 58. RULERS OFFICE PLASTIC 30CM. 59. ROLLS TAPE MASKING 3M 18MMX50M. No tender prices and as announced for: 1. R & G Investment 2. AF & Sons Investment 3. Flolhuda Trading Enterprises 5. Rendez-Vous Investment DISCLAIMER: NOTE THAT NEITHER NEW ERA NOR THE TENDER BOARD IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY WRONG INFORMATION OR ERRORS.

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