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6 NEWS Okakarara meeting

6 NEWS Okakarara meeting hailed a success despite boycott by some farmers Kae MaÞunÿu-Tjiparuro Windhoek The farming and agriculture stakeholders’ meeting held last Friday under the auspices of the Namibia National Farmers Union (NNFU) in Okakarara went ahead as scheduled with attendance beyond expectation in view of the boycott by some members of the Otjozondjupa Communal Farmers Union (OCFU). NNFU’s national livestock coordinator, Vetuundja Kazapua, says he is not only happy with the attendance by farmers but also with the issues raised. He adds that all the stakeholders were present. He says the NNFU president last Thursday wrote to regional leaders person of the Omaheke Regional Farmers Union (ORFU), Lesley Kauandara, to indicate a convenient time the leadership could visit them and “if there are any issues within the mandate of the NNFU which can collectively be resolved, they be attended to soonest”. Since the NNFU congress last year, which brought about a new leadership, a palace revolution has from the regions of Otjozondjupa and Omaheke, who emerged from the congress feeling hard done by because the new leadership does not have representatives from their regions. The south also falls in the same category although their protest in this regard has been mute. Farmers feel because they do not have representatives from their regions on the new leadership of the NNFU, it cannot represent their interests as leading red meat producers in the country. The chairperson of OCFU, Ra- Wednesday before Friday’s meeting in Okakarara this position of the union, saying they decided at last – about 13 farmers’ associations in total from areas such as Okakarara, Okondjatu, and Gam – not to attend the meeting in Okakarara. He said to date they have tabled about 18 issues to the umbrella body that as yet has not created the much-needed and desired platform to discuss them, and possibly resolve them with OCFU. He said they have written to the NNFU about their concern that it does not represent their views. Thus, it has been necessary to consult them before espousing any views lest they misrepresent them as meat producers. Mutjavikua cited the land issue claiming the NNFU was to attend the land conference without ever consulting them as OCFU. There are bread and butter issues that the NNFU needs to discuss with embarking on and engaging farmers in information sessions, which are at this stage not a priority. Mutjavikua said such issues are internal to the NNFU and would thus need to be discussed internally But, albeit him, the NNFU has not created the necessary platform, which may compel OCFU to voice them on alternate platforms. He bemoaned the lack of necessary consultations pointing out that as meat producers, they put high premium on such consultations so that when the NNFU represents them as meat producers, it knows what to say in view of the fact that the NNFU is an eclectic union representing diverse producers, among them meat producers and croppers. The views and interests of the two types of producers although not mutually exclusive, equally cannot Tuesday, February 20 2018 | NEW ERA be the same, opines Mutjavikua. Meanwhile, the NNFU last Tuesday night also came under the spotlight at a meeting of communal farmers working in Windhoek. This meeting has been regular for some time under the auspices of the Harambee Vision 2030, an initiative of farmer Albert Tjihero. The meeting equally accused the NNFU of not representing their interests such as being implicated lately in rumoured discussions, together with the Meat Corporation of Namibia (Meatco), to lobby the government to ban the export of weaners to South Africa. In this regard the meeting requested Kazapua, who was present at the meeting in an individual capacity, to urgently inform the farmers’ request for a meeting about the latest burning issue. This issue as well as the unrepresentativeness of the NNFU was also discussed at a joint meeting of the farmers and other stakeholders from the two regions on Saturday at the Sandveld Research Station. Matali approaches High Court for unfair dismissal A UNITED NAMIBIA DESERVES 75% OFF It has become tradition to offer you, our valued client, a 75% discount every year. This time around, we would like to tie it with the renewed vote of confidence bestowed upon our president, His Excellency Dr. Hage G. Geingob on his victory as the new SWAPO Party President. Having one visionary President should only serve as a catalyst to further unite us all as a country under the Harambee Banner, where no one will feel left out. This offer is open to all our Resorts, and is limited to accommodation only for bookings during March 2018. Ts&Cs apply. BOOK ONLINE OR CONTACT US! ☎ +264 61 285 7200 Staff Reporter Katima Mulilo Former prosecutor at the Katima Mulilo Magistrate’s Court George Matali whose powers to prosecute were withdrawn by Prosecutor-General Martha Imalwa in a letter dated 19 January 2018, has decided to approach the High Court for alleged unfair dismissal. The letter seen by New Era reads, “In my capacity as the Prosecutor- General I hereby withdraw my delegation issued to you in terms of Article 88 (2) of the Namibian Constitution dated 24th September 2013 to conduct criminal prosecution on behalf of the State in any court in Namibia with effect of the 22nd day of January 2017 (sic). “The reason for the withdrawal of the delegation is as a result of your insubordination and refusal to comply with my lawful instructions and directives that were issued to you in the best interest of the prosecution service of Namibia,” reads the letter from the P.G. The letter further states that “as a consequence of such withdrawal of the delegation, you are therefore prohibited to deal in any manner with any docket (s) or prosecution related work and/or enter any prosecution capacity as a public prosecutor.” It is also stated that although his delegation to prosecute was withdrawn he was not dismissed as a public servant, and as such he had Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Justice to be assigned other responsibilities, which he did, and he has now gone back to Katima Mulilo as a defence lawyer while he awaits the outcome of the case he lodged. Matali argues he did nothing wrong to warrant a dismissal. He says the only thing he did was to question why he was demoted for no good reason. “I did not refuse to be transferred but I felt the actions of the prosecutor-general were arbitrary, nasty, personal and unconstitutional. I was not given a chance to be heard,” he said. He told New Era that he received a letter dated 9 November 2017 informing him he has failed in his capacity as a control prosecutor as he “lacks the required grip to the basic and elementary aspect of your in handling Regional Court matters”. The letter further stated that it was for that reason that the prosecutorgeneral decided to re-deploy him to where his service is best needed. “I am hereby informing you that your transfer from Katima Mulilo Magistrate Court to Ondangwa Magistrate Court, with effect from the 15th of January 2018 has been recommended of the Attorney General. You should report to the Control-Prosecutor, Ms D. Gowases on the 15th of January 2018.” Matali says he wrote to the prosecutor-general informing her he was transferred to Katima Mulilo in the mother has a mental sickness and he is the only child able to take care of her. He added that he also told her that he would only agree to be transferred if he were to take up the same position he held of being a control prosecutor and prosecute in the Regional Court, not a district court. According to him he performed to the best of his abilities as a control prosecutor and if there was any in- was understaffed and is still is, and despite being a control prosecutor he also had to prosecute most of the time. He added that at one time between April and May last year he worked alone as the other prosecutor was on maternity leave. Matali argues it was during this time that advocates were sent to assess his work and gave negative reports about him. “If I underperformed it was due to lack of manpower – I informed her of this but she did nothing. At one point I worked alone for two months, you cannot even run a court alone. What did she do? She just used to send relief prosecutors to come and assist for a month and after a while another one again,” said Matali. Matali says this demotion has had a negative impact on his personal life and he had to travel to Windhoek to see a psychologist and he was booked-off between 15 January to 12 February. However, it was during this time that he was dismissed as according to the prosecutor-general he had refused to comply with her directives. Approached for comment the Deputy Prosecutor-General Jackson Kuutondokwa declined to comment because the “matter is before court”.

Tuesday, February 20 2018 | NEW ERA CRIME & COURTS 7 The continuation of the hearing of a special plea in which seven men are challenging the jurisdiction of Namibia’s High Court to try them on charges of high treason saw another delay yesterday. The hearing was scheduled before Acting High Court Judge Petrus Unengu at the newly refurbished High Court building at the Windhoek Central Correctional Facility, but could not proceed because the prosecution representative, State Advocate Neville Wamambo has resigned. It was announced in court yesterday that Wamambo took up a position as a judge in the Zimbabwe High Court on 1 February this year. The prosecuting authority has now assigned Senior Public Prosecutor Lourens Cops probe their own for brutality Staff Reporter Windhoek The Namibian Police Force (Nampol) internal investigation directorate last week ordered an investigation into allegations of broke the arm of a nurse after she asked why the police had wrestled and handcuffed her brother for no good reason. This nurse’s arm was fractured over a week ago by a certain sergeant ‘Sakeus’ stationed at Windhoek Police Station, who twisted the woman’s arm following her remarks. The nurse has subsequently opened a case of assault against the concerned police sergeant. Campher to represent the State in the matter when the hearing resumes tomorrow. The special plea is particularly based on a legal point in which the seven men claim they are Caprivians and not Namibians and for this reason, Namibia’s High Court has no legal power to try them for high treason. The seven men face charges of high treason for their alleged involvement in a failed attempt to secede the then Caprivi (now Zambezi) region from the rest of Namibia on 2 August 1999. They are Progress Kenyoka Munuma, Manuel Manepelo Makendano, Shine Hoster Simasiku Ntombo and John Mazila Ntambwe. On 22 August 2016, they suffered a legal blow when the Supreme Court dismissed their applications in which they Commissioner Edwin Kanguatjivi said the investigation started last week on Tuesday and the nurse’s) side of the story. Kanguatjivi said once the investigation is complete the docket will be forwarded to the prosecutor general for a decision on whether to prosecute the accused police But Kanguatjivi stressed that the decision will solely depend on the Police Inspector- According to a New Era report last week, twisted her left arm. The incident happened to stop on Frans Indongo Street. The nurse and her two brothers were passengers in the town. The nurse told New Era earlier of the vehicle and the police immediately Alleged 10 Caprivi separatists who will now again go on retrial on charge of high treason in the High Court for their alleged role they played in the failed plot to secede the Caprivi region from the rest of Namibia. Photo: Nampa Resignation of advocate stalls treason trial HOCKLANDPARK A 2 Bedroom apartment is available for rent, 2 people only, with the open Living Room, Kitchen, Bathroom & Wi-Fi. All rooms fitted with B.I.C. N 800 per month, deposit N 000. Available immediately - W&E included. Contact Person – Leon @ 081-455 3353 / 081-313 9331 for viewing after 18:00 Contact Person - Brenda @ 081-233 4692 for viewing from 10h00 to 17:00 HOCKLANDPARK Backyard, 2 rooms with Wi-Fi available for rent: - 1 st Room – N00, deposit N00 - 2 nd Room – N00, deposit N00 Both rooms available 1st March 2018 - W&E included. Contact Person – Leon @ 081-455 3353 / 081-313 9331 Contact Person- Brenda @ 081-233 4692 for viewing from 10h00 to 18:00 were appealing the dismissal of their joint application, challenging the Windhoek High Court’s jurisdiction to try them on high treason. dismissed their appeal applications, with Chief Justice Peter Shivute, Judges of well as Acting Judge of Appeals Yvonne Mokgoro concurring with the ruling. However, an appeal application by appellant Boster Mubuyaeta Samuele was successful at the time and he was set free in 2016. The seven remain in police custody at the Windhoek Central Correctional Facility with no option to post bail until the continuation of their special plea tomorrow. accused men. – Nampa handcuffed and started beating him. why they were beating a defenceless man Very Important Persons Protection (VIPP) division. The police then wrestled him and handcuffed him. He did not resist. ‘Sakeus’ then approached and slapped her and twisted her arm. She added that ‘Sakeus’ also assaulted her younger brother, who recorded the incident on his cellphone. behaviour, Kanguatjivi said being a police judgment. Competency in Engineered Construction Vacancy Announcement 2x Project Engineer (BSc) (3years experience) 2x Prof Engineer & 2x CSE Technicians Min. of 3 years experience +Driver’s license Closing Date: 9 March 2018 Enquiries: 061-259728 Documents must be emailed to cepm3@ or hand-delivered at No. 39 Daan Bekker Street, Olympia Windhoek Guard kills uncle then takes own life Maria Amakali Windhoek A security guard committed suicide after killing his uncle on Friday in Windhoek’s residential area of Wanaheda. Sakaria Kuhangwa, 33, is said to have gunned down his 52-year-old uncle, Erikson Mutilifa, with his service shotgun following a spat. According to the police report, Kuhangwa – who was employed by a local security company, was making romantic advances towards his cousin something, which did not sit well with Mutilifa. Namibian Police Force spokesperson, Chief Inspector Kaunapawa Shikwambi, said Kuhangwa allegedly went into his cousin’s room where he made romantic advances towards her. “His uncle confronted him and out of rage he went outside Shikwambi. Mutilifa confronted Kuhangwa for the second time when he came back into the house shortly Kuhangwa fatally shot his uncle in the chest and thereafter turned the gun on himself. Kuhangwa head. Investigations into the matter are still ongoing. In other unrelated matters, a resident of Onkani village, Otamanzi constituency, ended his own life on Saturday following an argument with his family. Festus Shivolo, 37, reportedly hanged himself with a rope in his sleeping room early Sunday morning. “It is alleged that the deceased argued with his family members about some missing money before Police do not suspect any foul play in the suspect’s death and no suicide note was found at the scene. The Katutura police station on Friday recorded the death of one Emmanuel Namupolo, 46, whose body was discovered hanging from a tree. It is alleged that he left home on Thursday without informing anybody where he was going. No foul play is suspected. Four Kavango suspended in 2017 Four members of the Namibian Police Force (Nampol) in the Kavango East region were suspended in 2017 while one officer was discharged because of misconduct. Regional Police Commander, Commissioner Johanna Ngondo, revealed this when she Meeting of Nampol at Rundu yesterday. She said she was disheartened to note that her region had 117 departmental cases recorded during 2017 alone. “Remember that corruption and dishonesty tarnish the image of the police and that many lost their jobs, ended up behind bars and have criminal records because they succumbed to the Ngondo emphasised that discipline is the cornerstone of effective policing as successes and achievements are based on it. She further reiterated that NamPol will not tolerate any corruption and will thus discharge from the force any member found to be involved in dishonest and corrupt practices. Ngondo reminded the men and women in uniform that their behaviour should always be beyond reproach. change or else face the consequences of their actions. “We must take out the devil among us. Let’s arrest of our organisation. We don’t need quantity; we – Nampa

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