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New Era Newspaper Tuesday February 27, 2018

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6 NEWS Tuesday, February 27 2018 | NEW ERA Lost IDs should be returned to Home Affairs - Hinda Albertina Nakale Windhoek Home Affairs and Immigration Deputy Minister, Maureen Hinda, has proposed that all lost and found national documents should be returned to the ministry, as it is the custodian of information contained in those documents. Thousands of lost and found national documents, such as national pasted at all sorts of places such as police stations. This, Hinda, says leads to wastage, as the ministry has to re-print these lost documents when people re-apply. Therefore, she suggested that all lost and found national documents should only be returned to the ministry so that owners will retrieve them before re-applying to save costs. “We see national documents packed everywhere at police stations is lost, then Home Affairs is the owner way back so that we make sure it gets back to the owner. Otherwise, we have to re-print and re-print, which is a wastage,” she proposed. Hinda also warned against false registration of national documents where people give untrue information, especially their age and place of birth. She said this could lead to many people being marginalised because there will be no correlation between population and economic growth. “There is a need for the citizenry to understand what a single national document means to the whole population,” she noted. Asked what the government plans to do to ensure that marginalised communities get national documents, the newly appointed Minister of Home Affairs and Immigration, community leaders to ensure people Maureen Hinda are registered to get their national documents. “This government can do so much. We can go there but if people don’t present themselves, what do we do? They say ‘you can take the horse to the water, but you cannot make it drink’. National, church, community leaders, principals and teachers should know whether the learners in class are registered. It’s not only us who want people registered. It’s your responsibility to ensure that your children have national documents,” He, however, promised to continue reaching out to those in remote areas, who are far from government services. Meanwhile, the Director of National Civil Registration, Collens Museke, said they have targeted plans to reach marginalised communities such as the San-speaking around the country as well as the Ovatue and Ovatjimba people in the Kunene Region. Museke explained last year that they visited the San communities in Gam and Tsumkwe in the Otjozondjupa Region to have them registered and issued with national documents. Anette Bayer-Forsingdal, who is the ID Production and Birth Registration department, said Namibia has good birth registration coverage of about 90 percent compared to many African countries. Further, she added that Namibia also has an ID coverage of 80 percent. She dismissed allegations that most people are not covered, saying about 70 percent of the residents have The ministry also developed a parents can notify the ministry of their whereabouts so that the ministry can easily track them down to register their children. Equally, she said Namibia will finally phase out the usage and presence of the old South West Africa/ by March 31. She said there is still about 5,000 Namibians still using the South West MUN elects new leadership for the south Matheus Hamutenya Keetmanshoop The Mineworkers Union of Namibia for its southern region at its biennial conference held last Saturday at Rosh Pinah. The conference elected Allen Kalumbu as its regional chairperson, Simeon Angombe as vice chairperson, Hashondali Kakuti as regional secretary, Johannes Hango as vice secretary, with Polivester Hangula and Monika Iipinge as treasurer and vice treasurer, respectively. Kalumbu, who was vice chairperson for the last two years, and Hangula, who retained his position, are the only ones to have remained from the previous team, with the rest being newly elected members. They will lead the southern region for a period of two years. In an interview with New Era after his victory, Kalumbu said the and he is glad to have been elected despite some people not wanting him to make it. He said the new leadership under his stewardship would ensure that the rights and interests of the workers are respected. He added that the new leadership would, especially not allow any of their members to lose their jobs, and he called on MUN members to be at peace. “I am here to defend the interest of the workers at any given time, with no favour and fear. My approach will be radical, so our members should be at ease, and not worry about anything because we shall approach and use all to get what we want,” he said. The new chairman also had a message for those capitalists looking to exploit Namibian workers, saying their time is up, as MUN under the new leadership will not tolerate the Photo: Contributed New brooms… The new MUN leadership elected for the southern region exploitation of workers. He further said the new leadership is faced with many challenges, especially with many mines looking to retrench or outsource their operations, which means many people will not be employed on a However, he assured the members if mines outsource operations. He said the trend of outsourcing expense of the workers. He added that any company planning on outsourcing operations must be aware that MUN will not let it happen “Companies no longer want to employ permanent workers, this is and make sure that people are employed on contract and do not at any given time. So, we have to make sure that whoever comes in, before,” he said.

Tuesday, February 27 2018| NEW ERA NEWS 7 Windhoek-Hosea Kutako road on track - Lutombi Kuzeeko Tjitemisa Windhoek Roads Authority (RA) Chief Executive Of- carriageway. - Avenue) and the extension of east of Windhoek. - riageway standard and in constructed. he said. covering a distance of 34 - - - - done in the 1970’s and the - have taken note of the issues raised and the contractors have own costs. - - weighs the inconveniences - - Pan African Youth Union’s Ahmed engages Namibian youth Loide Jason Windhoek understanding on what is country. The Deputy Secretary General of Pan African Youth Union, Bening Ahmed CEO of the Roads Authority, Conrad Lutombi in Windhoek yesterday (Monday) he engaged with the Mayor of the City of the continent. need to understand what their Botswana. education. exchanged views on how and we said we want the Youth Union and he assured us Kambonde kaMwaalwa over miscarriages Loide Jason to January this year. to go to the affected area. Delicate… This is an illustrative photo of a heavily pregnant woman.

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