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10 ADVERT Tuesday, February 6 2018 | NEW ERA THE TRAVEL UPDATE FEBRUARY 2018 VOL. 2, NO. 19 We are a proudly Namibian hospitality and service company. We manage resorts and camps within our National Parks across our beautiful country on behalf of the Namibian Government. We have professional, knowledgeable and customer-driven staff who are dedicated to providing you with a relaxing, comfortable, memorable and a liberating Namibian experience. We look forward to hosting you on your next visit. /AI-/AIS HOTSPRINGS AND SPA Starting from as little as N$ 325 Key activities: Guided Nature Drives/Walks, Fish River lookout (View Point), Fish River Canyon Hiking (1 May - 15 September) DOMESTIC TOURISTS RALLY BEHIND NWR With the economic headwinds that Namibia is facing, we as NWR are grateful at the number of domestic tourists that did not let the financial challenges prevent them from visiting some of our well-known resorts during the past festive season. It is important to note that December is generally the time that most local tourists have the opportunity to not only explore our facilities but Namibia as a whole. That is why we find it pleasing that since December 2015 the overall occupancy has increased by an average of 10% each year. The increase in the occupancy is mainly attributed to Okaukuejo Resort, Dolomite Resort, Sesriem Campsite, Sossus Dune Lodge and Terrace Bay Resort that tend to receive well over 60% occupancy during the festive period while Torra Bay Campsite enjoys full occupancy. Other resorts such as Gross Barmen Resort, Hardap Resort, Waterberg Resort and Popa Falls Resort do very well just before Christmas up until New Year’s Day. It must also be noted that this previous holiday season saw us operating Jakkalsputz, Mile 72 and Mile 108 after other entities had managed them in the past. Venture Media Team at Naukluft Camp DISADVANTAGED YOUTH RECEIVE EMPOWER- MENT THROUGH TOURISM On the backdrop of having helped five young disadvantaged women from the /Ai-/Ais Richtersveld Transfrontier Park. We and Peace Parks Foundation (PPF) have embarked on assisting another group of ten unemployed youth from the Hai-//om San and Ovahimba communities to be trained in hospitality and tracking. The latest training commenced on 22 January 2018 in Graaff-Reinet, South Africa. Youth from the Hai-om San and Ovahimba community with NWR's Managing Director, Mrs. Zelna Hengari (Centre) before departing to Graaff-Reinet, South Africa for their hospitality training. The central goal of the training is to empower the previously disadvantaged youth to acquire viable skills that they can make use of to provide for themselves and their respective communities. This initiative forms part of a continuous youth development programme that we are facilitating on behalf of the two Transfrontier Conservation Area (TFCA) partner countries to develop tourism in Southern Namibia and Northern South Africa. RADIO KALAHARI ORKES ROCKS TORRA BAY During the last weekend of January, South African Band - Radio Kalahari Orkes - officially ended the Torra Bay camp season for us. The aim was to appreciate our campers for their continued support. WINDHOEK, NAMIBIA MICE (WINDHOEK, NAMIBIA) SWAKOPMUND, NAMIBIA CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA ☎ +264 61 285 7200 +264 61 224 900 ☎ +264 61 285 7108/2857167/ 285 7169 / 285 7188 ☎ +264 64 402 172 +264 64 402 796 ☎ +27 21 422 3761 +27 21 422 5148

NEW ERA The overlooked potential of rural spaces and consumers Page 12 New graduate trainees welcomed at FNB Page 13 INSIDE USINESS This news is your business Rainmaker attracts 3.84 million prospective visitors Staff Reporter Windhoek In December 2017, the unique rainmaker VISTA.360 virtual tours, powered by Google Street View Trusted, was viewed by more than 3 million people. This means that 3 million potential guests are focused on Namibia as a destination, which in itself has been described as an incredible milestone for the local tourism industry. A month later, million and it keeps growing due to rainmaker’s activities. This is more than an average of VISTA.360 virtual tours by rainmaker were published and a record 20,000 views per day throughout the past month. This marks an astonishing achievement for Namibia as a destination and a great prospect for rainmaker digital’s hospitality and tourism customers. Rainmaker digital is the only Google Street View Trusted Agency in Namibia and one of only seven Trusted Agencies in the whole of Africa. Since its launch in 2016, rainmaker has built a solid and stable customer base, most of which is based in Namibia and South Africa. Thomas Müller, the founder and CEO of rainmaker, started rainmaker digital after seven years in the Namibian tourism and hospitality industry and with extended experience from his involvement with TUI and Thomas Cook. His everyday exposure to the General Manager of Marketing & IT at O&L Leisure Hotels & Lodges, led to the realisation that Namibia’s and Southern Africa’s digital presence could be dramatically improved. According to Chris McIntyre, Managing Director of the Tour Operator Expert Africa, “Rainmaker’s great 360s have helped us bring Namibia, and many of its lodges and camps, to life for our website visitors. Working with them has vastly improved the images and perspectives that our prospective visitors can see on Namibia, and they have certainly helped us to persuade more visitors to visit this stunningly beautiful country.” Rainmaker has created more service than any other travel related website in Namibia. Putting Namibia as a destination and the participating hotels, lodges, guest houses, guest farms, etc. at the very forefront of the digital marketing landscape in Southern Africa. To put this into perspective, according to the global web statistics platform, one of the largest Tourism WebSite in Namibia gets around 650,550 views per year, less than 20 percent of what rainmaker has achieved for its customers and the destination. The VISTA.360 virtual tours have customers’ business in terms of occupancy, revenue, reputation and more than 325,000 of all visitors took action on the immersive virtual tours they saw. Either by visiting the respective accommodation website asking for directions while they were planning their itinerary (220,000 or calling the property by phone (12,000 The VISTA.360 virtual tour is a critical element, especially for accommodation providers. “Rainmaker’s 360° tour is the most amazing sales and marketing tool for online bookings and our tour operator partners. We have been overwhelmed with more than 330,000 views of Twyfelfontein Country Lodge in just seven months. I am really happy we added to our bookings,” said Riaan Brand of Twyfelfontein Country Lodges. “Rainmaker provides the respective virtual tour footage freeof-charge to local and global tour operators to further improve the visibility and the business of our customers,” said Müller. “It is all about partnering and collaboration within the Namibian Hospitality and Tourism Industry. The entire rainmaker focus is to create a competitive advantage for the local in-destination hospitality and tourism businesses, against the global and market dominating giants”. Joint effort … Delegates attending the Cross-Border Tourism Products workshop for SADC Transfrontier Conservation Areas. Photo: Contributed NWR leads Transfrontier Conservation Area product offering Staff Reporter Windhoek along with the Ministry of and the Namibia Tourism Board Expert Workshop that looked at Cross-Border Tourism Products within the Southern African Development Community that took place, it came out emphatically that, “NWR has taken a leading role in facilitating cross-border tourism products that are now profitable and branded while having a direct and positive impact on communities within the surrounding areas of Namibia’s national parks. A good example of this is the biannual Desert Knights Mountain Bike Challenge that happens every April and September within the /Ai-/Ais Richtersveld Transfrontier Park,” says Zelna Hengari, NWR’s Managing Director. In addition to that, NWR recently launched a tour of the Kavango Zambezi Transfrontier It took some of the KAZA country ambassadors stationed in Namibia hand experience of what NWR will be offering national, regional and international tourists. NWR, therefore, believes that this is a new window of opportunity towards Namibia’s Gross Domestic Product . The workshop was held in Johannesburg, South Africa Namibia was represented by NWR’s Managing Director, Mrs Zelna Hengari, MET’s Chief Control Warden, Ms Josephine Naambo Iipinge and NTB’s Quality Assurance Manager, Ms Raulin Gomachas. Discussions to develop transfrontier links between South Africa and Namibia date back to 2000. These discussions bore fruit in 2003 when the relevant ministers signed the international treaty that signalled the establishment of the first Transfrontier Park in SADC, namely the /Ai-/Ais Transfrontier Park. The /Ais-/Ais – Richtersveld TP is shared between Namibia and South Africa; Kavango Zambia Transfrontier Conservation Areas Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and of Iona – Skeleton Coast shared between Angola and Namibia. Similarly, NWR has adopted an approach to join counterparts in joint management of natural resources across political boundaries. This approach Southern African Development on Wildlife Conservation and Law Enforcement of 1999 as a component of a large ecological region that links boundaries of two or more countries including one or more protected areas with multiple resource use areas.

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