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6 NEWS Tuesday, February 6 2018 | NEW ERA Murder accused in own defence Charles Michael Swartz 1. VACANCY: 1 x PROCESSING CLERK (Section: Debtors) Grade: B5 Primary purpose of the Position: Key Performance Areas: Minimum Requirements: 2. VACANCY: 2 x FIREMEN (Section: Emergency) Grade: A2 Primary purpose of the Position: Key Performance Areas: “The Commercial Centre of the North” VACANCIES Minimum Requirements: Closing Date for accepting application documents is 16 th February 2018 at 16h00. Contact Person: Mr. Erastus Anguku or Ms. R.M Mukwiilongo @ 065-229500 By Roland Routh Windhoek The murder trial of Charles Michael Swartz which has been on hold for more than a year returned to the Windhoek High Court yesterday with Swartz testifying about the events that led to his arrest and subsequent trial for murder. Swartz, who was 19 years old when he allegedly killed his 15-year-old pregnant girlfriend in 2012, denied guilt on all charges he faces in the High Court before Judge Alfred Siboleka, when his trial started in March 2015. According to the state, Swartz killed his girlfriend, Sara van der Westhuizen, a minor, who at the time was pregnant with his child on October 3, 2012 in Mariental. Taking a roundabout route, going into detail that had nothing to do with the trial and in the process irritating Judge Siboleka, Swartz told a story of two young people that fell in love and of the interference of family in their affair. When he at last came to the Selma Ikela Windhoek Several cases of rape were reported over the weekend, with a 17-year-old boy allegedly raping a fellow teenage girl at Leonardville with the help of friends. The Namibian police crime report issued by Warrant Officer Hilma Amutenya says a 17-year-old male suspect inserted his penis into a 16-yearold girl’s private parts with the help of other boys/men who held the victim on the ground without her consent. The incident happened last week at 23h00 at Amraalsduin location. Amutenya said two suspects were arrested and were expected part that mattered a visibly relieved judge heard how Swartz tried to justify why he went to the residence of the deceased and not to the police after he was allegedly assaulted by relatives of the deceased. The judge was not very impressed when Swartz tried to explain that he went to the deceased to demand from her why she sent her relatives to beat him up. The judge asked Swartz several times why he did not go to the police instead and what, if anything, the deceased had to do with him getting beaten. According to Swartz, on the day in question he was at the house of his uncle when the mother, aunt and stepfather of the deceased cornered him and assaulted him with a hosepipe. After he managed to get hold of a knife, he scared the people away and then went to the house of the deceased to confront her about the assault he received at the hands of her elders. When he arrived at her house, he knocked and she came out to where he was standing next to a dustbin at the side of the house. Rehoboth resident raped at gunpoint to appear in court soon. Police in Rehoboth opened a rape case after a 24-year-old woman was held at gunpoint and raped at the town on February 3. The incident happened between 02h00 and 04h00 behind the cemetery at Rehoboth. “It is further alleged the suspect threatened to kill the into the air. The victim alleged that the suspect raped her twice and again threatened to kill her with the third bullet. The suspect is known but not yet arrested,” says the crime report. A 15- year-old boy was arrested for attempting to rape an 11-year-old girl in Grootfontein last week Monday at farm Gogaseb. After he asked her what she had said to her elders to calm them, she answered in a “dwars” (rude) manner that she had nothing to with it and wanted to know from him where his mother, stepfather and aunt were. Swartz claimed the deceased then started to swear at his mother and he swore back and tried to grab her on her shirt, but she managed to break loose and run into the house, only to return with a knife which she tried to stab him with. “I grabbed the arm she held the knife in with my left hand and took out the knife I had with me and stabbed her once in the neck, and when she turned around to run away I stabbed her two or three more times in the back,” he said. On a question from his state-funded lawyer, Mbanga Siyomunji, he answered that he stabbed her because he was angry The trial continues today and Swartz, who remains in custody at the Windhoek Correctional Facility’s trial-awaiting section, is under cross-examination by State Advocate Dominic Lisulo. Amutenya said the suspect took the victim out of the room where she was sleeping and took her behind the house. “It is further alleged that the suspect removed the victim’s clothes and wanted to rape her but did not penetrate her. The suspect left the victim when she screamed,” said Amutenya. Police investigations continue. Police in Mariental opened a rape case after a 27-year-old man raped a 27-year-woman at the town on Sunday. The incident happened after midnight when the two were walking from Sonop to Aimablaagte. Amutenya said it is alleged that on their way in an open area the suspect forced himself on the victim and had sexual intercourse against her will. The suspect was arrested and police investigations continue. A case of rape was also reported at Sesfontein. The suspect was arrested and police investigations continue.

Tuesday, February 6 2018 | NEW ERA NEWS 7 Father arrested for rape wants bail Maria Amakali Windhoek A 29-year-old man from Okuryangava, Windhoek who stands accused of raping his daughter from when she was 13, and forced her to abort numerous times, wants the court to grant him bail. The prosecution is alleging that between 2013 and 2017, the accused raped his biological daughter when he unlawfully had sexual relations with her on several occasions. According to the prosecution the two are guilty of incest given the fact that a father-daughter relationship exists between two. Not only did the accused rape the victim (now 18) but he allegedly forced her to abort on several occasions, according to the substantial facts on the accused’s charge sheet. It is alleged that the suspect was 11 years old when he fathered the victim with a woman 15 years his senior The accused was arrested on November 2, 2017 and was charged with rape, incest and abortion. The state has indicated its displeasure to have him released on grounds the seriousness of the alleged offence and that investigations into the matter are still at an early stage and it would not be in the interest of the public or justice to have the accused released on bail. “It won’t be in the interest of the public nor the state, putting in mind that these crimes are high on our court rolls (sic),” said state prosecutor Victoria Thompson who further stated there is fear that the accused will interfere with investigations and, harass the complainant. The accused who is a soldier with the Namibian Defence Force (NDF) said that he has to be released on bail, as he is the family’s sole breadwinner. The accused has a pregnant wife and seven children including the victim who all depend on him financially. The accused has informed the court he is in a position to pay N,000 for his freedom while he awaits trial. The suspect will make his next appearance in court before magistrate Molefe Siwaniso with Undjombala as his defence attorney on February 12 for the continuation of his formal bail application. Matheus Hamutenya Keetmanshoop Keetmanshoop municipality councillor Justine Louw has resigned effective last Friday after fellow councillors made a fuss after she placed an application for another position with the council. Speaking to New Era, Louw after other councillors complained that she submitted an application at the council for the post of local In a missive addressed to the Swapo party district executive, of which New Era has seen a copy of, Louw makes it clear that her resignation is due to the fact that her application has allegedly brought Keetmans councillor resigns over job row the council into disrepute despite her seeking advice on that matter before she applied. Louw indicated that she had spoken to her fellow council members of her interest in the post of local economic development she needed to resign as a councillor before she could apply, but she was not advised to do so. She said after she had been shortlisted for an interview, her fellow councillors started to make noise about it, saying she had brought the council into disrepute, a claim she says she cannot comprehend as no one raised this when she had made consultations. “I even discussed the matter with the regional coordinator before submitting my application and I am dumbfounded about reports of disrepute my application has brought to council,” reads the letter. Louw said due to the circumstances, she had no other choice but to withdraw her application for the job and also resign as councillor. “In the context of the above I have withdrawn my application, and subsequent to the above and personal convictions, I regret to advise the district executive that conclusion to respectfully resign as councillor with immediate effect,” she said in the letter. Contacted for comment Keetmanshoop Mayor Gaudentia Kröhne said she could not comment informed of Louw’s resignation, nor was she aware that she had applied for a job at the municipality, saying Louw had never informed the but only jokingly mentioned it in a council meeting. “I really do not know, one day in a joke she said she will apply but she never told us that she will apply for the position so I do not know whether she applied or not, or whether she resigned or not,” said Kröhne. The mayor further said that as far as she is concerned there is no rule that forbids councillors from applying, and thus Louw pointing just allegations. “If she wishes to apply we cannot stand in her way, we are not part of the interview panel and we stick to the recommendations of the interview. I am not aware of any restrictions, I’m not aware of any rule that says she cannot apply,” explained the mayor. Louw was a local councillor on a Swapo ticket as of 2015 and served on the Keetmanshoop municipality management committee. Do your ideas have the power to move brands from one position to another.Can your hand change the destiny of a campaign? Then you are the apprentice we seek to apply for this internship programme. Our internship offers space to learn in account management, art direction/graphic design and media management. To apply; send a portfolio of the mutterings in your head plus a CV to: 142 Jan Jonker Road Ausspanplatz Windhoek P.O. Box 2269 Windhoek Namibia

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