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New Era Newspaper Tuesday January 30, 2018

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18 WORLD Tuesday, January 30 2018 | NEW ERA Japan to sanction Coincheck after massive cryptocurrency heist TOKYO Japan said Monday it would impose administrative measures on virtual currency exchange Coincheck after hackers stole hundreds of millions of dollars in digital assets from the Tokyo-based firm. The massive heist caused a loss of 30 million worth of the cryptocurrency NEM - based on the exchange rate on Friday - exceeding even the 0 million in bitcoin stolen from the MtGox exchange in 2014. Coincheck suspended trading of all cryptocurrencies except bitcoin on Friday, and said it had lost 523 million units of NEM, the 10th biggest cryptocurrency in the world based on market capitalisation. “The Financial Services Agency (FSA) will issue an order to improve operations, including protection of clients,” top government spokesman Yoshihide Suga said. The agency will supervise the exchange to ensure the measures are being implemented and contracts are being honoured, Suga told a regular briefing. “While examining the cause of the incident and taking necessary measures, we want the ministries and agencies concerned to urgently study what further measures we’d need,” he added. Coincheck said it would use its own funds to reimburse about 46.3 billion yen (around 30 million) - at a rate of 88.549 yen per NEM - to all 260,000 customers who lost their holdings. One unit of NEM was trading at 98 cents at around 0430 GMT on Monday, according to Japan is a leading market for cryptocurrencies, with nearly one third of global bitcoin transactions in December denominated in yen, according Death Announcement Rosalia (Khiba) Katamila Sunrise: 07 January 1945 Sunset: 24 January 2018 to specialist website jpbitcoin. com. As many as 10,000 businesses in Japan are thought to accept bitcoin, and bitFlyer, the country’s main bitcoin exchange, saw its user base grow beyond one million in November. Many Japanese, especially younger investors, have been seduced by the idea of strong profits as the economy has seen years of ultra-low interest rates offering little in the way of traditional returns. In the wake of the MtGox scandal, Japan passed a law on cryptocurrencies that requires exchanges to be regulated by the FSA. The law went into effect in 2017. Local media reported that Coincheck had submitted an application to the FSA for a licence and was allowed to continue operating while it awaited a decision. - Nampa/AFP An MRI machine Indian man killed after being sucked into MRI machine MUMBAI An Indian man died after being sucked into an MRI machine while visiting a relative at a hospital in Mumbai, police said Monday. Rajesh Maru, 32, was yanked towards the machine by its magnetic force after he entered the room carrying an oxygen cylinder, the city’s police said in a statement. “We have arrested a doctor and another junior staff member under section 304 of the Indian penal code for causing death due to negligence,” Mumbai police spokesman Deepak Deoraj told AFP. The incident occurred on Saturday night at the Indian financial capital’s Nair Hospital. Police said preliminary reports suggested that the man had died from inhaling liquid oxygen that leaked from the cylinder. It is thought the cylinder was damaged after hitting the machine. Ramesh Bharmal, the dean of the hospital, told AFP that an investigation had been launched to determine the exact cause of death, adding CCTV footage of the incident had been handed over to police. The victim’s uncle said Maru had been asked to carry the cylinder by the junior staff member who assured him the machine was switched off. “The ward boy who was supposed to prevent such incidents told my family members to go inside when the machine was turned on. We are shocked and devastated,” Jitendra Maru told AFP. The state government of Maharashtra, of which Mumbai is the capital, announced compensation of 500,000 rupees (,870) for the victim’s family. MRI, or magnetic resonance imaging, machines use a powerful magnetic field to produce images of the body’s organs. Metallic objects are pulled towards it and must not be carried into the room. In 2014 two hospital workers sustained injuries when they were pinned between an MRI machine and a metal oxygen tank for four hours at a hospital in New Delhi. In 2001, a six-year-old boy undergoing an MRI scan in New York was killed when a metal oxygen tank flew towards the machine and crushed his skull. – Nampa/ANA red power to the people TENDER NOTICE TENDER 02/2018 INSTALLATION OF PREPAID METERS BY ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS IN WALVIS BAY, SWAKOPMUND, HENTIESBAY AND ARANDIS Closing Date: Friday, 23 February 2018 Document Enquiries: Mrs. A. Welgemoed Document Fees: N$305.00 (Non-refundable) Telephone: +264-(0) 64 -214 600 Facsimile: +264-(0) 64 -214 601 Technical Enquiries: Mr. J. Hambata Telephone: +264-(0) 64 -214 600 Documents in a sealed envelope clearly marked: “Tender Number: 02/2018” addressed to the Chairperson of the Tender Committee must be placed in the tender box at the Enquiries desk at: 91, Dr. Hage Geingob Street, Erongo RED Head Office, Walvis Bay or be posted to the Chairperson of the Tender Committee, P. O. Box 2925, Walvis Bay, to reach him at the latest by: 10:00 AM on Friday, 23 February 2018 Please note that no faxed or e-mailed, nor documents received after the specified closing date and time will be considered for evaluation. Contact Persons Richard Katamila 0811 282 209 • Erkenwald Khiba 0811 281 415 Madikhai Mendos 081 235 5132 Erongo RED is under no obligation to accept any tender whether the lowest or not. Erongo RED reserves the right to accept the full tender or only part thereof. Erongo RED is not under obligation to assign any reason for the acceptance or rejection of a tender. TEL +264 64 214600 FAX +264 64 214601 ERONGO RED BUILDING 91 HAGE GEINGOB STREET P O BOX 2925 WALVIS BAY NAMIBIA

Tuesday, January 30 2018 | NEW ERA 19 TENDER INFORMATION As an added bonus for our readers we will publish the results of all tenders opened in public from Mondays to Thursdays on a regular basis. This information is noted and reported by a New Era Reporter Closing at City of Windhoek 17 January 2018 One (out of four) tenders closed at Windhoek City Council’s Town House Complex in Windhoek at 14H30 on Wednesday, 17 January 2018 NCS/ONB/COW- O9/2017 Cleaning Services Twenty-seven bids were received for the provision of Cleaning Services at the following Markets: Oshetu Community and Katatura Hospital, Soweto, Khomasdal as well as Okahandja Park Market to the City of Windhoek. Items tendered for comprise: Item 1 Oshetu Community and Katatura Hospital Market Item 2 Soweto Market Item 3 Khomasdal Market Item 4 Okahandja Park Market Monthly (item) prices as announced for: 1. M.N. Kaushona Investment item 1 400.00 item 2 720.00 item 3 680.00 item 4 360.00 2. Hajrt Trading Enterprises item 1 100.00 item 2 100.00 item 3 360.000 item 4 000.00 3. To Key Investment item 1 0 510.00 item 2 Not tendered for item 3 Not tendered for item 4 Not tendered for 4. Amtshila Investment item 1 575.00 item 2 860.00 item 3 715.00 item 4 430.00 5. Eben Het Trading Enterprises item 1 357.07 item 2 747.31 item 3 790.06 item 4 812.23 6. Antenge Investment item 1 875.00 item 2 730.00 item 3 3250.00 item 4 625.00 7. Penny Nambeshi item 1 000.00 item 2 000.00 item 3 000.00 item 4 00.00 8. Endola Original Trading Enterprises item 1 000.00 item 2 240.00 item 3 280.00 item 4 800.00 9. Huge Stone Investment item 1 $30 596.63 item 2 439.40 item 3 233.91 item 4 283.91 10. Matthew Trading & Investment item 1 141.25 item 2 536.00 item 3 864.00 item 4 705.00 11. Uncle Tom Trading Enterprises item 1 324.02 item 2 535.04 item 3 713.70 item 4 590.00 12. Thikameni Construction item 1 816.32 item 2 343.82 item 3 133.82 item 4 053.82 13. Gerald Nguvauva Transport item 1 520.00 item 2 520.00 item 3 520.00 item 4 520.00 14. True Gold Investment item 1 775.00 item 2 820.00 item 3 955.00 item 4 910.00 15. Kakangela Investment item 1 200.00 item 2 052.17 item 3 234.78 item 4 947.82 16.Lypa Investment item 1 122.50 item 2 845.00 item 3 370.00 item 4 670.00 17. Mude & Rua Investment item 1 384.50 item 2 000.00 item 3 000.00 item 4 300.85 18. Uangonga Investment item 1 145.69 item 2 119.59 item 3 926.23 item 4 852.64 19. Nuukusha Trading item 1 050.00 item 2 Not tendered for item 3 Not tendered for item 4 Not tendered for 20. Gisela Cleaning Services item 1 756.50 item 2 405.20 item 3 351.30 item 4 702.60 21.Andnyi Cleaning Services item 1 250.00 item 2 000.00 item 3 432.50 item 4 250.00 22. Jerusalem Trading Enterprises item 1 950.00 item 2 185.00 item 3 329.00 item 4 211.00 23. Demuthinaneka Trading item 1 550.00 item 2 640.00 item 3 910.00 item 4 820.00 24. Uassee Trading Enterprises item 1 900.00 item 2 100.00 item 3 200.00 item 4 800.00 25. Hope Consultants item 1 400.00 item 2 950.00 item 3 025.00 item 4 050.00 26. N. Tuemuzuva Investment item 1 706.60 item 2 061.60 item 4 771.60 27. Kuveri Investment item 1 932.50 item 2 551.00 item 3 086.50 item 4 548.00 DEFINITIONS IN NEW PUBLIC PROCUREMENT ACT “procurement” means to obtain/get hold of goods, services, works, non/consultancy services by means of purchase (buying), rental, lease or hire-purchase “Minister” referred to in this Act means the Minister of Finance “public entity” means an office, ministry or agency of the Government, including: • A Local Authority • A Regional Council • A Public Enterprises as referred to in the Public Enterprises Governance Act •A body or trust that is owned or controlled by the Government, when engaged in any procurement individually or in a consortium and •An entity declared as public entity by the Minister of Finance “accounting officer” means the accounting officer of a public entity “bid” means an offer or proposal submitted in response to a request to supply goods, works or services, or any combination thereof, and, where applicable, includes any pre-qualification process “bidder” (tenderer/ contractor) means a participant in procurement or prequalification process, and includes a contractor “bidding document”- (a) means any document issued by a public entity on the basis of which bidders prepare bids; and (b) includes any document which contains instructions to bidders, specification, maps, designs, terms of reference, work schedules, evaluation criteria, bills of quantities, conditions of contract or other similar items “bid evaluations committee” means an ad hoc (needed only for a specific purpose/interim) bid evaluation committee established for the evaluation of bids required and in terms of section 26 of the Act “bid security” mean security/guarantee that may be required for the original bid submission/performance of a contract “Board” means the juristic body (consisting of nine members), appointed by the Minister of Finance to be known as the Central Procurement Board of Namibia. “consultancy services” means services of an advisory or intellectual nature not necessarily related to the provision of goods and services or execution of works “goods” means objects of every kind and description, including commodities, raw materials, manufactured products and equipment, industrial plant, objects in solid, liquid or gaseous form, electricity as well as services incidental to the supply of the goods such as freight and insurance “procurement management unit” means the division or department in the public entity that is responsible to carry out procurement functions as required “procurement contract” means an agreement between a public entity and supplier resulting from a procurement process “responsive” , in relation to a bid, means responsive to the basic requirements of a bid regarding ability to perform and complete on time “services” means any object of procurement, a contract or framework agreement for consultancy and nonconsultancy services “supplier” means a person delivering goods, works, consultancy services or other services “threshold” means a threshold amount prescribed for the procurement of goods, works, and consultancy services or non-consultancy services, including disposal of assets for the mandatory application of prescribed procedures “works” means any work associated with the construction, reconstruction, demolition, repair or renovation , site preparation, excavation, erection, building installation of equipment or materials, decoration and finishing, as well as services incidental to construction such as drilling, maping, satellite photography, seismic investigations and similar services DISCLAIMER: NOTE THAT NEITHER NEW ERA NOR THE TENDER BOARD IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY WRONG INFORMATION OR ERRORS.

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