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4 NEWS Tuesday, January 30 2018 | NEW ERA Good progress…. Some of the project members display their leather products. Photo: Matheus Hamutenya Namibia achieves global fame after Trump blunder Recent negative comments by US President Donald Trump about Africa and developing nations have been criticised globally. Top Namibian tourism brand, Gondwana Collection Namibia, decided to capitalise on this and released a video which trolled Trump, while promoting the beauty of Namibia and its tourism properties, reaching 670 million people. Gondwana is gobsmacked by how many people have viewed its cheeky video clip on ‘shithole’ Namibia. In just 10 days it has reached more than 670 million people all over the world – a prime example of the power of the internet and social media. Moreover, one of the most successful destination marketing campaigns for Namibia since independence in 1990. After Trump’s derogative remark on Haiti and African countries, the Namibian tourism company Gondwana Collection roped in local producer and artist EES to make a video clip on the most beautiful “shithole” country in Africa. Stunning pictures of animals and scenery show Namibia at its best. A Trump voice imitator is used for the narration. The Norwegian company Meltwater, which monitors and analyses Gondwana’s online presence, congratulated it with the words: “Amazing to see that the video picked up 1,140 global editorial articles”. They were seen by 662 million people in 45 countries and in nine different languages. This was in addition to 13 million users of social media. “Let’s hope that our video makes the global public see the beautiful sides of Africa,” said Manni Goldbeck, brand and marketing director of the Gondwana Collection. “Namibia is politically stable. Its cultural diversity, unique fauna and flora and breath-taking landscapes, together with one of the most progressive environmental legislations in the world, make Namibia a top travel destination.” The Gondwana Collection Namibia combines its hospitality business with nature conservation and social commitment in a sustainable manner. The company today includes four private nature parks and 18 quality accommodation offerings across Namibia’s key tourist attractions. Nature conservation is financed with the proceeds from the ecofriendly hospitality business, which in turn creates jobs and career opportunities. - Bizcommunity Satco leather project defies odds Matheus Hamutenya Satco With numerous government-funded projects failing to reach their full potential, the Doen En Sien Self Satco leather project is one of a few success stories of projects run by community members. And while many projects have ceased operations just a few months after starting, the leather project which was started 18 years ago still operates, making good leather products such as hand-made shoes, sandals, belts, key holders, and saddles. Project chairperson, Maria Kooper attributed the project’s success on the understanding and unity amongst the members and on members not focusing on making money but building the project. “If you start with a project, do not think of the money that you will make but focus on building it up first and getting something out of it later,” she said. She said despite facing numerous challenges on their almost two decades journey, the group has stood firm and united in making sure that the business moves forward. Kooper narrated that the members have learnt to work with each other, saying although they disagree on certain things, they learn from the disagreements and misunderstandings, and they turn that into positives for the sake of the business. RUNDU The police in Rundu are concerned about the number of accidents caused by people driving under the influence of alcohol at the town. The Namibian Police Force’s crime investigations coordinator for the Kavango East Region, Deputy Commissioner Bonifatius Kanyetu told Nampa yesterday they see too many people drinking and driving at all hours. Last week two men were arrested for negligent driving and driving under the influence of alcohol. Kanyetu said the traffic lights next to the Omashare Lodge were also damaged by a man who was under the influence of alcohol over the weekend. Another driver ran over a pedestrian next to the Rundu Magistrate’s Court. He fled the scene and has not yet been arrested. Kanyetu said the man was driving from the direction of the Kehemu settlement and failed to stop at the four-way stop next to the court building. “The key is understanding each other, even when we have arguments, we learn from it and we continue in unity as a group,” she said. Kooper narrated that the project has grown from strength to strength since its inception in 1998, noting that the business has managed to get better infrastructure to operate from compared to the small shack they operated from previously, while the market has also grown significantly over the years. She further said that the demand for their products is very high and that the products are not only sought after by the immediate communities but by different people from different areas in the country, as well as tourists. “People are very interested in buying our products, especially the shoes, we sell to different people, even tourists come here to buy our products,” she said. Kooper also explained that although most of the eight members depend on the project for their livelihoods, they do not get a fixed monthly salary, stating that income is shared when it is enough and necessary. But while the project has flourished so far, Kooper indicated that the project’s main challenge is the cost of the materials to make their products, which she described as very expensive, but she was quick to note that bookkeeping training undertaken by the members has helped them keep their finances balanced. Rundu police concerned about drinking and driving The deputy commissioner appealed to the community to help get the message out that drinking and driving is a dangerous practice that makes the roads unsafe for everyone. - Nampa NamPol’s Kavango East Crime Investigations Coordinator, Deputy Commissioner Bonifatius Kanyetu Five hits shortlisted for My Namibia Song competition “These songs will be played on NBC TV and all its radio stations in order to reach out to all the citizens, may I ask this great nation to partake in the voting.” –Tjekero Tweya Strauss Lunyangwe Windhoek The My Namibia song competition launched last August, has been officially opened to members of the public to vote for their favourite song from a shortlist of five. I n f o r m a t i o n , Communication and Technology Minister Tjekero Tweya, whose ministry led the initiative, unveiled the songs at a ceremony held at the NBC headquarters in Windhoek yesterday. The competition is aimed at encouraging Namibians to write and compose a song titled: ‘My Namibia’, which can evoke feelings of patriotism and national pride. This competition ran for a period of one month and 141 song submissions were received. After the competition closed, a panel of independent judges was selected by the My Namibia Song technical committee. Tweya expressed gratitude towards the many Namibians who submitted their songs for the competition. “These songs will be played on NBC TV and all its radio stations in order to reach out to all the citizens, may I ask this great nation to partake in the voting.” The public vote will make up 50 percent while the judges will retain the other 50 percent. All the five shortlisted songs have been given unique short codes and in order to vote a citizen just needs to send the unique short code of their favourite song to 33033. The SMS cost is N. The winning song should have elements of unity in diversity in terms of culture and tolerance, as well as national pride and patriotism. The winner of the competition will win N,000 in cash and royalties. The competition was only open to Namibian composers and authors.

Tuesday, January 30 2018 | NEW ERA NEWS 5 Northern power outages irk energy minister Nuusita Ashipala Ekango Lanamulenge The Minister of Mines and Energy Obed Kandjoze says he is disturbed by the constant power outages in the north, especially during the rainy season. He was however optimistic that efforts in strengthening the network are geared towards addressing the power outages, adding that Nored is required to provide quality service electricity supply. The remarks were made at the electrification of Ekango Lanamulenge last week in Ohangwena Region. The minister’s speech was read on his behalf by the manager of economic regulation at the Electricity Control Board, Pinehas Mutota. Ekango Lanamulenge was electrified at a cost of N0,000. Other areas electrified last week include Ombombo village in Opuwo, Naango location in Ruacana and Ekolola settlement. Echoing the same sentiments, the Governor of Ohangwena Region Usko Nghaamwa expressed dismay at the power outages and urged Nored (Northern Regional Electricity Distributor) to look into addressing the issue. The governor urged the residents of Ekango Lanamulenge to apply for power from Nored and refrain from illegal connections. Also speaking at the same event, Nored board chairperson Sacky Kayone assured that power outages would soon be a thing of the past when NamPower completes the transmission project in the 2018/19 financial year. He said Nored is aware of the situation and has invested in grid modernisation to reduce and minimise power interruptions in the region. “Ohangwena Region is documented as one of the regions facing challenges such as transmission capacity and demand capacity constraints,” said Kayone. Kayone cautioned the public against damaging and vandalising network infrastructure and encouraged them to safeguard the network at all times. Kayone said electrification would bring development closer to residents. “In my view, this will serve as one of the major steps towards industrialisation of Helao Nafidi and attainment of the goals of the Harambee Prosperity Plan, which calls for the increase of the rural electrification rate from 34 percent in 2015 to 50 percent by 2020,” said Kayone. Westlane robbery suspects denied visitors Maria Amakali Windhoek Six men arrested for allegedly carrying out an armed robbery in broad daylight at Westlane shopping complex in Pionierspark, Extension 1, Windhoek, last year are crying foul that they have been deprived of visitation rights. Making their second court appearance last week in the Windhoek Magistrate’s Court since their arrest last year in November, Kubeka Mthokosizi, Lukas Ndlovu, Khumalo Vincent Martin, Shane Ntandoyenkosi Moyo, Vusi Vuthelezi David and Mguni Sibusiso Pumuzile are accused of armed robbery of N7, 320. During court proceedings, Moyo and Pumuzile’s defence counsel Kadhila Amoomo informed the court that since their arrest the accused have been denied visitors. “There is no court order that denies my clients visitation rights. This is an infringement of their constitutional rights,” said Amoomo. Investigative officer, Warrant Officer Joseph, explained that they were aware of the issue. “Due to ongoing investigations, there were certain issues that needed to be cleared up before they could be allowed any visitors,” said Joseph, adding that any visitor needed to get an authorization from the regional crime coordinator. Weekend of bloodshed and drugs Maria Amakali Windhoek The weekend saw four people killed and six people arrested for drug dealing and possession. According to the police crime report, all murder cases were reported on Saturday. The police reported that a 45-year-old man died after he was hit with a hammer on the forehead on Saturday. It is alleged the victim and the suspect were fighting when the incident occurred in Meru Street, Babylon, Wanaheda. “The suspect overpowered the deceased and removed the hammer from him, using it against him and resulting in the fatal blow,” explained Namibian Police spokesperson Chief Inspector Kaunapawa Shikwambi. According to the police, the murder weapon belonged to the detained suspect who has since been admitted to Katutura In court… The six suspects in the brazen Westlane robbery The group allegedly ambushed the G4S crew that was collecting money from Westlane. The video of the robbery circulated on social media. The police have recovered N6,000 and US,500 (N,461.88) of the stolen money. The getaway cars – a Toyota Etios, an Audi and a Lexus with registration numbers of Botswana and Gauteng, South Africa – Namibian Police spokesperson Chief Inspector Kaunapawa Shikwambi State Hospital with head injuries and a broken right arm. The Wanaheda Police Station reported the death of Lugambo Simon Natangwe, 37. Natangwe succumbed to his injuries following a stabbing incident on Saturday. Police reports indicated that Natangwe and the suspect were at a local bar in the informal settlement of Hakahana, Windhoek when he got stabbed in the neck. Another murder case was reported at Usakos where a 24-year-old man was assaulted and stabbed to death in front of his have been impounded. The court postponed the matter for further police investigations to March 27. Magistrate Gerrit Brand van Platzen presided over the matter with Selma Nekwaya prosecuting. Defence counsels Immanuel Udjombala, Kadhila Amoomo and Henry Shimutwikeni represented the six accused. home on Saturday. “It is alleged the two suspects went to the victim’s place while he was with his girlfriend. One suspect called him outside and assaulted him and also stabbed him with a sharp object in the chest,” said Shikwambi. Although the police managed to apprehend one suspect they are yet to trace the second suspect who fled the scene. Investigations continue. The police arrested six people over the weekend for dealing and possession of drugs in Mondesa and Opuwo. A 40-year-old man was arrested after he was found dealing in 40 units of suspected crack cocaine valued at N, 920.00, and 67 grams of cannabis and Mandrax tablets. Two suspects were arrested at farm Fontein, Pos No. 2 on Saturday for being in possession of cannabis. The value of the cannabis was not yet determined, according to the police. The police in Opuwo arrested a 27-yearold woman for possession of cannabis. It is alleged that she had concealed 36 pellets of cannabis (value not determined) in her handbag before her arrest at a sheeben in Ouranda location, Opuwo. According to the police, investigations are ongoing in all the cases. 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