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New Era Newspaper Tuesday July 18, 2017

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6 NEWS Tuesday, July 18 2017 | NEW ERA San learners in dire need of hostel accommodation MINISTRY OF EDUCATION, ARTS AND CULTURE TALISMANUS Learners at Tianjiu Hope Happiness Primary School in Talismanus, some 220 km east of Gobabis in the Omaheke Region, are in dire need of hostel accommodation. The school, which was built in 2015 for learners unable to secure placement at other schools due to limited places, currently has 270 learners in Grades 0 to 7. MANAGEMENT Besides in which CADRE they reside with their being a relatively new establishment, DEPARTMENT the school has no accom- FINANCE This AND compels ADMINISTRATION some learners children. modation for learners in the form to share a single room with their of DIRECTORATE a hostel. PLANNING parents, AND which often DEVELOPMENT exposes them The school population is largely to the unbecoming conduct of DIVISION: CORPORATE PLANNING made up of San learners, whose parents’ original homesteads are more than 100 km away from the school. In a bid to be closer to their young children, some parents built makeshift structures at Talismanus their parents, especially related to intoxication. School management member Jeanette Ruueza told Nampa on Thursday the lack of a hostel has placed the learners in undesirable VACANCY ADA KHAIBASEN COMMUNITY TOURISM TRUST, KUISEB DELTA DEVELOPMENT TRUST, BALYERWA CONSERVANCY, KING NEHALE CONSERVANCY & IIPUMBU YA-TSHILONGO CONSERVANCY Assisted by the Ministry of Environment & Tourism Tender for Concessions NOTICE TO TENDERERS circumstances. “When some of these parents are intoxicated, they end up doing things in front of their children which they (children) are not supposed to see. This is indeed a sad reality,” she said. There is no electricity at these makeshift structures and learners’ problems are worsened by hordes of shebeens that emit noise and exhibit the noxious behaviour of adults in full view of the learners, most of whom are younger than 14 years. “Bars and shebeens are a problem as learners’ parents either work there or frequent these places, which lure these young kids to such places,” said Ruueza. Other parents have opted to have their children attend school from their home villages, but this forces learners to walk long distances to and from school. “Poverty is a problem this side for these learners too. Children are only fed maize meal daily through the school feeding programme without any balanced diet due to a lack of funds,” Ruueza said. Most parents approached by Nampa declined to speak on record, although they admitted that they had no choice but to move closer to their children to support them. Talismanus is the main economic centre of Otjombinde Constituency and has a clinic, a number of government offices and a police sub-station, amongst other services. – Nampa The following organisations assisted by the Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET) seek proposals from private parties to help develop and implement their concessions. Interested parties are required to register for the tender process and obtain the Request for Proposal (RFP) documents. Bidder registration is compulsory to qualify for tendering and no registration will be Concession title: Kuiseb Delta Development Trust 25 year Concession inside Namib Naukluft / Dorob National Parks Ada Khaibasen Community Tourism Trust (Farm Sukses) 25 year Concession inside Namib Naukluft National Park King Nehale Conservancy 25 year traversing Concession inside Etosha National Park and lodge Concession within Conservancy Iipumbu ya Tshilongo Conservancy 25 year traversing Concession inside Etosha NationalPark and lodge Concession within Conservancy Description of concession The concession consists of the right to build, operate, manage and maintain environmentally friendly eco-tourism enterprises, e.g. campsite. The successful bidder shall have the traversing right to conduct guided walking trails, 4x4 dune drives, scenic drives, donkey cart rides within the Concession area. The concession consists of the exclusive right to develop, operate, manage and maintain a Campsite including the necessary support infrastructure. The successful bidder will be required to submit a detailed list of tourist activity that it proposes to offer in the concession Area (i.e. an activity plan) The Concession consists of the right to Build, Operate, Manage and Maintain an exclusive hide at Kameeldoring waterhole with the approval of Etosha Park Management; including the right to use new game viewing tracks within a 20 km radius of the Mushara management gate with the approval of Park Management This includes the right to build and operate a lodge with support infrastructure on a site of approximately 8 ha within the Conservancy. The Successful bidder shall be required to obtain the leasehold rights for the lodge site after submitting a business plan and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report to the local Regional Land Board. The Concession consists of the right to build an exclusive gate between Uukanga and Nakutanaoka Pan with the approval of the Etosha National Park Management and the right to build and operate an exclusive waterhole and game-viewing hide on the south western side of Nakutanaoka Pan with the approval of the Etosha National Park Management including an exclusive network of new tracks within a 20 km radius from the exclusive gate with the approval of the Etosha National Park Management Balyerwa Conservancy 25 year Concession inside Mudumu National Park Bidder Registration documents are available as from: This includes the right to build and operate a lodge with support infrastructure on a site of approximately 8 ha within the Conservancy. The Successful bidder shall be required to obtain the leasehold rights for the lodge site after submitting a business plan and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report to the local Regional Land Board. The Concession Rights shall consist of the exclusive right to develop and operate at either the Balyerwa and/or Mvubu campsites and conduct tourism activities within the Concession area; The tourism development and operating rights include: 1. One Safari Camp comprising six (6) fully furnished tented units; and 2. One campsite with eight (8) individual camping sites and two (2) communal ablution blocks, accommodating a maximum of 32 visitors at any given time. 3. Support infrastructure including staff quarters, reception area, storage facilities, access roads and signage. Monday 17 th to Monday 31 st July 2017 at 17:00 Proposal submission date and time 17:00 on Friday 29 th September 2017 Enquiries and documents Further details about these Concessions may be obtained from these websites: Tel:061-2842577;;; and http://www.

Tuesday, July 18 2017 | NEW ERA NEWS 7 Meet One Economy’s car guard director Selma Ikela Windhoek A Windhoek car guard never imagined he would receive a letter from First Lady Monica Geingos inviting him to State House for an interview to become a board member of the One Economy Foundation, of which Geingos is the founder and executive chairperson. This is what happened to Festus Mukungu, 55, who has been a car guard for 16 years at Klein Windhoek Woermann Brock parking lot, which he refers to as his “office”. Mukungu now serves as a board member of the One Economy Foundation with other five board members. Other members are Kaunapaua Ndilula, Mavis Elias, Dawie Fourie, Marcelina !Gaoses and Fredericka Eichas. The One Economy Foundation strives to serve as a conduit for transformation by connecting Namibia’s formal and informal economies and as a bridge over which Namibians in the “second economy or operating on the peripheries of the first economy can cross and fully utilise their talents in one economy”, according to the foundation. One Economy Foundation has been described as the implementing arm of all the projects to be undertaken by the Office of the First Lady, primarily focused on, but not limited to, enterprise development and entrepreneurship; integrated early childhood development; gender-based violence response and preventative programmes; health; and institutional strategic support. Mukungu told New Era the first lady took interest in him and proposed the idea of him becoming a board member after he appeared on the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation’s (NBC) Good Morning Namibia programme, during which Photos: Selma Ikela On duty… Festus Mukungu patrols the parking lot at Woermann Brock that he calls his office. viewers had to vote whether they thought Mukungu was the programme’s hero. In the short video Mukungu stated he decided to become a car guard after he was retrenched by a parastatal where he worked as a security guard. When the reporter approached Mukungu for an interview to hear how he became a board member he listened attentively but at the same time directed motorists where to park or when to drive out. At the same time the neatly dressed man greeted clients and interacted with them, some of whom pay him for guarding their vehicle. Mukungu then directed the reporter to sit on the pavement to have with him an undisturbed interview. Mukungu was born at Okakarara some 55 years ago where he was raised by his aunt. He is a father to three grown children – two sons and a daughter. And he is currently raising four grandchildren. Mukungu only managed to attend school up to Grade 10. Mukungu recalls his Serviceman… Festus Mukungu poses with a regular client who came shopping with her grandchildren. disbelief when a clerk from the first lady’s office approached him at the parking lot with a letter inviting him for an interview. He thought the clerk mistook him for someone else and as a result he did not share this news with his family right away. “The clerk came to me and said the first lady wanted to see me personally and I must make a day which suits me to meet the first lady. But I told the clerk it’s not up to me to decide – they should choose a day that was suitable for them. They set a date and we all (board members) had a meeting maybe for two or three hours with the first lady, where she explained everything in detail,” reminisced Mukungu. He said Geingos spoke about her objectives in life, her views and her reason to establish the foundation and he recollected they all agreed to assist her. Only after this did Mukungu share the news with his family. He further recalls how his family was proud of him and the fact that besides having little education he reached this high in life. “I was delighted that the first lady took an interest in me but at the same time I could not believe that highranking people took cognisance of me. It was one of the most joyful days in my life,” Mukungu reminisced. Mukungu described the first lady as being a humble person, educated, very intelligent. “She does not underestimate a person, she listens to people’s views and opinions,” he adds. He pointed out that State House that was once a foreign building to him has now become a place he visits regularly. When asked how he feels about being a board member, Mukungu said he is very proud as they (the board) are rendering a service to the community. “I have learnt a lot in being a board member. I was never before in a managing position where I decide for a company and put my signature on a document to transfer some of its funds from one point to another, or being accountable for the finances of an organisation.” When asked what his contribution to the board is, Mukungu replied that he can’t single out any contribution he makes because as a group they are all responsible for the success of the company. “It’s our joint effort.” Mukungu advised people in trying situations to never lose hope. “Keep your spirit high. Keep your head high and your thoughts together. Focus on one thing and do it, at the end you will have the necessary fruits to eat.” He also told leaders to stop corrupt practices. “Now and then when you open a newspaper, you hear of gross mismanagement of funds. We must stop this before our economy becomes a total mess and it’s not from the grassroots but from people in higher positions because they have an upper hand in these corrupt practices,” he stated.

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