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New Era Newspaper Tuesday July 25, 2017

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6 NEWS Tuesday, July 25 2017 | NEW ERA Edmund Jagger Jagger convicted for brutal murder Roland Routh Windhoek “In view of the direct evidence and the whole body of credible evidence placed before court, which has not been displaced during cross-examination, I am satisfied that the prosecution has proved the allegations it preferred against the accused beyond a reasonable doubt,” Judge Alfred Siboleka said on Friday when he City of Windhoek Vision: To be a Caring and Smart City by 2022 PUBLIC NOTICE VACANT PREMISES The City of Windhoek would hereby like to invite all upcoming entrepreneurs to apply for vacant stalls at the markets listed below. SOWETO MARKET STALL NO. SIZE MONTHLY RENTAL AMOUNT (N$) VAT Included SL 07 and SL26 12m² N3.67 L11, 18m² N2.50 EVELINE COMMUNAL CAR WASH BAY NO. SIZE MONTHLY RENTAL AMOUNT (N$) VAT Included Cars wash No. Bay 6 - N$258.55 Enquiries: Ms. F. Ndengu Tel: +264 61 (0) 2903147 • E-mail: NANGEDA KADULUUMA MARKET STALL NO. SIZE MONTHLY RENTAL AMOUNT (N$) VAT Included B 05 3.8m² N4.06 ELIAZER TUHADELANI MARKET STALL NO. SIZE MONTHLY RENTAL AMOUNT (N$) VAT Included 1,3,4 (no electricity) 11m² N$ 290.72 Enquiries: Ms. T. Van Neel Tel: +264 61 (0) 2902928 • E-mail: OKURYANGAVA OFFICE MARKET STALL NO. SIZE MONTHLY RENTAL AMOUNT (N$) VAT Included KIOSK NO. 1 14m² N6.63 Kiosk NO. 3 12m² N1.75 Kiosk no.1 is more suitable for a catering business as it has a kitchen set-up inside. Enquiries: Ms. I. Mukasa Tel: +264 61 (0) 2903519 • E-mail: CLOSING DATE: FRIDAY 11 AUGUST 2017 convicted Edmund Jagger of murder with direct intent. Jagger was found guilty of the brutal murder of Renelda Alien Oamite Hoeses, who was 22 at the time of her death, by stabbing her multiple times in front of her shack at Otjiwarongo during the early hours of Saturday, March 2, 2013. According to the doctor who performed the autopsy, any one of the 18 stab wounds the accused inflicted upon the upper part of Application forms can be obtained at the City of Windhoek, Municipal Head Offices, offices no. 103 and 110 on the 1st Floor – Economic Development Division, as well as at the Municipal Offices at Oshetu and Soweto Markets, and must be submitted at offices no. 103 and 110 on the 1st Floor – Economic Development Division on or before the above mentioned due date. Issued by: Office of the Chief Executive Officer Corporate Communication, Marketing and Public Participation Tel: +264 61 290 2365 / 2044 Fax: +264 61 290 2344 E-mail: the deceased’s body was fatal. One of the state witnesses who saw the stabbing told the court that Jagger was sitting on top of the deceased, making up and down movements with a knife clutched in his right hand, Judge Siboleka recounted. “The up and down right hand movements the accused was doing were in fact stabbing blows since she did not make any movements from there afterwards,” the judge stated. According to the judge, when the witness, Antonius Ameb, who is a neighbour, saw the stabbing, it had already started and was still in progress. “He continued to view that attack up to the stage when the accused got up from the deceased’s body, took his son and fled the scene by running away.” He continued: “The deceased remained lying on her stomach in the same way the accused had left her after the stabbing. I am therefore satisfied that there was no other assailant who inflicted harm on the deceased other than the accused himself.” The judge said the evidence of Ameb is “wholly in accord with the accused’s own reply to the State’s pre-trial memorandum dated June 14, 2015 in which he stated that on the day in question he came to the deceased’s residence where a quarrel erupted between them and that he stabbed her because she provoked him”. The judge further said the wording on notes found in the accused’s room by police officers who went there after the stabbing and found him hanging from a wire tied to the roof, in the words of the officers “appeared to have been addressed to a person he loved very much such as a lady”. Jagger claimed in his testimony he addressed the notes to his son, but the judge said that in his considered view the notes were directed to his deceased girlfriend. “They are an expression of grief to what has happened. The accused appeared to have deeply reflected on the past happy moments that he shared with the deceased while she was still alive.” According to Judge Siboleka the evidence by Jagger that he did not stab anyone and that the bloodstains found on his shorts came from his bleeding finger, is false beyond reasonable doubt. “It has been displaced by the prosecution witnesses and in particular the eyewitness Antonius Ameb, who saw him sitting on top of the deceased stabbing her,” he added. The matter was postponed to next week Friday for dates to be set for the pre-sentencing proceedings. Joshua Kaumbi represented Jagger in his trial and Deputy Prosecutor General Karin Esterhuizen prosecuted.

Tuesday, July 25 2017 | NEW ERA NEWS 7 Senior RTC employee investigated in bogus land sale Sawi Hausiku and Peter Muronga RUNDU A senior employee of the Rundu Town Council (RTC) was handed over to Sisa Namandje law firm in respect of an alleged fraudulent transaction involving the sale of land. The employee in question, Leevi Kakukuru is the Divisional Head of Roads at the town council. Kakukuru was handed over to Namandje on 19 June 2017 after he allegedly pretended to be acting as an agent of RTC Public Relations Officer, Benjamin Makayi and on whose behalf he entered into two bogus sale agreements. The two plots, Erf 2569 and Erf 2570, were sold to businessman Martin Shipanga of Marula Trust for N0 000 per plot during December 2015. Makayi denied ever appointing Kakukuru to act on his behalf and distanced himself from the matter. In documents seen by this agency, Shipanga wants the N0 000 he paid as a deposit for the two plots. Kakukuru allegedly failed to refund the deposit within seven days, which constituted the civil litigation against him. “It was further part of the agreement that an amount will be paid, and any amount paid as deposit and prior to transfer shall be invested in an interest bearing account for the benefit of the client,” Namandje wrote in the letter addressed to Kakukuru on behalf of his client. Namandje said despite several requests for Kakukuru to give instructions to the transferring attorneys, he failed and alternatively refused to effect the aforesaid transfer. This resulted in the cancellation of the agreements. “We hold instructions to demand from you as we hereby do, payment in the amount of N.dollars 127 000 being the capital amount and interest since December 2015 and legal costs,” the letter further reads. Approached for comment on Thursday, Kakurkuru told Nampa he does not know what the agency is talking about. “I have nothing to say to you. No comment,” he said. Early this month, RTC suspended the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Romanus Haironga, for suspected meddling in investigations into his doings and that of other municipal staff. Acting Chief Executive Officer A young girl passes through a cleared piece of land in Rundu. (CEO) of the RTC, Matheus Naironga told Nampa on Friday the investigation is underway and council wants to give the investigator, Linus Neumbo, time to complete the operation. “We want to give the investigator a chance to compile all information and only once he has exhausted this, Photo: Nampa will we avail information on the senior employee of council,” he said. Naironga said the RTC does not want to compromise the investigation or make conclusions just yet. Once investigations are concluded, he said, council will sit and deliberate the way forward. - Nampa Man arrested for fondling genitals of his sister ONGWEDIVA The Namibian Police Force (NamPol) at Okatope in the Oshikoto Region on Sunday arrested a 27-year-old man for allegedly fondling the genitals of his biological sister. Crime Investigating Coordinator in the region, Deputy Commissioner Naomi Katjiua said in a crime report on Sunday the incident occurred in the early morning hours at the Ondjokwe village. Obrein Simasiku Omboto The man was arrested on a rape charge. It is alleged the suspect returned from the cuca shops, went to the victim’s sleeping room, undressed her and fondled with the victim’s private parts. The 49-year-old woman then screamed and woke other housemates who rushed to her rescue. “She is said to be mentally challenged and reside in the same house as her brother,” said Katjiua The suspect is set to appear in the Ondangwa Magistrate’s Court this week. In another matter, 52-year-old Eino Nangombe lost his life in a road accident on Saturday. Katjiua said Nangombe was travelling alone from Oshivelo towards Omuthiya when he lost control over the pick-up and it overturned at 06h15 near the Onashikuvu village. “The deceased was thrown out of the vehicle and died on the spot,” said Katjiua. His next of kin are informed and police investigations in both matters continue. - Nampa All but done… The new Nehale LyaMpingana constituency office at Omboto. Councillor of the Nehale LyaMpingana Constituency Leevi Reinholdt will soon move into a new workplace - two years after having operated without an office. The new office, constructed at the cost of N million, is nearing completion with over 95 percent of the work done. Construction of the councillor’s house has commenced and will cost N5 617. The new office is situated at Omboto, remotely situated 120 km east of Omuthiya. LI Architectures inspected the building to detect any defects, after which minor imperfections were found and the contractor tasked to fix them before it can be handed over to the regional council. Reinholdt expressed satisfaction in the timely manner in which the office was constructed, considering the inaccessible terrain. The construction began in 2015. “I am impressed in the contractor; it was very difficult to reach this place when transporting Photo: Obrein Simasiku Nehale LyaMpingana to get new constituency office the materials to the site. Several of his vehicles broke down due to bad roads, something I would say it somehow delayed the project,” stated Reinholdt. “With the completion of the project, it clearly marks the beginning of development. Now we have brought the services closer to the people,” he added. The office has been already equipped with solar power backed up by an automatic powered generator. Also, boreholes have been drilled to supply portable tap water. •• National Youth Service (NYS) Expression of Interest The National Youth Service invites expressions of interest from professional service providers for the compilation of a Rationalisation & Business Re-Engineering Strategy for the National Youth Service. Scope of Work • Peruse the Rationalisation & Business Re-Engineering Strategy Concept; • Review documents and consult with NYS Management to better understand the vision, mission and focus areas of NYS; • Analyse the NYS organisational structure and personnel/operational and capital expenditures; • Identify the various sources of resource mobilization that can help NYS to finance the development of its programmes and activities; • Propose for each category of resources, the mechanisms, techniques and human means required to mobilize them; • Assist NYS in developing resource mobilization procedures; • Propose innovative resource mobilization mechanisms especially through the PPP; • Propose efficient mechanisms for the coordination of resource mobilization activities; • Map stakeholders that NYS can approach for fundraising; and • Recommend how to develop and maintain strategic partnerships and engagement with key stakeholders/donors/partners (past, present and future). Requirements • Proof of nationality of the supplier • Proof of registration with the Ministry of Trade and Industry • Proof of Good standing with the Social Security Commission • Proof of good standing with the Inland Revenue Office • Proven experience with activities of similar nature Documents and enquiries Detailed Terms of Reference document can be requested via e-mail from Ms. Johanna Kambala, Manager: Corporate Communications, Tel: 061 415533/061 415500, E-mail or Mr. Salom Haidula, Personal Assistant to NYS Commissioner, Tel: 061 415507/061 415500, E-mail: Submission of documents Documents must be submitted in sealed envelopes and should be addressed to : Mr. Johannes Beukes, Secretary: Procurement Committee and delivered at NYS- House,No.12-14 Haddy, Windhoek West or mailed to P. O. Box 32269, Pionierspark, Windhoek. CLOSING DATE FOR SUBMISSIONS 4 AUGUST 2017 @ 12H00

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