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New Era Newspaper Tuesday March 27, 2018

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New Era Newspaper Tuesday March 27,

Vol. 23 No. 140 Windhoek Namibia Tuesday, March 27 2018 Inside today Graduate registered nurses demonstrate for vacancies About 36 unemployed registered nurses yesterday picketed at the Ministry of Health and Social Services headquarters where they demanded answers on when they will be employed. Page 3 Namdia allocated minimum of US0m diamonds for international sales Out of a total of US0 million worth of diamonds earmarked for local manufacturing...Namib Desert Diamonds (Namdia) has been granted the right to 15 percent, or a minimum of US0 million, for international sales. Page 11 Mass football boycott on the horizon Namibian football is sitting on a time bomb following threats by clubs campaigning in the First Division to disrupt football matches in the country’s flagship football league, the MTC Namibia Premier League (NPL), if their demands are not met. Page 24 Councillor for Karasburg West Constituency, Paulus Efraim Man slits ex-lover’s throat, drinks battery acid Lahja Nashuuta Windhoek A man allegedly killed his 32-year-old ex-girlfriend by slitting her throat with a knife in Katutura’s Okuryangava area yesterday. The man then fled the scene and it is suspected he drank battery acid in an attempt to commit suicide. The horrific incident took place yesterday afternoon during lunch hour at Oneleyiwa location in Okuryangava. According to witnesses, the man – who at the time of going to print was admitted to Katutura State Hospital – arrived at the woman’s place requesting to have a private conversation with her behind her shack. He then slit her throat and fled the scene. Members of the Namibia Police Force later found him in his shack where he is suspected to have consumed battery acid. He was rushed to Katutura hospital for medical treatment. The deceased has been identified as Ndihole-Omwene Joleinge. According to a shocked landlord Sophia Shetunyenga, the man who hailed from Epalala village in Ohangwena Region, SLITS on page 2 Gory scene… Cousins Shali Tuhafeni and Immanual Amwaama cleaning up the blood at the spot where their late cousin, Joleinge, lost her life yesterday afternoon. In the garbage bag is bloody sand. Quit tombo, work like women, says councillor Matheus Hamutenya Noordoewer Karasburg West Constituency Councillor, Paulus Efraim, says most men in his constituency are only interested in drinking the traditional brew called tombo, instead of finding employment and making a living. Speaking at a belated independence celebration at Noordoewer on Friday, Efraim said men have turned into drunkards that only sit at shebeens and Academy of Business English drink tombo, especially at Noordoewer, instead of looking for work and be the breadwinners of their houses. “Our women are better, they try to work even at supermarkets, but our men here just drink tombo, and this has to stop. You must work; you must do something for yourself and not just drinking,” he said. He said most men in the area are reluctant to go out there and look for jobs, as they have become comfortable sitting at home or drinking at shebeens. Thus, they have become a burden for women in many households, who struggle to feed them. Photo: Matheus Hamutenya QUIT on page 2 6 months Business Communication Study - Now On in Windhoek! Modules: Public Speaking and Presentations, Business Letter Writing, Report Writing, Speech Writing, Meeting Procedure and Minutes Writing, Negotiation and Communication Skills Apply now before 06 April 2018 - 081 2958194 Man gets 20 years imprisonment for murder over liquor Maria Amakali Windhoek Simon Tjooya, the man found guilty of killing another man in a fight over a bottle of liquor, was sentenced to 20 years in jail in the Windhoek Regional Court yesterday. Tjooya, 29, was convicted of murder with direct intent on February 27 for the death of one Issy Swartz. Swartz died from a stab wound to the chest in Windhoek’s informal settlement of Goreangab on November 3, 2012. Handing down the sentence, Magistrate Elina Nandago said there were no elements of defense when Tjooya fatally stabbed Swartz on the date in question. She further noted that Tjooya had no reasons to kill Swartz. “The offense committed by the accused amounts to a brutal killing of an innocent man, one that ran away from him but he followed with a knife, stabbed him and took his liquor,” noted Nandago. Although he denied guilt, the court found Tjooya guilty after a witness testified during the trial that he saw Tjooya stabbing Swartz with a knife in the chest before taking the bottle of liquor from him. During the trial, MAN on page 2

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