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New Era Newspaper Tuesday May 15, 2018

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10 Tuesday 15 May 2018 NEW ERA ADVERTORIAL Warmly Welcome H.E. Li Zhanshu, Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress of the People’s Republic of China to Visit the Republic of Namibia! Sincerely Wish the Visit to Be a Great Success! May China-Namibia Comprehensive Strategic Cooperative Partnership Prosper in the Future! May Traditional All-weather Friendship between China and Namibia Last Forever! Complimented by Chinese General Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Namibia

Inside Nghipunya pins Fishcor’s failures on past regime Page 10 This news is your business Tuesday 15 May 2018 Local cellphone producer plans assembly plant in Namibia •Edgar Brandt WINDHOEK - A local cellphone company, Elephonic Mobile, has produced a product specifically for the local market, which offers users the option to operate the gadget in local languages. In addition, the owner of the company, Kenny Liswani, plans to establish an assembly plant in Namibia and has in fact commenced with selecting prospective employees that are to be trained in China precisely for this purpose. Calling it a first for the Namibian market, Elephonic Mobile’s new product, called the Katoshe D30, is expected to be launched next month, and more enticing is new phones are expected to retail for a mere N0. “At this point in time, we will only avail the Katoshe D30 and later in the year we will introduce our affordable smartphones model which should carry a relatively low price tag but will be packed with high-end features and technology similar to that of well-known western brands,” said Liswani. During an interview with New Era, Liswani explained that the Katoshe D30’s components, both hardware and software, are currently manufactured in Asia. “However, to address and tackle the plight Massive expansion …The construction of the half a billion dollar Phase 4 of Wernhil Park Mall is progressing well as the bridge over Fidel Castro Street linking the different phases of the development is already taking shape. This progression means however, that Fidel Castro Street has been closed to motorists for the last few weeks. It is estimated that about 1 100 people will be employed during the construction of Phase 4 of the shopping centre. According to Broll Namibia, a subsidiary of the Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group, the construction will entail two sections. Section one will entail the conversion of the current upper parking deck, located on the southern side of the centre, into prime retail shops, and this section is expected to be complete and open for trade by next month. Section 2, or the new phase of the centre, will ensure Wernhil Park exceeds 55,000m2 of prime retail space, allowing it to compete head on with other regional malls located in Windhoek’s ever-expanding retail landscape. Photo: Emmency Nuukala of the unemployed at home we are currently in the process of hand-picking young and talented Namibian individuals to be trained in China,” said Liswani. He added that this is to enable setting up an assembly point in Namibia as soon as possible, for phones and other electronics planned to be manufactured at home in the near future. Liswani says adding local languages to the mobile phone involved a complex process of translating the languages and integrating them into the operating system’s menu string. Each of the selecting languages requires the translation of about 15 000 words that are used in the phone’s menu string. “After a few hiccups we managed to find a solution,” he confirmed. Liswani, who says he started the company with only N 000 and sourced additional funds as the business idea expanded, expects about 200 000 units of the Katoshe D30 to be sold within the next 12 months. The number of units to be availed at the expected launch date of June 2018 should be between 30 000 and 50 000. “I strongly believe there is scope in the Namibian market for a locally produced mobile phone because most mobile phone manufacturers are highly focussed on catering for mass sales aimed at Africa as a market. “Our strategy takes a slightly different approach whereas we don not only produce affordable mobile phones for Namibia but we actually customise the software to the point that anyone within the African market, at all Kenny Liswani holding the muchanticipated Katoshe D30. Photo: Contributed literacy levels, especially those who only read and speak vernacular languages, are given the option to operate the mobile device in their respective language. This is irrespective of the country where we sell our product. So, in essence, that alone effectively addresses the issue of availing technology to all our people with an innovative, yet effective approach,” said Liswani. He continued that his company is receiving both international and regional support and noted that there is “colossal” interest for the products in various African countries. “Our plan is to strategically scale our business to other African countries as long as there is a need for product and it makes business sense. We currently have an office in South Africa and our company is lawfully registered and operating in that country. We also plan to expand our operations to other countries such as Kenya, Nigeria, Zambia, Zimbabwe and DRC in the near future,” said Liswani. Book NOW! 2018 Public Enterprises Supplement Focusing on Namibia’s Public Enterprises & how they can better support our economy. Loyde Meroro Sales & Marketing Executive: Tel: +264 61 208 0323 Email: Guaranteeing returns, as we reach your target markets. #TalkToUs Contact us: Tel: +264 61 208 0800 | Website:

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