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18 Tuesday 15 May 2018 NEW ERA AFRICA UK tourists kidnapped in DRC released GOMA - Two British tourists who were kidnapped in the Democratic Republic of Congo have been freed, the UK government and Congolese park officials said Sunday. Their vehicle was attacked on Friday in the Virunga National Park in North Kivu province, a famed haven for gorillas and other endangered species. Their park guard was killed and their driver was also kidnapped and injured. The Britons later identified as Robert Jesty and Bethan Davies were released unharmed, the British government said. “I am delighted to announce that two British nationals who were held hostage in the Democratic Republic of Congo have been released,” UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said in a statement. “I pay tribute to the DRC authorities and the Congolese Institute for Nature Conservation for their tireless help during this terrible case.” A Foreign Office spokeswoman told AFP that the two Britons were not hurt and the ministry would continue to provide support to them and their families, who released a brief statement. “We are very relieved that there has been a positive outcome to the kidnapping and are very grateful for the excellent support we have received,” they said in the statement released by the foreign office. They also said they would make no further comments and asked for privacy. Johnson also paid tribute to Virunga Park ranger Rachel Makissa Baraka, who was killed during the kidnapping, as did Park director Emmanuel de Merode, from Belgium, who said: “We are deeply saddened by the death of the eco-guard of the A tourist poses with a catfish that he caught in the DRC park, while protecting the passengers and driver. “We want to convey our deepest condolences to her family and our sincere gratitude for her courage in the service of Congo.” According to local press reports, the Congolese army reacted quickly in their attempt to try to find the kidnapping victims. Cosma Wilungula, head of the Congolais Institute for the Conservation of Nature (ICCN), praised the work of the “brave team” that resulted in a “quick resolution of this incident”. One of the most important conservation sites in the world, Virunga Park covers 7,800 square kilometres (3,000 miles) along a swathe of eastern DR Congo abutting the border with Uganda and Rwanda. It also covers most of Lake Edward and the Ishasha river valley. Established in 1925, Virunga is home to about a quarter of the world’s population of critically endangered mountain gorillas, as well as to eastern lowland gorillas, chimpanzees, okapis, lions, elephants and hippos. But it is located in DR Congo’s North Kivu province, where armed groups are fighting for control of territorial and natural resources, and poaching is a major threat. Eight eco-guards at Virunga Park have died in the line of duty since the beginning of the year, the park management said. “This sad total once again illustrates the risks that park wardens take every day to protect wildlife and the waterside communities.” On April 2, a park ranger died in an attack by armed men while guarding the site of a hydroelectric plant that is under construction. On April 9, five rangers and a driver were killed in an ambush in the park. Earlier in May, British NGO Global Witness published documents it said showed the Congolese government’s plan to “declassify” over 20 percent of the area of the park to explore for oil. Following the revelations -- denied by DR Congo’s petrol and gas minister Aime Ngoi Mukena -- 33 Congolese NGOs wrote to him to express their “outrage.” - Nampa/AFP REPUBLIC OF NAMIBIA OFFICE OF THE JUDICIARY Odinga in UK to deliver university lectures, discuss politics JOHANNESBURG - Former Kenyan Prime Minister, and current opposition leader, Raila Odinga has left the country for a one-week visit of the United Kingdom. As a guest of Cambridge Union and Oxford Union universities, Odinga is expected to deliver a speech on Tuesday and Thursday. On Wednesday, Odinga will hold a meeting with UK Minister for Africa at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Kenya’s Daily Nation reported. On Friday Odinga will also meet Kenyan compatriots, based in the UK, at London’s Greenwood Lecture Theatres of King’s College. While it’s unclear what the agenda of the meetings will be, it seems Kenyan politics will be at the centre of discussion, specifically the new handshake deal with President Uhuru Kenyatta. The Orange Democratic Movement leader is accompanied on this trip by Nyando MP Jared Odoyo Okello. - Nampa/ANA Kenyan opposition leader Raila Odinga THE LATE MR. JEREMIAH JACOBS D.O.B.*23 AUGUST 1969 D.O.D.+05 MAY 2018 MAY HIS MEMORY BRING YOU COMFORT DURING THIS TIME OF BEREAVEMENT. MAY HIS SOUL REST IN ETERNAL PEACE. UN, DRC deploy medical specialists to fight Ebola JOHANNESBURG - The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and UN agencies said they have begun deploying emergency teams of specialists over the weekend to try to prevent the spread of an Ebola epidemic suspected to have infected more than 30 people. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has obtained 4,000 doses of an experimental Ebola vaccine and is preparing for deployment into DRC, Reuters reported. WHO suspects that since 4 April, at least 34 people have been infected with Ebola. However, only two cases have been confirmed. While as many as 18 deaths have been linked to the outbreak. Three of the dead were healthcare workers. - Nampa/ANA

Tuesday 15 May 2018 NEW ERA WORLD 19 US not the first nor last embassy to open in Jerusalem JERUSALEM – When the United States opens its embassy in Jerusalem on Monday it will be the most high-profile diplomatic inauguration in the holy city, but not the first nor the last. Several countries, mainly African and Latin American, have previously had their ambassadors based in Jerusalem and some are expected to return. After the 1973 Yom Kippur war, Ivory Coast, Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of Congo) and Kenya severed relations with Israel in protest and closed the doors of their embassies in Jerusalem. They later renewed relations but moved their missions to Tel Aviv. In 1980 Israel enacted a law declaring Jerusalem, including the mainly Palestinian eastern zone, its “complete and united” capital. The United Nations Security Council branded the move illegal and adopted a resolution calling on “those states that have established diplomatic missions at Jerusalem to withdraw such missions”. The Netherlands, Haiti and several Latin American countries complied. Costa Rica and El Salvador returned to Jerusalem in 1984, but left again in 2006. In the wake of Trump’s announcement on December 6, some at least are heading back -- and Israel is hoping for more. Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales has said his country’s embassy will move to Jerusalem on May 16, and Paraguay’s foreign ministry said on Wednesday it would follow suit. The Israeli foreign ministry said in a statement that Paraguayan President Horacio Cartes would attend the opening ceremony, which would take place “by the end of the month”. R o m a n i a ’ s g o v e r n m e n t , supported by the speaker of its parliament, has adopted a draft proposal to move its embassy, which would make it the first European Union member to do so. But Romanian President Klaus Iohannis, who has frequently clashed with the government, opposes the move in the absence of an Israeli-Palestinian agreement, and has called for Prime Minister Viorica Dancila’s resignation. On a visit to Jerusalem last month, Dancila acknowledged that at this stage she did not have “support of all parties as we would wish” to carry out the embassy move. Czech President Milos Zeman has said he too would like to see his country’s embassy transferred to Jerusalem. He did not reveal any firm plan, however, and the government has only announced the reopening of its honorary consulate in Jerusalem and the establishment of a Czech cultural centre in the city. On the other side of coin, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe told Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas his country would not move its Tel Aviv embassy to Jerusalem, official Palestinian media reported. The EU is sticking firmly to the international community’s decadeslong position that sovereignty in Jerusalem can only be decided by negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians. Shortly after the Trump announcement, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu travelled to Brussels for talks with EU foreign ministers. “I believe that all or most of the European countries will move their embassies to Jerusalem,” he told them, earning a chilly response from the bloc’s foreign policy head Federica Mogherini. “He can keep his expectations for others, because from the European Union member states’ side this move will not come,” she said. – Nampa/AFP Clashes erupt along Gaza- Israel border ahead of US embassy inauguration GAZA CITY - Palestinian Territories Clashes erupted along the Gaza Strip’s border with Israel on Monday between Palestinians and Israeli forces ahead of the controversial inauguration of the US embassy in Jerusalem, AFP journalists reported. Gaza’s health ministry said 12 Palestinians were wounded. Several thousand had gathered near the border, while smaller numbers of stone-throwing Palestinians were approaching the fence and seeking to damage it, with Israeli snipers positioned on the other side. Larger crowds were expected to gather later in the day to protest the move of the US embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to the disputed city of Jerusalem. The embassy inauguration was due to occur at 4:00 pm (1300 GMT). Fifty-four Palestinians have been killed by Israeli fire since protests and clashes began along the Gaza border on March 30. The protests are calling for Palestinian refugees who fled or were expelled during the 1948 war surrounding Israel’s creation to be allowed to return to their homes now inside Israel. No Israelis have been wounded and the military has faced criticism over the use of live fire. Israel says it only opens fire when necessary to stop infiltrations, attacks and damage to the border fence, while accusing Hamas, the Islamist movement that runs the blockaded Gaza Strip, of seeking to use the protests as cover to carry out violence Bilal Fasayfes, 31, was getting on a free bus to the border with his wife and two children in the southern Gazan city of Khan Yunis. “If half the people die we won’t care,” he said. “We will keep going so the other half can live with dignity.” Also in Khan Yunis, groups of masked young men, some carrying wooden bats, walked between shops forcing them to close to respect a general strike. Muataz al-Najjar, 18, who was wounded four times in the Visit our standS last seven weeks, once from a bullet and the others from gas cannisters, said he hoped to break through the fence. “We will return and the move of the embassy from Tel Aviv will be prevented.” At Shifa Hospital, where doctors say they are running low on crucial supplies and being forced to discharge patients early to make space for the next wave, a large tent was established outside in front of the emergency room. At mosques in the cities, large speakers were set up that are expected to broadcast messages encouraging people to go to the border. Faris Abu Hajaras, 50, said his family was from Jaffa, now within Israel, but he had never been there. He is a builder but said Israel’s blockade of the strip meant there was no work. “We will stay peaceful with our hands like this,” he said, lifting them to the sky. “But death comes from God. Maybe you and I are walking together and you get shot in the head and I will be fine.” - Nampa/AFP Four suicide bombers dead in Indonesia police HQ attack SURABAYA - Four militants on motorcycles blew themselves up at a police headquarters in Indonesia’s second city Surabaya on Monday, police said, wounding at least 10 people including officers a day after a deadly wave of suicide bombings hit churches. A young girl who was with the group survived the attack, police said as they revised their initial report that two suicide bombers had participated. “There were four perpetrators riding two motorcycles who have been confirmed dead, their identity is still being verified,” said East Java police spokesman Frans Barung Mangera. “A child who was with them, an eight-year-old girl... has been taken to the hospital.” - Nampa/AFP ...and stand a chance to some exciting prizes. 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