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New Era Newspaper Tuesday May 15, 2018

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2 Tuesday 15 May 2018 NEW ERA NEWS Rural schools benefit from Teya Investment’s generosity •Aron Mushaukwa KATIMA MULILO – Nsundwa Combined School, situated about 100km from Katima Mulilo in the flood-prone area of the Kabbe North Constituency, is one of two schools that recently benefited from a donation of photocopier machines from a wholly Namibian firm, Teya Investment Number 20. The firm also donated a photocopier machine to Bukalo Primary School at a combined value of about N,000. Speaking to New Era, the chairperson of Teya Investment Number 20, George Mayumbelo, said Nsundwa Combined School, which was only upgraded to a combined school this year, has been operating without a photocopier compelling its staff to incur costs for printing official documents. “Teachers struggled to print documents; they had to travel long distances to the circuit office to print. Therefore, when the principal approached our company, we felt the need to make this humble donation,” explained Mayumbelo. This is not the first time Teya Investment has helped needy rural schools, as in March it donated 200 mattresses to hostel learners accommodated at the Elcin Church in Nkurenkuru. Mayumbelo added that the company is committed to meeting the government half way. “We hope to establish relationships with these institutions and wish to consider them for further support in future. We hope the modest donations will enhance teaching and learning in those communities,” said the company’s chairperson. The Acting Director of Education in the Zambezi Region, Jost Kawana, who handed over the donations to the two principals on behalf of Teya, called on the two schools to put the donations to good use. Kawana cautioned the two schools to maximally benefit from the two photocopier machines, and avoid complaining about lack of resources “because these can be used maximally in terms of advancing teaching and learning”. The principals from the two schools could not hide their appreciation. “I am very delighted with this donation; it is a very big donation. It is going to help the school a lot, especially when it comes to teaching and learning, and also during examination time because we have a problem of photocopying and printing because we are very far from town, and also very far from the circuit office,” said the principal of Nsundwa Combined School, Kenneth Muchila. The principal of Bukalo Primary School, Michael Pelepele, shared the same sentiments saying they also struggled with printing and photocopying. “I believe contributions of this nature will help us to achieve our objective of providing education to our learners,” he said. THUG From page 1 Photos circulating on social media show Kablou lying face down with blood on his back and ground while holding an ‘okapi’ knife in his left hand. According to City Police records, Kablou had more than 15 cases against him ranging from robbery, armed robbery, house breaking and assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm. According to the City Police’s profiling system, the 32-year-old man’s first case was recorded in 2009 and from there the list has been growing. City Police files also indicate that Kablou was sentenced to two years imprisonment for housebreaking and was released in 2014 on remission. “All criminals effective in criminal activities are profiled. We know who they are, where they stay, who they stay with, etc,” stated City Police public relations officer, Edmund Khoaseb. “He is a notorious criminal. Windhoek has notorious criminals committing the same offence over and over.” Khoaseb added that Kablou also had his vehicles profiled, a RunX and Jetta 2. New Era learnt that an Audi, which belonged to Kablou, was parked at the City Police premises after a City Police officer shot at his vehicle when he (Kablou) showed up at an officer’s residence wanting to attack him. In addition, City Police Superintendent Eliaser Iiyambo said Kablou was a well-known criminal. “I am not saying what happened (to him) is good but I am highlighting his activities when he was alive. He was a problem to the police. Whoever is challenging what I am saying, I can show him the records,” stated Iiyambo. Iiyambo said some years back during an arrest Kablou wanted to cut a City Police officer with a panga but later surrendered when police fired warning shots. New Era could not confirm Kablou’s links to a Windhoek notorious gang known as Boko Haram Windhoek but law enforcement officers said some boys who stole from motor vehicles and had graduated to armed robbery were close to him. CLEAN From page 1 This is because in some areas, especially in the informal settlements, it is difficult to maintain cleanliness because of lack of municipal services. “We are looking at increasing skip containers at the town. We plan to add 10 skip containers this year and in future we will add more,” explained Tjiuma. This is to make it easy for people to dispose of their trash in skip containers, he explained. Residents are encouraged at community meetings and schools to maintain hygiene, remarked Tjiuma. Meanwhile, the Opuwo Town Council, in collaboration with the Office of the Kunene Governor, is spearheading the clean-up campaign at the town. In a letter addressed to government institutions, nongovernmental organisations, spiritual and traditional leaders as well as school principals, the CEO of the Opuwo Town Council, Petrus Shuuya, urged all inhabitants of Opuwo to work together by protecting their environment. In the days leading to the national clean-up campaign on May 25 this year, various sectors at the town would be cleaning up their environments. On May 20, all religious organisations would clean up their immediate environments. On May 21 and 22, businesses, schools, non-governmental organisations and health facilities would clean up their immediate environments. On May 23 and 24, residents would be cleaning their immediate environments as well as the surrounding environments. On May 25, the mass cleaning campaign would take place where residents will pick up rubbish from designated points, said Shuuya. “People are urged to clean up all rubbish near their premises,” Shuuya emphasised. The “devastating” effects of rubbish around Opuwo are a challenge that needs concerted efforts to keep Opuwo clean, Shuuya remarked. “We are, therefore, mobilising inhabitants of the town from all walks of life to join the Opuwo Town Council and the Office of the Governor to collect rubbish on our premises, shovel our yards and surrounding areas,” said Shuuya. Rubbish is a growing problem in the touristic town, said Shuuya. “Ultimately, it’s up to the people of Opuwo to accept personal responsibility to keep the town beautiful. Littering will no longer be acceptable in Opuwo,” warned Shuuya. SWAPO From page 1 duplication of national Cabinet activities at party level,” Hengari reacted. Hengari said, as one of the drafters of the Namibian Constitution, Chairperson of the Constituent Assembly, Prime Minister, and long-standing senior Swapo Party leader, President Geingob possesses a scholarly and functionally itemised and panoramic view of the functioning and interaction of government and political institutions, including national processes. He explained that Geingob informed the Swapo Central Committee that the convention of inviting the secretary general of the ruling party to the national Cabinet is aimed at ensuring policy coherence and convergence between Cabinet and its decisions. In his opening statement, Hengari said President Geingob explained the existing relationship and strategic interaction between government, on the one hand, and the Swapo Party, on the other – the latter, as initiator of the party manifesto consequently translated into a government programme of action by the former. In the current iteration, Hengari noted that the Swapo Party Manifesto of 2014 has been morphed and articulated through the Harambee Prosperity Plan. Therefore, he said context informing the explanation by President Geingob about the strategic interaction was the election of a new secretariat for the ruling party on that occasion of May 5, 2018. He explained that the functional work and activities of the secretariat fall under the authority of the Secretary General of the Swapo Party. “President Geingob rightly stressed that the new secretariat had the obligation to proactively communicate and timeously discuss government policy and decisions as part of its activities, including with the rank and file of the ruling party. In so doing, the secretariat would be giving, through its activities, concrete expression to the credo of ‘No one should feel left out’,” he maintained. 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Tuesday 15 May 2018 NEW ERA Katima residents fed up with council NEWS Mystery over woman’s cause of death •Clemans Miyanicwe 3 Disgruntled by council…There is a firestorm of criticism by Katima Mulilo residents who yesterday marched to council offices to hand over a petition in which they accuse officials of being corrupt. Photo: Aron Mushaukwa Cybercrime a threat to national security - Shanghala •Staff Reporter WINDHOEK - Cybercrime remains a serious threat to the national security of countries and Minister of Justice, Sakeus Shanghala, says that Namibia has experienced its share of cyber-attacks, which prompted government to come up with a draft bill on electronic transactions and cybercrime. Shanghala is attending the 27th session of the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice organised by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNOC) in Vienna, Austria under the theme “Criminal Justice responses to prevent and counter cybercrime in all its forms, including through the strengthening of cooperation at the national level and international level.” Speaking at the event, Shanghala reiterated Namibia’s serious concern regarding the threat of cybercrime to cyber security and told the gathering, Namibia appreciate the significance of the ongoing thematic discussion, which Namibia “believe provides an opportunity to all States Parties to exchange views on related issues.” He stated that Namibia has experienced cyber-attacks in the realm of electronic banking transactions and Namibia has come up with a draft bill on electronic transactions and cybercrime, but due to rapidly evolving technologies this legislation needs to be drafted flexibly, taking into account the need for legal certainty and precision, while catering for our ability to cooperate with other States on matters of jurisdiction. Shanghala expressed his appreciation for the work of the Inter-Governmental Expert Group on Cybercrime to conduct a comprehensive study on the problem of cybercrime and indicated that Namibia will continue supporting the group which functions as the platform for further discussions on substantive issues of cybercrime and cyber security. “It is a reality that the longer we as States take to come up with a synergised approach to tackle this phenomenon at national and international levels, the greater the opportunities, whose activities we are trying to combat, to profit from their clandestine activities,” Shanghala stated. He further acknowledged that our main challenge currently, is the fact that we are already lagging behind the criminal networks and that a shortsighted and restrictive approach in this regard poses a serious challenge to progress. According to him, the shared objective of the States should be to find common standards that will enable effective criminalisation of cybercrime. •Aron Mushaukwa KATIMA MULILO - Hundreds of Katima residents who are not happy with the current administration of the Katima Mulilo Town Council on Monday staged a peaceful demonstration to express their dissatisfaction with the council that has become very unpopular and is seen as not pro-poor. The group initially marched to the Katima Mulilo Town Council to handover their petition to the Deputy Mayor Charles Matengu. Matengu told the protesters that he will engage the mayor who was not present and council management to find an amicable solution. The same petition was also handed over to the office of the regional governor Lawrence Sampofu as well as to the Swapo regional office. Among others, residents allege that the town council “have failed to consult residents on developmental issues. Residents also accused the town council of being corrupt and accused its administrators for ‘stealing’ from the poor; this was in reference to the new water metres system being installed at the town. Residents are not happy that they WEATHERMEN & CO Lost your wallet? There’s an App for that Send eWallet payments with your FNB App have to fork out N 500 towards the water metres, they are of the opinion the money will be pocketed by the town council officials particularly councillors. Residents who are breathing fire want the Minister of Urban, Rural Development, Peya Mushelenga to come to their rescue because they feel town council has failed them, and they want the Katima Mulilo CEO Raphael Liswaniso to resign, because he is “incapable of doing his job.” They also demand that the Swapo Secretary General should recall the local authority councillors because among others “they are not working for the public’s interest,” but apparently for personal gain. The group also argue that council has been corruptly awarding lucrative tenders to companies who in turn allegedly give officials kickbacks. This is the second petition residents have given to the town council in a month and they believe the officials are not taking them seriously. “We believe our first petition was not attended to it is just lying on the table somewhere, we are therefore giving you two working days to respond to our demands if not we will be back to your office,” stressed the group spokesperson Kamwi Siseho. KAMANJAB - Police are at pains, as they have not yet ascertained the exact cause of death of the late Jacqueline !Oe-amses aged 22 who last Thursday night lost her life. !Oe-amses travelled from farm Bloemhof, situated about 35 kilometres from Khorixas together with her boyfriend to go to the Khorixas State Hospital as she was not feeling well. This is according to Kunene regional police community affairs officer, Sergeant Tabitha Haufiku. “We cannot confirm it is murder, culpable homicide or if it was a natural death,” Haufiku said. The pair who is suspected to have been consuming alcohol was dropped off in front of the Khorixas State Hospital by the car they asked for a lift from Bloemhof. !Oe-amses allegedly fell on the ground when her boyfriend was assisting her to get off the vehicle. !Oe-amses is said to have been planning to visit the local hospital, as she was reportedly not feeling well. “Her boyfriend thought she was drunk and was asleep according to the police report. She was bleeding from the mouth,” further stated Haufiku. !Oe-amses was left in care of the security guard at the same hospital gate and the boyfriend went to arrange for a sleeping place as well as a vehicle to transport her home and when she was transported back home is when he (boyfriend) realised she was dead. The doctor upon arrival at the hospital pronounced her dead according to Haufiku. Investigations are on going and a post mortem report will be finalised this week. The police will then state the cause of death. Her mother Regina !Oe-amses was informed of her daughter’s death. MUNICIPALITY OF SWAKOPMUND Intention to Sell Erf 365, Mile 4, Extension 1, Swakopmund Notice is hereby given in terms of the provisions of Section 63 (2) of the Local Authorities Act, Act no 23 of 1992, as amended, that the Municipal Council of Swakopmund intends to sell by way of private transaction Erf 365, Mile 4, zoned “General Business” situated in Extension 1, Mile 4, Swakopmund measuring 8 993 m² to Messrs Nambia Desert Giant Group (Pty) Ltd. Objections Full particulars of the above sale will lie for inspection by interested persons at the Main 07:30 – 16:00 weekdays until Tuesday, 29 May 2018. Contact persons: Ms N Gustaf at Any person objecting to the proposed sale may lodge such objections in writing, duly motivated, to 12:00 on Friday, 01 June 2018. Take note that no objection via email will be considered. The objection must be made by a hard supplying a return postal address and telephone number. NOTICE NO 18 /2018 M P C Swarts ACTING CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICE

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