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New Era Newspaper Tuesday May 15, 2018

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6 Tuesday 15 May 2018 NEW ERA NEWS Fishcor generates millions in revenue •Eveline de Klerk WALVIS BAY – Fishcor, the fishing entity established in 1991 to exploit all marine resources on behalf of the government, has reported impressive profits since 2014. Revealing the company’s financial records for the past 10 years during a media day held at Walvis Bay, Fishcor chief executive officer, Mike Nghipunya, said they managed to transform Fishcor from a loss-making entity to one of the most prominent companies in the fishing industry. The company’s finances significantly improved, with revenue increasing from N million in 2014 to N0 million in 2015. However, a dip in revenue was recorded in 2016 before spiking to N0 million in 2017. “That is surely substantial and consistent growth compared to where the company was in the ORANJEMUND TOWN COUNCIL PROCUREMENT MANAGEMENT UNIT INVITATION FOR OPEN NATIONAL BIDDING Construction of services (Water, sewer and roads) for Extension 4A PROCUREMENT REFERENCE NO: W/ONB/ORTC-01/2018 past,” Nghipunya said on Saturday. Contrary to beliefs that Fishcor has been spoon-fed and got preferential treatment from government, which reflected in the profits made, Nghipunya said the company has been receiving the same treatment in the past and yet could not perform. “We get a quota just like any other fishing company. We can also argue that we get privileges unlike any other company. However, it should be taken into account that those privileges still need good managers to translate into good performance,” Nghipunya said. He explained that Fishcor had the same privileges before the current management came on board, but the performance back then cannot be compared to what they have achieved in the past four years. “Perhaps our predecessors did not understand the exact privilege they had and did not know how to use it to the company’s advantage. 1. Bids are invited through Open National Bidding (ONB) procedures from registered, reputable and experienced Civil Engineering Contractors for the construction of services to the Oranjemund Town Council 2. Bid documents are available for collection as from 08h30 on Wednesday, 16 th May 2018 8 th Avenue and 12 th Street, Oranjemund, Namibia. by interested bidders from the Oranjemund Town Council upon payment of a non refundable fee of N$ 300.00 by cash or Electronic Funds Tranfer (EFT). prospective contractors on Wednesday, 30 May 2018 @ 10h00, meeting at the Oranjemund Town Council boardroom, Oranjemund. 5. Enquiries (Procurement): Festus Nekayi Oranjemund Town Council Tel: 063 233 500 Cell: 081 1555 723 6. Enquries (Technical): Niki Tromp Namibia Consulting Engineers & Project Managers (Pty) Ltd Tel: 061 249 809 Cell: 081 279 3599 Email: 7. Bids must be submitted in sealed envelopes, clearly marked “Bid number: W/ ONB/ORTC-01/2018- Construction of services (Water, Sewer and Roads) for Extension 4A and delivered to the address below on or before 12h00 am local time on Wednesday, 14 th June 2018. All bids must be accompanied by a Bid Security. Address for submitting bidding documents Procurement Management Unit, Oranjemund Town Council Contact person: Ms. Maria Katjito Tel: +26463 233 500; Email: C/o 8 th Avenue and 12 th Street, Oranjemund, Namibia Hence, when we took over, we knew exactly what was expected from us and did just that,” he said. According to Nghipunya, the current leadership and board of directors came up with a strategic blueprint that is a roadmap that would ensure that they execute Fischor’s mandate in line with Vision 2030. “We believe that a solid strategy with specific objectives is the foundation for improving financial per formance, strengthening competitiveness and gaining sustainable advantages over competitors,” he stated. •Eveline de Klerk UPUKOS – Residents of Upukos, a small settlement in the Karibib Constituency, will receive electricity for the first time through Erongo Red’s power to the people rural electrification project. The settlement is home to about 50 households, who mainly depend on farming, and is regarded as one of the oldest settlements in Namibia. However, the settlement has been evaded by development, hence, electricity was identified as a basic need that could enhance the livelihoods of the settlement’s residents. Although the total cost of the project is yet to be KATIMA MULILO TOWN COUNCIL PUBLIC NOTICE PERMANENT CLOSURE OF ERF 2820 KATIMA MULILO, EXTENSION 10 AS ‘PUBLIC OPEN SPACE’ Notice is hereby given in terms of article 50 (i)(a)11 of the Local Authorities Act of 1992 (Act 23 of 1992) that the Katima Mulilo Town Council proposes to permanently Erf 2820 as Public Open Space, as indicated on locality plan which lies Consolidate the Erf with Portion M of Erf 2815 and Erf 2816 Katima Mulilo and then to rezone the Consolidated Erf X to PERMANENT CLOSURE OF ERF 2820 KATIMA MULILO, EXTENSION 10 AS ‘PUBLIC OPEN SPACE’ Objections to be proposed closing are to be served with the Box 5009 Katima Mulilo, Township Board Private Bag 13289 Windhoek, within 14 days after the appearance of this notice L. LILGUNGWE ACTING CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER CEO of Fishcor, Mike Nghipunya Upukos settlement to get electricity established, an environmental impact assessment is being carried out by Junior Baiano Industrial Consultants to minimise any negative impact the project might have. Some of the residents, who spoke to New Era during a public meeting that took place last week Thursday at the settlement, said they welcomed the electrification project, as they have been in the dark for too long. Martin Gowaseb (85), who has been living at the settlement since the apartheid era, told New Era that he has not seen any changes taking place at the settlement despite Namibia gaining independence 28 years ago. “To have electricity is such a privilege. I thought I would die before this happens. I am thankful that the government is finally bringing development to our settlement. Our children can make use of it to better their lives,” Gowaseb said. Another resident, Magareth Guruses (55), who recently retired and returned to the settlement, also said she was disappointed by the slow pace of development at the settlement. “We are way behind, if I compare our settlement with others such as Okhombahe and Otjimbingwe. However, things are starting to look better. NamWater recently installed water pipelines. This really made a positive impact at our settlement and we are really thankful for that,” she said. MUNICIPALITY OF TSUMEB PUBLIC NOTICE PERMANENT CLOSURE OF ERF 1461 NOMTSOUB AS ‘PUBLIC OPEN SPACE’ Notice is hereby given in terms of article 50 (i)(a)11 of the Local Authorities Act of 1992 (Act 23 of 1992) that the Tsumeb Municipality proposes to permanently Erf 1461 Nomtsoub as Public Open Space, as indicated on locality plan rezone Erf 1461 Nomtsoub to ‘institutional’ for the purpose PERMANENT CLOSURE OF ERF 1461 NOMTSOUB AS ‘PUBLIC OPEN SPACE’ Objections to be proposed closing are to be served with the Bag 2012 Tsumeb, Township Board Private Bag 13289 Windhoek, within 14 days after the appearance of this notice A BENJAMIN CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER

Tuesday 15 May 2018 NEW ERA NEWS 7 Shanghala requests for assistance on transnational crime •Staff Reporter WINDHOEK - The Minister of Justice, Sakeus Shanghala has asked for the international community’s a s s i s t a n c e i n e x p o s i n g organisations and persons involved in orchestrating wildlife and forest crime and thereby disrupting transnational criminal networks. “The increase in poaching cases in Namibia is devastating and we invite the international community to expose the organisations and persons who are orchestrating the syndicates operating in our country,” he said. He made the plea yesterday at the 27th session of the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice (CCPCJ) currently underway in Vienna, Austria. According to Shanghala, the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development which affirms explicitly that there can be no sustainable development without peace and no peace without sustainable development dictates that “we all have to join forces to reduce conflict, violent crimes, discrimination and more importantly, we have to employ all our efforts to ensure inclusion and good governance in our respective jurisdictions.” He further said that the only way to successfully implement sustainable development goals is to foster and nurture a culture of shared responsibility. In this regard he commended the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) for creating the CCPCJ platform and other mandates and said such efforts is essential in the fight against terrorism and crime. “The increasingly prevalent link between terrorist activities and transnational organised crime is a serious concern for Namibia, as the rise in terrorism and terrorist activities is becoming one of the major threats to peace and stability within the African region and the world at large,” he said and continued: Namibia appealed to the UNODC and the State Parties to focus on tracking the perpetrators, especially the financiers of these acts and bringing them to justice. Shanghala also reminded the participants that in the past few years, hundreds of immigrants, mostly from Africa perished in the Mediterranean Sea, because of the lucrative business of trafficking in persons and smuggling of migrants. He stressed that the world need concerted efforts to put an end to this scourge, which might include establishing a working group specifically dealing with this. According to Shanghala, the impact on the environment, which is brought about by the smuggling of oil, Rhino poaching and illegal fishing in the exclusive economic zones of African coastal States by various actors, including transnational corporations, is a big concern, which would require a global response. “Namibia therefore encourages member States to highlight the urgent need for the use of existing mechanisms to improve international co-operation to disrupt transnational criminal networks involved in wildlife and forest crime; and investigate and prosecute money laundering and corruption associated with these types of crimes,” the justice minister Angolan child hawkers tarnishing Namibia’s image: Nambondi WINDHOEK - Angolan nationals of school going age selling products in Namibia will tarnish the country’s image internationally, Councillor Hans Nambondi of the Okankolo Constituency in the Oshikoto Region has said. Speaking in the National Council recently, Nambondi said the employment of school going Angolan children is contravening the Namibian Constitution, labour laws and the Convention on the Rights of the Child. The Constitution incorporates all ratified conventions and customary international law into Namibian law, where Article 15 of the Constitution provides for the rights of the child. “These children are seen selling products ranging from sweets, recharge vouchers and sausages, employed by us Namibians, which is a practice of child labour,” he stressed. Nambondi said most of the children come from the Cunene Province in southern Angola to search for education and employment, due to lack of schools at the border towns and villages. He urged the two governments to venture in building schools along the borders to benefit the children. “If currently the Angolan citizens along the borders already benefit from the services of the health ministry, why can they not benefit from the education ministry to eliminate problems of Angolan children roaming the streets?” asked Nambondi. He said Namibians should not forget the immense support by the Angolan government during the liberation struggle and should do the same. - Nampa implored the participants. He further said that as a small nation with very limited expertise, human and financial resources and vast numbers of REPUBLIC OF NAMIBIA Ministry of Health and Social Services PROCUREMENT MANAGEMENT UNIT REQUEST FOR SEALED QUOTATIONS FOR: Procurement Reference No: Directorate: Description: G/RFQ/1309FO-26/2018 Finance and Procurement Procurement of two (2) steel lockable tender boxes with wheels. Procurement Reference No: G/RFQ/1303KR-28/2018 Division: Intermediate Hospital Katutura Description: Provision of Cockroach treatment for a period of six (6) months and procurement of 500x pest control repellers with adapters. Procurement Reference No: Division: Description: Procurement Reference No: Directorate: Description: G/RFQ/1303OR-46/2018 Intermediate Hospital Oshakati Procurement of various theatre consumables. NCS/RFQ/1304GO-47/2018 Erongo Region Provision of tow-in services to vehicles in the Erongo Region, for a period of ten (10) months. Bidding documents are available at Room PMU 4, and should be submitted in the Tender Box, which is located at the Security / entrance of the: Finance and HR Building Ministry of Health and Social Services Harvey Street Windhoek West Procurement Reference number should be clearly marked on top of the sealed envelope. Formal enquiries should be addressed to the Secretary: Procurement Committee ( and will be communicated and shared with all bidders. NB: A levy (non-refundable) of N$ 200.00 (cash) is payable in advance, at the Cashier, hours: 08h00 – 17h00, Monday – Friday). Original receipts (proof of payment) should be attached on the bidding document. Date of Advertisement: Tuesday, 15 May 2018 Closing Date of submission: wildlife, Namibia is particularly exposed to wildlife crime. He went on to say that the Namibian government is acutely aware of the fact Wednesday, 23 May 2018 @ 11h00 that criminal groups use, to their advantage, gaps in legal and regulatory frameworks, weaknesses in capacity and the lack of resources of regulatory, enforcement and criminal justice officials, as well as difficulties in international cooperation. Shanghala however, informed the participants that Namibia has embarked upon a reform of its criminal justice sector in order to find more effective methods of dealing with these cases. NB: Kindly take note that, the bid box and bid submission register, both closes at 11h00, thus, suppliers should ensure that all administrative issues are done before the closing time.

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