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New Era Newspaper Tuesday May 15, 2018

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8 Tuesday 15 May 2018 NEW ERA CRIME & COURTS Teckla Lameck Yang Fan Jerobeam Kongo Mokaxwa Photos: Roland Routh Teko trio maintains innocence •Roland Routh WINDHOEK – More than five years after they first pleaded not guilty to mega corruption charges in the Windhoek High Court, former Public Service Commission chairperson, Teckla Lameck, her business partner, Jerobeam Kongo Mokaxwa, and Chinese national, Yang Fan, still maintained their innocence when they pleaded afresh before High Court Judge Christi Liebenberg yesterday. Yesterday, Lameck as accused 1, Fan as accused 2 and Mokaxwa as accused 3 were asked to plead after they were informed of the charges against them and all three pleaded not guilty on all charges. Advocate Gerson Hinda SC, who is defending all three on the instructions of Sisa Namandje, informed the court that the pleas were in accordance with their instructions and Namandje proceeded to read a statement on their plea into the record. According to the plea explanation, the accused shall demonstrate during the trial that the investigation against them was marred with unfair practices and that the KAVANGO EAST REGIONAL COUNCIL Invitation for Bids (IFB)Rendering of Security Services to Kavango East Regional Council Premises Procurement No: NCS/ONB/KERC – 001/2018 investigating officers of the Anti- Corruption Commission (ACC) abused their powers and came to court with dirty hands. It was further stated in the plea explanation that the defence would vehemently object to certain evidentiary material being presented to court as the ACC agents procured it in a biased, most unlawful and unfair manner with a total lack of impartiality and as such heavily infringed on the Constitutional rights of the defendants. The statement went on to address the various charges and 1. Bids are invited through Open National Bidding (ONB) procedures for rendering Security Services to Kavango East Regional Council premises and the invitation is open to all Namibian bidders. 2. Interested eligible bidders may obtain further information from Kavango East Regional Council Mr. J,M,Kangumbe or Mr. M.Siyemo at tel : 066 266 011/12 and inspect the Bidding Documents at the address given below from 08h00 to 17h00. 3. Qualifications requirements include: see attached annexure: A&B margin of preference forcertain goods manufactured domestically shall not be applied. Additional details are provided in the Bidding Documents. 4. A complete set of Bidding Documents in English may be purchased by interested bidders upon payment of a non-refundable feeN0.00. The method of payment will be cash or direct deposit at: FNB BANK. ACCOUNT NAME: KRC REVENUE ACCOUNT, ACCOUNT NUMBER: 62067916802, BRANCH CODE: 281273, BRANCH: RUNDU Please email the proof of payment to email-2-fax 0886560860 attention Mr.J.M.Kangumbe the defence it intends to adopt, which in all cases is a blanket denial of any wrongdoing. The trio faces mega corruption charges related to the purchase of scanners for the Ministry of Finance to be used at border posts and the purchase of trucks for Namibia Contract Haulage. L a m e c k a n d M o k a x w a previously worked at the Swapo Party company and Fan was a representative for the Chinese company, Nuctech, from where the Ministry of Finance sourced the scanners. The matter is to begin afresh before Judge Liebenberg after the trio succeeded in removing Judge Maphios Cheda from their trial for perceived bias. While Lameck and Mokaxwa alone is accused of defrauding the Swapo-owned company where they worked with at least US4,000 for the purchase of four tipper trucks, they, together with Fan, are accused of a range of charges under the Anti-Corruption Act. It is alleged that Lameck, Fan and Mokaxwa duped government, through the Ministry of Finance, into paying an inflated price of US,348,800 for scanners to be used at airports and border posts. In fact, the State alleges, the price was inflated by US,828,800 meant as ‘commission’ for Teko Trading, which facilitated the transaction. The other charges the trio face - Lameck (18), Mokaxwa (12) and Fan (6) - relate to transgressions of the Immigration Control Act, the Prevention of Organised Crime Act and further contraventions of the Anti-Corruption Act. The two Namibians and the Chinese national were arrested on July 8 and 9, 2009, in Windhoek in connection with the alleged massive fraud scam contract, through which the Ministry of Finance bought security scanning equipment from a Chinese company. Lameck and Mokaxwa are currently free on bail of N,000 each and Yang on bail of N million. The State is represented by Advocate Dominic Lisulo assisted by Advocate Constance Moyo. The Bidding Documents will be sent with Nampost courier and the Bidder will bear the cost of courier services. 1. Bids must be hand delivered to The Secretariat Procurement Committee, Kavango East Regional Council, Private bag 2124 Rundu at or before 11H00 31May 2018. 2. Couriered and Electronic bidding will not be permitted. Late bids will be rejected. Bids will be opened in the presence of the bidders’ representatives who choose to attend in personat Kavango East Regional Council’s Procurement Management Unitat 11h00 in the Auditorium All bids must be accompanied by a Bid declaration as required 3. The address(es) referred to above is The Secretariat Procurement Committee, Kavango East Regional Council, Private bag 2124 Rundu Senseless killing… Baby dumping continues unabated and remains a concern. A baby boy, whose limbs – an arm and leg – were eaten off by dogs, was discovered in Havana informal settlement yesterday morning by residents who found a dog feasting on the lifeless body. According to Detective Chief Inspector Hendrik Olivier, the baby was fully developed. Olivier advised women that instead of dumping babies there are facilities where mothers can drop off their unwanted babies, such as hospitals, gender-based violence offices where there are people available 24 hours to assist. Photo: Selma Ikela

Tuesday 15 May 2018 NEW ERA NEWS 9 Christian women asked to participate in politics RUNDU - It will be a mistake for Christian women to isolate themselves from politics, Swapo Party Women’s Council (SPWC) Secretary, Eunice Ipinge has said. Ipinge said this during the official launch of the Women Embracing Change Namibia (WECN) organisation at Rundu on Saturday. Speaking in her role as WECN patron, she said by abstaining from the public sphere, Christian women are compromising themselves on one of the fundamental teachings of the Christian faith. This, according to Ipinge, states ‘You should love your neighbour as yourself’, which she added means, “Love for a neighbour is to protect their rights and freedom.” “Thus, the need for Christian women to involve themselves in politics should be obvious and evident that they are the ones more ideal for political roles,” Ipinge told close to 100 women who attended the gathering. “When women of God do not Some EU representatives mum on NEEEF WINDHOEK - Some members of the European Union (EU) are now tight-lipped on the New Equitable Economic Empowerment Framework (NEEEF), despite earlier putting Government under immense pressure to finalise it. This comes after Government’s decision to remove the 25 per cent equity clause in NEEEF. The clause would have obliged whiteowned businesses to sell a 25 per cent stake of their businesses to previously disadvantaged Namibians. Approached for comment on the matter on Europe Day here Wednesday, Ambassador of the EU in Namibia, Jana Hybášková declined to comment, while German Ambassador to Namibia, Christian Schlaga, who earlier called for a decision to be taken on NEEEF “as soon as possible”, too did not want to be drawn into the debate. “The president [Hage Geingob] has said everything about NEEEF. I have nothing to say,” was all Schlaga was willing to say. In a meeting with Geingob earlier this year, EU delegates were persistent that Government finalise the NEEEF draft bill, amid its negative repercussions on the Namibian economy. “It created an uncertainty for foreign investment,” the ambassadors argued. In the said meeting, Geingob made it clear that government will not be bullied into passing NEEEF. “What do you [EU] offer? Not just protecting white people. What do you offer to address inequality in this country? I take it upon themselves to vote or run for public offices, they will carelessly leave the fate of the future generation in the hands of wicked and immoral people.” The WECN organisation is aimed at uplifting, motivating and educating women, and was founded by local businesswoman, Josephine Ndara, who also runs another non-profit organisation, the Immanuel Foundation Namibia which caters for orphans, vulnerable children and widows. Ipinge said the organisation touched her heart because it is composed of God-fearing people. “The Bible points out that only the righteous can truly understand the rights of the underprivileged, as much of today’s world is plagued by poverty.” Other presentations that women could benefit from included women in business; women embracing change; what God expects from women; women abuse; what causes divorce; “let go of the past”; and leadership. – Nampa would like to hear from you ambassador, what do you offer? Status quo?” Geingob wanted to know from Schlaga at the time. S c h l a g a r e s p o n ded t h a t businesspeople, particularly from Germany who wish to invest in Namibia, were worried by the uncertainty posed by NEEEF. “They would like to have a clearcut framework within which they can operate,” he told Geingob. Meanwhile, the EU’s silence comes at a time when political parties said NEEEF had lost its essence and was useless without the 25 per cent equity clause. Rally for Democracy and Progress Secretary-General (SG), Mike Kavekotora said NEEEF had collapsed and what is left makes a mockery of the original plan. Swapo-Party Youth League Secretary, Ephraim Nekongo said scrapping the clause is not welcomed as they want their people to also benefit. Popular Democratic Movement President, McHenry Venaani said NEEEF is meaningless without the 25 per cent clause, asking what the clause has been replaced with. Additionally, Swanu President Usutuaije Maamberua said Government had no guts to implement NEEEF. “They [government] are just listening to dissenting voices that have colonised us, that have exploited us and want to keep themselves in the status quo.” On the contrary, protagonists of the clause’s removal have welcomed the move. N a m i b i a n E m p l o y e r s ’ Federation SG, Tim Parkhouse was quoted as saying the 25 per cent clause was one of the biggest stumbling blocks to NEEEF. Government has set aside N0 000 for NEEEF in the current financial year. - Nampa CALL FOR EXPRESSION OF INTEREST REVIEW OF THE NATIONAL YOUTH POLICY FOR NAMIBIA The Ministry of Sport, Youth and National Service in collaboration with the National Youth Council is inviting qualified parties to submit their expression of Interest in Reviewing the National Youth Policy of Namibia. 1. Background The Government of Namibia through the Ministry of Sport, Youth and National Service is mandated to ensure that the youth in Namibia become functional, productive and patriotic citizens who are able to access and exercise their political, economic and social rights, opportunities and responsibilities fully. This can only meaningfully be attained through a coherent and widely accepted National Youth Policy which is also in line with international youth conventions and protocols on development. The main objective of the review of the National Youth Policy is to highlight the priorities and strategies to be adopted by Government and stakeholders to ensure the development and empowerment of our Youth. This exercise therefore includes a review of the progress achieved in its implementation, a review of the major institutional bottlenecks, and alignment with contemporary regional, AU and international conventions and protocols on youth and development as well as Objectives of the Namibia’s National Development Plan. The Ministry of Sport, Youth and National Service, National Youth Council, National Youth Service, alongside the Office of the President, Government Ministries, UNFPA and other partners will act as technical partners on the review of the National Youth Policy. 2. Purpose: The objective of the assignment is to review the National Youth Policy and develop an implementation plan that will act as an enabling enviroment for youth development and empowerment with clear strategies and implementation plans across all sectors and in line with our current National Development Plan (NDP5), Harambee Prosperity Plan and all decisions ratified by Namibia in all regional and international organisations. Specific Objectives: Undertake the review of the policy and develop the necessary tools at the expected standard of performance; Report to the Technical Committee on the National Youth Policy and work closely with the Directorate of Youth; Review background documents related to the National Youth Policy; Further define the process needed for conducting a comprehensive and thorough revision of the Policy; Coordinate evaluation/review of the Policy; Coordinate the activities of the Technical Committee; and help liaise with relevant stakeholders and key development partners; Provide technical support to the Technical Committee; Serve as rapporteur for each of the consultation meetings; Revise the background, introduction and main body of the Policy to capture the findings and recommendations of the evaluation report of the Policy Review objectives of the Policy, develop indicators for these objectives and provide baseline data for these indicators Be responsible for the compilation of the first draft of the revised Policy. Coordinate presentation of draft policy to the stakeholders’ workshops and ensure that key stakeholders views are incorporated before compiling the second and final draft As part of the revised policy develop a strategy document for the implementation of the policy to address the short, medium and long term gender issues in the country including specific entry points on ways of working, roles and responsibilities of the various stakeholders in the implementation of the Policy. Develop a glossary of key terms used in the revised Policy. This will enable stakeholders and users of the revised Policy to have uniform understanding of definitions of key terms. 3. Timeframe: The National Youth Policy review and Development of its Implementation Plan will commence in May 2018 and end in October 2018. 4. Requirements: Master’s and /or PHD in youth work, social sciences and/or any related field Minimum five (5) years development work, at least three (3) years’ experience in youth development and empowerment issues. Demonstrable extensive prior experience in policy formulation and review, research and analysis as well as programming. Understand youth issues in the context of Namibia, Regional, Continental and International commitments. Excellent writing in English language and good communication skills, ability to write in a structured. Lucid and concise manner, without losing depth and substance. Demonstrates leadership, team working and coordinating skills. Demonstrate openness to change and ability to manage complex situations. Proficient in current office software applications. Be passionate about youth development and empowerment. 5. How to apply: A brief company profile and Curriculum Vitae of proposed key personnel that will be working on this assignment. Evidence of the company’s capacity to provide these services. Understanding of the Terms of Reference. Proof of company experience with references of work in similar assignment. Indication of the teams’ availability to start with the assignment. List of References 6. Deadline for application: Submissions shall be hand delivered in a sealed envelope on or before 28 th May 2018, which shall be clearly marked: EXPRESSION OF INTEREST: REVIEW OF THE NATIONAL YOUTH POLICY FOR NAMIBIA Ministry of Sport, Youth & National Service 11 Goethe Street, NDC Building, 6th Floor, Windhoek, Namibia Enquiries: Dr. I. L Kahikuata or Ms. R. Amakali, Tel: 061 270 6500/17 “The Bible points out that only the righteous can truly understand the rights of the underprivileged, as much of today’s world is plagued by poverty.” – SPWC Secretary Eunice Iipinge

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