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New Era Newspaper Tuesday November 21, 2017

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8 NEWS Tuesday, November 21 2017 | NEW ERA ECD centre opens in Lüderitz Tuulikki Abraham Lüderitz Deputy Minister of Gender Equality and Child Welfare Lucia Witbooi last of an Early Childhood Development Centre (ECD) in Lüderitz American Namibia Foundation (AANF) at a cost of N0,000. said the ECD investment has the for the family and for the child as cation researchers, small children the day away from their parents in childcare facilities, taken care by care providers. Witbooi said over the past support construction of Early Childhood Development Centre increased, to improve access to affordable early childhood children in poor and rural areas. American Namibia Foundation Tender (GIPF 007/2017 ) TENDER NUMBER: GIPF 007/2017 PROVISION OF MEDICAL AID SERVICES TO GIPF GIPF hereby invites reputable Namibian domiciled and registered medical aid service providers to offer medical aid benefi ts to its employees. GIPF currently employs a total of 215 staff members and is expected to grow as operations expand. Tender documents in this regard are available at a non-refundable fee of N0.00 at the Procurement Offi ce, Third Floor, GIPF House, Corner of Dr. Kenneth David Kaunda & Goethe Street, Windhoek. For additional information please contact: Elton Job Ms. M. Kapeng Procurement Officer HR Practitioner Tel: 061-205 1210 Tel: 061-205 1296 Email: Email: Sealed bids quoting the tender number and indicating the service to be rendered should be submitted to: Procurement Office Third Floor P.O. Box 23500 GIPF House Windhoek Corner of Dr. Kenneth David Namibia Kaunda & Goethe Street Windhoek Faxed or emailed applications will not be accepted. Submission deadline: Thursday, 30 November 2017 at 12h00. No documents will be considered after the closing date. GIPF is a fund that provides pension benefits for civil servants and employees of member institutions. For the kids… From left Deputy Minister of Gender Equality and Child Welfare Lucia Witbooi, AANF coordinator Richard Cook, Lüderitz Council management member Willem Gumede and Lüderitz Town Council CEO Aunie Gideon at the ECD ceremony. Photo: Tuulikki Abraham in the private sector to emulate their example and come on board to assist with its maintenance in for the children of the country. with the private sector for the private sector to open its doors Tel: 061-205 1111 Fax: 061-205 1232 Visit communities. AANF coordinator Richard Cook said the foundation has dedicated to intentionally refocus their corporate social responsibility towards development in partnership with its stakeholders, such Tuulikki Abraham Lüderitz Lüderitz residents took to the streets on Friday to raise awareness about - the Lüderitz Town Council wellness committee and members of the community capacity enhancement team. wore black to honour victims of Minister of Gender Equality and Child Welfare Lucia Witbooi also joined the march. The march started at the Lüderitz to the German Hall, where Witbooi moment of silence to remember the her soul rest in peace,” Witbooi said and further lauded the Lüderitz the committee members who initiated community. She said it spoke volume about the town and its inhabitants as they create a society in which women and men and boys have also been vic- often subjected to physical, sexual, economic, emotional and psycho- as the Ministry of Gender Equality and Child Welfare. “We also realise that this need for the communities in our towns in Namibia,” Cook said. He added that AANF already in Rainbow Centre In Lüderitz and has so far been able to donate ten ECD centres in //Karas and Noordoever, Grünau, Lüderitz, Maltahöhe, Bethanie and Ariamsvlei. Cook appealed to the private sector players in Lüderitz to as- of the centre. At the same occasion, Atushe Rock Lobster Company donated donated N,000. Lüderitz calls for end to GBV statistics from the Namibian Police tion Unit, 32 cases of domestic violence were reported to Lüderitz withdrawn, 17 cases are still pend- She said this was an indication deed a serious concern, not only in Lüderitz but countrywide. “We have seen the impact of GBV on the survivor. Therefore, it is incumbent upon all of us to take concrete measures to eliminate all - She further said the Constitution of the Republic of Namibia, the supreme law of the land, protects and Witbooi said in view of the 16 Based Violence that runs from November 25 to December 10 every year, she invites every Namibian violence. Chairperson of Lüderitz Town Calvin Mwiya said women and men violence and, Namibia in particular. in society. “People lost their lives, therefore we are required to com- On the move… Deputy Minister of Gender Equality and Child Welfare Lucia Witbooi in white with Lüderitz residents during a march against gender-based violence at the harbour town on Friday. Photo: Tuulikki Abraham

Tuesday, November 21 2017 | NEW ERA NEWS 9 Omakange hostel construction shelved Nuusita Ashipala Ongwediva Construction of a hostel at I.K. Tjimuhiva Combined School after government failed to settle the contractor’s invoices amounting to N million. The hostel was expected to be at the school. felt optimistic that the school would is constructed. The Director of Education when the construction would resume again. “The construction is at an advanced will come to the rescue so that the construction can be completed as the learners from Hiaukambe and Uutsathima combined schools equipped hostels to cut the long WINDHOEK Union Youth Club (AUYC) Namibia Speaking at the launch of the make independent decisions. should not be us shaping Namibia and Charter of attaining Agenda 2063 should join politics with the mandate at large. their seniors as some of them were lost focus on their own issues. borehole water. also depends on gas and wood for bathrooms and also use pit latrines. New Era has learnt the school and the school now uses two power secure petrol and the region does not said Shapange. Shapange said as a result of the suspend evening studies for all the afford to light one hall at night. The director said the region had also taken an initiative to do a lighting predicament as it affected the school’s learning progress. we would do that because we want The much-anticipated hostel is planned to cater for the more than 500 learners at the school. to release close to 500 learners after the region ran out of food. regions including Omusati about N million. Youth told politics not for selfenrichment that are not theirs. Each generation In a speech read on her behalf at the future of Africa in the capable hands of Their resilience should lead them to be active participants in Africa’s the continent in order to achieve Ndaitwah said. The AUYC was launched in the African Union Southern Africa reinforcing and consolidating efforts equal partnership in driving Africa’s development Agenda 2063. The AU has so far launched the club in 10 African countries. – Nampa 187 Subpart 2 Glider operations charge NAM 2018 Proposal (N$) d) The following Glider Charge shall be payable by the operator of a Information Region in a one year period or part thereof, and this Glider 187 Subpart 3 En-route Charge, TMA Charge and Aerodrome Charge shall be payable in respect of any aircraft engaged in a military, b) The following Terminal Control Area (TMA) Charge shall be payable 187 Subpart 4 Meteorological Services charge 187 Subpart 5 Civil Aviation Authority Safety Fee Draft Namibia Civil Aviation Regulations and Namibia Civil Aviation Technical Standards - 2018 th th December 2017. NB: It has come to the attention of the NCAA that errors appear in the version of the draft regulation Part 187. Liability to pay civil aviation authority safety fee for for Procedure for payment Controllers; and Glider Charge = N$ 10,000.00 (per annum or part thereof) En-route Charge = Distance x cal miles (nm) and the Charge in N$ x 0.5 x 0.4 Aviation Meteorological Services Charge = tonnes divided by 50), D - information region of Namibia divided by 100 and the Charge in N$ N.00 per available seat – Domestic flight N.00 per available seat - Inter-national flight

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