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18 AFRICA Tuesday, November 28 2017 | NEW ERA Egypt imam vows to return to massacre mosque to finish sermon AL-HUSAYNIYAH The young Egyptian imam who survived the Sinai mosque massacre that killed ERRATUM REZONING NOTICE Please take note that a rezoning advert was placed on Thursday 28 September and Thursday 5 October 2017 for the following: “REZONING OF PTN A (OF THE SUBDIVIDED PORTION 21) (A PORTION OF PORTION 20) OF THE FARM NUBUAMIS NO: 37 FROM ‘INDUSTRIAL’ TO ‘INSTITUTIONAL.’ REZONING OF THE REMAINDER OF PTN 21 (A PORTION OF PORTION 20) OF THE FARM NUBUAMIS NO: 37 FROM ‘INDUSTRIAL’ TO ‘RESIDENTIAL’ TO ESTABLISH A TOWNSHIP.” The correct advert was supposed to read “REZONING OF PTN A (OF THE SUBDIVIDED PORTION) (A PORTION OF PORTION 20) OF THE FARM NUBUAMIS NO: 37 FROM ‘RESIDENTIAL WITH A DENSITY OF 1 ERF PER 5HA’ TO ‘INSTITUTIONAL.’ P.O. BOX 22543, WINDHOEK, ERF 1012, VIRGO STREET, DORADO PARK TELL: +26461 225062 CELL: +264812505559 | +264815788154 FAX: +26461 213158 | +26488614935 EMAIL ADDRESS: We apologise for any inconveniences caused. To enhance the quality of life of all our people PUBLIC NOTICE PERMANENT CLOSURE OF PORTION A OF ERF RE/3373 (±558M²), WINDHOEK AS A PUBLIC OPEN SPACE (THE PUBLIC OPEN SPACE PORTION WILL BE CONSOLIDATED WITH ERF 2727, BURG STREET WINDHOEK TO BE USED FOR RESIDENTIAL PURPOSES) Notice is hereby given in terms of article 50 (1)(a)(ii) of the Local Authorities Act of 1992 (Act 23 of 1992) that the City of Windhoek proposes to permanently close the undermentioned portions as indicated on the locality plan, which lies for inspection during office hours at the office of the Division: Urban Planning Room 519, Municipal Offices, Independence Avenue. PERMANENT CLOSURE OF PORTION A OF ERF RE/3373 (±558M²), WINDHOEK AS A PUBLIC OPEN SPACE (THE PUBLIC OPEN SPACE PORTION WILL BE CONSOLIDATED WITH ERF 2727, BURG STREET WINDHOEK TO BE USED FOR RESIDENTIAL PURPOSES) Objections to the proposed closure are to be served on the Secretary: Townships Board, Private Bag 13289, and the Chief Executive Officer, P.O. Box 59, Windhoek, within 14 days after the appearance of this notice in accordance with Article 50(1)(a)(ii) of the above Act. 305 people vowed Sunday from his hospital bed to go back and resume the sermon he never finished. Mohammed Abdel Fattah, 26, was delivering the Friday sermon at the North Sinai Rawda mosque when blasts HUGO RUST URBAN PLANNER erupted. “I was only two minutes into my sermon when I heard two explosions outside the mosque, and then I saw worshippers r u n n i n g i n horror,” he said. “Then people entered the m o s q u e a n d began firing at everyone who was still standing,” the preacher said from his hospital bed in the Nile KINSHASA The Democratic Republic of Congo on Sunday banned rallies due this week in the capital Kinshasa over the extended rule of President Joseph Kabila despite global concern over a crackdown. Delta town of Al-Husayniya. Abdel Fattah – who has been imam for two years at the Rawda his sermon on that tragic day was about “Mohammed, the prophet of humanity”. The imam fell from the raised minbar, or pulpit, when the attack broke out and was trampled by worshippers who tried to flee the carnage. And when he hit the ground, people stepped over him, before the bodies of those shot by the attackers piled on top of him, pinning him down and preventing him from lifting his head to see what was going on. “As soon as the shooting started I fell. I didn’t see or feel anything except for the two or three bloodied bodies that fell on top of me,” he said. Among the first casualties was 62-year-old Fathy Ismail, the mosque’s muezzin who called the faithful to prayer. Authorities said up to 30 militants the black banner of the Islamic State group surrounded the mosque Mineral-rich but chronically poor, politically unstable and saddled with a reputation for entrenched corruption, DR Congo is facing the risk Kabila’s decision to stay in He was scheduled to have during the main weekly prayers. Abdel Fattah suffered bruising, but his health appears to be improving and he hopes to be back on his feet to continue the sermon that was brutally interrupted. “If my health allows it, I will return next Friday week (to Rawda mosque) A frame bearing Koranic verses hangs above his hospital bed. The imam said it was a gift he received from a visiting delegation of Coptic Christians the day after Friday’s attack. The attack is thought to have been carried out by the jihadist Islamic State group because the mosque is associated with followers of the seeking the intercession of saints. “About a year ago, we heard rumours concerning threats against people who organise celebrations for the birth of Prophet Mohammed,” Abdel Fattah said on Sunday. The imam declined to say whether he, himself, belonged stepped down in December this year after a constitutional max- Pressured by the international community, DR Congo has now scheduled the vote for December 23, 2018. Authorities in the capital Kinshasa said all planned demonstrations this week were banned, in a statement carried on websites. The pro-Kabila Presidential Majority coalition of parties had planned a march on Tuesday to voice support for the delayed elections. The opposition coalition had planned an anti- Kabila march the same day but deferred its protest until Thursday. The head of the opposition coalition, Felix Tshisekedi, said he would not heed the ban. “There’s no question of depriving us of our rights and freedom,” he tweeted. “I call on all Congolese to massively participate in the march of November 30, 2017.” Congolese authorities made arrests ahead of an to the Sufi community. “I am a servant of God and his Prophet,” he said when asked about his faith. Five members of his family were by his bedside, including his 65-year-old father Abdel Fattah Mahmoud, a retired sheikh from Cairo’s Al-Azhar, Egypt’s highest institution of Sunni Islam. Mahmoud said he had tried to persuade his son from going to work in North Sinai, a restive region, but then he recalled a Koranic verse that says no one will die unless it is God’s will. Egypt’s North Sinai-based IS branch has killed hundreds of policemen and soldiers, as well as civilians accused of working with the authorities, since the July 2013 ouster of Islamist president Mohamed Morsi. “Not only is Sufism under threat, but all of Islam, and the whole of the Arab region is under threat,” said Mahmoud. His son’s survival “is a blessed miracle”, he added. – Nampa/AFP DR Congo bans marches over delayed polls NANTU HEAD OFFICES INVITATION FOR TENDERS Namibia National Teachers’ Union (NANTU) hereby invites prospective tenderers for the following tender: TENDER NO: DESCRIPTION: NANTU-03/2017 TENDER DOCUMENTS: NANTU Windhoek COMPULSORY: SITE INSPECTION CLOSING DATE: DOCUMENT LEVY: NAMIBIA NATIONAL TEACHERS’ UNION (NANTU) Windhoek DELIVERY ADDRESS The Secretary General: TENDERS: opposition march on November 15, sparking concern from the United States, Switzerland and Canada about limits on the freedom of expression. “Rather than seeking to ban and disrupt these meetings, the Congolese government could work with civil society and the representatives of the opposition to ensure that such events can be held in all security and without incident,” a joint statement said. According to a report this month by the respected National Episcopal Conference of the Congo (CENCO), police and security forces killed at least 53 anti-government protesters between April and October. Fifty-two people were shot dead and one other died from tear gas over the sixth month period, according to 200 observers who monitored the protests for CENCO. killed by demonstrators. Two decades ago DR Congo collapsed into the deadliest con- Its two wars in the late 1990s and early 2000s dragged in at least six African armies and left more than three million dead. The east of the country remains a battleground for rival ethnic militias. father Laurent was assassinated in 2001 at the height of the Second Congo War. elections since independence, and re-elected for a second term in 2011 in a vote marred by accusations of fraud. – Nampa/AFP

Tuesday, November 28 2017 | NEW ERA WORLD 19 French teacher to be tried for sex with pupil aged 14 PARIS A 31-year-old French teacher will go on trial Monday for sex with an underage pupil after being dragged to a police station by the girl’s furious stepfather amid a global campaign against sexual abuse. The maths teacher and the 14-year-old student, who was in his class last year, began chatting on Instagram on February before beginning a relationship in June. For her parents, the teacher is a sexual predator, despite their daughter’s claim that the pair are in love. “She’s a child who believes in love with a capital L. As a teacher he knew that and used it to seduce my daughter,” her mother told AFP. There is no minimum age of consent in France, which does not treat sex between an adult and a minor as rape unless there is proof of force. The government has promised to change the law after a man was acquitted of rape earlier this month, as the jury found no evidence he had forced an 11-year-old girl into sex. Currently, sex with a minor aged under assault, punishable by up Adults wielding some form of authority over the child face stiffer sentences. In a speech on sexism to mark the UN’s International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women on Saturday President Emmanuel Macron said he wanted a minimum age of consent of 15. First lady Brigitte Macron, who was once the president’s drama teacher, has also vowed to play a part in combatting sexual crimes and sexism. In recent years, there have been several trials in Western countries involving teachers who slept with students, the most famous being that of American woman Mary Kay Letourneau. Letourneau was a 34-year-old married mother of four when she began a relationship with a 12-year-old student whom she later wed. She served seven years in jail for unlawful sex with a minor. – Nampa/AFP Syria regime bombing kills 19 civilians near Damascus: monitor BEIRUT Syrian regime air strikes and on Sunday across the rebelheld Eastern Ghouta region outside the capital Damascus, a monitor said. The deaths come despite the area falling within a so-called “deescalation zone” put in place under a deal between government allies Russia and Iran and rebel backer Turkey. Eastern Ghouta is already in the grip of a humanitarian crisis caused by a crushing regime siege of the area since 2013 that has caused food and medical shortages. On Sunday, government air strikes on the areas of Mesraba and Madira killed 17 civilians, while artillery another two civilians, the Britainbased Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitor said. “The toll could rise further because of the number of wounded people in serious condition,” said Observatory director Rami Abdel Rahman. Regime bombardment of Eastern Ghouta in the last two weeks has killed more than 100 people, according to the Observatory. region into Damascus, killing several people. Humanitarian access to Eastern Ghouta has remained limited despite the implementation of the truce zone, and a United Nations “epicentre of suffering” in Syria. More than 340,000 people have began in March 2011 with antigovernment protests. – Nampa/AFP

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