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New Era Newspaper Tuesday October 01, 2013

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New Era Newspaper Tuesday October 01,

D5 Friday, July 15 2011 1 NEWSPAPER FOR A NEW NAMIBIA NEW ERA NEWSPAPER FOR A NEW NAMIBIA N$ 3.00 (incl VAT) A N N I V E R S A R Y Newspaper for a New Namibia Product Vol. 16 of No. New Era 226 Publication Corporation Windhoek, Namibia Friday, July 15 2011 Vol. 19 No. 043 Windhoek, Namibia Tuesday, October 01 2013 Haufiku ‘Shape Bester Millions Conservancies never up or can’t resigned ship Inside wait Today for invested from RDP out’ Spurs in land Page 4 Page 5 Page 32 News... President generate hospitalised more By Eveline Klerk WALVIS BAY - The Walvis Bay Municipality has invested revenue N5 million in servicing 1 014 erven at the town. The initiative forms part of Walvis Bay’s five-year strategic plan that will map the future By Staff of the Reporter town for the next five years in terms WINDHOEK - President of economic and industrial development Hifikepunye of which Pohamba the provision was on of Monday serviced land admitted vital to part. a local private hos- is a pital The for council an is unconfirmed also optimistic illness. about providing at least By Albertina Nakale N.00 (incl VAT) • New suburbs for Otjiwarongo • Commissioner downplays notorious street • RA employees down tools Finance... • Service station workers shelve strike • Chicken prices go up • Team Namibia seeks new logo Farmers Supplement Inside WINDHOEK – Between 2005 and 2009 the total revenue generated by Namibian conservancies including cash and proceeds from other sources such as meat sold and consumed, as well as plants utilised and sold, increased 2 000 Prime serviced Minister erven Nahas before Angula substantially from U.4 million to U.5 million. the confirmed end of the yesterday current financial that the President was A total hospitalised, of N0 million but the Prime established from a baseline of 42 in 2005 to 59 in 2010 also The increase in the number of registered conservancies year. was Minister allocated maintained for land it development “annual during routine the 2013/2014 medical check- initiative has grown in popularity over the years at both the was for an indicates the community-based natural resource management budget up”. that was tabled in July national and international level. this News year. of the President’s alleged This information is contained in a report launched by the ill health spread like wildfire on Wednesday Four tenders night, were awarded with unconfirmed two reports construction claiming com- that the Desertification (UNCCD) on managing land sustainably for World Bank and the United Nations Convention to Combat to panies Head of off State which was JJD gravely Earth ill. better livelihoods. Moving But Premier and Construction Angula said re-hceived informed three that tenders the President and Rino was in tion regime, the most interesting of which is the communal was Over 40 percent of Namibia’s land is under a conserva- Construction hospital for his and regular Development examination. secured only one tender. communities property rights over commercial utilisation of medical conservancy, an institutional arrangement that gives local According “He went for to the his Mayor annual of checkup. I am not aware that he has wildlife and other resources. Walvis Bay, 220 plots will be suffered from stroke, only medical The 71 community conservancies now support 25 percent available people can at Narraville confirm that,” Extension Prime 7 that Minister, will cost responding no less to a wildlife populations in Namibia, which include the only grow- said the of the rural population and greatly contribute to the growing than question N$ 15 on million whether to service. the President ing population of free-roaming black rhinos and free-roaming had A suffered total of a 430 stroke. plots will lions among other animals. revenue page 2 be Angula, serviced who in Kuisebmond visited the First Extension Citizen at a 5 local and Extension private hospital 6 on for Wednesday, not less than N said million while 250 plots will be An Ordinance Clearance Team of the Namibian Police on Tuesday detected a TMA-3 anti-tank landmine of former Yugoslavian origin President Pohamba was scheduled to be discharged yesterday. serviced “I don’t at know a cost if of he N finally got at Otunganga village in Ohangwena and detonated it on Wednesday. This was one of the type of mines used by the Swapo military million. discharged but he was expected wing, PLAN, during the war of liberation in Namibia. Squatting is the head of the team, Chief Inspector Mathias Neshunga, pointing to Fourteen come out prime today plots (yesterday),” will at some of the ammunition and other war materials that his team also detected in its operation. Photo: Nampa also Angula be serviced told New at Era. a cost of N NWR million in the Walvis in the red Bay area. Addressing contractors at Simon’s claim Opposition grows the handing over ceremony of the undeveloped land By Toivo the Ndjebela mayor of Walvis Bay, Uilika WINDHOEK – The Namibia Wildlife Resorts (NWR) is flattens MVA to MTC towers Nambahu, said the occasion battling to meet its financial obligations after its liabilities signals the start of a range of By Desie Heita skyrocketed to N2 million in May this year. By Desie Heita of Greater the financial South-South woes of the Cooperation exciting Financials projects at as the far company as land show that the NWR liabilities Sport... MVA. WINDHOEK - Renewed international debate on mobile development stood at some initiatives N million, at the but board chairperson Jackie Asheeke disputed town is this, concerned. saying there has Customer been “under-reporting” Johannes Jamba of some with road the maguni accident in fruit. which WINDHOEK – The grue- That claim alone comprises 30 percent of current class suburb residents who oppose the erection of a mobile phones and cancer has given strength to Windhoek’s upper coastal The People’s Republic of China and the Namibian the “We real financial made a commitment situation at the hospitality parastaral. several Photo: Belgian Alvine nationals Kapitako outstanding Government claims signed that a Memorandum telecommunication of Understanding MVA (MoU) has yesterday to pay out to on South-South to resist its erection Cooperation. near their homes. tower in their residential area to continue to our What residents remains and true investors though is that the NWR is swimming in lost their lives and for which the that a pool we of will debts, address such the that huge the company is struggling to meet former Namibian world victims who sued the fund This has irritated the country’s largest mobile network its immediate financial obligations. champion boxer Harry Simon was jailed, continues tion ment system. of China with the objective munication of seeking towers partici- in the country. The Namibian Government approached the Govern- backlog in terms of serviced based on the old compensa- operator, MTC, which says it is not the only one with com- To arrest the deteriorating situation, the company’s board erven. Various construction Wild fruit of directors decided to draw money, believed to be N mil- to haunt the Motor Vehicle projects are currently taking pation in the South-South Cooperation Residents at Programme Bowker Hill, Windhoek, have now added the Accident (MVA) Fund and shape NWR in page terms 2of housing and is one of the main causes MVA that is page being 2 implemented MTC by China page and 2 the Food industrial development. The sustains families and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations latest land development project we are about to embark By Alvine Kapitako Ndara who sells the juicy (FAO). The agreements provide for technical support to Namibia, in terms of which 20 Namibian upon is a clear indication that fruit relished by many, especially those who hail from agricultural technicians will go to China for train- we are delivering on those WINDHOEK - Fortyseven-year-old Zefalinu the north, says business is ing. In the photo, Deputy Minister of Agriculture, promises despite the fact that our town’s conditions are extremely challenging to make the maguni fruit, commonly Okuryangava, Windhoek. Ndara depends on selling not going as it should in Water and Forestry Lempy Lukas exchanges MoU erven available,” she said. known as Kavango oranges documents with the visiting Chinese Vice-Minister to feed his twelve children. fruit page 2 of Agriculture, Chen Xiaohua. Photo: Tonateni Shidhudhu land page 2 FARMERS FORUM Compiled by Deon Schlechter Your weekly Agriculture Corner In partnership with Drought knocks livestock entries for Windhoek Show By Deon Schlechter W INDHOEK – Almost 50% less ca tle wi l be seen in the judging ring most popular ca tle breed, and 152 of these prime animals from 14 breeders will at the Windhoek Show this week as a direct result of the debilitating be on parade this week. drought. Fewer sma lstock wi l also b exhibited, but attendants can The entry list for ca tle is as fo lows: sti l expec to see some of the best genetics in the country a the Windhoek Show Afrigus (13), Brahman (152), Brangus (1), Braunvieh (8), Charolais (18), Dexter Grounds. (19), Limousin (46), Hereford (2), Romagnola (3), Susses (13), Santa Getrudis The show opened last Friday amids the first welcoming rains of the new season (11), Simbra (38) and Simmentaler (64). countrywide. Although fewer animals in both categories wi l be showcased, the In the sma lstock category, numbers are also slightly down, but 1 131 animals of number of exhibitors are more or less the same compared to last year. 41 breeders of eight di ferent breeds wi l be seen. A total number of 388 stud animals comprising of 13 di ferent breeds from 50 breeders have been entered in the ca tle section, with the Italian Romagnola making its debut a the show. The Brahman breed (White and Red) remains the Land tax: Farmers urged to pay up The entries are: Boerbok (502), Kalahari Red (81), White Dorper (31), Van Rooy (169), Damara (226), Indigenous Goat (35), Ge lapers (40) and Veldmasters (47). By Deon Schlechter the other hand.President of the Namibia Agricultural Union (NAU), Derek Wright, WINDHOEK – Agricultural land owners has urged agricultural land owners to pay have been urged to pay their land tax for their land tax in terms of the Agricultural the 2012/13 financial year, amidst confusion (Commercial) Land Reform Act of 1995, about the payment thereof created by a Act 6 of 1995, and warned them that failure ruling of the High Court.The confusion to do so could have severe consequences. amongst agricultural land owners arises According to the Act, failure to pay land from the High Court ruling on the validity tax could result in a fine of N 000 or of the Valuation Court on the one hand and imprisonment for a term of five years, or the application a the High Court of Namibia both such fine and imprisonment.“This that cha lenges the cu rent legislation in legislation is valid and stands until declared terms of which land tax is payable on unlawful or unconstitutional by a High SINGLE VERTICAL D5 AUGER • Künzle mother, daughter pair win Six Bar Show Jumping • Tiger ladies on top of game Court judgment or even a Supreme Court judgement in the case of an appeal,” he said. Wright pointed out that payment of land tax was due on September 30 and the cu rent is the payment for the last (fifth) year of land tax as determined by the Valuation Court during 2008. It should therefore be the same amount that agricultural land owners pai during the past four years.“Against the above background, I urge a l agricultura land owners to pay their land tax immediately according to the laws of the country in order to avoid unnecessary conflict and po sible legal action,” he warned. Dimensions (mm) Width 2390 Height 2564 Length 3600

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