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New Era Newspaper Tuesday October 17, 2017

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16 FARMERS Tuesday, October 17 2017 | NEW ERA Agra concludes weaner season Staff Reporter Windhoek Agra announced and awarded the 2017 national champion and regional winners for the sixth Agra weaner competition at a gala dinner held in Windhoek on Thursday, October 5. The competition recognises and rewards producers for good quality weaner calves. Bertus Calitz of Okatjeru Farming from the Gobabis district is the 2017 national champion. He was also the winner in 2015. The national champion is selected from all the regional winners in the following competition categories: calves with feedlot potential, calves with veld potential and heifers with breeding potential. The regional winners are: North: Heifers with Breeding Potential: Kuhn’s Boerdery Feedlot Potential: R.G. Dorgeloh Veld Potential: N. Ngawetene Central: Heifers with Breeding Potential: Marco Farming (N Du Plooy) Feedlot Potential: J.A. Calitz Veld Potential: L.M. Van Heerden South: Heifers with Breeding Potential: Leeb Farming Feedlot Potential: Leeb Farming Veld Potential: J.H. Knipe Titus Koen, Agra’s general manager for auctions, said that after three years of drought the conditions this year were very favourable for the industry, resulting in a successful weaner season with record numbers and prices. “As a result the producers sig- market prices,” he said. Koen said that 15,940 cattle were sold at this year’s weaner auctions compared to 5,977 cattle sold in 2016. The average weaner calf price for last year was N,900 compared to this year’s N,800, which represents a growth of 74%. The main sponsors of this year’s weaner competition were Bank Windhoek, Sanlam, Santam and Feedmaster. The total sponsorship for this year was more than N0,000, which was used to award the various category winners and the national champion. Dawid Krause and Christo van Zyl, both from Feedmaster, facilitated the judging. Krause said the judging criteria included fertility, growth ability, capacity to produce meat as well as farming practices such as de-horning, branding and mass uniformity. He advised farmers, especially those located in the southern regions, to implement effective animal feeding programmes to better their chances of winning in the competition. Arnold Klein, Agra’s chief ex- sponsors. “Your dedication, through your active involvement by attending auctions, exhibiting your products and services and by networking with the producers and Agra staff, is indeed commendable,” he said. “We believe that you have gained some return on your investment by not only getting exposure but also by reaching customers, and we hope to have you on board with the 2018 weaner competition.” Slaughter ox competition honours quality producers Staff Reporter Windhoek T.H. Johnston has been awarded slaughter ox competition with A. Helm in second place. Agra Auctions announced and awarded the 2017 slaughter ox competition winners at a ceremony held at Agra Hyper at Lafrenz last month. This was the second slaughter ox competition hosted by Agra Auctions since the competition’s inception in 2016. The competition forms part of the initiative to provide ox producers with a platform to compete in an organised competition similar to the Agra weaner competition. Agra Auctions this year hosted four slaughter ox competitions where a total of 155 oxen were judged at an average slaughter weight of 252 kg, compared to 120 oxen judged Buy Farm Assured Namibian Meat at an average weight of 240 kg in 2016. held at Aub on June 14, followed by Windhoek on June 28, Okahandja on July 18 and concluded at Nina on August 15. The main sponsor for this year’s competition was Old Mutual with a sponsorship of more than N0,000. Other sponsors included Feedmaster, Beefcor and Esterhuizen Transport. All sponsorships were used for rewarding various category winners at the awards ceremony. To participate in the competition, each producer entered two animals to be judged on their hooves, and carcasses. For the hoof category, key aspects for judging criteria comprised cattle age, fatness, masculinity, temperament and good farming practices such as branding, dehorning, etc., which constituted 40% of the total points. On the carcass, the cattle competed on the quality of meat, which constituted 60% of total points. Judging was done by Tiaan Steenkamp (Agra) and Petrus Maritz, head of Meatboard’s hoof category, while Petrus Maritz from Meatboard judged the carcass after slaughtering. Winners were: Windhoek: 1 st Place – T. H. Goldbeck 2 nd Place – T. H. Goldbeck 3 rd Place – H. Rusch Okahandja: 1 st Place – H. Kruger 2 nd Place – Cloudy Sky Investment 3 rd Place – T. G. Giersch Aub: 1 st place – T. H. Johnston 2 nd Place – C. J. Steenkamp 3 rd Place – A. Helm Nina: 1st Place – R. Van der Merwe 2 nd Place – P. Z. Jansen van Vuuren 3 rd Place – R. Van der Merwe NAU commits to work more with government Staff Reporter Windhoek Namibian Agricultural Union (NAU) president Ryno van der Merwe has offered the union’s full cooperation with the government, as a private sector partner in boosting the economy. Van der Merwe pleaded at the 71st congress of the NAU last week that the government create a conducive environment for the private sector to operate in, and thus let the economy grow and create work. He also expressed concern with the government’s involvement in the private sector. He further emphasised that all role players should be advantaged by the value chain, especially with the implementation of policies such as on value addition. In this regard he singled out the negative effect that the small stock marketing scheme had on the small stock industry, eventually leading to a decrease in the numbers of small stock, as well as the closure of two small stock export abattoirs. But Van der Merwe commended Ryno van der Merwe President Hage Geingob and his government for maintaining peace and stability in the country, expressing the hope that the 2nd National Land Conference, to take place probably next year, would be peaceful. Deputy Minister of Economic Planning, Lucia Iipumbu, said there is light at the end of the tunnel regarding the recovery of the economy. However, she pleaded with all role players to join hands. She further encouraged the private sector to make use of the private-public partnership concept to support the government in the economy’s recovery. At Seal of Quality certified retial outlets Champ of champs… Stephan Botes from Keetmanshoop who scooped most of the available awards including the ultimate award, the Champion of Champions trophy in the interbreed category during the Bank Windhoek small livestock awards. The small livestock section awards were hosted in collaboration with Feedmaster and the Namibia Meat Board. Photo: Contributed

Tuesday, October 17 2017 | NEW ERA 17 TENDER INFORMATION As an added bonus for our readers we will publish the results of all tenders opened in public from Mondays to Thursdays on a regular basis. This information is noted and reported by a New Era Reporter Closing at Mobile Telecommunications Limited (MTC) 08 September 2017 Customer Contact Centre Headsets Two tenders closed at MTC’s Head Quarters, c/o Mose Tjitendero and Hamutenya Wanahepo Ndadi Streets in Olympia, Windhoek at 14H30 on Friday, 08 September 2017. MTC 40/17/O Radio Network Planning and Optimization Software Six offers were received for the provision of Radio Network Planning and Optimization Software to MTC No tender prices as announced for: 1. Trion Technologies 2. Vector Digital Energy 3. Pioneer IT Solutions 4. Lex Technologies 5. New Dawn Informatics 6. Timothy Real Estate MTC 42/17/O Tower Loading Services Eleven offers were received for the provision of Tower Loading Services to MTC. No tender prices as announced for: 1. Oshitenda GV 2. UPC Namibia 3. Burmeister and Partners 4. Green Enterprise Solutions 5. CTN 6. Kunene Civil Projects 7. Jacobs Engineering Group 8. PHIM joint venture Tricom 9. Timothy Real Estate 10. Start-Up Investment 11. SCE Consulting Engineering Closing at NamWater 12 September 2017 Two tenders closed at NamWater’s Head Quarters , 176 Iscor Street in Windhoek at 11H00 on Tuesday, 12 September 2017. SCO/NB/NW-01/2018 Water Demand Assessment Seven technical proposals were received for the provision of a Water Demand Assessment for Walvis Bay, Swakopmund, Hentiesbay, Arandis and Namport to the Namibia Water Corporation. This tender has been conducted in accordance with the two-way envelope system whereby only technical proposals later stage. Technical proposals as announced for: 1. Lithon Project Consultants 2. CEPM Consulting Engineers and Project Managers 3. Lund Consulting Engineers 4. Omkumo’h Consulting Engineers joint venture Aurecon 5. Element Consulting Engineers 6. Knight Piesold Consulting 7. Burmeister and Partners (late submission) NCS/RFQ/NW-04/2018 Maintenance Services Three requests for proposals were received for the machining of the Namibia Water Corporation. Tender prices (excluding Vat) as announced for: 1. Paco Engineering 637.35 2. Van Rensburg Engineering 000.00 3. Nujoma Consulting Engineers 9late submission) Closing at Mobile Telecommunications Limited (MTC) 22 September 2017 Customer Contact Centre Headsets Eighteen offers were received for the supply of Customer Contact Centre Headsets to MTC when tender nr. MTC 51/17/O closed at MTC’s Head Quarters, c/o Mose Tjitendero and Hamutenya Wanahepo Ndadi Streets in Olympia, Windhoek at 14H30 on Friday, 22 September 2017. No tender prices as announced for: 1. Noowa Investment 2. Trion Technology Solutions 3. Virta Technology Namibia 4. H Thirty-Three Investments 5. Nehonga Investment 6. Omnitel Namibia 7. Manya Investment 8. Bidvest Namibia IT 9. Mbeuserua Engineering 10. EDE Investments 11. Somartha Investment 12. Tesla Energy Solutions 13. Gadgets Namibia 14. Bach Street Investments 15. Shine Technologies 16.Nashua Communication 17. Green Enterprise Solutions 18. Evale Investment Methods of Procurement Subject to section 27 (2) of the Public Procurement Act the following choices for procurement are available to the Central Procurement Board or a public entity: 1. Procurement of goods, works and non-consultancy services by means of: Open advertised bidding Restricted bidding Request for sealed quotations Direct procurement Execution by public entities Emergency procurement Small value procurement Request for proposals Electronic reverse auction Apart from open advertised bidding, the other methods of bidding under the procurement of goods, works and non-consultancy services may be used if the public entity has reason to believe that open advertised bidding: Does not support Government policies like empowerment and the Is too costly to apply, given the value of the procurement. In the case that any of these eight methods were used, the Board/ entity must report the grounds for the said choice of procurement 2. Procurement of consultancy services, by request for proposals on the basis of: Quality and cost Quality alone Least cost and acceptable quality 3.1 Open advertised bidding: When used, the invitation to bid or pre-qualify, is published: In a newspaper with wide circulation. In case of international bidding in selected international media with wide circulation. In the public procurement portal with a prescribed disclaimer. This type of bidding allows for a public entity to give an advantage or preference to Namibian goods, services, suppliers or persons in the empowerment (previously disadvantaged) categories in case of the open advertised bidding process. 3.2 Open national bidding: Makes provision for participation in open advertised bidding strictly to citizens of Namibia or entities incorporated in Namibia with no less than 51% Namibian Citizen shareholding of which no less than 30% is owned by previously disadvantaged persons where these limitations are part of the invitation. 3.3 Open international bidding: Method of bidding applicable when: The estimated value of the procurement exceeds the prescribed threshold Goods or services are not available under competitive price and other conditions from more than one supplier in Namibia No bids were received at the open national bidding invitation and goods/services are available from international bidders. 3.4 Restricted bidding: May be used_ If a public entity has reason to believe that the goods or services are only available from a limited number of bidders If the time and cost of considering a large number of bids is too large or to small in comparison to the value of the procurement and the estimated value of the procurement does not exceed the prescribed threshold Limiting participation in a particular procurement to those suppliers appearing on pre-approved supplier eligibility lists drawn up and maintained by the public entity in a prescribed manner in order to make sure that suppliers of specialized goods and services supply those goods and services. When this manner of bidding is use on grounds that public entity has reason to believe that the goods or services are only available from a limited number of bidders, it must directly ensure to obtain bids from all known suppliers capable of supplying these goods and services. When this manner of bidding is use on grounds that the time and cost of considering a large number of bids is too large or to small in comparison with to the value of the procurement and the estimated value of the procurement does not exceed the prescribed threshold, it must, as far as reasonably possible, 3.5 Request for sealed quotations: May be used for the procurement of: Readily available commercially standard goods not specially small services or small works; if the estimated value of the procurement does not exceed the prescribed threshold By law the public entity must in writing ask for sealed quotations from three tenderers, with the exception that the goods required are not available from three tenderers. In this request a clear statement of the requirements of the public entity in terms of quality, quantity, terms and time of delivery and other special requirements, together with other information as may be prescribed, should be included. A bidder/ tenderer must submit one sealed quotation which may not be altered or negotiated. 3.6 Emergency Procurement: Used in cases of emergency and limited, as far as possible to the period of the emergency in order for competitive procurement methods to be maybe utilized afterwards. For the purpose of this section, “emergency” includes a situation where_ The country is either seriously threatened by, or actually confronted with a natural disaster, catastrophe, or war; Life or quality of life of the environment may be seriously compromised; or The condition and quality of goods, equipment, building or publicly owned capital goods may seriously deteriorate if, unless action is urgently and necessarily taken to maintain them in their actual value or usefulness. 3.7 Execution by Public Entities: This method of procurement may be used in the case where one or more of the following conditions are present: An activity is likely not to attract bidders, at least not at a reasonable price, in view of its size, nature, location or scattered location, An activity is such that, if carried out by a supplier, it would impose an unacceptable risk on the supplier because the cost cannot be determined in advance. The risk of unavoidable work interruptions is better borne by the public entity than by a supplier. It has been demonstrated that execution by the public entity is the only practical method for the supply of services under special circumstances. An activity for a pilot project of particular nature for the development of a technology work method cannot be carried out by a supplier. Staff members of the public entity carry out the service without disrupting existing operations of the public entity because they are familiar with those operations. A public entity has the capacity to do such work on behalf of the Government. There is an emergency such as natural disaster which calls for immediate action; or Any other condition as the Minister may from time to time determine by notice in the Government Gazette. (Source: Public Procurement Act, 2015) DISCLAIMER: NOTE THAT NEITHER NEW ERA NOR THE TENDER BOARD IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY WRONG INFORMATION OR ERRORS.

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