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New Era Newspaper Tuesday October 17, 2017

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4 NEWS Tuesday, October 17 2017 | NEW ERA Involved… Patron of the campaign, former Penehupifo Pohamba Photo: Nuusita Ashipala REQUEST FOR QUOTATIONS – SMALL VALUE PROCUREMENT The National Youth Council (NYC), is hereby inviting quotations from reputable service providers for the following services: QUOTATION REFERENCE NO: NYC01/2017/ WOOD WORKS Description of work: Building of Cupboards and Shelves in six (6) storerooms situated Enquiries: QUOTATION REFERENCE NO: NYC02/2017/ CLEANING SERVICES Description of work: Enquiries: QUOTATION REFERENCE NO: NYC03/2017/ UNINTERRUPT POWER SUPPLY Description of work: Enquiries: Mr Felix Silumesi QUOTATION REFERENCE NO: NYC04/2017/ ASSET TAGS Description of work: Enquiries: PLEASE NOTE The following documents should accompany the quotations: A Council Head O Submission of quotes will close at 10h00 on 3 November 2017. Submission address: Quotations should be placed in a sealed envelope, endorsed “RFQ NYC01 building of Cupboards” or “RFQ NYC02 Cleaning of Head O NYC03 Setting up of Uninterrupted Power Supply”; to be hand-delivered at National Dominic Mukumba at 061-248 218/9 women Ongwediva The Ongwediva private hospital, Medipark, screened 937 women for breast and cervical cancer on Friday, as part of its breast, cervical and prostate cancer awareness campaign at the hospital. It is the sixth time the private hospital is running the awareness campaign, which has screened about 3,000 women to date. Medipark managing director Tshali Iithete said the campaign aims to strengthen awareness on breast, cervical and prostate cancer and create a generation that is well equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to face challenges. “This campaign has reached out to a number of women in various communities and we are not going to give up,” said Iithete, whose speech was read by a medical doctor at the hospital, Linda Nangombe. Iithete said this year’s theme, ‘We can, I can’ emphasizes a collective effort needed to drive the message to every corner of the country to ensure all women have access to screening. Staff Reporter Windhoek Minister of Agriculture, Water and Forestry John Mutorwa has called on all Namibians to commit themselves to reducing deforestation and in the same vein promote sustainable livelihoods for all forest-dependent communities. He said this in recognition of Arbor Day, celebrated every second week of October annually, worldwide. According to Mutorwa, all citizens must be reminded and sensitised on the importance of planting and conserving trees. “Globally, Arbor Day provides a platform to raise awareness of the importance of all types of forests and trees. It is a day on which individuals and groups are encouraged and motivated to plant trees in October, of each year, in particular,” the minister said. He added that the importance of trees cannot be over-emphasised. “I would like to remind Namibian citizens to re-dedicate themselves to tree planting, protection and conservation. It must be our collective and individual commitments in Namibia to ensure that all of us will also make use of these valuable indigenous trees and keep the indigenous knowledge for generations to come.” He stressed that forests are the lungs of our planet and that globally the emphasis is on forests and energy. He said Arbor Day provides the perfect platform to raise awareness on the importance of all types of forests “We can also not underestimate the importance of an HPV vaccine to our young girls in an effort to combat cervical cancer and emphasize regular self-examination of breasts,” said Iithete. Patron of the campaign, former first lady Penehupifo Pohamba, said health education on screening programmes for early cancer detection should be conducted in the local languages to make the campaign relevant and effective. She said there was also a need for outreach efforts to assist the delivery of health education messages to women in rural areas with poor accessibility to health centres. “Public health programmes in breast and cervical cancer control should be initiated in all the primary healthcare centres. The partnerships with public and private agen- organizations at local, district and national levels are critical to these programmes’ success,” said Pohamba. Pohamba said it is important to ensure women know the signs and symptoms of these cancers and encouraged them to seek medical help soonest. “But we also have to emphasise the different preventative measures in which cancer awareness and health education play a big role,” said Pohamba. The symptoms of breast cancer include a breast lump, nipple abnormalities, breast pain, skin abnormali- and a lump or pain in the armpit. The symptoms of cervical cancer include abnormal vaginal bleeding such as between menstrual periods after sex or menopause, pain during sex and abnormal vaginal discharge. and celebrate the ways in which they sustain and protect us. “This year we highlight the importance of trees in improving people’s livelihoods, powering sustainable development and mitigating negative effects of climate change.”. He said that modernising the wood energy sector can help revitalize rural economies and stimulate enterprise development. Forests cover almost one-third of all land area, and are home to about 80% of terrestrial biodiversity which makes them crucial in addressing a multitude of sustainable development imperatives: from poverty eradication to food security, adapting to climate change to reducing disaster risks, Mutorwa stated. He said an estimated 1.6 billion people daily depend on forests for food, fuel, biofuel, shelter and income. “Undoubtedly forestry and forests are uniquely positioned to make major contributions in effectively addressing the problems of environmental degradation and rural poverty, given the multiple roles that trees can play in the provision of food, the generation of income and the maintenance of the natural resource base.” He said despite serious challenges such as illegal harvesting, the government is striving to protect the natural resource base, but this is not the responsibility of the government alone, “but every Namibian or resident in Namibia has a personal duty and responsibility to do so”.

Tuesday, October 17 2017 | NEW ERA Namibia competes in world skills competition Staff Reporter Windhoek Namibia is competing in seven skill categories - - nications coordinator Katrina Newaka says Namibia is taking part in its second such competition and is among six countries to represent team compete, but take part in skills exchange and be able to experience the latest technological innovations and best practice in their respective training system and narrow the gap with the - - - to benchmark your skill against the best in the to most is being able to represent Namibia,” said Zanodean Zaal, who is competing in the Al Hammadi had invited ministers respon- training to attend the event to discuss issues and training and how nations can support their Two Namibian trainees, Riika Iipinge and - - The young artisans also participate in several tion, industry, entrepreneurship, green economy, addition, they will conduct research, come up The result will be a youth declaration, which Nuusita Ashipala Omatando Outraged residents at Omatando are demanding that Ongwediva Town Council Villagers are angry that the council traditional homesteads, but takes years This emerged at a community meet- Ongwediva Town Council and the police on Monday that was called to sensitise the public to the upcoming clean-up campaign, noise pollution, and other At the meeting, the town council also appealed to the community to come out allocated to businessman Ben Zaaruka tance, with some residents questioning why they should clean an area allocated Aron Mushaukwa Katima Mulilo About 43 illegal immi- male - were arrested at Katima Mulilo on Friday and were set to appear in the Katima Mulilo gally entering Namibia without trading in Namibia without the They were arrested within the Various items brought illegally into Namibia, ranging allocated to him, or compensate those ackson Muma, nounced that compensation negotiations The announcement was also met with the rainy season is about to start, and that they may not have a place to plough come In addition, the residents in attendance also appealed to the council to look into Ongwediva Mayor Angelina Angula tablets and drinks, were con- “These items are being sold to Namibians and Namibians are so happy to buy them at a would like to call upon our buy in the registered shops, where the things are legal and checked by our customs,” ad- commander Commissioner residents against buying items “These items are not checked poison in these items, because NEWS Omatando wants compensation to run concurrently with servicing Paying attention… Omatando community members at the meeting ahead of a planned cleanup campaign at Ongwediva. Photo: Nuusita Ashipala 5 was discussed at council level and has “How long ago have those people been compensated and yet the area is still undeveloped?” asked one community Muma said negotiations about com- and as such, the council would not relocate council only issued recommendation traditional authorities to allow them to be 43 illegal immigrants arrested at Katima Mulilo Facing the law… Illegal Zambian immigrants (below) ar- items (above) Photos: Contributed

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