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New Era Newspaper Tuesday October 17, 2017

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6 NEWS Tuesday, October 17 2017 | NEW ERA Lack of private psychiatric assessment delays murder trial Johny Ryno Diergaardt Photo: Roland Routh NDTC (Pty) Ltd, a diamond sorting, valuation, sales & marketing company, has a vacancy for a suitably qualified Namibian citizen, for the position of: HUMAN RESOURCES BUSINESS PARTNER Suitably qualified applicants are therefore invited to forward their applications for the position of Human Resources Business Partner, which is in the Human Resources Department and reports to the Senior Manager Human Resources. MAIN PURPOSE OF THE JOB AND KEY OUTPUTS: Acts as the HR Business Partner by providing subject matter expertise and guidance on HR best practice principles. Empowers managerial leaders to become effective People Managers by building capacity, providing tactical and operational support across the full range of HR activities, ensuring adherence to NDTC and the DeBeers Group of Companies standards, policies and procedures. THE MAIN RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE HR BUSINESS PARTNER ARE AS FOLLOWS: and implement the NDTC HR Operational Plan; procedures; change management, organizational behavior, employee engagement and organizational effectiveness; building capacity regarding NDTC’s performance and talent management philosophy; applying resourcing tools and processes in line with NDTC’s Employee Value Proposition; providing guidance to mitigate risk; with HOD’s in terms of their departmental plans, etc. THE PROSPECTIVE APPLICANT MUST COMPLY WITH FOLLOWING REQUIREMENTS: Psychology, Business Management or equivalent; approaches; agreed timeframes; to managerial leaders. qualification and/or studies to: The Senior Manager: Human Resources, Email: Preference will be given to Namibia citizens and designated persons as prescribed by the Namibian Affirmative Action Act. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted and shall be subjected to further assessment. Closing date: 27 OCTOBER 2017 CELEBRATING 10 YEARS OF VALUING BRILLIANCE Roland Routh Windhoek The unavailability of a private psychiatrist to assess the mental stability of a man who is to go on trial for allegedly stabbing his girlfriend at least 27 times in front of her fouryear-old son, was the reason the trial could not start yesterday as set down in the Windhoek High Court. Johny Ryno Diergaardt was already assessed by state psychiatrist, Dr Frederika Mthoko, and private psychiatrist Dr Re- stand trial. Sieberhagen however said that Diergaardt suffers from a diminished mental capacity for sentencing purposes, but that he was in his full mental capabilities when he committed the offence. Mthoko’s assessment also found Diergaardt knew what he was doing when he stabbed Tiffany Tanita Lewin on March 3, 2014 at the room he rented at Erf 427, Garnet Street in Khomasdal. Defense counsel Boris Isaacks told Judge Nate Ndauendapo that money for the private assessment was now available, but the doctor they had in mind was not available. He asked the judge to give him a chance to talk to the psychiatrist to see when his Counsel for the state, Seredine Jacobs, was not happy, but agreed that it would be in the interest of justice if Diergaardt was seen by an independent psychiatrist. She however cautioned that the continu- unnecessarily stall the trial. Judge Ndauendapo agreed and gave Isaacks until tomorrow to make arrangements with the psychiatrist. According to the indictment, Lewin and her son arrived during the early evening hours to collect some property, which Diergaardt earlier the same day removed from her handbag. He then stabbed her at least 27 times Newspaper reports at the time indicated that the four-year-old boy tried to intervene and managed to stab the accused on his upper thigh in an attempt to stop the accused from continuing to stab his mother. The deceased died on the scene due to blood loss. The accused was arrested when he returned to his room later that night. He remains in custody at the Windhoek Correctional Facility’s section for trialawaiting prisoners. Two die in Gochas- Stampriet road accident REHOBOTH An accident on the C25 gravel road between Gochas and Stampriet in the Hardap Region claimed the lives of two people on Saturday afternoon. According to Namibian Police Hardap Region Commander, John Lifasi, the accident was reported to the police in Stampriet at around 15h00. “The accident happened on Saturday. The driver lost control of the vehicle she was driving and it overturned, killing her and the passenger,” Lifasi said on Sunday. The deceased are 25-year-old Sonnet Beukes and 35-year-old Bride Tjitaura. The deceased’s next of kin have been informed. Police investigations continue. – Nampa

Tuesday, October 17 2017 | NEW ERA Investigations into Kaxwab murder Maria Amakali Windhoek Investigations into the murder case of Elton Kaxwab, who died from multiple stab wounds at a local gambling house last year accused of the gruesome crime are expected to enter their plea in Windhoek Magistrate’s Court Hansen and Michael Kaweti, 27, who made an appearance before day from custody, were informed that the State was ready for them to multiple stab wounds on Kaxwab, prosecution claims on the fateful date in question the accused and COURTS & CRIME the deceased were hanging out at a gambling house on Karsh Street in Katutura, Windhoek when a disagreement erupted, which then multiple stab wounds all over his body and died as a result of exces unlawfully and intentionally had direct intent to kill Kaxwab on the 7 point Hansen and Kaweti lodged a complaint that they were being threatened and feared for their safety at the time they were de tained at Wanaheda police station relocated to Windhoek police sta matter for a Section 911 plea to be heard on November 30, before remanded in custody until their State closes case in Richelieu murder Maria Amakali Windhoek a man over of a bottle of liquor in Windhoek the last state witness to the stand in the Windhoek Regional Court to testify to the events that led to the death of Issy Swartz before Magistrate Elina Nandago, faces a charge of murder and a charge of rob unlawfully and with intent killed Swartz by stabbing him with a knife in the vicin ity of Windhoek’s informal settlement of accused person acted unlawfully and should be convicted on two counts, as set out by the prosecutor general with count one for murder Cornelius Eixab, who took the stand to testify, explained that he and the accused are related and were together on the date Swartz Eixab informed the court that on Novem ber 3, 2012 he was out drinking all day with noticed there was a man in front of them “He told me that we should get the bottle when they approached Swartz and wanted to take the bottle from him, he started run ing the shack with a bottle of Richelieu in one hand and a knife dripping with blood “Even though I didn’t see him do it, he told me that he stabbed the guy and I saw the shebeen and drank the brandy from the bottle they took from the hands of the dead Roland Routh Windhoek Simion Tobias Ndeshifa tional who killed common law wife by beating her to death with a stick at a farm in the Outjo district in No vember 2014 yesterday admitted he assaulted the deceased, but denied that he intended to kill her, or foresaw his actions could shifa, 29, pleaded not guilty to one charge of murder read with the provisions of the Domes he made an appearance boleka in the Windhoek he killed Hinautiele Kan dele Ndemupandula, who was two months pregnant, during the period November 1 to 2, 2014 on Farm Dornputz, where they resided at a Region recorded nine cases of East crime investigations coordinator Deputy Commis alcohol was a contributing “Domestic violence is the biggest threat to a healthy so is something that we have to leges that during the day of November 1, 2014, Ndeshifa and Ndemu pandula were socialising and drinking alcohol with other farmworkers at a cattlepost on the farm, whereafter the Ndeshifa returned to his residence Later that evening Ndeshifa received a call from a witness, who told him that Ndemupandula was sleeping in a hut at the cattlepost they so cialising at earlier that evening, the indictment It further states that af ter the phone call Ndeshi fa went to the place where Ndemupandula was and demanded Ndemupan dula accompany him saulting her with a stick, kicking her all over her body and dragging her until she collapsed and died on the scene due to head injuries caused by Angolan admits killing 17-yearold woman, denies murder He said information on the issue would be shared with in Rundu to develop a pro gramme that enhances the education of the community bu, told the court the plea is in accordance with his instructions as Ndeshifa denies that he murdered bu, Ndeshifa admits he beat Ndemupandula with a stick, but denies he had the required intention to kill, or that he could have foreseen she would die Ndeshifa further claims he was heavily intoxicated when he as during the day in question Ndeshifa, Ndemupandu la and other farmworkers imbibed excessively in wine for the whole day and that he went home at around 17h00, leaving evening he received a phonecall from a cer him Ndemupandula was sleeping in his room and he went there the arrived at the residence Ndemupandula asleep in the room and he woke her up and asked her to tially refused to leave the room, but the accused managed to convince her and they left for their on to say that while on their way an argument erupted between the two and Ndeshifa picked up a stick, with which he “While assaulting the deceased with the stick, he could not foresee the blows would kill the deceased as the deceased One of the state wit nesses, Selma Immanuel told the court the deceased arrived that evening at the house she shares with Kavango East over weekend Deputy Commissioner Bob Kanyetu other should not harm each Kanyetu further told this agency that crimes of house breaking in Rundu had subsid ed since last week due to vigor is an improvement on the 15 cases recorded last month in the area, when electronic ap pliances, including televisions, laptop computers and mobile In Nkarapamwe location, also known as Katutura, a house was recently broken into at around midnight, while the owners were fast asleep her brother and another farmworker, identified the woman told her she told Ndemupandula to sleep in Markus’ room, then called the accused to let him know the deceased was safe, but after a while the accused arrived and took the deceased home, despite Immanuel further sounds as if the accused was beating the deceased and at one stage heard the deceased running past her door and fall against the Selma said, she saw scuff marks on the ground where the deceased fell and also found one shoe Ndeshifa remains in ecutor General Karin Es and the thieves got away with electronics with an estimated Kanyetu attributed the frequent housebreakings to the lack of streetlights in some locations, such as Mil Safari, saying this makes it easier for criminals to operate coordinator also called on members of the community, es pecially in the areas of Rainbow precautionary measures when He suggested that people should not stay away from their houses for too long, but if they have to, should alert their neigh bours who should then alert the police when they see strange or unusual movements at their Nampa

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