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New Era Newspaper Wednesday April 18, 2018

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12 YOUTH CORNER Wednesday, April 18 2018 | NEW ERA Okakarara to launch school prize awards Jeremiah Ndjoze Windhoek The Okakarara Constituency Of- ceremony through which it endeavours to appreciate learners who perform well at schools within the constituency This is to foster an overall good academic performance among learners in the constituency. Councillor Vetaruhe Kandorozu maintains the kind in the Otjozondjupa Region, has been necessitated by the need to inculcate a spirit of appreciation towards learning at a time when the young are facing an array of distractions. Known as the Okakarara Constituency School Prize Awards, the initiative will be staged by the newly formulated Constituency School Prize Award Forum under the ambit “We are planning to host the of- the main awards night slated some time towards the end of January He further revealed that the idea is to make it an annual happening provided the much-needed sponsorships are obtained. “We are not having any sponsorship at this point but we are in the process of engaging some stakeholders within the constituency to meet us halfway. We have managed to raise Recognition, encouragement…Learners at the Waterberg Junior Secondary School in Okakarara Constituency after a prize-giv- awards for learners to encourage enhance performance. The awards will not only reward best performing learners but will also show teachers small tokens of appreciation. Award-winning learners in Grade will amongst other prizes receive money vouchers to cover their tuition at an institution of higher learning. Those who perform well but fail to further study at tertiary level will also receive tuition fees vouchers to cover their attendance at the Namibian College of Open Learning (Namcol). Learners in lower grades the Youth Corner has learned. “The idea is to get the farmers’ associations on board. Our humble request is for each farmer’s association to contribute an amount of The councillor and company, hope, among others to source funding for the initiative from the eight farmers’ associations and cooperatives in the constituency, anticipating Kandorozu further reveals that the Ministry of Basic Education, Arts and Culture has been duly consulted and a delegation from the ministry launch of the awards. The proposed awards have also been endorsed by the regional educational heads in the Otjozondjupa Region. Moria youth take care of the elderly Staff Reporter Windhoek Youth from the Moria Congregations of Afrika in Windhoek ploughed back into the community when last Saturday they took care of senior citizens at the Katutura Old Age Home. On this occasion the youth showed the senior citizens some tender care by washing their feet, massaging their and cutting the hair and nails of the senior grandpas. The grannies were treated to manicures and pedicures. This took place against the background of some spiritual healing through the gospel and songs. As if the word of God was not enough, the senior citizens were ultimately served with a sumptuous lunch. Missionary youth…The group of youth from the Moria Congregations of Afrika in Windhoek who took care of the elderly at the Katutura Old Age Home in Windhoek last Saturday. Photo: Contributed MLH wins Start-up! competition The entire family…Start-Up! Namibia competition organisers, participants, judges and teachers. The champs… Start-Up! Namibia competition winners from Martin Luther High School, Vickson Goraseb, Alida Kutuahupira and Bradley Jod pose with their teacher Joanne Xoagus (C) Staff Reporter Windhoek A group of German as a Foreign Language learners from Martin Luther High School (MLHS) in Okombahe have won the Start-Up! competition. The competition followed after two workshops on entrepreneurship provided the platform to pitch business ideas and win a trip to a two-week conference in Berlin, Germany. The conference in Europe will expose them to the start-up environment there and the opportunity to exchange skills with other entrepreneurs, while attending a German language course. “We have achieved something through the hard work and gained experience to be moving forward Bradley Jodd, who with Alida Katuahupira and Vickson Goraseb presented the winning idea of Road Monitoring Drones. Motivated by the concern of carnage on Namibian roads, the idea of having Namibian roads monitored by drones for better policing, real-time information and a prompt emergency response. “The workshops were great and I would like to thank the organisations involved. We are all grateful for the opportunity and excited says Goraseb. The Goethe-Institut Namibia in collaboration with four PASCH-Fit (Schools: Partners for the Future) earlier this year invited learners tion in the competition that is also including Senegal, South Africa, Malawi, Ghana, Kenya, Mali and were received from Windhoek High School (WHS), MLHS, Otjiwarongo Secondary School (OSS) and Private School Swakopmund (PSS). In the end, six teams (two each from WHS and MLHS, and one from OSS and PSS each) attended two workshops. All learners agree that they had learnt a lot about entrepreneurship and had made new friends. “The workshops were amazing as all participants grew as a family. Even though we lost, we still feel the winning team deserves it because they are our brothers who with Teddy Neumann and presented the idea of a Quick Fix App that connects customers with the house-maintenance industry and craftsmen. Another team also of Stephanie van Wyk, Ngatangue Tjiueza and Eva Museta presented the idea of generating energy from waste. They competed with Grade Jeomba, Klosn Ndume and Ronaldo Kauzuu, who presented the idea of a mobile app that connects German language teachers between Africa and Germany. The two other teams consisted of Schusmeither Uaisiua, Nkosinathi Hendricks and Thrive presented the Jarokee Recreational Centre in their town that they say needs entertainment; and Ray Simasiku Mutwa, Fillemon Shihepo and Jakes Naoxab from PSS Grade of providing affordable internet access through WiFi hot-spots in rural areas.

Wednesday, April 18 | NEW ERA YOUTH CORNER 13 Aletta Eises -Thanises A transformation leader with a vision Pinehas Nakaziko Windhoek Aletta Eises-Thanises is a transformation leader who believes that everyone can change if they identify the challenges in their lives and face them constructively. “You have to identify the challenges, decide on courses of action, break down into m a n a g e a b l e s t e p s , p l a n purposefully and set action. Action is the driving force. Without action we can forget about overcoming our actions,” she says. Born in Gobabis, in the Omaheke Region, she grew up in Katutura, in a street called Malaka Draai.“My mother was a domestic worker and raised six children, mostly on her own, when my stepfather passed on. I and my elder sisters had to help my mom with knitting dolls, which we sold in Khomasdal location, walking through the streets from house to house, to take care of household needs,” she says, adding that this taught her to be a hard worker. “Raised by a single mother under this circumstance, I had all the reason to give up or drop out of school, but this really motivated me to invest in my education. Education was the only tool.” Being the only person with a degree among her siblings, Eises-Thanises always wanted to the violence in the communities and gangsters. “I was derailed due to bursary allocations; something I think was God’s intervention because I love what I am doing today. Being in education is my calling from God and the purpose of my existence. We are not just born to work and die, but to make a change in others’ lives.” Currently, Eises-Thanises is a deputy director in the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture for Lifelong Learning in the Hardap Region, stationed in Mariental, where she is supervising libraries, arts, culture, and adult education in the region. She started her primary education at Auas Primary School in Katutura, and later moved to Damara High Primary, now called Gorenagab Junior Secondary School, also in Katutura. She completed her Grade 12 at the Suiderlig High School in Keetmanshoop. “Moving to Suiderlig High School is where I took my education seriously as I was one of the top learners for most of my subjects. It is only in the languages that I was not excellent but I could get eighty percent and above in the rest of my subjects.” She studied Education and Psychology at the University of Namibia (Unam). “I never wanted to study education, but today I love it because I am investing in the lives of the future. You take care of the heart of the nation,” explains Eises-Thanises. Currently she is working towards youth development, venturing into mentoring and youth empowerment programmes. She is the founder of the VisionCore Community Trust, a programme that mentors young girls for three years, having motivational and transformation talks at churches and schools on invitation. “The youth of today are in and need proper guidance from of education and sociology (not excluding other fields). The dropping out of schools, the teenage pregnancies, the alcohol and drug abuse, the bullying, Aletta Eises - Thanises the peer pressure need to be addressed,” she explains why she came up with VisionCore Community Trust. “Your circumstances should encourage you to be better... to change your situation. You should have big dreams and work hard at school to achieve those dreams. There will be obstacles ... there will be mountains to climb ... nothing is easy, but you must focus on your vision,” is her message to the youth. Teachers Exercise – Take off the mask One of the reasons why the standard and quality of education in Namibia is so low is due to the fact that we teachers are missing certain tools in our teaching-tool kits. The tools which I am referring to are not taught at any institution which offers teacher training in Namibia. Dear teachers, these teachers’ exercises will add value to your teaching style. They will help you to connect with your learners on a deeper level. This is no abstract theory. This is a practical advice, born out of real classroom experience! Article 6.1.1 of the National Curriculum for Basic Education (the Teacher’s Bible) encourages us teachers to get learners actively involved in the process of learning and through nurturing the tradition of challenging the learner’s ideas. In my last article, I suggested that it would be wise to allow learners to challenge the teacher’s ideas, too. That would bring about fresh insights and new answers to the subject at hand. One factor which prevents us from reaching excellence in teaching is our attitude towards our learners and to ourselves. We become a different person when we are in front of the class and we behave natural after work. We teachers slip into a role when we teach and become natural again after work. This means that we put on a mask during the lessons. There is another mask, too. Teachers put another mask on students. They don’t see that students are human beings. Now we have two masks which are interacting. The outcome can only be fake! Do you see now why the various industries complain about graduates not being properly prepared for the job? Exercise Tell yourself every day, before you enter your classroom, “Today I will stand in front of my class as Anna, not as Mrs Nghipondoka!’’ (I pray that teachers are intelligent enough to use their own name, here). Take off your teacher mask and be your natural self. Talk to your learners as if they were real human beings…because they are real human beings. Being your natural self will change the degree of learning in your class. Shapumba ya Shapumba is the founder of Natural Learning Education Consultancy. He teaches The Art of Learning to students and The Art of Teaching to teachers. For booking contact: 0812786925 or shapumbashapumba at Education is our new dawn Namibia What exactly is education? Education can be Education is a social process; education is growth; education is progressive; education is liberating; education is freedom, yes, a mind set free. Education is not a preparation for life; education is life itself (John Dewey). Plato, one of the greatest philosophers of all times, regards education as a means to achieve justice, both individual justice and social justice. According to philosophy, individual justice can only be obtained when each individual develops his or her ability to the fullest. In this sense, justice means excellence, and excellence is virtue, and virtue is knowledge. Thus, knowledge is required to be just. Social justice is achieved when all social classes in a society, be it workers, warriors, or rulers are in harmonious relationship; but people can only exist in harmony when society gives them, not equal schooling opportunity, but equal educational opportunity from an early age to compete fairly with each other. Without equal educational opportunities, society becomes unjust, and unjustness causes frustrations, and frustrations cause chaos in societies. How do we avoid this as a Namibian injustice and maintain tranquillity in a country is education. Not schooling, but education. Lack of education, and not lack of schooling, is the root cause of almost all calamities we are experiencing as a country, be it poor governance, economic breakdown, poverty, or crime. It is lack of education that makes some countries to have political systems run by not-so-able people; and this eventually results in timocracy, oligarchy, defective democracy, or tyranny. People commit social ills due to lack of education. Many people who have committed crime have gone through the schooling system, but exited without any form of education. Many have gone to school but cannot even regulate their emotions, i.e. they have not developed emotional intelligence. There is no education in many of our public schools, all what is there is teaching learners to pass tests and examination; go to universities, study, pass and get employed; just that. THIS IS NOT EDUCATION! Education should transform a person from bad to good, from poor to rich, from ignorance to knowledge, from being a passive spectator, to being an active participant in the affairs of his/her society. Education should open up a person’s mind to think outside the box, think beyond being an employee, think business, business other than a bar or cuca shop, think further than the tip of his/her nose. Education is not curricula symbols, education is knowledge; true knowledge that liberates one’s mind; knowledge that loosens the chains of mental colonialism and intellectual poverty. This is what Nelson Mandela meant when he said: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Wars cannot change the world; riches cannot change the world; lies cannot change the world; crime cannot change the world; but education is mighty, and can transform societies, making the world a better place to live in. Wake up Namibia! Namibia, stand up! Namibia act! Namibia, give your people TRUE EDUCATION! Martha Namupala

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