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14 YOUTH CORNER Wednesday, April 18 2018 | NEW ERA Ghanaian youth cashes in on cryptocurrency, block chain tech Dangerous….Young people enjoying their booze while driving. This year’s eleventh edition of the National Youth Week schedule to take place in Okahandja from April 25-30, is set to promote behaviour change among young road users to reduce road accidents. Picture for illustration only. Youth Week 2018 to focus on youth and road safety Pinehas Nakaziko Windhoek Unlike the previous years, the eleventh edition of the National Youth Week this year is set to encourage behaviour change among young road users to reduce road accidents in Namibia, according to the organisers. Brian Prince from the National Youth Council (NYC) of Namibia says the overall objective is to contribute to the national and international goals of reducing the number of accidents, injuries and fatalities among young people. The aim is to mobilise and engage young people in the promotion of good road safety behaviour through awareness creation, sensitise young people about the reality of road accidents in Namibia and the world, and encourage young people to become champions of road safety, as well as to expand stakeholders’ engagement on road safety matters and highlight youth-related concerns. The event is scheduled to take place at various locations in the Okahandja district from April 25-30. Prince says the target is to mobilise at least 400 participants to will consist of 100 young people ates and youth groups, 100 young ganisations in Okahandja, and 150 schoolchildren and 50 delegates. The programme will include the roadblock on April 27 next to Five Rand location, and is targeted to reach out to all road users with emphasis on the age group most at risk, which is young men and women between the ages of 20-35. During this time, the roadblock will consist of a team of ten members at a time, stakeholder’s information dissemination stalls, a music concert and jumping castle for the children. Activities lined up include sharing information and educating drivers and passengers at a roadblock in Okahandja; community clothing materials and provision of soup to over 400 children at the informal settlement; a prayer service, and a stakeholders’ workshop to map out coordination on reducing road crashes. “The youth status report conducted shows that many road crashes and fatalities are caused by young people and the effect is on them. It is therefore a wise decision to raise awareness and educate young drivers and commuters so as to reduce road carnage as currently being experienced,” said NYC executive chairperson Mandela Kapere during his meeting with the stakeholders recently. While most people in Africa are struggling to understand the fundamentals of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, Elisha Owusu Akyaw, a 16-year-old Senior High School student is already cashing in on the opportunities that these technologies have to offer. Currently, Elisha is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Token Media, a cryptocurrency marketing block chain projects reach their target audience. Although his business is relatively small, he has worked with local finan- projects. Token Media, according to Bitcoinafrica. io, has helped raise over N5 ( million) in token sales through its marketing services. Elisha got into technology at age 12 after he received a mobile device that could access the internet. By exploring it, he was able to create a website all by himself. building a commercial blog for Firefox OS, Mozilla’s Pinehas Nakaziko Windhoek Graduates are optimistic about creating employment and are striving towards doing better to reduce the unemployment among young people in the country. Salome Kandjala, who graduated with a Bachelor of Education in Economics and Business Studies at the University of Namibia (Unam) last week, says her journey to success did not end last week when she graduated. “I’m aiming high and would like to further my studies to obtain a masters with the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa, while working at the same time,” says Kandjala. An entrepreneurship teacher, Kandjala intends starting a business and with it employ Namibian youth who are currently unemployed. “The best way to combat unemployment is to encourage youth to start their own business. Entrepreneurship is the solution,” she says. Kandjala was lucky to get a job before graduation, mobile operating system (, but when the project ended he had to venture into other areas in technology, which landed him into cryptocurrency, block chain technology and Bitcoin. “I got into the tech space sometime in 2013. I had my second phone after using a Nokia 3310 so I got access to the internet and began to explore what mobile phones, operating systems and websites were all about and in 2014 I learned how to create websites on my own through YouTube,” he says. The Bitcoin fever is sweeping across Africa and young people, especially males are investing in it. A company Citibank ranked bitcoin holder per capita in the world. Nigeria was placed third and South Africa took the sixth position. Observers have blamed the soaring interest in Bitcoin on the high unemployment rate in Africa. Others believe it’s of not being left behind as young people. Graduates strive towards reducing joblessness teaching entrepreneurship to Grade 8-10 learners at Mureti High School in Opuwo, Kunene Region. “The teaching market is not all young people to be proud and study education so that teachers in Namibia,” she says. Kaino Matheus, who graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Tourism Management, says she was lucky to before graduation. “I will continue working. I want to work on my experience that the only way to tackle unemployment among young people is for them to work on their experiences. “You can only get a job if you have enough years of experience. Internships and job attachment are needed even if you are earning peanuts or nothing,” says Matheus. She adds that the tourism sector in the country has opportunities, but it only depends on how experienced one is. “If you are interested to work out of your home For Elisha, it seems combining his education and entrepreneurship is just a slice of the challenges he faces as an entrepreneur. His major setback has been the as there are few platforms in Africa that support cryptocurrency integration. At the moment, Elisha is putting together a block chain event with a heavy focus on cryptocurrency to raise discussions on regulations and the future of cryptocurrency in Africa. “The future of cryptocurrencies in Africa is bright as it has moved from just being currencies into various useful platforms that will be essential to the African continent. I’m currently working on putting together an event on cryptocurrencies with a particular focus on regulations, the future of cryptocurrencies and how they can help Africa,” he adds. Ghana is gradually catching up with the Bitcoin fever block chain conference last town, moving to remote areas, it’s quite challenging. The tourism sector is not make a decision to go out of your comfort zone,” says Matheus. Some unemployed youth on the streets believe that the issue of unemployed youth in the country is caused by laziness, and Mwashekele who graduated from the Valombola Vocation Training Center in Auto Mechanics last year says he Mwashekela believes that if the government can register all the unemployed graduates, and offer them job opportunities in different sectors, Namibia will be a better country, and the youth will have a bright future. In his State of the Nation Address (SONA) last Wednesday, President Hage Geingob said the government is acutely aware of the plight of out-of-school youth, students, job-seeking graduates and entrepreneurial start-ups. “To facilitate job creation for young people, the promotion of relevant skills through quality vocational education and training remains a priority,” says he. Albeit the president said vocational enrollment has increased from 28,571 in 2017 to 32,120 by the end of this March. This is ahead of the Harambee Prosperity Plan (HPP)’s target of 18,000 enrolments a year.

Wednesday, April 18 2018 | NEW ERA Inside BUSINESS: CONSUMER NEWS 15 The entrance to the town of Omaruru in the Erongo Region. photo: nampa Community poultry project opens in Omaruru Swakopmund Six unemployed members of the omaruru community saw the fruition of their poultry project af- Speaking to nampa on Tuesday, Erongo Regional Council chairperson, Hafeni the project, said the aim is to create He said the oruue ngatutunge pamue poultry project was funded by the regional council through the capital project bud- The project allows residents to work for themselves and supply local businesses with eggs and live chickens This, he said, will take the pressure “we should not be dependent on country so that we can be employers ment to work is very important to In a statement provided to nampa on Tuesday, deputy director of planning and development at the Erongo Regional Council, nelson meroro, added at the same event that the project will expand to “They will also hatch chicks to sustain the project in the long run,” said meroro, encouraging team work from The chairperson of the project, members approached the regional council with the idea to start the project but due to challenges, they The challenges included delay in the supply of building materials as well as hesitation from some members who wanted to be remunerated so that they can buy Herunga said due to such challenges, the rest of the members abandoned the projects and only six remained to see to - Nampa agra maltahöhe to host customer day Staff Reporter windhoek Excitement is building up among the farming community and residents of maltahöhe for the customer day to be held this revamped agra branch in the new complex will swing open clients after several renovations and improvements have To thank customers for their continued support during the construction phase, outstanding discount prices will be offered on a wide variety However, the branch’s of- place in may, when several stakeholders, businesses and politicians will be invited to a The ‘new’ branch in mal- - built adjacent to the previous space that is more than three times larger than the previous a separate Safari den section, where campers can purchase at the same time, a veterinary time dIY products will also be additionally, the upgraded branch now boasts more shelves, more storage space and a larger variety of prod- and air conditioners as well as a bigger parking area will add to customers’ shopping a salt store was constructed outside, while facilities for receiving and handling Swakara branch still sells diesel and now offers perishable prod- surrounding guest farms and now also provide a delivery agra aims to expand its retail services to communities improvement and expansion of the branch was driven by emerging business opportunities as well as greater needs of It comes a few months after agra reopened its revamped upgrades include the newly branch built on karibib as well as the upgraded Tsumeb Save and prepare for your child’s education Staff Reporter windhoek now that the dust has settled, a lot of parents whose children were not fortunate enough to secure scholarships or bursaries must be lamenting about why they unfortunately for them there is no silver lining in the clouds and the light at the end of the tunnel is that of an oncoming train as the bills Books, transport, accommodation, food, clothing, these are but a few things that their children will need, the list is endless and will continue to grow in the next four years or at least until “as a parent, you have an enormous emotional investment in your child and a big part of it is the desire to equip him or her to be a successful participant in and Inevitably, that means being able to provide the best The problem is that, if one considers university, just one year could cost about the cost of residence or transport to and from classes if you are fortunate enough, otherwise that is just for the courses,” Standard Bank’s pR and Communication’s manager, Surihe Gaomas- She explained that for the ordinary man that amount is granted to break their bank mind if they multiply it by the number of years that “one can get overwhelmed simply just by thinking about how much it costs, however if you objectively think about it, one of the smallest hatchback sedan cars, brand new, is going to set you back at include the interest on a going to cost you as much You’ll probably replace years, when prices will have gone up - as will your just replacing a car three times during your child’s than a three-year degree,” using that logic, saving for your child’s education will cost you way less than additionally, a car begins to depreciate in value the moment you drive it off the lot, however your savings will grow every year and you end up having more money than you Book NOW! 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