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4 NEWS Wednesday, April 18 2018 | NEW ERA Clemans Miyanicwe Kamanjab Landless People’s Movement (LPM) chief strategist Henny Seibeb believes the Swapo-led government has neglected Kunene Region for the past decades as no development has taken place in the region. “This is a region neglected by the government for ages. Neglected for the past decades and the social economic development goes backwards and backwards,” thundered the deputy LPM leader. Seibeb is also of the view that after Dudu Murorua’s reign as governor ceased and Joshua //Hoebeb took over the levers of regional power nothing has happened in Kunene terms of development. “//Hoebeb was an old man and he did nothing for the region as no development took place,” he emphasised. The outspoken Seibeb added that the late governor Angelika Muharukua ‘’was useless’’ and that the new governor Marius Sheya “is a very young man who does not understand development … and with political appointments the region is further going backwards.” Compared with the development of other parts of the country Kunene has no new infrastructure such as schools or hospitals built after independence and unemployment is growing, he added. “Employment creation must be CHINA JIANGXI INTERNATIONAL (NAMIBIA) (PTY) LTD GENERAL REQUIREMENTS Namibian citizenship/permanent residence permit Fluent in English years).good experience will be preferred. applied position Can work in any place in Namibia Good communication and inter-person skills Be able and willing to work under pressure, be positive and optimistic. Minimum 5 years experience Have experience in white form contract and CONTRACTOR MANAGER Seibeb accuses Swapo of neglecting Kunene VACANCIES GENERAL FORMEN: Perform a technical, organizational and supervisory role on construction project day to day management of the site, liaise with any consultants, subcontractors, supervisors, labor force and relevant person on side, oversee qualify control and health and safety matters on site. SITE ENGINEER/CIVIL ENGINEER: given attention in Kunene. There are iron ore mines in the region but it’s foreigners who are involved and the tourism potential needs to be explored as the region has great scenery,” said Seibeb, who wants agricultural parks to be developed so that water from the Kunene River be used to water lucerne to feed the livestock in the drought-hit region. Kunene north is still in the 18th and 19th centuries in terms of development than Kunene south which is at least in the 21st Century, according to Seibeb. “Northern Kunene people live in the past while southern Kunene is part of modern Africa,” Seibeb believes. “Special intervention programmes are needed for Kunene north and as the world is moving fast we have to keep them on the same level. Convince them to accept modernisation to move towards development,” Seibeb said. Further, he feels some places in the southern part such as Khorixas, Erwee, Anker and Sesfontein have also been neglected by the Swapoled government for decades. The LPM leadership which includes Seibeb will visit the northwestern town of Khorixas to establish a working group. “We want people to come and express their frustrations and issues so that we will capture them and include them in the manifesto,” Seibeb said. After setting up the working group at Khorixas this week community mobilisation will take place before Perform a technical , organizational and supervisory role on construction project, setting out and leveling and surveying the site Day to day management of the site, support senior engineer work in side investigation, check plans, drawings and quantities ,supervising and monitoring the daily activities on site, liaise with any consultants subcontractors, supervisors, labor force and other relevant person on site, oversee qualify control and health and safety matters on site. a bigger gathering of LPM takes place at the north-western town in the coming months. The LPM deputy leader also said Khorixas Constituency Councillor Elias Xoagub is “useless” and that he practises patronage politics. “People say LPM must rule. The idea is to remove Swapo from power,” Seibeb added. The LPM wants the total eradication of Swapo from at least // Kharas, Hardap, Khomas, Erongo and Kunene regions by 2020 and it intends, once it gets it right, taking “We (LPM) want to unseat Swapo. Remove their two-thirds majority. At the moment we essentially have one party state but we are working towards two dominant parties,” Seibeb told New Era. Seibeb also used the interview to dispel the notion that LPM is an ethnic-based political formation comprising of only Damaras and Namas. He dismissed this as “propaganda to discourage the people from supporting us”. Aus Aus settlement received ablution facilities for 130 households in line with the government’s commitment to phase out the colonialera bucket system still in use in //Kharas Region. Through the Harambee Prosperity Plan (HPP) the government has undertaken to eradicate bucket toilets in settlements and villages of //Kharas Region. In September 2017, the //Kharas Governor Lucia The Deputy Minister of Urban and Rural Development Derek Aus settlement in !Nami#nus Constituency. built in the Aus settlement, which will cost N.9 million, while the During the handing over of the toilets in Aus, Klazen reminded the contractor Dollar Six Investments that they have failed the the handover and he instructed them to complete them. He further stated that in terms of the Social Progression Pillar for the Harambee Prosperity Plan, the deadline for the elimination of the bucket toilets was December 31, 2017. To date only 130 toilets the government’s commitment to phase out the bucket toilets that were constructed for blacks and that with the completion of the He emphasised that the handing over of the 130 completed toilets would not be possible without the assistance of private sector partners, especially Sanlam Namibia that immensely contributed to the elimination of the bucket system countrywide. He appealed to the private sector to emulate the good deeds of corporate citizens. ownership and keeping them clean to prevent exposure to diseases. ciation with joy for receiving the toilets, as they have been using bucket toilets for far too long, applauding the government for a job well done. Ensure consistent management of all proposals and contracts. This generally includes oversight of the contract management process, as well as develop- sion, contract negotiations and document management. Monitor and record the progress, activities and relevant contractual issues for all projects, attend the project site meetings, Draft the correspondence. REQUIREMENTS Prior work experience in contract management role form contract, FIDIC contract and COLTO standards and SANS standards. Ability to systematically analyze complex problems, draw relevant conclusions and implement appropriate solutions Strong verbal and written skills and ability to convey complex information in a way that others can readily follow. Excellence negotiating and persuasive skill, both in one-on-one and group situations. PLUMPING FORMER Perform a technical, organizational and supervisory role on construction projects in relevant works(Plumbing& drainage).Day to day Management of the site, include site investigation, check plans, drawings and quantities, supervising and monitoring the daily activities on site, liaise with any consultants, subcontractors, supervisors, labor force and relevant person on site, oversee qualify control and heath and safety matters on site make up shop drawing& as-build drawings. Interested parties are required to send their CVs to the following address as soon as possible: P.O.BOX 32248,Windhoek E-mail: - Photo: Tuulikki Abraham

Wednesday, April 18 2018 | NEW ERA NEWS 5 Cop accused of murder gets bail of N,000 Obrein Simasiku Omuthiya Tsumeb police station commander Chief Inspector Bernhard Nghuulivali who was arrested in February on a charge of murder, was last week on Tuesday granted N,000 bail in the Tsumeb Magistrate’s Court. It is alleged Nghuulivali shot and killed a minor in December, 2017, with the scene. The incident happened not far from the According to a police source privy to the information it is alleged Nghuulivali’s luck was shortlived Suspected poacher shot dead in Bwabwata RUNDU A suspected poacher was shot dead by police in the Bwabwata National Park on Saturday. Namibian Police Force Inspector-General, Lieutenant-General Sebastian cident to Nampa on Monday. Ndeitunga said the man suspected poachers who are thought to have crossed over into Botswana via Bwabwata. On their way back, they were spotted by the police in the national park and Must answer… Chief Inspector Bernhard Nghuulivali (second from right) who stands accused of murder. after they reviewed CCTV footage from Cenored offices, and his vehicle appeared in footage on the alleged fateful day. Spent cartridges were also found at the scene. Meanwhile, Oshikoto police regional commander, Commissioner Armas Shivute said he could not comment on whether Nghuulivali will be suspended, as investigations are still ongoing. “Soon we will conduct a suspension hearing, where it will be decided whether to suspend him or not. Hence, I cannot say much because investigations are still underway,” said Shivute. In December, Shivute did not mince his words when he sent a stern warning to his members to refrain from engaging in criminal activities, vowing that no wrongdoers will be They were found with eight elephant tusks in their possession and Ndeitunga said it appeared as if they were on their way to Angola. “The suspected poacher was killed during the shootout, while the others fled the scene,” Ndeitunga said. The man who died could not - “We still can’t determine where they came from as spared. At the time, seven were arrested on charges of theft and burglary. Nabbed…. Poached meat seized from a previous police operation. we still do not have evidence of whether they are from Namibia, Botswana or Angola,” Ndeitunga stated. He said the Botswana Defence Force has been informed of the incident. – Nampa Two teens with dagga arrested Clemans Miyanicwe Kamanjab Two girls aged 14 and 15 recently appeared before the Khorixas court for alleged possession of cannabis. The two had dropped out of Grade 7 at Versteende Woud Primary School. They were locked up in the cells of the newly constructed section of Khorixas Police Station. New Era contacted the Khorixas Magistrate’s Court but the court could not provide information on the two teenage girls. But according to Sergeant Amon Kapiye the teenage girls allegedly stole N,000 from a house they had visited in Donkerhoek informal settlement in Khorixas a week ago and they used the money to buy six packets of cannabis. “They visited a house of a man and when he was out they stole N,000 from his bag in a bedroom, according to the information we got. In the morning we got a report and the police questioned them and they admitted to the theft of money,” Kapiye said upon inquiry. During the questioning and search the police discovered six packets of dagga from one teenage girl together with a N0 note which is believed to have been part of the stolen money. However, the girls said they only stole N0 and not N,000 as reported to the police. Although the teenagers were initially three, the police were informed by the two girls who were arrested that their friend was not part of the theft of money from the house at Donkerhoek. The six packs of dagga have a street value of N according to Kapiye. The two teenage girls who divided the money amongst themselves are part of a gang of Donkerhoek teenagers known for terrorising locals in the informal settlement and at the where they grab cellphones, money and other valuables according to Kapiye. “They are a group of teenagers known for robbing individuals of their phones and money,” said Kapiye. The teenage gang members are well known in the Donkerhoek informal settlement and community meeting held last year, according to Kapiye. The gang looks out for individuals during the day and targets them at night when they are out drinking. When asked what drives Donkerhoek informal settlement teenagers to join gangs, Kapiye said that poverty and poor parental support are the driving factors behind it. Prevent Plastic Pollution In celebration of World Earth Day 2018, NamPower is hosting an Earth Day Fun Run/Walk on 21 April 2018. World Earth Day, observed annually on 22 April, is aimed at raising awareness about environmental concerns. The theme for this year’s Earth Day is “Prevent Plastic Pollution”. Proceeds from the NamPower Earth Day Fun Run/Walk, will be donated to a sound environmental awareness programme or organisation. Entry tickets are available through Events Today’s website (, the PayToday app, and Airtime City kiosks. SATURDAY 21 APRIL ACTION ARENA SOFTBALL STREET, OLYMPIA, WINDHOEK ENTRY FEE: IN ADVANCE - ADULTS N CHILDREN (UNDER 18) N AT THE GATE - ADULTS N CHILDREN (UNDER 18) N CATEGORIES 10 KM RACE - STARTS 06:30 5 KM RACE - STARTS 07:00 First 500 people to buy tickets will receive a branded gift. For more information, please visit or contact Nadia Haihambo (061 205 2004) or Gladwin Groenewaldt (061 205 2391).

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