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12 YOUTH CORNER Wednesday, April 25 2018 | NEW ERA Ripunda is Youth Week ambassador Pinehas Nakaziko Windhoek Ebenhard Ripunda is the ambassador of this year’s National Youth Week. Ripunda will be taking up the challenge to share his experience and to speak out on the negative impact of irresponsible road use, a menace bedeviling young people and is responsible for many avoidable deaths and injuries. Ripunda is a model young citizen, disabled due to a road crash. Despite this, he runs a successful business as a graphics and web designer. He is also the president of the Wheel Chair Users Association (WCUA). This year’s National Youth Week will be commemorated in Okahandja under the theme, Promoting behaviour change among young road users, starting this Wednesday until April 30. The theme focuses on the intersection between youth and unsafe road use, a very serious menace that is taking the lives of young people in particular. The target of this year’s Youth Week is to mobilise at least cial opening, which will consist of 100 young people from the National Youth Council (NYC)’s national ates’ organisations in Okahandja, and 150 schoolchildren and 50 delegates. The week’s programme includes roadblock on April 27 next to Five Rand location, and is targeted to reach out to all road users with emphasis on the age group most at risk, which is young men and women between the ages of 20-35. Envoy…Ebenhard Ripunda, who is the ambassador of this year’s National Youth Week, starting today and taking place in Okahandja. Photo: Contributed Club 74 elates Hosea KuÞako PS learners Staff Reporter Windhoek Joy, excitement, ecstasy was written all over the young, vibrant and innocent faces of leaners this particular this Friday when members of Club 74 positively invaded the premises of the Hosea KuÞako Primary School. Members of the club were welcomed like heroes and heroines by teachers, parents, and other members of the community, especially the learners. It is like the visit of the club to the school was ancestors-sent, and crediting its name to erstwhile Ovaherero paramount chief, Hosea KuÞako, after whom the school is named, it would not be surprising that indeed the club must have been imbued by his spirit to visit the school. “We love you,” went the crescendos from the throngs of learners who had formed a guard of honour to receive their wouldbe heroes and heroines. Prior to the visit, word had gone around that Aminuis was in for an invasion by the club members. And this indeed proved more than an invasion. Club 74, which started as a social organisation but is quickly transforming into a community self-help philanthropic entity, entreated the settlement of Aminuis in the Aminuis Constituency last Friday for a weekend of engagement with the learners of the school, which entailed the performing learners in the various grades at the school. These are Roman Mouton (Grade 2), Kamutuua Kambunguru (Grade 3), Pezeinja Kandjii (Grade 4), Venangarasi Ngarizemo (Grade CJ Kambatuku (Grade 7). The club comprises those born in 1974, the same year the Chief Hosea Kutako Primary School opened its doors to learners. “We felt that as a group of young Namibian men and women we should do something for this school. We came together and have decided that we are going to give stationery to the school and also to share what we have studied,” club president, Rijamekee Nguvauva, stated earlier. And indeed the group lived up to its promise last weekend surprising all and sundry. Too many people have made too many promises to the school most of which until last Friday the school’s teaching and working Cream of the crop… Best performers of the Hosea KuÞako Primary School in Aminuis in the Aminuis are, from left, Roman Mouton (Grade 2), KamuÞuua Kambunguru (Grade 3), Pezeinja Kandjii 7). With them is Unanisa Mujoro, a club member. staff were caught by surprise to see last Friday a cortege of cars with the club members invading the school premises, only realising there and then this time around the promise was for real. For the whole weekend the school was a hustle and bustle as the energetic and vibrant club members breathed fresh air into the school with various activities. These were a handing over of school stationery, the award of best learner in each grade and eventually career guidance. This was only the beginning of better things for the school courtesy of Club 74 having committed itself the renovation of the 44-year-old school hall, which is very much in need of a touch-up, perhaps to be School leaders… Club 74 sandwiched by head girl CJ Kambatuku and Himeezembi Kamurongo. Okahandja Expo 2018 queen to be crowned Staff Reporter Windhoek Reigning queen… Okahandja Youth Expo 2017 Lidvine princess, Anuschka Coetzee, and second princess Esther Johannes. Lidvine will be handing over the crown to her successor next Saturday. Photo: Contributed The new beauty queen of Okahandja Expo 2018 will be crowned next Saturday at the Okahandja Park sports The event is brought by Kashipu Investment cc, and sponsored by the Okahandja Municipality and Okahandja Tourism and Trade Expo. The crowning of Miss Okahandja is part of the annual Okahandja Expo, which takes place from May 2-5. Sandro Ithana from Kashipu says the main aim of Miss Okahandja Expo is to recognise charismatic and talented young women in Okahandja, and boost their careers in modelling. The event will also help build self-esteem, help young models in public speaking and make them more aware of who they are, what they really think, and what works for them stylistically and cosmetically in their future planning. Ithana adds that the pageant also aims at promoting cleanliness in the town. The about a clean community and work together with the community to clean up Okahandja. The pageant will furthermore help the youth to get involved in other activities and projects in Okahandja. The programme of the expo includes a music festival on Friday at the with performances by various local artists. Miss Okahandja Expo 2017, Lidvine Shimbali, will be crowning the winner of Miss Okahandja Expo 2018.

Wednesday, April 25 2018 | NEW ERA YOUTH CORNER 13 with Melkisedek Shivute Ausiku Retrenchment led him to business Pinehas Nakaziko Windhoek Retrenched from his previous job as an electrical engineer last year, 27-yearold Melkisedek Shivute Ausiku decided to establish a transportation company, LEFA, that owns a transportation app which connects drivers and passengers. Passengers are required to register by entering a valid cellphone number and email address. It allows commuters to request a shuttle by simply entering the location to which they would like to be taken to. LEFA operates in Windhoek, Hosea Kutako International Airport, safari lodges and game farms surrounding Windhoek. It provides convenient cash and cashless payment options to passengers. It also allows passengers to view a driver’s information and vehicle’s details before they ride, as well as the ability to track their requested driver in real-time once the ride has been the opportunity to rate the driver and help LEFA improve its service delivery. “The challenge at the moment is whether LEFA is a transportation company or software company. Since LEFA does not own developed an application, we are leaning more towards the software company’s side,” says Ausiku. Born in Oshakati in the Oshana Region, growing up partially in the village of Omphakoya, and Swakopmund where he completed his secondary school education, Ausiku says life has always presented him with drastic changes that he had to adjust to quickly. “I started schooling in the village, below average. In Grade 4, my parents sent me to Swakopmund for a better education. I was met with a language barrier at school. I had to catch up with English and Afrikaans,” says Ausiku. His challenge was when he got retrenched last year as an electrical engineer at the Emcon Consulting Group, due to the downturn in the country’s economy. But this did not stop him from moving forward. “I have since been selfemployed, and proudly founded LEFA,” he says. Since childhood, Ausiku has always been drawn to the technical side of life. “I remember telling my father I want to become a pilot. Somewhere along the way, I got drawn towards engineering. This I can attribute to my passion for know how things work.” He studied electrical engineering at the University of Pretoria. “I successfully completed my undergraduate degree and started working at an engineering consult- actly two years and seven months into my engineering career, I got retrenched. With the construction industry being one of the hardest hit in the economy, jobs for engineers were scarce. That’s when the entrepreneurial journey started,” With a passion for success, he wants to contribute to the growth of the country’s economy through alleviating poverty through job creation. “I am also aware that my own success can inspire a lot of other people. I feel I have this duty to instill inspiration in fellow young people. A living testament that one can achieve anything you dream of,” says a proud Ausiku. He sees himself leading a company making a myself leading a transportation company that would revolutionise the transportation industry through technology, especially by on our roads,” he says. “Do what you love and you will never have to work in your life. Whatever business you want you will never run out of custom- will come after,” is his message to the youth. Bannerman expands reach to Omaheke learners Teachers Exercise - My learners are my mirror One of the reasons why the standard and quality of education in Namibia is so low is due to the fact that we teachers are missing certain tools in our teaching tool kits. The tools which I am referring to are not taught at any institution which offers teacher ercises add value to your teaching style. They will help you to connect with your learners/ students on a deeper level. This is no abstract theory! This is a practical advice, born out of In my last articles, we saw the importance of learners knowing how to think, the role of learners to challenge the teachers’ ideas and the miracle of taking off the mask in front of learners. Today we look at the mood of the teacher. The mood with which we enter the classroom determines to what degree our learners will learn. You may not see the connection between your mood and the learners’ mood, but there is a concrete link. they speak of mirror-neurons. What are brains were connected to a machine which shows the different areas of their brains. The machine showed certain areas of the brains the miracle. The same areas of the brain of the other watching monkeys lit up, too! This means, the monkeys watching went through and the others only watched? This is what is called mirror-neurons. periment was done with monkeys (apparently your distant cousins) to show that the human being behaves in the same way. For those that wish to argue against this, I would like them call mirror-neurons, ordinary people call it empathy. Empathy is what makes us feel what others feel. This consequently means that our we go through. Imagine now a teacher being angry or just not interested in the subject students to show interest? It is sometimes the teacher who makes learning impossible. Exercise Say these words 3 times before entering the classroom: My learners are like a mirror. They Staff Reporter Windhoek regions where mining doesn’t occur, Bannerman Resources Namibia recently visited two schools in the Omaheke Region – Donkerbos mary School – to provide 333 learners with individualised parcels of school uniforms, socks, shoes and backpacks. This marks the eighth consecutive year based in Swakopmund, has helped Namibian learners though the company’s Early Learner Assistance Scheme. Working in conjunction with the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture, and the Ministry of Mines and Energy, Bannerman mostly in the Erongo Region, through the programme. This year, with the support from its partners in government and shareholders at the One Economy Foundation, the Ban- in the Omaheke Region. Aminuis Constituency councillor and National Council member, Peter Kazongominja, present at the handover at Chief Learn- Jacobs Primary School in the Omaheke Region, excited about their scholastic goodies from Bannerman Resources Namibia. Photo: Contributed its commitment to contributing to President Geingob’s goal that in building Namibia, no one should be left out. “When we ask what - company that is near the sea but is ploughing back support into rural communities,” says Kazongominja. The importance of providing support to rural schoolchildren was evident in the assembly of those who attended the handover, including the director of education for the Omaheke Region, Pecka Semba; CEO of the One Economy Foundation, Uajorokisa Akwenye, the traditional chief and councillors, along with many of the learners’ parents. Werner Ewald, managing director of Bannerman Resources Namibia, encourages the schoolchildren to listen to their teachers and to cast their net wide in search of their dreams. “If your teacher says work hard, then do it. We want to hear that children from Chief teachers and policemen and leaders. Work hard. You can do it. We’d like to see that in Namibia everyone realises their dreams.”

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