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2 NEWS Wednesday, April 25 2018 | NEW ERA 23 June 2016: NAC board resolves to re-appoint China State for Phase 2 at cost of N1 million. But raises concerns over procurement policies not being followed in appointing contractor for Phase 2. July 2016: China State complete Phase 1 01 September 2016: New board is appointed at NAC. Says previous board, at 23 June board meeting, rushed through awarding tender worth N0 million, for no reason. 25 October 2016: China State tells Aurecon it is mobilising for Phase 2. To commence work on 1 August 2016. 26 October 2016: Aurecon asks new NAC board to sign contract with China State or withdraw appointment letter. 28 November 2016: NAC board says matter is under consideration. 20 December 2016: NAC external lawyers say no binding contract existed between NAC and China State. 12 January, 25 January & 10 February 2017: NAC, Aurecon and China State exchange letters on validity of contract for Phase 2. 10 March 2017: NAC board decides to approach courts to set aside decision of 23 June by previous board. 06 April 2017: NAC board appoints Deloitte for forensic investigation into El-Kallawi and Silombela. 21 June 2017: NAC suspends El-Kallawi and Silombela. 25 September 2017: Deloitte October 2017: report made available to NAC external legal team. Board set 6 November as date for disciplinary hearing of Silombela and 5 December for El-Kalawi hearing. 10 November 2017: Silombela resigns. 01 December 2017: El- Kallawi and NAC board reach ‘without prejudice’ settlement. Our contact details and information Product of New Era Tel: +264 61 - 208 0802 Fax: +264 61 - 220 584 BOSSES TIMELINE From page 1 From page 1 Cell: +264 81 156 4114 Tel: +264 66 - 256 298 Cell +264 81 217 1888 They both later left the company, with Silombela resigning while El-Kalawi reached a ‘without prejudice’ separation settlement. Among contentious issues is how the N9 million tender for Phase 2 of the rehabilitation of the Ondangwa airport to China State Construction Engineering Corporation, skyrocketed to N1 million, with the new NAC board suspecting collusion. The allegations, which include irregularities works and transport ministry. The NAC wants the High Court to set aside the decision by the previous NAC board to appoint China State Construction Engineering for the second phase of rehabilitating the Ondangwa airport runway. The lawyers for the two parties are set for a status hearing tomorrow, where a date for the commencement of the hearing is expected to be set. In their submission, NAC is emphatic that the Chinese company had received the contracts for Ondangwa airport irregularly, rehabilitate the airport. NAC contends that the consultant managing the tender had initially only recommended four names of prospective tenderers at the very beginning of the rehabilitation tender process, and none of the names included China State Construction Engineering. NAC submits that at a meeting on September 5, 2014 with the consultant Aurecon, that was managing the tender process, El-Kallawi and Silombela gave two names to be included on the list of contenders for Phase 1 of the project. GEINGOB From page 1 Defence and Security, in a meeting that brought together the heads of state of Namibia, South Africa, Zambia, DRC, the King of eSwatini Kingdom, Prime Minister of Lesotho and a representative of Tanzania. The Troika system operates at the level of the Summit and the Organ on Politics, Defence and Security, and the application of two Troikas is referred to as the Double Troika. Namibia holds the deputy SADC chair, while South Africa holds the SADC chair, and eSwatini is the outgoing chair of SADC. Angola is the chair of the Organ on Defence, while Zambia is the incoming chair of the organ, and Tanzania the outgoing chair. Geingob will take over the chair from South Africa at SADC’s 38th Ordinary Summit in August this year. Yesterday Angolan President João Lourenço reiterated the need for the consolidation of democracy and fundamental freedoms within southern Africa, for the development of the Tel: +264 65 - 238 990 Cell: +264 81 144 0646 Cell: +264 81 217 9739 Cell: +264 81 204 8078 Tel: +264 63 - 222 057 Cell: +264 81 312 5975 One of those names is China State Construction Engineering. “It is on that basis that the China State ultimately became part of the four prospective bidders invited to take part in the selective tender process for Ondangwa Phase 1,” reads a court document. The Chinese company was awarded the tender for Phase 1 of the project, worth slightly more than N8 million. From there onwards, NAC submits, Silombela and El-Kallawi, made it a point to change the rules of the tender process by suggesting to the previous board that there should be no further need to call for a tender for Phase 2 of the rehabilitation tender because China State was already on site. The Chinese firm has the necessary expertise, and it would be cheaper to retain it for the next phase than to start afresh with a new the board. The current board is also questioning how the initial tender value of N9 million jumped to N1 million for Phase 2. The former NAC bosses are said to have told the previous board to favourably consider the new amount, as it was still within the N0 million budget allocated to the project. contends that cost escalations cannot be used as reason to cancel Phase 2 of the rehabilitation tender, because NAC “board minutes dated 10 March 2017 states that the board had N0 million in the capital budget”. project in full,” argues China Sate manager and director, Zhou Xihua, adding: “In any event, inadequate funding ex post facto the award of the tender is not a ground of review.” Zhou dropped a bombshell when he submitted to the court that new NAC board region. Lourenço also praised the steps taken by DRC President Joseph Kabila on the implementation of key aspects, like the scheduling of the date for elections on December 23 this year, as signs that may contribute to the urgent easing of internal tensions to strengthen mutual trust between the government, the opposition and civil society. Lourenço however expressed concern over the situation in eastern DRC, where rebel groups, especially the Democratic Forces Alliance (ADF), continue to kill local citizens, both women and children, jeopardising the development of NIP the country. From page 1 As for the situation in Lesotho, Lourenço said that the SADC Double Troika Tel/Fax: +264 63 - 204 180/2 Cell: +264 81 245 9714 Tel: +264 61 - 208 0826 Fax: +264 61 - 220 584 Tel: +264 61 - 208 0822 Fax: +264 61 - 220 584 research and development and training of public health experts Yesterday the chief executive told New Era that he would not be able comment on decisions taken by his political head, other than to say he would support whatever political decision was made. “I support whatever proposal made by my political head – any questions regarding that can be forwarded to the minister,” said Katiti, without elaborating on whether or not NIP has already been made aware of the legislative steps to return it back to a ministerial department. NIP came into existence in 2000 by grouping 23 laboratories of the health ministry into a corporate entity, with the purpose of providing professional technical services to the ministry. Today, NIP employs 450 people and manages 40 laboratories. For 2017, NIP recorded revenues of N5.3 million, up from N3 million. Its total assets are now valued at N0.8 million. Motivating the health ministry chairperson Rodger Kauta has been bribed by a new competing Turkish company, Tasyapi Group. Kauta has denied the allegations as a mere fabrication, when he talked to New Era. of Works and Transport appear to have aligned themselves with China State Construction Engineering, in a move that appears to give validity to NAC’s assertion of favouritism towards the Chinese company. In December 2017, the permanent secretary in the works ministry, Willem Goeimann, wrote a 12-page letter with annexures to the permanent /Goagoseb, clarifying allegations of corruption and collusion made at a State House meeting of December 5. Goeimann was emphatic that the tender given to the Chinese company for Phase 2 remained valid, and uses the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (Fidic) contractual laws as the basis of that validity. Goeimann points out that a tender, according to the Fidic law, exists as long as there existed a “priced offer” for the work from the contractor, and a letter of award by NAC and the acceptance by the contractor. Goeimann also sided with the Chinese company that the new board, under Kauta, wants to terminate the Phase 2 contract with the multimillion dollar kickbacks from a new contract that he has personally signed with the Tasyapi Group. The Chinese company has not dealt with the NAC’s allegations of irregularity in the process of awarding the tender to it. In fact, Zhou says all such allegations are best answered by El-Kallawi and Silombela, who have all since resigned after being suspended and charged by NAC because of that tender. welcomes the efforts made by the local active forces of the nation for the full political stability of that country. Angola, he went on, with a deep sense of duty, is part of the military contingent of the regional organisation tasked with ensuring the political-military stability of Lesotho, under the United Nations and the African Union on peacekeeping missions. Geingob who has been in London for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting was due to return home yesterday after the Double Troika meeting in the afternoon. – Additional reporting by EINNews. told lawmakers that establishing NIPH, and placing NIP under that institution, is the only way towards having “a stronger and resilient national disease surveillance system [that] will solve or at least mitigate the country’s future problems”. “I believe the training of the public health experts component of the NIPH could suitably be placed at the University of Namibia School of Public Health,” he said, adding that the technical consultations that are currently ongoing will determine the modalities and scope. Meanwhile, Nampa reported on Monday that NIP employees are threatening to take NIP management to the Labour Court, should it not meet their demands of a 10 percent salary increment, transport and housing allowance. The aggrieved workers on Monday handed over a petition directed to NIP Board Chairperson, Dr Diina Shuuluka, in which they call on the institution to honour the collective agreement signed on 9 November 2017. “We demand our 10 per cent increment as from the 25th of April 2018, or we will have no other of the Labour Commissioner for arbitration,” the petition reads.

Wednesday, April 25 2018 | NEW ERA NEWS 3 grievances Omuthiya by Tschudi copper mine workers that there is unfair South African-based public relations company Flow Communications. International Tschudi copper mine, near Tsumeb, last mine situated some 20 kilometres outside Tsumeb, The workers also demanded payment of overtime and lunch hours, which is due since 2014. but we are treated as slaves in our own country. We are forced to work in the sun, rain, dusty conditions on behalf of the employees. Naris further stressed that employees are The workers demonstrated under the auspices of matter has been referred to the Labour Department for conciliation. salaries are way above the industry benchmark and we have evidence to this effect that we will provide of overtime because all our remuneration practices are Over 270 graduate from Katima Unam Campus Congrats… About 276 students graduated from the University of Namibia (Unam)’s Katima Mulilo Campus yesterday. Tax refund fraud now at N0 million Roland Routh Windhoek The amount involved in the massive value added tax fraud has more than doubled from the initial N4 million detected to more than tax refunds on purchases exported from Namibia. President Petrus Damaseb and the 18 accused made a scheduled pre-trial appearance before Damaseb on Monday. Absent was Paulo Kiala, who is on the run. only be in a position to make discovery to the defence on April 30 as the docket is voluminous. The case has been postponed two Namibians who face 512 counts of claim forms and customs documentation of Finance. The accused are Mamsy Mweneni Nuuyoma, 27, a Namibian citizen who worked at Aveshe Consultancy, the behalf of the ministry at the time the fraud the course of justice in addition to the other Benvindo Momafuba, 48, who faces 42 Manuel Dos Santos, 38, faces 125 counts Carlos Feleciano Tchinduku, 27, faces Miapa Aurelio Nelson, 32, faces 43 Jose Cazembe, 43, faces 112 counts Boykie Naukosho, 28, a Namibian, faces The lawyers for their defence are All the accused except Nuuyoma, Nestor, custody. MAY DAY 2018 COMMEMORATION In celebration of Workers’ Day and to ensure you’re always informed, we will be in Khorixas to speak to you about pension benefits and anything else you want to know about GIPF. When: 1 May 2018 Where: Khorixas Sports Stadium Khorixas, Kunene Region Come and learn about: • Your biometric GIPF Smart Card • Your pension benefits • How and when to claim these benefits • How to prepare for retirement • Updating your membership status • Benefit statement printouts • Progress of your claim Members seeking specific updates related to their benefits are encouraged to bring their identity documents (ID) as well as their latest payslips. GIPF is a fund that provides pension benefits for civil servants and employees of member institutions.

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