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New Era Newspaper Wednesday April 25, 2018

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20 Wednesday, April 25 2018 | NEW ERA Kharas update Official Newsletter of Kharas Regional Council APRIL EDITION 2018 Private Bag 2184, Wheeler Street, Education Building, Keetmanshoop, Namibia Tel: +264-63-221 900 E-mail: Follow us on Satco leather project makes great strides Rosh Pinah to be declared a settlement The residents of Tutungeni informal settlement located just before the entrance of Rosh Pinah will soon take a sigh relief as plans are at an advanced stage for the dominantly zinc mine township to be proclaimed as a settlement. Oranjemund Constituency Regional Councillor, Lasarus Nangolo says the proclamation will not only bring additional business activities to the area, but equally give the people Rosh Pinah, especially those residing at Tutungeni, a chance to own land and properties, as well as have access to decent services such water and electricity. “Currently, Government does not budget for Rosh Pinah, but after it is proclaimed, Government will put a budget aside to develop it,” said Nangolo. Currently, Rosh Pinah is administered as a township by Roshskor, a town managing joint venture between Scorpion Zinc Mine and Rosh Pinah Zinc Corporation. Concerns on whether the existing properties at the township will be sold to residents or rest in the private hands of Roshskor remain unclear at this stage. Ouma Maria Kooper (left) and project secretary Elna Rooi (right) at work. Some of the shoes produced by the Satco Leather Project. The projects generates an average monthly income of N 000. Aus 20 toilets short to achieve zero bucket system The social Progression Pillar of the Harambee Prosperity Plan had set 31 December 2017 as the deadline for the elimination of the bucket toilets system. However, due to delays, some communities still live with the nightmare. However, 50 households at the Aus settlement in the !Nami#nus Constituency had their dignity restored last week, as they received keys to their modern ablution facilities, as part of the Harambee Toilets Programme that is aimed at the elimination of the bucket toilets system. ||Kharas Regional Governor, Started in 1998 and located a few kilometres on the outskirts of Karasburg, Satco Leather Project is a wholly women administered project that operates from a decent warm building donated by the ||Kharas Regional Council in 2013, as part of the One Region One Initiative Programme. When we arrived at the place, a friendly Elna Rooi, currently acting as the project’s secretary, received and walked us into the building where her fellow project members, mostly older women, were busy working on leather to produce the southern Namibia popular ‘veldskoene’ , traditionally worn by Damara/Nama speaking people. What was most fascinating is that the women do not employ any machinery to produce the shoes but their own bare hands. Although an industrial shoe sewing machine was donated, the members are yet to undergo training. Currently, the Lucia Basson expressed her satisfaction and reassured residents of Government’s commitment to restore their dignity in the provision of proper sanitation services. “My which is the total elimination of the bucket toilets in our region”, assured Basson. The handover marks the second phase of the 170 toilets to be constructed under the Harambee Toilets Programme, with 20 outstanding due to delays from the side of the contractor. During his keynote address, Deputy Minister of Urban and Rural Development, Derek Klazen made a stern call project’s main focus is the production of leather shoes and small souveniers, but the members’ wish is to expand and diversify the business activity to include bags, traditional dresses and neckpieces. One of the project members, Ouma Maria Kooper expressed her gratitude to the various organisations that have assisted them and encouraged young people to join the project and take initiative for government to meet them halfway. “There is very little interest from young people to join the project but our hope is to have more young people involved”, said Kooper. Currently, the project does not have a fixed market where it sells its products, other than their operating site and individuals who assist them in Karasburg and Keetmanshoop. The ||Kharas Regional Council is planning to further extent the building to accommodate a shop for the products. Deputy Minister of Urban and Rural Development, Derek Klazen handing over a toilet to one of the and ||Kharas Regional Governor, to the contractor to avoid further delays to the project. “You have denied 20 Namibians access to proper sanitation and improved hygiene. I urge you to complete the remaining toilets without further delays”, warned Klazen. He further thanked contractors that have completed their projects on time, for heeding to Government’s call of timely service delivery. At the same occasion, ||Kharas Regional Council Chairperson, Jan Scholtz revealed that the Council, in conjunction with the Ministry of Works and of the alienation of 26 houses at the settlement.

Wednesday, April 25 2018 | NEW ERA ADVERT 21 GROWING TOGETHER MOVING FORWARD ELJOTA OFFERING Innovative products for Retirement funds Cutting edge solutions Top Quartile Investment performance We are passionate about helping you reach your REPUBLIC OF NAMIBIA GENERAL PROCUREMENT NOTICE MINISTRY OF WORKS AND TRANSPORT TRANSPORT INFRASTRUCTURE IMPROVEMENT PROJECT 1. The Government of the Republic of Namibia has received a loan from the African Namibia Transport Infrastructure Improvement Project. 2. The principal objectives of this project are: To contribute to reduction of poverty and boost economic growth through addressing bottlenecks in the transport infrastructure. To promote linkages of the Walvis Bay seaport to the hinterland and to the neighbouring countries, to support Namibia’s Vision 2030. 3. The project includes two main interventions: (A) Upgrade of the Walvis Bay – Tsumeb Railway Line and (B) Upgrade of the Windhoek to Hosea Kutako International Airport Road Phase 2A. The project components are outlined below. (A) Upgrade of the Walvis Bay – Tsumeb Railway Line A1 Railway Upgrading Works Upgrading of 210 km of railway permanent way between Walvis Bay and Kranzberg Supply of rails WE ARE NAMIBIAN. THIS IS OUR HOME. READY TO INVEST? +264 61 308 899 Contact us today A2 Consulting Services Construction Supervision for upgrading works Project Financial Audits Technical Audits Sensitization on HIV/AIDS A3 Institutional Support and Technical Assistance to MoWT Capacity Building Update of the Design for Grootfontein – Rundu Railway Feasibility Study for the Rundu – KatimaMulilo Railway and for the commuter rails. Market Analysis for Rail Operations Study Railway Sector Institutional Setup review support Skills Development Promotion and Training for Railway Infrastructure Maintenance A4 Resettlement and Compensation Provision for compensation ERONGO RED BUILDING red TENDER 07/2018 SUPPLY, DELIVERY, INSTALLATION AND COMMISIONING OF MV AND LV RETICULATION EQUIPMENT AND MATERIAL TO ELECTRIFY VARIOUS DWELLINGS AT HAKAHANA IN OZONDJE LOCATION OF OMARURU (PHASE 2) Closing Date: Thursday, 24 May 2018 Document Enquiries: Document Fees: Mrs. A. Welgemoed N5.00 (Non-refundable) Telephone: +264-(0) 64 -214 600 Facsimile: +264-(0) 64 -214 601 Technical Enquiries: Mr. A. Batista Telephone: +264 (0) 811 29 7226 Compulsory site meeting to be held at Omaruru, Erongo RED Technical Building on Wednesday, 09 May 2018 at 11:00. Documents in a sealed envelope clearly marked: “Tender Number: 07/2018” addressed to the Chairperson of the Tender Committee must be placed in the tender box at the Enquiries desk at: 91, Dr. Hage Geingob Street, Erongo or be posted to the Chairperson of the Tender Committee, P. O. Box 2925, Walvis Bay, to reach him at the latest by: 10:00 AM on Thursday, 24 May 2018 Erongo RED is under no obligation to accept any tender whether the lowest or not. Erongo RED reserves the right to accept the full tender or only part thereof. Erongo RED is not under obligation to assign any reason for the acceptance or rejection of a tender. TENDER NOTICE TEL +264 64 214600 FAX +264 64 214601 91 HAGE GEINGOB STREET P O BOX 2925 WALVIS BAY NAMIBIA (B) Upgrade of the Windhoek to Hosea Kutako International Airport Road Phase 2A B1 Road Upgrading Works Civil works for construction of upgraded freeway - Phase 2A section Road lighting improvement works in urban sections B2 Consulting Services Design and Construction Supervision Road Safety Audits Technical Audits B3 Institutional Support and Development of a Road Sustainability Strategy Capacity Building Skills Development Promotion B4 Resettlement and Compensation Provision for compensation 4. Procurement of goods, works and services will be in accordance with the “Procurement Policy for Bank Group - Funded Operations” dated October 2015, and also the Borrower’s Procurement System in line with the Public Procurement Regulatory Framework(Public Procurement Act No.15 5. The bidding documents are expected to be available from June 2018 or even earlier. by contacting: Ministry of Works and Transport Railway Infrastructure Management Private Bag13341 Windhoek Enquiries: Robert Kalomho Email: Tel: +264 61 2088206 Or Ministry of Works and Transport Transportation (Road) Infrastructure Private Bag 13341 Windhoek Enquiries: Asteria Nasheya Email: Tel: +264 61 2088624

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