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New Era Newspaper Wednesday August 23, 2017

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New Era Newspaper Wednesday August 23,

ol. 22 No. 264 Windhoek, Namibia Wednesday August 23 2017 Inside Today Geingob clarifies Trump ‘advisor’ visit The Presidency has defended itself regarding Christopher ‘Chris’ Cox, who claimed to be President Donald Trump’s Advisor on North Africa and the Sahel Region, saying all routine verifications were conducted, as is the norm, on the role Cox plays in the United States before any appointment was granted. Page 3 Namibia’s downgrading a good wake-up call - NCCI Though the downgrading of Namibia’s credit rating to junk status will not have a direct implication on the cost of borrowing in the country, it is a wake-up call for the country, says the Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI). Page 9 Air Namibia to fly to Accra and Lagos Staff Reporter Windhoek China to review Nam beef agreement Chrispin Inambao Windhoek The Embassy of the People’s Republic of China will request a Chinese team of technical experts to visit Namibia with the sole intent to renegotiate the agreement on the export of Namibian beef to China. At his debut media briefing since being accredited as Chinese Ambassador to Namibia, Zhang Yiming yesterday said Namibian beef exports to his country were suspended in 2016, as stipulated in the beef export agreement, following the outbreak of lumpy skin disease. Zhang intimated that Namibian beef exports to China have been suspended for a period of one year Selma Ikela Windhoek Confusion continues to swirl around the leadership of the National Union of Namibian Workers (NUNW) as both Ismael Kasuto and Albert Liswaniso maintain they are the NUNW president. Also, Kasuto says the list of 16 and the agreement makes provision for such suspension to be reviewed after one year. He said it was very unfortunate the lumpy disease outbreak occurred in July last year, two months delegates – all from the Mineworkers Union of Namibia (MUN) – which appears on social media, from the federation to the party congress, is baseless. He added that such nominees shall only be submitted after a constitutional CEC (central executive committee) meeting is held in terms of article 9, and that as president he had informed the Swapo after the historic agreement that would have made Namibia the first African country to export beef to China. “According to the agreement signed between the two governments, once any disease – either skin disease or foot-andmouth – Hit the ground running… Ambassador Zhang Yiming addresses the first media conference since his appointment. Party to this effect. A statement issued on Saturday by NUNW 1st president Albert Liswaniso stated that Kasuto was removed as president during the union’s CEC meeting with immediate effect, and barred from conducting any business in any capacity whatsoever on behalf of the union. But Kasuto, who walked out of Saturday’s meeting, maintains the “It took only four years to finish the construction of a new modern industrial city in the wild Namib Desert. I’m pleased to learn that 95 percent of its employees are local and the mine has created 1,406 permanent jobs and contributed N0 million to the tax revenue of this country.” – Ambassador Zhang Yiming CHINA on page 2 Confusion deepens over NUNW presidency meeting was unconstitutional and indicated Liswaniso is retired and was not supposed to be at the meeting in the first place. “Is he only knowing today that I am retired, he already knows? It was tabled in the exco meeting and I am still an honourary member of NANTU,” shot back Liswaniso. NUNW on page 2 Air Namibia will again fly to Accra, Ghana, only this time around the national airline will add Lagos, Nigeria, as a connection route between Windhoek and Accra. The route will start in March next year and the airline says the reason it is going back to West Africa is because its business plan “fits in with growing the business and increasing our footprint on the Spreading wings… Air Namibia is hoping to generate additional revenue by servicing the route between Lagos and Accra. African continent”. Air Namibia previously operated a direct flight between Windhoek and Accra, but the service was suspended in 2013. Now Air Namibia is hoping to have good traffic and generate good revenue from the combination of passengers and cargo moving between Lagos and Accra. It is also hoping to feed that traffic to Southern Africa destinations through Windhoek. “The operation fits within our existing capacity in terms of aircraft and crew, AIR NAMIBIA on page 2 New Era Newspaper @NewEraNewspaper #NewEraNewspaper • •

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New Era Newspaper Vol 22 No 167