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New Era Newspaper Wednesday August 30, 2017

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14 YOUTH CORNER Wednesday, August 30 2017 | NEW ERA Miss Princess Namibia 2017 queens crowned Pinehas Nakaziko Windhoek Charzel Jacobs, 6, from Rosh Pinah, who represented the //Kharas Region in the Miss Princess Namibia 2017 beauty pageant, has been crowned the queen in the 3-6-year age category, having won the highest number of votes (4,101). Michelle Matcovich from Windhoek won in the age group category of 11-14 with 294 votes, while Drew-Anna Engelbrecht also from //Kharas Region won the 7-10 age category with 247 votes. Thirty young girls who were finalists in the online voting competition were tasked with community service, donating winter clothing and feeding the elderly with the help of the community. This was part of their project to participate in the competition. The top three winners will represent Namibia at the Miss Toddlers and Tween of the World in South Africa next year. “It was a special moment for me, because I worked so hard and I deserved the crown because I can do more for my country,” says Charzel, adding that she is very happy and thankful to her community who helped her with some donations. She also says she will work hard to help more people: “I am only a small girl but I have a big task to do.” Jacobs started modelling when she was selected as a representative of the //Kharas Region at Miss Long Beach in Swakopmund last year, where she was crowned first princess and won the Public’s Choice award. The Miss Princess Namibia contest is an annual event held during the August school holidays. The queens… Charzel Jacobs, Michelle Matcovich and Drew-Anna Engelbrecht, the winners of the Miss Princess Namibia 2017 beauty pageant in the three age categories 3-6 years, 7-10 and 11-14, respectively. ank Windhoek engages nam’s finance students Staff Reporter Windhoek Bank Windhoek’s People Development department engaged the University of Namibia’s (Unam)’s final year students majoring in finance and accounting at a two-day career development workshop at Unam’s main campus in Windhoek last week. The two-day career development workshop, organised by Unam’s Department of Economic and Management Sciences, informed the students about career options and how to be prepare for the corporate world. ‘Preparing for Life after University’ was the workshop theme. Benster Ntesa from the bank’s human resources department spoke to students about career and employment opportunities within the bank. “Students discovered strategies for targeting the job market, writing strong resumés and covering letters and interviewing skills. The workshop encouraged them to be vigilant and be aware of current affairs within Namibia, South Africa and the world. They also had an opportunity to network with the graduate recruiters, such as Bank Windhoek,” says Lazarus Shinkeva, a lecturer in the department. “There is no one magic solution that will prepare students today for tomorrow’s workforce, but giving them a “push” in the right direction can help. Thank you Bank Windhoek for collaborating with us,” Shinkeva concludes. Elten Cloete, Bank Windhoek’s manager for leadership development, spoke about how the corporate world operates. “At university, you often answer to one person – your professor. At work, your superior has to report to someone above them within the structures of the company and same applies to everyone else within the company. Sometimes you are part of an organisation with owners and multiple shareholders. “They all have a say in how quickly you are able to succeed. Transitioning to the “real world” might be Engagement… Finance students from the University of Namibia were engaged in a workshop by Bank of Windhoek staff on the finer points of life in the corporate world. difficult, but developing your communication skills, honing your time management abilities and finding mentors, can make it a whole lot easier,” says Cloete. “Any student can apply for Bank Windhoek’s Graduate Development Programme (GDP) and the Candidate Bankers Training Programme (CBT). They are free of charge and form part of Bank Windhoek’s social development and empowerment programmes. Applications can be collected and delivered at any Bank Windhoek branch or agency,” Ntesa noted. The workshop was held for the first time this year and will in future become an annual event. NUST FABlab sparks interest in robotics, techinnovation Staff Reporter Windhoek Learners from the Physically Active Youth (PAY) Centre in Katutura, Windhoek took part in the Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST)’s FABlab, a weekly robotics class. It aims to stimulate and develop science, technology, engineering, art and maths (STEAM) skills for Namibia’s future leaders, is just one way that the forward-thinking and innovative FABlab is promoting real innovation. The PAY classes are in their sixth week and have seen a group of 12 learners aged between 8 and 17 years learn the basics of coding and building robots. The eager learners use critical thinking and engineering design processes to solve problems and complete tasks that involve operating the robots to move, lift, push and pull objects. The learners are embracing future technologies and involving them in fields such as robotics from a young age is a way of equipping and shaping the future of the country. These youth give up their weekends to actively learn new hands-on skills and are being provided with new opportunities, which will contribute to the economy. FABlab Namibia is bridging the digital divide and engaging the youth to undertake studies in these cuttingedge spheres, build new robots and acquire STEAM skills at the same time. The youth will be the future engineers, innovators and inventors who may just turn out to be the new breed of talented tech-entrepreneurs that Namibia needs. The kits used at FABlab for youth training are part of the global dynamite LEGO Group and the robots, which the learners developed during the longer course have additional sensors, such as ultra-sonic, infra-red and touch sensors. The addition of motors and sensors gives the creator the possibility of building anything; the possibilities are endless when innovation and technology are involved with robot building. Engineering and ICT degree students at NUST have also benefited by mentoring younger teams and have even taken their robotics skills further, having developed robotic arms and drones as part of projects at FABlab.

Wednesday, August 30 2017 | NEW ERA Inside BUSINESS: CONSUMER NEWS 15 Educating SMEs on navigating through recession New Era Publication Corporation is founded by an Act of Parliament Act 1992 (Act1 of 1992) and through its constitutive Act, is mandated to provide an objective and factual information service by compiling and publishing the New Era newspaper in the English language as well as in different indigenous languages of Namibia, report on community-related issues, particularly such issues as may be of importance in the rural areas of Namibia; issues of national interest; and government related matters which may concern the community; distribute the newspaper nation-wide and practice sound business growth and development. Staff Reporter Windhoek Namibia’s economic climate over the last four quarters has proved to be a force to be reckoned with as some SMEs struggle to weather the storm of the recession. The unforeseen issues that come with a recession can permanently damage the operations of any business; however SMEs are at a higher risk, with some having to close their doors indefinitely. “One of the things that I have noticed since the economic crisis is that SMEs do not have any cash cover as a form of collateral when they don’t have any other means of security,” Standard Bank’s head of Enterprise Banking, Dennis Isaacs, said this week. He added that it is therefore imperative that SMEs are educated on how to save money for unforeseen circumstances. “One of the key issues with SMEs that put them at a disadvantage is that they invest money on buying goods, instead of taking a portion thereof and invest it for a rainy day. However, I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a contingency fund, this is cash that you can use when times are tough and you really need it,” he stressed. Isaacs said he advises that all SMEs should have savings of between three months to six months of their operating costs in their savings account. “My first advice for our SMEs is that if they do not already have a structured, long term saving plan in place, they should buckle down and get started on it immediately. Standard Bank offers a variety of savings or investment options which offer flexible terms so I urge all our SMEs to find one that best suits their business.” After putting a structured savings plan to bed, Isaacs advised that budding entrepreneurs should start looking at cutting costs in order to put more money in their savings or investment account. Dennis Isaacs “SMEs need to cut down on all non-essential spending because it drains their finances and do not add value to the business. Another mistake most SMEs make is also hiring too much staff too soon. This will put a strain on your finances and you will be spending more than you save. You can work with freelancers or outsource any of the additional skills you need without having to break the bank,” Isaacs advised. While this is something that most entrepreneurs don’t think of, Isaacs also said another thing that can siphon money from an SME is utilities. Utilities such as water and electricity can amount to thousands of dollars so it should be the responsibility of everyone in the business to actively save on them. “The future and success of your SME lies in the palm of your own hands. You need to take all measures necessary to ensure that is excels in these difficult economic times and that starts with taking any and all steps to reach to the top,” Isaacs stressed. NOTICE TO SUPPLIERS PROCUREMENT MANAGEMENT UNIT SUPPLIERS PRE-QUALIFICATION INVITATION FOR SUBMISSION OF COMPANY/ BUSINESS PROFILES FOR PROVISION OF GOODS, WORKS AND SERVICES TO NEW ERA PUBLICATION CORPERATION Purpose To obtain company profile from suppliers interested in conducting business with New Era Publication Corporation (NEPC), in respects of the needs in the form of goods, works and services to be procured during 2017/2018 financial year. A) GOODS Supply of stationary/general office supplies Supply of cleaning materials and equipment Supply of ICT related goods Supply of office furniture and accessories Supply of refreshments Supply of motor vehicles, spare parts, and related supplies Supply of promotional items Supply of first aid supplies Supply of vehicles Supply of CCTV cameras Supply of software and software training B) WORKS Construction, renovation, maintenance of buildings IT network cabling and wireless installations Construction of fire proof strong room Supply of Software Development Services C) NON CONSULTANCY Supply of Air Tickets and arranging of accommodation and shuttles services Services of security system (access control and surveillance cameras) ICT services, maintenance, SLA’s, ad hoc services Internet service provider (ISP) Services. (including but not limited to internet, web hosting and cloud services) Printing of NEPC newspapers Design and printing of annual reports Provision of Short Massage Services (SMS) Service of fire detection and suppression system Provision of Short training Courses, symposiums & workshops Service of air conditioners and fire extinguishers Provision of security services Provision of cleaning services Property rental Provision of IT related services License and software for computers Provision of Courier service Newspaper distributions Provision of Rental of photocopiers Provision of Debt collection D) CONSULTANCY Training in emergency and evacuation Provision of Payroll, HR systems and Labour Relations, Job preference and skills analysis Multimedia consultancy services Business plans consultancy Financial statement review Property Valuation Services Accounting consultancy/services Internal audit services Legal advisory and company secretarial services. Engineering services (civil, Mechanical, electrical, and structural engineering) Other Consultancy Services DOCUMENTS REQUIRED 1 Company profile with references 2 Original valid Certificate of good standing for tender purposes, issued by the Ministry of Finance: Inland Revenue 3 Certified copy of a Valid Affirmative Action compliance certificate or letter From the Employment Equity Commission 4 Original valid Certificate of Good Standing with the Social Security Commission 5 Certified Copy of the Founding Statement and company registration certificate 6 Certified Copy of a Valid Certificate of registration as an SME, If applicable 7 Original Letter from the bank Confirming bank details (Letter should be on letterhead stamped and signed by the bank officials) 8 Certified copy of Tax registration certificate Kindly take note that, the companies that are expected to respond are those that have the above mentioned goods/services listed on their founding statements/company registration documents. NEPC shall have the right to a) Ask for clarification at time of evaluating company profile and b) Reject company profile if the above-mentioned is not adhered to NB: No, faxed or emailed of completed documents will be accepted Photo: Contributed Kudos… The FNB head office at Parkside in Windhoek has officially received a 5 Star Green Star Africa As Built rating from the Green Building Council South Africa (GBCSA). This is the only As Built project (i.e. construction completed, operational, new building) in Africa, outside of South Africa, and the first 5 Star rating in Namibia, and Africa outside of SA. Submission of profiles must be in a sealed envelope clearly marked bidders name and addressed hand delivery to: New Era Publication Corporation, Procurement Management Unit, Private Bag 13364.Windhoek. Bid box will be available at Reception. Closing date: 23 September 2017 at 12h00. Procurement Management Unit Enquiries: Tel: 061273300

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