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New Era Newspaper Wednesday August 30, 2017

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6 NEWS Wednesday, August 30 2017 | NEW ERA Kasika Conservancy members suspected of poaching Aron Mushaukwa Katima Mulilo Residents of Kasika located some 120 km east of Zambezi Region in Kabbe South have launched a complaint with the Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET) regarding the purported mismanagement of the affairs of Kasika Conservancy and poaching. In a letter addressed to the Environment and Tourism Minister Pohamba Shifeta, seen by New Era, community members claim the conservancy is being managed by people who are responsible for all the “dirty activities happening in the community, namely poaching, fraud and not adhering to the warnings from the Masubia Traditional authority.” The letter further states that community members have reported cases of poaching to the environment ministry, but not to avail. Ironically, they allege that the mastermind behind the poaching syndicate in the conservancy is the husband to the chairperson of the conservancy. “Her husband was caught with the elephant tusk in Zambia, where he escaped and even now he is still wanted by the Zambian authorities. The Ministry of Environment and Tourism was informed about these issues but nothing has been done,” read the letter. They further claim the entire household of the chairwoman is involved in poaching activities. “Her cattle herder was found with buffalo meat and was arrested by the police… the community wonders why known poachers are not arrested as they are known by the ministry,” the disgruntled community members further stated. According to the concerned community members, they lodged their complaints with the Bukalo Khuta, where it was resolved that the chairperson should vacate her position, as she “does not qualify to be the chairlady, because she failed in her duty to prevent poaching activities which were happening Illegal trade… The head, neck and innards of a buffalo that was allegedly poached by government officials, who were found transporting the illegally acquired meat in a GRN vehicle in the Zambezi Region, where some teachers have also been implicated in illegal hunting. right in front of her eyes in her courtyard,” reads the letter. The letter further states that this ruling was not accepted by a fraction of the community members led by some officials from MET. It is for this reason that the community members have decided to approach the office of the minister. As reported in New Era in April last year, the chairwoman who has signatory powers to the account of the conservancy was said to be involved in the disappearance of N$300 000. That case is still before court. The community further called on the Minister Shifeta to intervene and “order an investigation at the Kasika conservancy with regard to poaching”. Contacted for comment a director in the MET, Colgar Sikopo, confirmed having received the letter. “Yes we received the letter. We received it yesterday (Monday). We still have to study their complaints, so that we see what actions we can take. We have to discuss it with the management of the ministry, namely the minister and the permanent secretary and thereafter we will get back to the community and see how we can assist them,” he said. PUBLIC NOTICE INVITATION TO AN INFORMATION MEETING ON THE INTENDED FORMALISATION AND ESTABLISHMENT OF TOWNSHIPS IN ONHUNO AND OHANGWENA/OMAFO (HELAO NAFIDI) Stubenrauch Planning Consultants cc (SPC) has been appointed by the Helao Nafidi Town Council to prepare the layout design and to formalise new township extensions in Onhuno and Ohangwena/ Omafo, Helao Nafidi. The new township establishments have the aim to primarily provide residential properties, which are to be supported by commercial, industrial, institutional, business, government, public open spaces, private open spaces and recreational land uses. The residents of the Onhuno and Ohangwena/ Omafo, the general public as well as any interested parties are hereby invited to attend a public meeting during which the overall concept and draft layout designs prepared for the new township extensions will be presented for initial comments and inputs to the public. The residence of both areas are also to be informed that a site truthing and verification exercise is to be conducted in both areas for the week of Monday 4 th September 2017. The meeting for Onhuno is scheduled to take place as follows: Date: Saturday, 2 nd September 2017 Time: 14h00 Venue: Onhuno Headman’s House The meeting for Ohangwena/Omafo is scheduled to take place as follows: Date: Sunday, 3 rd September 2017 Time: 14h00 Venue: Helao Nafidi Town Council Offices Further information regarding the above may be obtained from: Mr. Alexander Maritz Tel: 061 251189 Fax: 061 252157 Email: Heather Mwiza Sibungo MP Correction In the caption under the report, ‘Nekongo vows to revamp SPYL’ that appeared in yesterday’s edition of New Era our correspondent mistook Swapo parliamentarian Heather Mwiza Sibungo (pictured above) for SPYL deputy Christine Haindaka. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused by the case of mistaken identity. – Editor Man accused of raping niece to hear fate soon Maria Amakali Windhoek Windhoek resident Gert Renton, 39, who stands accused of sexually violating his then 15-year-old niece is due to hear his fate soon after court submissions into his case were concluded. Renton, who is out on bail, has taken a not guilty plea to the charge of rape, stating that every single detail mentioned by the complainant, which led to the charge he is facing, never occurred and that there were hidden motives behind the accusations he faces. The prosecution alleges he intentionally sexually violated his 15-year-old relative on October 4, 2009 by applying force and threatening the victim. According to the mother of the victim, as they do not reside in the same house her daughter called her to inform her of what had happened to her, while she was in Renton’s presence alone. She said her sister, who is married to Renton, did nothing after being informed of what her husband did to the teen. During her testimony the victim explained that Renton, who is married to her aunt, took her to town on the pretence they were going to meet a work acquaintance. Renton instead drove to Klein Windhoek, as he wanted to show the 15-year-old the ‘Lover’s Hill.’ Upon arrival at the location Renton parked the car and started enquiring if the victim was in a relationship before he started touching her inappropriately, which caused her to start crying. “He told me that I should stop crying, as it will seem to others that he wanted to rape me,” explained the 15-year-old. According to the victim, they left the hill and Renton went to park the car under a bridge, where he continued touching her. Following a failed attempt to run away, Renton caught up with her, dragged her to the car and sexually violated her, it is alleged. Renton allegedly took the teen back to his home afterwards and made as if nothing had happened when they were met by his wife. Magistrate Alexis Diergaardt is expected to deliver judgment in the case on September 11.

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