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New Era Newspaper Wednesday August 9, 2017

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20 Wednesday, August 9 2017 | NEW ERA TENDER INFORMATION As an added bonus for our readers we will publish the results of all tenders opened in public from Mondays to Thursdays on a regular basis. This information is noted and reported by a New Era Reporter Closing at City of Windhoek 05 July 2017 Windhoek Jazz Festival Forty quotations were received for the provision of services for the 2017 Windhoek Jazz Festival to the City of Windhoek when tender nr. NCS/RFQ/COW-09/2018 closed at Windhoek City Council’s Town House Complex in Windhoek at 11H00 on Friday, 07 July 2017. Bids as announced for: 1. Usi Hoeseb Communications 8 058.25 2. Chama Trading Enterprises item 1 735.00 item 2 410.00 item 3 789.25 3. M & M Special Security item 1 004.00 item 2 000.64 4. Celebration Events item 1 800.00 item 2 194.00 5. Radiant Trading Enterprises 4 853.58 6. Collective Productions 2 357.10 7. DB Audio Namibia 8 259.60 8. Funky Food and Cleaning Services No bid provided 9. Mikel Jes Music Production 354 685.73 10. Azul Design and Advertising 3 378.00 11. Innovation Clear Span item 1 4 207.15 item 2 062.50 12. I-Gift & Pro-Safe Clothing 5 017.50 13. Vutes Trading .25 14. Sabati Investments No bid provided 15. LM Investments 000.00 16. Warrior Special Services item 1 506.00 item 2 506.00 17. Fimau Trading 340.00 18. Stay Today Books Namibia item 1 500.00 item 2 000.00 item 3 500.00 19.Sukoro Productions Studio item 1 052.50 item 2 310.00 20. Busby Promotion item 1 6 126.51 item 2 9 173.91 21. Ogilvy & Mather Namibia 03 141.66 22. Mango Media Solutions 250.00 23. Fradays Investments No bid provided 24. Diana Amunyela 325.00 25. Tao Sony Kitchen Corp item 1 0 000.00 item 2 000.00 item 3 500.00 26. Muningando Investments item 1 475.00 item 2 154.90 item 3 470.00 item 4 095.50 27. Christian Stiebahl 000.00 28. Off Limits Communication Namibia item 1 6 672.85 item 2 875.00 item 3 170.00 item 4 717.50 item 5 4 747.50 29. Conference Link 8 220.00 30. Adforce 5 548.50 31. Optimistic Media Group 6 100.00 32. Majo 7 th Jazz Band 000.00 33. Lize Elhers 000.00 34. Suzy Eises 000.00 35. Elemotho 000.00 36. Power GP Investment 000.00 37. Sean K 000.00 38. ECK Music and Production Investments 500.00 39. Big Ben 000.00 40. Sigera Jazz Band 000.00 Closing at NamWater 08 August 2017 Low Voltage Motors for Ogongo Raw Water Pumping Scheme Five offers were received for the supply and delivery of four (4) x 37KW (IEC-Supreme Efficiency) Low Voltage (400V AC) Motors for Ogongo Raw Water Pumping Scheme to the Namibia Water Corporation when a quotation referenced G/RFQ/NW-29/2018 closed at it’s Head Quarters , 176 Iscor Street in Windhoek at 11H00 on Tuesday, 08 August 2017. Tender bids, excluding VAT as announced for: 1. DP Mining and Industrial Suppliers 8 578.00 2. Dynamic Power Solutions 7 933.00 3. Industrial Control and Engineering 4 880.00 4. Central Technical Supplies option 1 5 744.00 option 2 7 602.80 option 3 1 451.52 5. HAW Retailers 1 553.62 PROCUREMENT INTEGRITY A. Fiduciary (legal/administrative/guardian) duties and improper conduct by members of the Central Procurement Board A member of the Board must at all timesü Act with fidelity (), honesty, integrity and in the best interest of the Board and procurement system. ü Exercise reasonable degree of care and diligence in the performance of his/her duties. ü Strive to achieve the highest standard of transparency, accountability and the need to obtain best value for money; and ü Attend to any aspect of general application relating to the procurement of goods, works and services as directed by the Minister A member of the Board may not- ‣ Make improper use of information gained by means of his/her position as a member to gain, directly or indirectly, an advantage for him/herself or any other person or cause detriment to the Board ‣ Maker use of his/her position as a member to gain, directly or indirectly, an advantage for him/herself or any other person or cause detriment to the Board ‣ Divulge confidential information entrusted to the member or obtained by the member during his/her exercise or performing of powers/functions under or in terms of this Act or any other law. B. Conduct of staff members of public entities: (1). A member of the Board or a public entity involved in planning of or conducting the procurement process or contract must undertakeü To discharge (perform) his/ her functions (duties) fairly and impartially without fear, favor or prejudice to anyone as to ensure fair, competitive access to procurement by suppliers. ü To act in the public interest and in accordance with the Act. ü To avoid any conflict of interest to arise in the carrying out of his/her functions and in conducting him/ herself. ü To keep confidential any information that comes into his/her possession relating to procurement proceedings and bids, including proprietary information of bidders; and ü Not to deal or negotiate on behalf of the contractor or supplier for a contract he/she had specifically dealt with while in service of the Board or public entity. ü (2). A staff member referred to above mustü Disclose his/her interest or that of his/her close relative, if any . “Close relative” means parent, sibling, spouse, child or grandchild having substantial financial interest in the bidding entity; and ü Withdraw from the procurement process if there is potential conflict of interests, unless the Board or public entity decides that the conflict is trivial (of little value or importance) to affect the impartiality of the staff member. A staff member referred to above whoü Acts or abets (assist/encourage) corruptly or fraudulently to gain favor or benefit, including soliciting (looking for) or accepting improper inducement (incentive/ reward); or ü Contravenes or, refuses or fails to comply with subsection (1) or (2), Commits an offence and is liable to a fine not exceeding N00 000.00 or to imprisonment for a period not exceeding 10 years, or both such fine and imprisonment C. Conduct of bidders and suppliers: (1). Bidder or supplier who- · Engage in or abets any corrupt or fraudulent practice, including the offering or giving, directly or indirectly, of improper inducements (e.g. bribes), in order to influence a procurement process or the execution of a contract, including interference in the ability of competing bidders to participate in procurement proceedings; or · Engage in any coercive practice threatening to harm, directly or indirectly, any person or the property of such person to positively influence the participation of the bidder or supplier in a procurement process, or to affect such a contract, Commits an offence and is liable to a fine not exceeding N00 000.00 or to imprisonment for a period not exceeding 10 years, or both such fine and imprisonment (2). A bidder who engages in collusion, before or after a bid submission, designed to- · Allocate procurement contracts among bidders; · Establish bid prices at artificial non-competitive levels; or · Otherwise deprive the Board or a public entity of the benefit of free and open competition, Commits an offence and is liable to a fine not exceeding N00 000.00 or to imprisonment for a period not exceeding 10 years, or both such fine and imprisonment (3). The Board or public entity must reject a bid if the bidder offers, gives or agrees to give an inducement and promptly notify the rejection to the bidder concerned and to the Anti-Corruption Commission. (4). If a person who or an entity which is responsible for preparing the specifications or bidding documents for, or supervising the execution of a procurement contract, or a related company of such person or entity, participated in the bidding, such person or entity commits an offence and is liable to a fine not exceeding N00 000.00 or to imprisonment for a period not exceeding 10 years, or both such fine and imprisonment (Source: Public Procurement Act, 2015) DISCLAIMER: NOTE THAT NEITHER NEW ERA NOR THE TENDER BOARD IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY WRONG INFORMATION OR ERRORS.

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