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New Era Newspaper Wednesday December 13, 2017

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18 AFRICA Wednesday, December 13 2017 | NEW ERA Facing dissent from abroad, Ethiopia turns to spyware Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia TOWN KHOMASDAL HONBU DOJO EENHANA ELITE GIBEON UNAM HP CAMPUS IUM MAIN CAMPUS KATIMA MULILO UNAM KATIMA KEETMANSHOOP MARIENTAL NKURENKURU NUST ONGWEDIVA REHOBOTH ROSH PINAH RUNDU UNAM RUNDU TSES TSUMEB UNAM WINDHOEK WINDHOEK NORTH ONDANGWA OKAHANDJA INSTRUCTOR KYOSHI GERT HUSSELMANN SENSEI NICHOL SIBESO SENSEI NATHANAEL ANAENE SEMPAI OLIVIA HAITOTA SENSEI MORDEKAI MUTILIFA SHIHAN FREDDY MWIYA SEMPAI FREDDY MWIYA JR SEMPAI LILLY MWIYA SEMPAI IMMANUEL LIKANDO SENSEI YOTHAM SIMASIKU SENSEI NICHOL SIBESO SENSEI NATHANAEL ANAENE SENSEI ROCKET CHIZIZA SENSEI JOSEPH MANYANDO SENSEI ACE MUTELO SENSEI JOSEPH MANYANDO SENSEI VICTOR MWILIMA IMMANUEL LIKANDO SEMPAI MARKUS HAUSIKU SENSEI NICHOL SIBESO SENSEI NATHANAEL ANAENE SENSEI YOTHAM SIMASIKU KYOSHI GERT HUSSELMANN SENSEI MARITZA DU PLESSIS SENSEI JESSIE PAREMORE MR ERNS KOOPMAN (ADMIN) SEMPAI LICCOH LIZAZI SEMPAI MAYA BROCKERHOFF SEMPAI JOHN KASERA GERARDO LIZAZI MICHAEL HAIMBODI KYOSHI GERT HUSSELMANN SENSEI MARITZA DU PLESSIS JASMINE IIKELA (ADMIN) SEMPAI ELIVI SHINEDIMA SENSEI PAUL MWIYA SENSEI ELLISON KAURA KARATE-ZEN NAMIBIA DOJOS NAMIBIA KARATE-ZEN DOJOS VENUE CONTACT ERF 3565, FREESIA STREET, KHOMASDAL 264 81 244 2621 BETWEEN ELLA DU PLESSIS AND WVTC 264 81 283 9270 264 81 372 9055 264 81 290 9526 MINISTRY OF SPORT, YOUTH & NATIONAL SERVICES 264 81 428 7529 OLYMPIA ELITE DOJO 264 81 300 6150 GO KART WINDHOEK 264 81 417 2528 NEXT TO SKW HALL 264 81 741 3011 264 81 880 5689 UNAM HIFIKEPUNYE POHAMBA CAMPUS 264 81 284 0563 ERF 3565, FREESIA STREET, KHOMASDAL 264 81 283 9270 264 81 372 9055 KATIMA MULILO MULTI-PURPOSE YOUTH CENTRE 264 81 287 0547 264 81 223 9920 UNAM KATIMA MULILO CAMPUS 264 81 271 8192 264 81 223 9920 KEETMANSHOOP WOMEN CENTRE 264 81 775 0757 264 81 880 5689 264 81 331 7803 ERF 3565, FREESIA STREET, KHOMASDAL 264 81 283 9270 264 81 372 9055 FRANS INDONGO MALL NEXT TO SPAR, ONGWEDIVA 264 81 284 0563 ORIGO PRIMARY SCHOOL 264 81 244 2621 REHOBOTH 264 81 867 0280 264 81 347 5483 264 81 262 0479 SKORPION ZINC SPORTS FIELD 264 81 362 2696 CLUB HOUSE (BEHIND SKORPION VILLAGE) TUTUNGENI, SITENTU MPASI STREET 264 81 859 7666 RUNDU UNAM CAMPUS 264 81 859 7666 TSES COMBINED SCHOOL 264 81 415 5905 ETOSHA SECONDARY SCHOOL'S GYM 264 81 407 3623 UNAM MAIN CAMPUS 264 81 244 2621 ACROSS GYM HALL 264 81 867 0280 264 81 677 2777 MOTACS COLLEGE, 3 MIDDLEWICK STREET 264 81 339 3903 264 81 603 7220 OSHILI FITNESS CENTRE GYM 264 81 251 7059 Chris Stein Addis Ababa As soon as Ethiopian opposition activist Henok Gabisa read the email, he knew something was not right. With the subject line “Democracy in Ethiopia: Can it be saved?”, the message seemed tailor-made for him. Yet the US-based academic, who teaches law at Washington and Lee University, said it was written vaguely and contained a suspicious hyperlink. Indeed, the email was an attempt to infect his computer with spyware that secretly gathers information and similar to hundreds sent to Ethiopian dissidents worldwide that were probably ordered by the country’s government, according to a report published last week by the cyber security research group Citizen Lab. Ethiopia’s government has been increasingly on the defensive since the country’s two largest ethnic groups, the Oromos and Amharas, began protesting in 2015. Hundreds died in the violence and tens of thousands were rounded up in sweeping arrests, among them opposition political activists and journalists. But many of Ethio- outside the country, and thus beyond the immediate reach of its security apparatus, particularly among its diaspora population in the USA. To counter that, researchers and a lawyer who spoke to AFP say Ethiopia has ramped up the use of computer spyware, as well as employing traditional physical surveillance, going so far as to potentially stalk dissidents on US soil. Neither American law enforcement agencies nor courts have done much to stop it, they say. “There’s been no other case I can think of where we’ve had such an endless string of attempts,” said Bill Marczak, a senior research fellow with the Canada-based Citizen Lab, of the spyware campaign. The protests have been cheered on by Ethiopian bloggers, activists and media outlets abroad. Many are among the quarter of a million strong Ethiopian community in the US, believed to be the largest population outside the country. US-based broadcasters Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT) and Oromia Media Network (OMN) make little secret of their opposition to Ethiopia’s government, which has wielded virtually unchecked power in the country since taking power in 1991. The enmity is mutual, with Ethiopia banning both channels during a 10-month state of emergency declared in October rorism charges against OMN’s executive director Jawar Mohammed earlier this year. Henok believes his work with OMN is why he received two emails last March that offered a phony software update that the report said was actually spyware designed by an Israeli defense contractor. “I’m just one of the critical Oromos,” said Henok, who did not fall for the attempt and later learned the email was malicious after allowing Citizen Lab to scan his emails. Many of those targeted by the emails, with subject lines like “Ethiopia struggling with inside challenges!”, were Oromo activists. Jawar received a dozen such emails. Reacting to the Citizen Lab report, the US embassy in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa said that they were “looking into the matter.” Two recipients may have had links to Ginbot 7, a group that has called for the violent overthrow of Ethiopia’s government, Marczak said. Marczak himself received one malicious email, from someone he had previously corresponded with whose account had likely been hacked. Citizen Lab found evidence linking the spyware to a command server in Ethiopia showing that 43 electronic devices had been successfully infected, several of which they linked to Eritrea, Ethiopia’s one-time territory that is now a bitter enemy. Ethiopia’s government did not respond to requests for comment, but in the past they have called allegations of spyware usage a smear campaign. - NAMPA / AFP

Wednesday, December 6 2017 | NEW ERA 19 TENDER INFORMATION As an added bonus for our readers we will publish the results of all tenders opened in public from Mondays to Thursdays on a regular basis. This information is noted and reported by a New Era Reporter Closing at Ministry of Industrialization, Trade and SME Development 16 November 2017 Fencing of Industrial Land Twenty-nine offers were received for the fencing of Industrial Land in Katima Mulilo, Zambezi Region for the Ministry of Industrialization, Trade and SME Development when tender nr. at 10H00 on Thursday, 16 November 2017. Tender prices as announced for: 1. Basharon Trading Enterprises 5 766.60 7. Mulili & Co. Investment 5 959.00 9. Mufumino Investment 0 037.00 12. Lard Trading 1 319.00 13. Msymba Investment joint venture Power Investment 5 262.46 15. Liwilu Investment 2 103.65 16. Lundid Investment 7 004.77 17. Mintu Investment 5 735.00 19. Mangalangandja Trading Enterprises 9 963.70 20. Tanya Trading 21. J & M Investment 22. Omatando Construction 9 373.40 23. Nalisa Trading 25. Proleze Trading 724 051.00 26. Mudibo Investment 9 746.25 27. Capital Technical Services 431 619.71 (bid documents were not bound) 29. HMS Trading 7 996.93 Closing at NamWater 21 November 2017 Six tenders closed at NamWater’s Head Quarters , 176 Iscor G/BP/NW-030/2018 Pump Sets Two bids were received for the procurement of three (3) Sets to the Namibia Water Corporation. Bid prices as announced for: 1. Jaquadech Engineering 7 650.00 NCS/RFQ/NW-06/2018 Share Point Document Management System Development Two bids were received for the provision of a Share Point Document Management System Development to the Namibia Water Corporation. Bid prices as announced for: 1. Intratech IT Solutions Namibia 250.00 2. Green Enterprise Solutions 3 200.00 G/RFQ/NW-060/2018 Electrical Control Switchboard Five bids were received for the supply and delivery of one (1) Electrical Control Switchboard for the Hardap Extension, Phase 2 to the Namibia Water Corporation. Bid prices as announced for: 1. Industrial Control & Engineering 394.27 2. Central Technical Supplies 921.20 3. Dynamic Power Solutions 044.94 5. Ecoprojects 401.61 G/RFQ/NW-063/2018 Vosa Gate Valve Two bids were received for the supply and delivery of a Vosa Gate Valve to the Namibia Water Corporation. Bid prices as announced for: 1. Heat Exchange Products 100.00 2. Aqua Services & Engineering 2 764.90 G/RFQ/NW-064/2018 Filter Sand Two bids were received for the supply and delivery of one (1) Water Corporation. Bid prices as announced for: 2. Aqua Services & Engineering 553.45 G/RFQ/NW-065/2018 Filter Sand Two bids were received for the supply and delivery of one (1) Water Corporation. Bid prices as announced for: DEFINITIONS IN NEW PUBLIC PROCUREMENT ACT “procurement” means to obtain/get hold of goods, services, (buying), rental, lease or hire-purchase “Minister” referred to in this Act means the Minister of Finance Government, including: · A Local Authority · A Regional Council · A Public Enterprises as referred to in the Public Enterprises Governance Act · A body or trust that is owned or controlled by the Government, when engaged in any procurement individually or in a consortium and · An entity declared as public entity by the Minister of Finance entity “bid” means an offer or proposal submitted in response combination thereof, and, where applicable, includes any pre- “bidder” (tenderer/ contractor) means a participant in contractor “bidding document”- (a) means any document issued by a public entity on the basis of which bidders prepare bids; and (b) includes any document which contains instructions to schedules, evaluation criteria, bills of quantities, conditions of contract or other similar items “bid evaluations committee” means an ad hoc (needed only established for the evaluation of bids required and in terms of section 26 of the Act “bid security” mean security/guarantee that may be required for the original bid submission/performance of a contract “Board” means the juristic body (consisting of nine members), Central Procurement Board of Namibia. “consultancy services” means services of an advisory or intellectual nature not necessarily related to the provision of commodities, raw materials, manufactured products and equipment, industrial plant, objects in solid, liquid or gaseous form, electricity as well as services incidental to the supply of the goods such as freight and insurance “procurement management unit” means the division or department in the public entity that is responsible to carry out procurement functions as required “procurement contract” means an agreement between a public entity and supplier resulting from a procurement process “responsive” , in relation to a bid, means responsive to the basic requirements of a bid regarding ability to perform and complete on time “services” means any object of procurement, a contract or services consultancy services or other services “threshold” means a threshold amount prescribed for the non-consultancy services, including disposal of assets for the mandatory application of prescribed procedures reconstruction, demolition, repair or renovation , site preparation, excavation, erection, building installation of services incidental to construction such as drilling, maping, satellite photography, seismic investigations and similar services Your preferred building material supplier BUCO Windhoek Tel: +264 61 377 600 27 Parson Road Southern Industrial Area BUCO Ongwediva Tel: +264 65 233 950 Erf 5536 Dr Sam Nujoma Drive Elyambala BUCO Walvis Bay Tel: +264 64 277 000 31 Ben Amathila Street BUCO Walvis Bay Central Tel: +264 64 277 000 101 Sam Nujoma Drive BUCO Management & Staff wish all our clients a joyous Merry X-mas & Prosperous 2018 This page is sponsored DISCLAIMER: NOTE THAT NEITHER NEW ERA NOR THE TENDER BOARD IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY WRONG INFORMATION OR ERRORS.

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