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New Era Newspaper Wednesday December 6, 2017

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16 YOUTH CORNER Wednesday, December 6 2017 | NEW ERA Words within words: a type of joke that works because the letters of some words and phrases can make other words. Activity 1 Before you read, match the word or phrase to a definition. 1. dessert 2. end in tears 3. fascinated 4. mile 5. rearrange 6. spam 7. stare 8. stressed 9. unexpected a. finish unhappily b. worried because of difficulties in your life c. surprising; not what we think will happen d. unwanted emails sent to lots of people, usually to sell something e. something sweet you eat at the end of a meal f. very interested g. a distance of about 1.6 kilometres h. look at for a long time i. change the position or order of things j. the result of mixing two or more things Words within words By Julie Mason Riddles How did the animals open the zoo door? They used a monkey! What’s the longest word in English? Smiles – there’s a ‘mile’ between the first and last letters! These jokes – a question followed by an unexpected answer – are known as ‘riddles’. But the ones above are examples of a special sort of riddle, a riddle which is funny because a word is hidden within another word. Many English speakers are fascinated by this sort of wordplay and it can be found in texts written in English a very long time ago. But riddles are not the only example of ‘words within words’ … Hidden Words During Victorian times (1837–1901), the game of hiding words within a whole sentence became popular. Look carefully at this sentence – The king eats his lunch in a fine palace. Can you see that the countries ‘China’ and ‘Nepal’ are hidden in it? The Victorians even used hidden words to teach children history and geography at school. Today we still see hidden word games in books and magazines, but we also use hidden words in jokes. How do we know that Picasso was from Spain? You can see it in his painting! Anagrams An anagram is made by rearranging the letters in a word or phrase to make a different word or phrase. Look at the following joke. What will happen if you try to make an alphabetical list of anagrams of the word ‘stare’? – It’ll end in tears! The humour comes from the fact that ‘stare’ is an anagram of ‘tears’. Are you ready for another one? What happens if you eat your ‘desserts’ backwards? You get ‘stressed’! Palindromes Palindromes are words and phrases which can be read the same forwards and backwards. The pop group ‘Abba’, for example, is a palindrome, as is the sentence ‘Was it a car or a cat I saw?’. We find them interesting, but they can also be funny: I kept receiving emails about reading maps backwards, but then I realised it was just spam! So, for a long time these ‘words within words’ in English have been used to surprise and educate us … and they often make us laugh too! Activity 2 Now complete the sentences using words and phrases from the text. Make any changes to the words that are necessary. 1. I feel very (..........) this week because I have an important exam on Friday. 2. Ice cream is a popular (..........) in many countries. 3. My husband decided to cut down a tree in the garden – I knew it would (..........). He broke his arm and had to go to hospital. 4. She was (..........) by the television programme about the Egyptians, because she was really interested in history. 5. The Burj Khalifa tower in Dubai is over half a (..........) high. 6. The first thing I do when I turn on the computer is to get rid of the (..........) emails. 7. The flight was cancelled because of an (..........) snow storm. 8. ‘This room looks different.’ ‘Yes, we (..........) the furniture.’ 9. When she walks into the room, people always (..........) at her because she is so beautiful. Activity 3 Look at the following ‘words within words’. What type of word game is each one? There are two of each type of word game. anagram hidden word palindrome riddle 1. A man, a plan, a canal – Panama 2. ‘Can you pass the soap please?’ 3. Eleven plus two = twelve plus one 4. Race fast, safe car! 5. Red is the most amazing colour because it’s incredible. 6. ‘The eyes’ = ‘They see’ 7. Which room has no windows? A mushroom! 8. ‘Why should you always buy pens and not pencils?’ ‘Because they’re inexpensive!’ Activity 4 How good is your geography? Can you find one hidden European capital city in each sentence? 1. Carlos loved this city. 2. Shall we order omelette for breakfast? 3. Lisa and Marlon don’t like cheese. 4. James Bond is in the novels of Ian Fleming. 5. Remember Linda is coming today. 6. A Tale of Two Cities is the best book I ever read. Activity 5 Do you play ‘words within words’ games in your language? Are there any word games which involve words within words that are not mentioned in the text? Activity 4 1. Oslo; 2. Rome; 3. London; 4. Sofia; 5. Berlin; 6. Kiev Activity 3 1. palindrome; 2. hidden word; 3. anagram; 4. palindrome; 5. hidden word; 6. anagram; 7. riddle; 8. riddle (NOTE: this is also another example of ‘hidden word’) Activity 2 1. stressed; 2. dessert; 3. end in tears; 4. fascinated; 5. mile; 6. spam; 7. unexpected; 8. rearranged; 9. stare Activity 1 1. e; 2. a; 3. f; 4. g; 5. i; 6. d; 7. h; 8. b; 9. c Answers For more fun activities to help you learn English visit Send your feedback to © British Council 2016

Wedneday, December 6 2017 | NEW ERA WORLD 17 ‘Whodunnit’, as Aussie reptiles go extinct: study TOKYO Three species of reptile on Christmas Island in Australia have been declared extinct in the wild, according to a study released on Tuesday, with Lister’s gecko, the blue-tailed skink and the Christmas Island forest-skink were downgraded from “critically endangered” to “extinct in the wild” in the International Union for the as their cause remains unclear,” said John Woinarski, professor of conservation biology at Populations of reptiles on Christmas Island, an Australian territory just south of Indonesia, have been While scientists speculate that a snake introduced in the 1980s or changes in the environment following the introduction of the Yellow Crazy Ant could be to blame, “the reason for the Scientists tried in vain to establish a captive breeding programme for the forest skink and Lister’s gecko and blue-tailed skink both have “well-established” captive breeding “In this case, the extent and severity of decline was revealed too late to save these The IUCN also sounded the alarm over the western ringtail possum, which was downgraded from vulnerable to critically endangered due to a fall in Scientists suspect climate change is to blame as the possum is “susceptible to “A drying climate is pushing the ringtail possum However, there was better news for two species of kiwi in New Zealand that were upgraded from endangered to vulnerable due The IUCN’s updated “red list” of endangered – Nampa/AFP Remembering Castro… Photo: Nampa/AFP Cubans march in memory of Castro HAVANA Tens of thousands of Cubans held up portraits of Fidel Castro and revolutionary leader’s tomb on Monday State television said 250,000 schoolchildren, students and workers -- many of them chanting “I am Fidel” -- marched from the center of Santiago de Cuba to the eastern city’s Santa In a ceremony earlier Monday, President Raul Castro, accompanied by vice-president and likely successor Miguel Diaz-Canel, laid a single white rose in front of the white granite boulder The ceremonies wrapped up nine days of sober commemoration of the His death, aged 90 on November 25 last year, was followed by nine days of national mourning during which his ashes passed through the country Raul Castro, 86, is due to step down next year, bringing to an end the Castro brothers’ six decades of power in the - Nampa/AFP The Weekend DISCOUNTER To advertise into the Weekend Discounter, talk to me and I will offer you the lowest competitive price. New Era will OFFER the client with the exact discount the client offers to their customers. For products such as, “you buy 1 and get 1 free”, New Era will OFFER you 50% discount on advertising rates Bernadette Nyambe Sales & Marketing Executive Contact me: Tel: +264 61 208 0318 Email:

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