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New Era Newspaper Wednesday February 21, 2018

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New Era Newspaper Wednesday February 21,

Vol. 23 No. 117 Windhoek, Namibia Wednesday, February 21 2018 Inside Today Four annual board meetings not ailing SOEs The board chairperson of the state-owned National Housing Enterprise (NHE) Sam Shivute says the directive by the Ministry of Public Enterprises to only have four board meetings per annum, for which board members are paid sitting fees, would not help boards tasked with turning around ailing state-owned enterprises (SOEs). . Page 3 wage negotiations at Standard Bank A usually cordial relationship between the Bank Workers Union of Namibia and Standard Bank is on the verge of turning sour as the two parties have reached a deadlock on wage and 2018.. Page 9 Alvine Kapitako Opuwo Just recently, 16-year-old Zerihongua Muhenje had an intimate relation with her 56-year-old husband for Even though this was the first time she bedded her quinquagenarian husband since she was married off to him when she was only 8 years old, the timid Muhenje revealed to New Era that she only agreed to the sexual encounter because “culture dictates so.” The experience was an unpleasant one, she relates, 80% of Kunene budget return to treasury Alvine Kapitako Opuwo The inadequate development of the Kunene Region can squarely be Kunene Region Governor, Marius Sheya A child bride’s first night she’d rather forget adding that her ‘husband’ who has many children and is also married to another woman who is his age mate, is abusive. “I don’t love him,” she paused with her eyes depicting great sorrow. “I just want to be home. He is abusive. He makes us work the whole day without giving us food,” added the teenager, who allowed for the use her name, and demanded that her picture be taken and published. Muhenje recently travelled to Otavi where her husband lives with his family. “I have my own room. His wife accepted me because our culture dictates that a man can marry many wives,” related Muhenje, who has never been to school. For her hand in marriage, the man’s family paid one cow to her family. She has no ambition of going to school. “I attend the school for adults (literacy),” related the young girl who was in the company of other young relatives. Muhenje’s uncle, Ukondjerua Kavari, who is 41 years old, did not appear bothered that his niece is married to a man who is 15 years his senior, and 40 years older than the teenage girl that is his niece. BRIDE on page 2 leaders so much that at least 80 percent of the budget from central government goes back to treasury. us. Kunene’s issue is just people that we do not attain any developmental agenda or target that we have put for ourselves,” remarked the recently appointed regional governor, Marius Sheya, in an interview with new Era on Monday. Each year, Sheya says, budget allocations for different projects are returned to treasury because of the ers, local authorities, constituencies KUNENE on page 2 Married off… Zerihongua Muhenje, 16, (right), who is married to a 56-year-old man, with 14-year-old Popa Mbendura, who herself is engaged to a man she does not know yet. Photo: Alvine Kapitako Pohamba praises AMTA but asks better Nuusita Ashipala Ongwediva punye Pohamba expressed some level of satisfaction that the Ongwediva Fresh Produce Business Hub, which he inaugurated nearly presidency, has started to service horticultural farmers. The only word of advice he had was that fair prices be paid to farmers, saying they often receive belowmarket rates. POHAMBA on page 2 Look who’s here… - Photo: Nuusita Ashipala Unam student allegedly stabs violent attacker over N Selma Ikela Windhoek A 25-year-old student at the University of Namibia (Unam) has found himself standing accused of murder after he allegedly stabbed to death a teenage boy who became violent after the student failed to give him N. UNAM on page 2 New Era Newspaper @NewEraNewspaper #NewEraNewspaper appclassifieds/discover

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