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New Era Newspaper Wednesday February 21, 2018

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12 YOUTH CORNER Wednesday, February 21 2018 | NEW ERA Lüderitz Youth Foundation donates stationery to Grade 12s Tuulikki Abraham Lüderitz The Lüderitz Youth Foundation, in association with Lüderitz Waterfront Development Company, NovaNam and Social Security Commission have donated stationery to Grade 12 learners at the Angra Pequena Senior Secondary School (APSSS). The foundation donated 120 exam pads, 120 pens, 120 pencils and 120 rulers. Chairman of Lüderitz Youth Foundation, Esthon Swartz, says as part of the build-up to the annual career day, scheduled for July 2018, the foundation is already taking measures to create a stronger and open relationship with the school in line with their mandate of promoting education and encouraging further studies after school. The foundation has scheduled a presentation day on March 9 for corporations, institutes of higher learning and vocational training centres (VTCs) to present to the Grade 12 learners various opportunities, entry requirements, application deadlines dates and contact persons. Learners invited to enter DStv Eutelsat Star Awards Staff Reporter Windhoek Namibian learners have until next Thursday to enter the seventh edition of the DStv Eutelsat Star Awards 2017 competition. The closing date of the competition has been extended to this year due to popular demand by youngsters. Science and technology fans between 14 and 19 years old are now given more time to write a creative essay or design a poster. It’s sixty years since is this year’s topic for the essay or poster. Learners were encouraged to write an essay or design a poster depicting how satellites have launched humankind into the 21st Century The essay winner will be eligible for a trip for two to Paris, France in the company of Eutelsat, and onwards to French Guiana to see a rocket launch into space. The poster winner will win a trip for two to South Africa which includes a visit to the South African National Space Agency, as well as exploration of several heritage sites as guests of MultiChoice Africa. The schools attended by the two winners will also receive a DStv installation, including a dish, TV, decoder and free access to the DStv Education Package. The DStv Eutelsat Star Awards competition is open to all learners from secondary (high) or combined schools on the continent where Multi- Choice Africa has operations. Entry forms can be obtained from any MultiChoice Resource Centre, the nearest MultiChoice office or via Entries are accepted in English, French and Portuguese and will be judged on the basis of high-standard criteria of accuracy, creativity, originality and innovation. learners are also invited to engage with the awards community through a dedicated Facebook page. Only entries submitted eligible. The overall winners will be announced at an awards ceremony in April. All details on the judging criteria, national prizes and able on the DStv Eutelsat Star Awards website: http://www. Unam, IUM students positive about 2018 Determined… Alma Asino, Pinehas Nakaziko Windhoek University of Namibia (Unam) and the International University of Management (IUM) kicked off their new academic year last week in the capital, with excited students positive about the new academic year. In his opening remarks Unam vice-chancellor, Professor Lazarus Hangula, encouraged students to pull up their socks, work hard and make things happen. Students seemed to take the VC’s message positively. “We need to stay focused and study with a vision,” says Alma Asino, a radiography student at Unam. She adds that this year she looks forward to pass all her modules, learn more about her course and work hard to achieve her goals. Sshe intends to plan ahead and stay focused on her studies. Uananisa Karongee, doing a bachelor of business administration at Unam, says students have to work harder than the past years, and make things possible in their studies. Karongee plans to spend more time on academic activities believing this will give him good marks at the end of the day. Johannes Amon, a bachelor of education student at IUM, says a radiography student at the University of Namibia (Unam) is determined to work hard towards achieving her goals this year. Devoted… Uananisa Karongee plans to spend more time on his academic activities at the University of Namibia (Unam). he is looking forward to another challenging academic year to push harder, and maintain his clean record. “I have learned some new ways on how to progress from the previous year, which is working hard, pay more attention and think critically about what happens next.” Linus Linus, also from IUM, doing business administration, says he is looking forward to the new academic year. “My intention is always to remember the reason I came to varsity,” says Linus, adding that he our learners to make sound career choices and be informed by the various industries. We remain active and will continuously that strive for a better future for our youth,” says Swartz. Companies in town and not contributing to the upliftment of youth and combating social ills are welcome to partner this foundation as it does not work in isolation. Swartz social responsibilities and help make a change in the lives of the youth. Individuals or institutions wishing to get involved with the foundation’s activities may contact the foundation via email at: Youth donation… Angra Pequena Senior Secondary School principal Shyral Beukes,and Chairman of Lüderitz Youth Foundation, Esthon Swartz, with some learners and teachers of the Angra Pequena Senior Secondary School, and members of the Lüderitz Youth Foundation, during the handing over of stationery to the school. Pushing harder… Johannes Amon, a bachelor of education student at he International University of Management (IUM), is looking forward to another challenging academic year and is determined to push harder. Extending limit…Linus Linus says he is looking forward to expand his limits compared to the previous years at the International University of Management (IUM). dreamed of. Founder and chair of the governing council of IUM, Dr David Namwandi, encouraged students to read more, not just to pass but to acquire knowledge for themselves. “As you pursue your studies, I urge you to participate in other activities at IUM, which will help you to broaden your horizon and provide you with soft skills, which are crucial to the world of work,” Namwandi encourages and enlightens simultaneously.

Wednesday, February 21 2018 | NEW ERA YOUTH CORNER 13 with Uejaa Kazondunge Hunger, will to learn helped her grow Pinehas Nakaziko Windhoek Despite achieving so much in life over the past years Uejaa Kazondunge still wants to see personal growth, motivate the girl child in Namibia. Born and bred in Windhoek and raised by a single mom in the dusty streets of Katutura, Groot Winkels (Big Shops), Kazondunge says her basic challenge was growing up in a women only house. But being raised by a strong, beautiful black woman taught her much and how to make it in life. She says her mom also taught her an important lesson: “If someone does you bad, don’t return the hate but treat each and every one you meet with the respect and dignity she/ he deserves,” says Kazondunge. “To me I was that type of child that minded my own business. I would say an introvert, so I wasn’t of people and always found it very class or to a group. I never had a physical altercation –won’t know even where to start. I believe more focusing on the problem,” she explains. Starting off as a radio presenter, Kazondunge says growing up she used to love listening to the radio, and she entered almost every competition she came across, and won a lot of prizes and always thought to herself how amazing it would be to impact peoples’ lives just by being on radio, and that’s where everything started. “I started radio back in 2005 at Katutura Community Radio (KCR), now Base FM, started with reading news and I was horrible at it but Natasha Tibinyane who was the station coordinator back then, gave me a chance to learn the art of presenting, and with the amazing crew I worked with, I learned because I wanted to prove to the critics and myself that I can do this thing called radio.” Currently a full-time employee at Shipanga Holdings as Head: Marketing, Promotions and Sponsorship, Kazondunge says she has been doing marketing for the past eight years, adding that she has certainly grown and continues to learn through this opportunity because coming from only having a radio background, she had zero experience in the corporate world. But she was hungry and willing to learn to enable herself to grow. “I had zero idea of what I was but, I said yes anyway, and made every moment in the job count.” She adds that the corporate world is certainly not for the fainthearted, as one’s got to have a thick skin to able to make it. “You need to ensure that you are relevant, innovative and remain focused on the brand’s promise,” she says. Uejaa, the brand on stage, started doing small events but the one that made people stand up recognizing her was back in Namibian Annual Music awards (NAMAs), as she had zero live television presenting skills, but she was on radio at that time. “This was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I grabbed it with both hands, and from there on plenty more have come, major gigs and endorsements, and mainly the Pasta Polana campaigns have been nothing short of a blessing, it’s God in work.” She did her lower education at Theo Katjimune Primary, Khomasdal Primary, then Eldorado Bezuidenhout High School in ation, I was only able to further my studies at university in 2013 at the Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST), where I got my bachelor degree in journalism and communication technology in 2016, and enrolled in 2017 for my honours in communication.” She looks forward to graduating this April. Uejaa says one thing that kept her grounded and motivated is her family and her small circle of friends, who have been a great support system, adding value and quality to her life. “Don’t let their hate affect your purpose in life because you are destined for greatness, believe in your magic. Everyone is granted the same opportunities in life, what you do with them is entirely all up to you. There is enough room for everyone to win,” is her message to the youth. Star For Life awards learners with scholarships Staff Reporter Windhoek Star For Life (SFL) has awarded eight former learners from the Star for Life schools with scholarships of N,000 each towards registration fees for other schools. The learners were chosen on the basis that they actively involved and participated in the SFL activities in schools from disadvantaged backgrounds and they also academically performed quite Pinehas Nakaziko Windhoek Up to 26 members of the Learners Representative Council (LRC) at St Boniface College feel inspired by the leadership development training they received at the Okatjikona Environmental Educational Centre at the Waterberg Plateau recently. The training was hosted by Imene Team Building. Leena Shikongo says she has learned about public speaking dos and don’ts and how to carry oneself when speaking in public. Magreth Mangundu says she has learned the importance of teamwork and trust amongst ganisation based in Namibia, South Africa and Sweden. It was launched in 2007 as a school-based life skills HIV/ AIDS prevention programme providing young people with information to motivate them to make informed decisions and help reduce the risk of new HIV infections amongst the youth. SFL uses a holistic approach to address social issues and psychological and educational problems affecting learners. others, through the different activities that they did. “This leadership camp also helped me how to balance my duties as a member of the LRC, and enhance my scholarly performances,” she says. Imene Team Building has as its core functions hosting and facilitating leadership development, mentorship, character transformation, social events, corporate team building and management retreats across the country. cer, Emilia Imene, endeavours to assist the Namibian nation in its drive to create and mentor youth leaders by creating development Standing left to right, Clemence Aron - leadership development camp camps offering opportunities for leadership enhancement in the country. She has served in different leadership roles from high school to tertiary education and in the corporate world and has seen the importance of developing youth leaders to look past the LRC/SRC title and wearing different school uniforms. The camp programme was structured to provide a detailed understanding of different leadership styles, self-discovery, discipline, standing out by building personal brands, attributes, public speaking, enhancing trust, conflict management, effective communication, time management and teamwork. “Boundaries are everywhere, thus we believe individuals who can work across these boundaries are more likely to solve problems and create change in their academic, leadership roles and personal lives, therefore developing growth in Namibia” says Imene. The learner leaders were mentored through different physical activities, which would enable them to succeed under pressure. The outdoor experience led to many being away from their comfort zones, in the wild with different “safe” wild animals, which helped them teachings. Bank Windhoek invites entrepreneurs WINDHOEK Bank Windhoek is calling on aspiring and established entrepreneurs to approach the Emerging Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (ESME) department with their business plans and request funding to either start their businesses or expand or diversify their existing business portfolios. The process of proposal evaluation and SME loan applications is quick and service delivery is of the highest standard at Bank Wind- branch. “All proposals received are assessed for their financial viability based on responsible lending principles. We do not only provide loans, but also business mentorship to selected Bank Windhoek SME loan applicants to ensure that they acquire the necessary skills and support to run their business successfully,” branch manager, Mbo Luvindao. “Bank Windhoek is committed to being a catalyst of sustainable opportunities for the growth of Namibia’s economy, especially amongst women and the youth with viable business ideas. The vision of Bank Wind- branch is to see an increasing number of emerging, small and medium enterprises growing into sustainable businesses, creating new wealth and new opportuni- Namibian economy,” says Luvindao. Bank Windhoek’s is located in Windhoek and in Oshakati. Entrepreneurs can also approach their nearest Bank Windhoek branch or agency for assistance. For more information, contact Bank Wind- branch in Windhoek at tel: (061) 299 0602, Oshakati at tel: (065) 22 99 56/57 or visit any Bank Windhoek branch or agency.

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