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New Era Newspaper Wednesday February 28, 2018

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12 YOUTH CORNER Wednesday, February 28 2018 | NEW ERA SPCA invites learners to enter poster competition Clemans Miyanicwe Windhoek The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) is inviting learners to take part tion Poster Competition for schools opening tomorrow. Themed How to care for an Animal it is open to four different age groups, 5-8, 9-12,13-15 and 16-19 year-olds. All posters must be handdrawn or painted and must be in A3 size (42 cm X 29.7 cm). Any animal can be drawn and there is no limit on individual entries. Schools with a minimum entry of 20 each qualify for the winning prize. This campaign that the SPCA will run to create the much-needed awareness among the youth on the importance of caring for an animal/pet. and [it] would be appreciated if a company [is] prepared to sponsor this annually,” the (CEO), Monique Redecker, appeals. Redecker adds that the SPCA have been engaging schools and youth for a long time. “We need to start with the youth to create the awareness of being kind and proud to be a pet owner. The unconditional love a pet has of having a loyal well-cared for pet, and how to take care of a pet will then ultimately lead to less cruelty and inhumane treatment of animals,” says Redecker. “We will appreciate exposure on this national campaign to create much needed awareness with the youth of Namibia on how to care for an animal,” she says. The winning posters and other selected posters will be used by all branches of the SPCA as educational tools, posted on all Facebook pages and if sponsorship is available, printed and distributed all over the country. Entries for the competition close on April 30. Schools taking part in the competition can hand in their posters to the nearest SPCA branch or courier it to SPCA Namibia, 145 Robert Mugabe Avenue, Windhoek. The name of the partaking schools and contact details must be marked clearly on the envelope with the entries. Each poster entered must have the following information on the back: Youth’s name, age, school’s name and contact details with the name and signature of teacher or principal. For more information contact 061-238654. Youth open online learning centre Pinehas Nakaziko Windhoek An online skills centre will open this Friday at the Hakahana Community Hall where youth are to be mentored in life skills. This is an initiative of the former director of the Monica Gender Violence Solution (MGVS), Shaanika Jeremiah Ndjoze Windhoek An African youth activist is calling on young people in Namibia to desist from going abroad in search of so-called greener pastures. “Greener pastures are in Africa, because most of the resources are found in Africa. Getting the best out of these resources is only a matter of capacities,” stresses the deputy general secretary of the Pan African Youth Union (PYU), Ahmed Bening. The Ghanaian-born Bening, elected to the PYU hot seat last December, was this week in Namibia on a PYU mission to sensitise the continent’s youth on the activities of the organisation, and to solicit their views on how the union can lobby governments to meet young people’s demands. Challenges facing young people in Africa today can only be addressed effectively on the basis of solidarity rather than the militant approach – which is fast becoming the norm, he says. Speaking to youth leaders at the National Youth Council of Namibia (NYC) on Monday, Bening maintained that his delegation opted to come to Namibia because of the proven vocal prowess of the country’s young people, on debates surrounding development, in Jeremiah Ndjoze Windhoek comparison to youths in other parts of the continent. Also the country has some of the most experienced youth leaders in Africa, according to Bening. “We are trying to get a feeling of what young people’s perceptions are regarding the current developmental status of the continent, and what they expect from the PYU in the next three years,” Bening says, reiterating that the union’s endeavour is to have an open engagement career fair for this year tomorrow at the Paresis Secondary School in Otjiwarongo. The fair sees presentations by the organisation patron, as well as the Minister of Higher Education, Training and Innovation, Dr Itah Kandjii-Murangi, amongst other speakers. Ritja is a grass-roots developmental body under the patronage of Khomas governor Laura McLeod- Katjirua. Julitha Tjikurame, informs that the event is in line with the organisation’s aims and objectives, to provide clear career guidance to all learners present at the fair and to create a networking platform for students to interact and share information. “We also distribute and display information about various players in the Namibian economy, as such, enabling students to have a vast selection of what they want to become after completion of their schooling, while providing them with information on courses offered by the respective educational institutions in Namibia,” Tjikurame stresses. After Otjiwarongo is Okakarara this Friday and then Grootfontein on Saturday. “We are targeting Nashilongo, 25, after receiving an international licence from Alison, a learning institution in Ireland, to offer online skills courses in Namibia. According to Nashilongo, the opportunity to open the centre came after he completed his law diploma through Alison last year. “After that we started communicating through email asking them if I can also open a centre in Namibia. They gave me an option to open a learning centre using their materials, and advised me to follow all the procedures,” explains Nashilongo. The centre is to provide Namibians with skills to develop the country through online courses. “This is a very good opportunity for all Namibians to be afforded with the opportunity to study because our courses take learners from grades 7, 8, 9 and 10.” Alison, which was founded in with young people to hear what they want to push onto the broadbased developmental space. The union wants young people to ask themselves how they can they can impact policy formulation and advise their governments. “For young people to impact their country’s developments, these days, it is required of them to bring to the fore a sense of ingenuity,” Bening says. Grade 10, 11, 12 learners, as well as high school dropouts. We also caterfor different youth groups such as churches and other interested parties,” Tjikurame says. Ritja Career Fair is the brainchild of Uzeraije Kapika Tjazerua, 2007 by serial entrepreneur Mike Feerick, is widely recognized as Course (MOOC) provider, a movement which today is revolutionising global access to education, workplace skills training and employment opportunities. With more than 40 employees across borders, Alison boasts over 11 million registered learners, and over 1.5 million graduates from international markets that include Africa, India, North America, and Australia. African pastures are as much green – continental youth leader Visionary… their country’s development it is required of them to bring to the fore a sense of ingenuity. With him are Windhoek mayor Muesee Monday. He confirms that there are African countries that have tried to implement some innovative mechanisms to mainstream their youth-orientated developmental endeavours. However, such moves gimes in some of these countries, comprising, amongst other constraints, high interest rates. The PYU, Bening says, has established that African youths have what it takes to put the continent’s resources to good use. What is now required is the creation of an enabling environment in which However, he calls on young people to steer away from selfdefeating notions such as political opportunism. “Young people should be seen as knowing what tion, in their quest to effect change. “Many a time young people become vocal on the tickets of their political movements and this in turn only paves the way for their exploitation at the hands of the political powers that be,” Bening says. On their part, some of the local youth leaders lament the inaccessibility of young people to valuable resources such as land as a huge limiting factor. They also point out the lack of capital and collateral as serious constraints. Ritja to host career fair tomorrow at Paresis SS On the road… The Ritja Career Fair kicks off its road shows for the year in Otjiwarongo tomorrow. Uzeraije some of the organisation’s staff. known for his role as executive producer at the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC). The idea came to fruition in 2013, after a brainstorming session between the latter and the late governor of the Otjozondjupa Region, Rapama Kamehozu, in 2012.

Tuesday, February 28 2018| NEW ERA YOUTH CORNER 13 Striving at making a difference in young people’s lives Pinehas Nakaziko Windhoek Making a difference in the lives of fellow young people and leaving herself a legacy in this regard is the aim of young entrepreneur, media personality and educator, Ngaifiwa is also project coordinator for the Namibia Careers Expo, a platform to expose learners to different career opportunities by working with the youth and helping teacher by profession, but because currently in event and media,” she of the Simply You Magazine giving birth to a baby boy when she was just a teen, compelling her to work hard to provide for him someone in order to look after this She adds that her father and late grandmother also contributed to her success, because they always During her school years, she was appointed as a member of the Learners Representative Council with Helena Ngaifiwa (LRC), ran a school magazine, organised various functions and was tasked to deal with a lot of she was also involved in a lot of public speaking and was part of to do media studies but her family did not agree so she took a gap year That entire gap year she started engaging in a lot of youth activities with the National Youth Service (NYS), directing ceremonies (MC) like at small beauty pageants that she usually organised with the help known about her, apart from her business activities, it is and over the years founded a charity group with her helped numerous children raising funds, donating and just spending time with less last year through SYM was also a big opportunity for me,” she says, adding that by giving back to the community and seeing her magazine next to international magazines in shops have proved got groomed into the person she Radio Energy that was a big dream especially to presenters Jozzy and Helena Ngaifiwa share the studio with them it was as a television anchor, where she founded herself reading news on She advises the youth to always believe in themselves and be a better version of the person they Schools invited to leadership conference Pinehas Nakaziko Windhoek Volunteer Research Opportunity for Students, Young Professionals Are you a student or young professional? development? JOIN US! researchers to join an ambitious project about the and fuels stereotypes that lead to various issues We expect a commitment of 5hrs/week on We are looking for researchers who can of the email explain why you want to join the team and why you would be the perfect candidate Deadlines Submission of CV: 9th March 2018 mene Team Building is inviting schools in the north to register their Learners Representative Council (LRC) members to a Leadership balancing lifestyles, time management, emotional intelligence, enhanced learning from others and committing to doing new way to achieve this is to and facilitates leadership development conferences, helps with mentorship and character transformation, helps with the organisation of social events and also facilitates corporate team building and management members of the St Boniface College LRC were inspired by the leadership development Team Building on email: or on her cellphone number: Invitation… Emilia Imene, owner of Imene Team Building, is inviting schools in the north to partake in the leadership development conference next month.

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