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4 NEWS Tuesday,

4 NEWS Tuesday, February 28 2018 | NEW ERA Ministry to reinstate social Eveline de Klerk Swakopmund The Ministry of Poverty Eradication and Social Welfare says the social grant of 38-yearold disabled Rehoboth resident Donavan van Schalkwyk, which was stopped last month, will be reinstated immediately. Van Schalkwyk is being cared for by his 68-year-old, pensioner mother Sophia van Schalkwyk. His grant was halted last month after his year by social workers. Bedridden Van Schalkwyk has been on a social grant since he was eight months old due to meningitis. His plight was highlighted by his family last week as they could not cope with the high living costs and daily expenses needed to care for him. Meanwhile, the chief public Lot Ndamanonhata, yesterday thanked New Era for bringing Van Schalkwyk’s plight to the attention of the ministry. He added that the permanent secretary, Iben Nashandi, personally intervened and ordered that the grant be immediately reinstated. “We also engaged with the family yesterday and assured them that the grant will available to them in due course,” he said. According to Ndamanonhata, grant not being done on time. was submitted on February 7 to social workers at Rehoboth, according to the Van Schalkwyk family. Ndamanonhata yesterday on Monday to the ministry’s processing. “However, the family do not need to wait until April as the grant will be made available as soon as possible due to the ministry’s intervention. Hence, we want to thank New Era for highlighting the plight of the family, which resulted in immediate action,” he said. Meanwhile, Herbert van Schalkwyk yesterday said the response of Namibians has been overwhelming, as many have opened their hearts towards the family. “My mother and brother are getting support of all sorts and we are so thankful for it,” he said yesterday. Nuusita Ashipala Ongwediva Northern hospital to be constructed at Ondangwa - Cabinet President Hage Geingob has directed the Minister of Health and Social Services Dr Bernard Haufiku to adhere to the Cabinet Committee on Overall Policy and Priorities (CCOPP) decision to construct a referral hospital at Ondangwa. The much-deliberated hospital will now be constructed to serve the six northern regions, namely Oshana, Oshikoto, Ohangwena, Omusati, Kunene and part of Kavango West. In a letter dated February 9, Geingob said he was puzzled by the minister’s insistence on exploring alternative sites outside the jurisdiction of Ondangwa town, while Cabinet had already decided on the matter. “Comrade Minister, as you are aware, the government – through CCOPP – has taken a political decision to ensure that the Northern Academic Referral Hospital is situated in Ondangwa or its surrounding area, as a means of sustaining the town’s development,” reads the letter. The letter is a response to the health minister’s letter addressed to the governor of Oshana Region, Clemens Kashuupulwa. Apart from the CCOPP resolution, the Oshana leadership had last year also taken a decision that the hospital be built in Ondangwa following Oshakati and Ongwediva being at loggerheads over where the hospital is to be built. The minister over the weekend, at the Namibian Surgical Society laparoscopic workshop, remarked that he was not happy with the way the hospital issue has taken a political turn. He said people are likely to suffer while the process is prolonged by political forces. The minister was last week expected in the north to deliberate on the hospital – however the meeting could not take place as scheduled. In the letter addressed to Kashuupulwa, dated the last day of going to lead a high-level team from comprising of architects and health facility planners. four sites in Ondangwa and three within Ongwediva jurisdiction. The minister further said the meetings following the first consultation in Ongwediva do not take away the fact that the people of these six northern regions and others need a level A tertiary health institution Windhoek Central Hospital. “Such a hospital should and therefore must be planned, built and managed on sound scientific recommendations and technical advice. Only then can we be assured of The mayor of Ondangwa, Paavo Amwele, was ecstatic about the news, “We are very happy because the the development of the town and also create employment for our people. The hospital will also bring health services closer to the people,” said Amwele. Ondangwa currently does not have a hospital, but a dilapidated clinic whose renovation was put on hold as the ministry had plans to build an intermediate hospital before the referral hospital came into the picture. Eksteen should have foreseen death REPUBLIC OF NAMIBIA Invitation for Bids (IFB) PROCUREMENT MANAGEMENT UNIT Supply and delivery of protective clothing and workwear for the Oranjemund Town Council Procurement reference Number: G/ONB/ORTC-01/2018 1. Bids are invited through Open National Bidding (ONB) procedures for the Supply and delivery of protective clothing and workwear for the Oranjemund Town Council and the invitation is open to all Namibian bidders. 2. Interested eligible bidders may obtain further information from the Oranjemund Town Council th th be made available by personal collection only. th th th The Secretary Procurement Committee Roland Routh Windhoek Willem Freddy Eksteen should have foreseen that his actions, when he strangled the mother of his child with a nylon rope at a farm near Aroab in the deep south of Namibia, could have resulted in her death, Judge Dinah Usiku said on Monday in the Windhoek High Court at the Windhoek Correctional Facility, where she convicted him of murder. Eksteen was accused of murdering Janetta Babiep –with whom he was in a romantic relationship and had a child – during the period September 21 to 22, 2014 at farm Warmfontein near Aroab in the Keetmanshoop District. He claimed that Babiep committed suicide by hanging herself from the roof of a room in which they were sleeping. According to Judge Usiku, while the state’s case was mainly based on circumstantial evidence, the undisputed facts are that Eksteen and the deceased were alone in the room and that he had altered the scenery. She said it is common cause that it was Eksteen who indeed ‘suicide’ why was it necessary for him to change the scenery? Judge Usiku said she was not the moving of the body from the ceiling to the bed) could have been brought about by the accused alone, taking into account the dead weight of the body. She said it is improbable that he could have managed it without seeking the help of other people in the vicinity. His explanation that he alone moved the body is clearly false and must be rejected, the judge stated. She added that when dealing with circumstantial evidence the court must not consider every component in the body of evidence separately and individually, but consider the cumulative effect of all the evidence together to determine an accused’s guilt or innocence. In the present instance, the judge said, the evidence of the doctor who conducted the post-mortem, together with the fact that the accused and deceased shared a single bed that evening, but he could not hear anything when the deceased committed ‘suicide’, and his conduct after allegedly discovering the ‘suicide’ in addition to his claim of having changed the scenery before alerting other people, clearly show he had something to hide concerning the death of the deceased. “Although the state’s case is indeed based on circumstantial evidence, it is still not allowed for the court to consider such evidence to be less compelling then direct evidence or evidence by an eyewitness. The state is thus bound and obliged to prove the accused’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt,” she stressed. According to the judge, the only person that could have applied such force to the neck was the accused and he should have foreseen that by applying such force to the neck, a vulnerable part of the body, would result in death, but he nevertheless continued to do so. Eksteen was represented by Milton Engelbrecht on instructions of legal aid and the state was represented by State Advocate Felicitas Sikerete-Vendura. The trial will continue on March 15 with pre-sentencing procedures and Eksteen’s bail was cancelled. He will remain in custody at the Windhoek Correctional Facility’s section for trial- of the trial.

Wednesday, February 28 2018| NEW ERA NEWS 5 Lüderitz should stick to its vision Tuulikki Abraham Lüderitz The Deputy Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Sylvia Makgone, says the Lüderitz Town Council should take a cue from its strategic direction and vision statement spelling out its goals to become the commercial and industrial growth point in //Kharas Region by 2020. Makgone said the town council should remember that in 2020 they would have to report on the Sustainable Development Goal 11, that is to make the town inclusive, safe, resilient and economically vibrant and sustainable. “Many a time when one speaks to business people in Lüderitz, you would often hear them mentioning how tough it is to do business in Lüderitz. Well, as true as that may be, through a collective effort from the government and private sector today Lüderitz is busy transforming into a business destination like any other,” Makgone recently said when she delivered her keynote address at She noted the natural beauty of the coastal town attracts tourists as do other coastal towns. The construction of the Lüderitz Waterfront and a number of world-class hotels, and other tourism products offered locally, cater well for visitors whether on business or leisure, she added. Makhone applauded the town council for a job well done in sustaining the celebration of the She said it is important to note that the “leadership of this great town” together with relevant stakeholders took a decision more than 11 years ago to launch the Lüderitz objectives: to position Lüderitz as a major tourist destination, to forge partnership with friends of Lüderitz, to promote and foster regional unity, to support the Lüderitz economy, in particular the tourism industry and SME sector, among others. Makgone said it is clear that those objectives cannot be attained in isolation but can be realistically “collectively attained”. She pledged that the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources will continue its support to this colourful annual event and implored all stakeholders to play their part so that together they grow Lüderitz. Makgone said the fisheries ministry is proud to have been a participating government institution industry, the mariculture sector, albeit still in its infancy, as well as the development of the maritime museum. Once fully established and operational the maritime museum will serve as both an educational as it unfolded over the years along the coast. Makgone stressed that it seems that Photo: Tuulikki Abraham At the coast… The Deputy Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources Festival. in particular has been and would continue to be the backbone of the economic development of the town. Also, there is no doubt that from one year to another, therefore it should be accepted as the nature years would realise lower landings years, she added. “It is necessary for fishing companies to constantly think out of the box and gear themselves towards creative and innovative business practices to stay ahead of the competition in these turbulent business waters. One of the simplest answers to surviving in this sector is value addition,” she suggested. “The Government of the Republic of Namibia promotes and encourages value addition as a business value proposition. Value added products come in very handy at times when raw product volumes are low,” stated Makgone. She said the government contributes to increased income in the form of state revenue and most importantly employment creation. Makgone said as climate change impacts the environment including around the world’s oceans would as food to the ever-increasing world population. She advised nations to look at aquaculture as an alternative to providing much needed food to the world’s population. In her welcoming remarks Lüderitz Mayor Hilaria Mukapuli welcomed under the theme ‘Our Ocean Our Treasure.” Mukapuli congratulated the deputy minister and wished her all the strength, wisdom and health in her new role and personal life. Mukapuli indicated that the deputy minister has joined a very crucial ministry which has been, and still is, a huge contributor and stakeholder towards the continuation of the annual Mukapuli said all those present could attest to the fact that the wealth of Lüderitz is a consequent of its beautiful ocean, which is the source of abundant marine resources, including Mukapuli expressed her gratitude Group of Companies, and Standard Bank. She similarly acknowledged all other sponsors, SMEs and individuals who made pledges in 2017. During the official launch N2,000 was pledged overall, MTC pledging N5,000, Standard Bank committing N0,000, FNB committing N,000, NovaNam undertaking N,000, while other companies and individuals pledged amounts ranging from N,000 to N,000. Festival Tim Ekandjo applauded the town council for its remarkable achievement in successfully organising the event for 11 years. Nored invests N0,000 in education sector Obrein Simasiku Ondangwa The Northern Regional Electricity Distributor (Nored) has committed to invest N0,000 in the educational sector for a period of three years. The pledged sum will be shared among eight regions, namely Zambezi, Oshikoto, Oshana, Omusati, Ohangwena, Kunene, Kavango East and Kavango West, which will each receive N,000 per year until 2020. Nored’s executive manager for corporate services, Toivo Shovaleka, said the funds would be used towards the regional academic performance prize and awards for the education directorates in the regions where Nored operates. “Nored resolved to recognise outstanding performance for Junior Secondary Certificate (JSC) learners in physical science, English and mathematics with awards and prizes. This is to motivate them to to produce engineers and artisans in line with the national development agenda,” said Shovaleka at the regional performance enhancement awards ceremony that was held in Ondangwa last week on Friday. Shovaleka reiterated that education is an important tool for development, hence Nored as a responsible corporate citizen towards the education sector. This is in line with Nored’s social responsibility programme. A further cash injection of N,000 was donated by Free Namibia Catering, N,000 by Dundee Precious Metals, while Ondangwa Airport Town Lodge gave N,000, FNB Ondangwa N,000 and the Hauwanga family N,000. To complement the noble gesture, Erwin Nashikaku, the special adviser to the governor of Oshikoto and who doubles as the headman of Oshivelo, honoured his pledge he made last year and handed a cow to the overall best Grade 10 performing learner Anna Hishitile. Hishitile achieved 42 points in the 2017 JSC examinations. She was a learner at Oshigambo High School. Nashikaku said he would like to see Hishitile become a farmer in the future, so that she can help others. Book NOW! 2018 Ocean Economy Supplement Focusing on Namibia’s Ocean Economy potential The Resources of our Sea & how they can support our economy Contact Stephina Luoke Sales & Marketing Executive: Tel: +264 61 208 0823 Email: Guaranteeing returns, as we reach your target markets. #TalkToUs Contact us: Tel: +264 61 208 0800 | Website:

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