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New Era Newspaper Wednesday February 28, 2018

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6 NEWS Wednesday, February 28 2018 | NEW ERA Court postpones rhino horn case Maria Amakali Windhoek Police investigations into the criminal case involving a pensioner who was arrested for possession of illegal wildlife products last month have Lai Yau Ruan, 80, made an appearance on a charge of unlawful possession of one rhino horn, 60 pieces of ivory, one leopard head ing to the prosecution, Ruan had no permit authorising such possession of the products and thus is in violation of the Controlled Making an appearance before Magistrate Vanessa Stanley on Friday, Ruan was informed by the prosecutor Rowan van Wyk that investigations into his case are Ruan requested the court to police investigations, a request Ruan was arrested on January 2 after the police raided a house in Ludwigsdorf, Wind- reveal if the house in which the contraband was found belongs ailing health, the court released The court postponed the matter to June 28 to give ample time to The court extended Ruan’s bail on condition he makes an appearance in court as scheduled or risk a warrant of arrest being issued against him and subsequently his bail money forfeited to the INVITATION TO PRE-QUALIFY FOR THE INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY IN INDENI PETROLEUM REFINERY COMPANY LIMITED AS STRATEGIC EQUITY PARTNER The Zambia Development Agency (ZDA), a statutory body that was established under the ZDA Act No. 11 of 2006, hereby invites prospective bidders Equity Partner Participation in the sale of majority stake in Indeni will be implemented in two stages, namely: 1. 2. Request for Proposal stage its future viability by addressing, inter alia, investment to procure feedstock, investment to increase production capacity, lowering the pump price, TAZAMA Pipeline to ensure congruence in synergies and investment to increase the capacity of the pipeline to match with the proposed increased processing capacity of Indeni. 1.0 STRUCTURE OF THE TRANSACTION WITH THE STRATEGIC EQUITY PARTNER c. assume procurement of petroleum feedstock using its own working achieve the cleaner fuels objectives. 3.0 PRE-QUALIFICATION DOCUMENTS Applications may be submitted by individual corporations or consortia. 4.0 SYNOPSIS ON INDENI INDENI 4.1. Core Business 1.1 million MT per year which was based on Agha Jari crude oil with an per metric tonne. 2.0 PRE-QUALIFICATION i. Financial capacity: The bidder must have a minimum net worth of ii. Technical capacity: iii. Experience: 5.0 SUBMISSION the address given below by no later than 15:00 hours Zambian time, on Friday, 09th March 2018 No electronic submissions will be accepted. Proposals received after the deadline WILL NOT be considered. 6.0 PRE-QUALIFIED APPLICANTS stage two of the process will be issued with Request for Proposal (RFP) documents which will include, inter alia, a detailed information pack and guidelines for the bidding process. Note that bidders will be required to pay a non- refundable administration fee of US$ 50,000 (Fifty thousand United States Dollars). 7.0 CONTACT ADDRESS For further information, or to obtain an NDA, please send your enquiries to submitted to the address below, in hard copy together with a soft copy on E: IDC Website: ZDA Website: ‘Advertisement Courtesy of the High Commission of the Republic of Zambia, Windhoek, Namibia’.

Tuesday, February 28 2018| NEW ERA NEWS 7 After protracted wrangling, Khorixas appoints CEO Clemans Miyanicwe Windhoek After more than a year of wrangling by councillors over the appointment of the its chief tomorrow. Former principal of local school, Cornelius Goreseb High School, Andreas /Howoseb, will take the seat of CEO tomorrow after it became vacant following councillors’ contract of Nikodemus #Gaeseb in 2016. Since then Khorixas was run interchangeably by Ralla //Gowaseb, Eben Xoagub and 27-year-old Ester /Nanus. of top four candidates processed among some ruling Swapo Party councillors and some of them even stormed out of a meeting held over the appointment. Last November the then Minister of Urban and Rural Development Sophia Shaningwa summoned the councillors to Windhoek and advised them of the possibility of being dragged to court should they appoint the fourth most successful candidate at the expense of /Ho- take over the levers as CEO. According to Khorixas Mayor Elizabeth Geises, the appointment of the CEO was long overdue as the position is very important when it comes to the well-being and development of the town. ‘’The appointment of the chief step towards development of our town. It will be a very proud moment for us as residents of Khorixas,’’ Geises told New Era yesterday. Geises said the absence of a CEO affected Khorixas negatively and created anarchy as some employees did as they wished. “We waited for this appointment with open hands but the son of the soil has been appointed as the person in charge of our town,’’ Geises enthused. Geises added that what makes /Howoseb’s appointment more sig- on the dusty streets of Khorixas. “He (/Howoseb) knows our weaknesses and strengths. We will highly Geises added. ‘’Will /Howoseb not want to develop our town, tar the dusty roads he played on? Will he not work towards development of our town?’’ she opined. Residents were called upon to witness the swearing-in ceremony of the new CEO at an event that will be held at the Khorixas Town Council Hall behind NamPost tomorrow where cultural dancers are expected to perform. The new CEO will have his solution to the town’s ageing debt among residents and create an enabling environment to woo investors. Currently the town also lacks a shopping mall and sometimes residents travel 180 kilometres to Otjiwarongo in Otjozundjupa Region to do their shopping. “The appointment of the chief executive officer is an important step towards development of our town. It will be a very proud moment for us as residents of Khorixas.’’ – Khorixas Mayor Elizabeth Geises Earning a living… Informal traders at the old fuel station in Khorixas. Photo: Nampa INVITATION FOR BIDS Namibia Fish Consumption Promotion Trust (NFCPT) hereby invites competent local companies to submit bids for the following tender: TENDER INVITATION Tender No: Description: Closing date & time: Bids Opening Session: G/ONB/NFCPT-02/2018 Supply and Delivery of a Scania Truck tractor & tri-axle semi-trailer with refrigeration unit (Equivalents are also acceptable) Friday, 02 March 2018, at 14H30 Friday, 02 March 2018, at 14H30 Documents: Available as from Monday, 5 February 2018 Levy: Enquiries: Pick up address: REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS N0.00 (Non-refundable) Ms. Paulina Shinana (Procurement Officer) Tel: 064-204508/11 Email: Namibia Fish Consumption Promotion Trust Head Office, John Ovenstone Street, Walvis Bay Namibia Fish Consumption Promotion Trust (NFCPT) hereby invites competent local companies to submit proposals to render the following services: SERVICES NEEDED REQUIRED: REFERENCE NO At a loss… Daniel Lungameni (wearing hat) by family members as they contemplate what to do about their livestock losses. The development of NFCPT’s information technology policy and procedures The development of NFCPT’s insurance policy and procedures SC/RP/NFCPT-03/2018 SC/RP/NFCPT-04/2018 The request for proposals bid documents are available for free in soft copy only and can be requested via email from: Ms. Paulina Shinana, email address: Closing Date and Time: Friday, 02 March 2018, 14h30 REQUEST FOR SEALED QUOTATIONS SERVICES NEEDED REQUIRED: REFERENCE NO Photo: Obrein Simasiku Farmer escapes death by a whisker Obrein Simasiku Onalunike Heavy rainfall accompanied by thunderstorms left elderly farmer Daniel Lungameni reeling in pain from the loss of 17 of his goats that were struck by lightning last Thursday at Onalunike village. The incident happened in the afternoon as he was herding the goats back to the kraal. Lungameni still cannot believe how he was spared because - when lightning struck. “The goats were under a tree and I was not far from them – the next thing I saw, I was on the ground. When I stood up, I saw the goats lying dead, and I was powerless, my daughter had to rush to my aid,” said Lungameni, adding that he will continue farming with the remaining 42 goats. that Lungameni lost part of his wealth, as in 1990 two of his cattle died from lightning, while they were in the kraal. Lungameni was in the processing of skinning the goats when New Era visited his homestead on Friday morning. “We will have to consume the meat, because there is nothing we can do. If there are parts which were spoiled as the result of the lightning they will be thrown away,” said Lungameni, adding he will not sell the meat. Lungameni estimated his loss at N,400. The councillor of Omuthiya, Samuel Shivute, who was present, used the opportunity to caution children who herd livestock after school to always seek shelter back home when it rains, and to avoid herding animals very far from home when rain prospects look good. Supply and Delivery of Desktop Computers and Printers Delivery address: G/RFQ/NFCPT-02/2018 The request for quotations bid documents are available for free in soft copy only and can be requested via email from: Ms. Paulina Shinana, email address: Closing Date and Time: Friday, 02 March 2018, 14h30 Tender Box (In a clearly marked and sealed envelope) Namibia Fish Consumption Promotion Trust Head Office John Ovenstone Street Walvis Bay P O Box 568 Swakopmund Disclaimer: The NFCPT shall not be responsible for any costs incurred in the preparation and submission of a response to this tender and furthermore reserves the right not to extend this tender into any future tenders, negotiation or engagements with those companies which responded to the advert.

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