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New Era Newspaper Wednesday February 7, 2018

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14 YOUTH CORNER Wednesday, February 7 2018 | NEW ERA High schools debate competition launches Pinehas Nakaziko Windhoek One of the importance of debates in high schools is to equip learners with critical-thinking skills, and also to give them a platform to think outside the box, says Michael Petrus, a grade 12 learner from Windhoek High School. Petrus was speaking at the launch of the MTC/Energy 100FM High Schools Debate Competition at the Franco-Namibia Cultural Centre (FNCC) yesterday. “These kind of debates help young future leaders to voice their opinions in a critical way,” says Petrus, adding that others’ opinions keep one informed. Themed, ‘Raise your argument, not your voice’, the competition is starting on March 6 until July 26 this year. Debates will be airing on Energy 100FM every Tuesday and Thursday from 14h30 to 15h30, with 24 high schools registered as contestants. The competition seeks to stimulate and advance among learners the principle of critical and creative thinking so that their academic excellence can be enhanced. Altogether 96 learners will be debating, guided and mentored by 24 coaches, 15 volunteers and 15 Prelude…Lot Nanghonda from Hage Geingob High School yesterday giving the public a foretaste of what to expect during the MTC/Energy 100 FM High Schools Debate Competition starting in March. judges. Three contestants will be in each team debating 51 motions including youth and education, politics, citizenships, business and economic development, gender issues, advancement of women, equality, human rights, culture, heritage justice and health. After the competition, every debater will be assigned an essay to test their writing language skills. To make it more fascinating, the Namibian College of Open Learning (Namcol) learners from Yetu Yama will also be taking part in this competition. Deputy Minister of Education, Arts and Culture, Anna Nghipondoka, applauded the initiative as a brilliant platform to sharpen the learners’ ability to put across their standpoints through rhetorical eloquence, and instilling them with teaches them the skills of researching, organising, and presenting information in a compelling fashion,” says Nghipondoka. MTC is supporting the initiative. “This cause will enable them to become less narrow-minded, consider all viewpoints to arguments, provide scope and structure to their work and practice to develop the art of public speaking,” states MTC’s Human Capital and Corporate Affairs chied, Tim Ekandjo. He emphasises that debates impart on students a high-level of application, analysis, evaluation and creativity. “They come to understand what they believe about the issues that confront them around our cultures and why, not to mention the increased problem-solving abilities and overall academic performance that they stand to gain from engaging in thought-provoking debates and come up with both compelling arguments and defence stances. We hope that this will most importantly, teach the students to raise their arguments.” NOTICE DUNAMIS CONSULTING TOWN AND REGIONAL PLANNERS on behalf of the owner of Erven 6336 and 6337 c/o Liszt and Kerby Streets, Windhoek intends to apply to the Windhoek City Council for the following: Rezoning of Erf 6336 c/o Liszt and Kerby Streets, Windhoek from ‘Residential’ with a density of 1:900 to ‘Business’ with a bulk of 1.0; Rezoning of Erf 6337 Kerby Street, Windhoek with a bulk of 1.0; Consolidation of Erven 6336 and 6337 Windhoek into Erf X, Consent for a Hotel Boutique on the consolidated Erf X zoned ‘Business’ with a bulk of 1.0, Consent for a Hotel Boutique on the consolidated Erf X while the rezoning and consolidation is in process. Erf 6336 and 6337 Windhoek are located at corner of Kerby and Liszt Streets, N0. 205. The property is currently zoned ‘Residential’ with a density of 1:900 and measures 966m² in extent. The new zoning of Business with a bulk of 1.0 will enable the owner to consolidate Erf 6336 with Erf 6337 of 2767m². On-site parking as required in terms of the Windhoek Town Planning Scheme will be provided. Further take note that the locality plan of the Erf can be inspected at the Windhoek Town Council Customer Care Centre Town Planning Notice Board, 80 Independence Avenue, Windhoek. Further take note that any person objecting to the proposed land use as set out above may lodge such objection together with the grounds thereof Dunamis Consulting Town & Regional Planners Email: Poiyah Media to empower teens through public talks Pinehas Nakaziko Windhoek Poiyah Media is inspiring young professionals by creating meaningful platforms for them. capital is scheduled for next at Poiyah Media, Shoki Kandjimib, says the platforms are critical for the communities. “Young Namibian society can be transformed in so many ways such as creating platforms for positive discussions,” he says, adding that the four topics for discussion will be announced later after leading industry players to help guide and inspire the young professionals on their life’s journey. “Poiyah Media leaders and will join hands with them to share their expertise and knowledge on various topics,” says Kandjiimi. With the topics including public speaking, Kandjimi says young people will be able to speak out and speak up. “Since building Namibia is a community input, entrepreneurial journey will be spoken about in a more challenging context. This will gear the youth for entrepreneurship, seeing the high unemployment rate.” Public talk also aims to spark the Mission inspiration…Founder of Poiyah Media, Ilke Platt-Akwenye with local celebrities, Uejaa Kazondunge, Tafanji Nyirenda, Ricardo |Goagoseb and Denzel Leroy // Naobeb aka NSK, who will be inspiring and creating meaningful platforms for young professionals next month at a public talk. mind to help build the Namibian economy, and empowerment will be debated with both young women and men in attendance. “So often we preach [to] women during women empowerment conferences but we need to engage our men who need to fully comprehend supporting each other irrespective of their gender in their work or home environment. Lastly, corporate social responsibility will be looked at investigating how corporates and community members can help assist the underprivileged.” Founder of Poyiah Media, be revealing interesting lit- during this initiative. some local celebrities Uejaa Kazondunge, Tafanji Nyirenda, Ricardo |Goagoseb and Denzel Leroy //Naobeb aka NSK. According to organisers, the public talk also promises to be different from any, provoking the mind and allowing the attendees to interact and become involved in the discussions to create different perspectives on life. The public are encouraged not just to talk the talk but also convert these lessons into practicality. Poiyah Media was established to cater mainly for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) needing a boost in terms of their public relations (PR). Through Poiyah Media, a platform has been created to assist Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST) and University of Namibia students in enhancing their skills in the corporate world.

Wednesday, February 7 2018 | NEW ERA YOUTH CORNER 15 with Erasmus Nekundi Driven, purposeful and eager to learn Pinehas Nakaziko Windhoek A driven and purposeful young man who is always ambitious and eager to learn, that’s how Erasmus Nekundi describes himself. Losing his mother at a tender age was a painful storm that nearly led the driven, purposeful and eager Nekundi astray Even though it was sad and posed challenges, Nekundi says he has always known that the sooner he accepted it the better it would be able to move on and work hard to create a better future for himself. However, loss of a supportive parent affected his education. “Even after completing my Grade 12, I had to stay [at home] for two years due to lack admit that at some point, I lost all hope,” he explains adding that he however found motivation to go on owing to his drive to become somebody in life. “I soldiered on and kept all hope alive. I do not want to sound conceited, but giving in to the challenges was not an option.” His teacher also inspired him with his emphasis on the sig- hard to [achieve] progress in my education.” Nekundi, born in Lusaka, Zambia, and raised in Oshakati in the Oshana region, says none of his childhood experiences has decision. “Besides, career fairs were just something that I came to learn of when I was already at university. Nonetheless, I am okay with my career.” Nekundi is currently a ju- Mobile Telecommunications Limited (MTC), and finding it interesting yet challenging. He has also worked as a social media marketing specialist at the University of Namibia (Unam)’s Echo Magazine. “When I entered into Public Relations at the university, it was because it was the only course available, and I did not want to go back home and spend an additional year down. But I later ended up liking it.” His journey into the corporate world started during his second year at Unam on the advice of his lecturers to voluntarily go out and seek internships. “I was then lucky and offered six months internship at the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry; which presented a foretaste of the communication profession. bursary recipients from MTC, and they took me into their Erasmus Nekundi system and I’m completing a graduate trainee programme with them. I knew that the professional environment is different from the school environment, which is why I entered into it with an open mind ready to learn and acquire the necessary skills, and attitude.” Nekundi started his elementary school in Windhoek, but had to continue at Oshakati where his parents were based. He matriculated at Andimba Toivo ya Toivo Secondary School in Ondangwa in 2007. Doing well in school was his best achievement. In 2010 Nekundi registered with Unam. “I was utterly oblivious of the course of study to pursue; hence I just took what was available. I then enrolled for a Diploma in Public Relations, and to my disbelief, I fell in love upon completion, I ambitiously decided to continue with my which then gave me a broader understanding of the subject Masters’ level,” says Nekundi. Looking back on his life’s jour- was joining MTC. His advice to fellow youths: “Regardless of the challenges at hand, we should remain focused and dedicated in order to attain whatever ultimate goal (s) we have set.” Schools motivation campaigns continue at Nehale SSS Excited…Learners from Uukule Senior Secondary School at a motivational event as part of the countrywide motivational tours by School Mode Activated. Staff Reporter Windhoek The second School Mode Activated, a school motivation campaign tour, continues this Saturday at Nehale Senior Secondary School, expecting to interest hundreds of learners. The campaign, initiated by Kashipu Investment cc, aims at visiting various schools in the northern part of the country to provide learners with primary educational information and/or activities. The campaign is in conjunction with those learners who would wish to pursue managerial careers in the music industry whether locally or internationally. “The need for such skills is growing rapidly as graduates are increasingly expected to assume broader tasks and responsibilities, than most technical universities have traditionally been preparing them with,” says Sandro Ithana of Kashipu Investment. Local artists Omfally, Lbht, General Jitahz entertained when the campaign visited Uukule Senior Secondary School (SSS). The artists motivated the learners to prepare them for the long school year by encouraging them to study hard. The second edition of the campaign will also see some of the learners receiving cash-prizes for different competitions.

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