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New Era Newspaper Wednesday July 12, 2017

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New Era Newspaper Wednesday July 12,

Vol. 22 No. 234 Windhoek, Namibia Wednesday, July 12 2017 Maria Amakali Windhoek The man accused of defrauding a home buyer of more than N0,000 is set to hear his fate on July 25 after his trial came to an end this week. Maanda Laurence faces a charge of fraud, theft by false pretence and acting as an estate agent without a valid fidelity certificate. According to the charge sheet, Laurence defrauded Fauster Claasen of N1,000 between March and April 2012. Although Laurence was initially arrested together with Danville Judgement date set for real estate fraud Beukes and Silvia Beukes, the Beukes’s were however acquitted of all charges pertaining to the case in October 2016 after the court found them not guilty. Facing the charges alone, Laurence has throughout the trial denied guilt. Laurence allegedly duped Claasen into believing he was a real estate agent with power of attorney, employed to sell a house at Erf 3671, Extension 3, Khomasdal, Windhoek on behalf of the owners. The accused allegedly informed Claasen the house was up for sale and was being sold for N0,000. The prosecution alleges Laurence misrepresented himself as a real estate agent to Claasen, enticing her to enter into a sales contract with him with the intent to buy the house he was purportedly selling. Claasen was informed the house owners were in arrears with their mortgage with the bank and thus needed to sell the property as soon as possible. Claasen said Laurence led her to believe that once she transferred N1,000 into his ‘trust account’, Erf 3671 would be transferred into her name. Having transferred the money into the account, Claasen never ever got the title deed to the house that would have made her the new legal owner of the property. Documents presented in court said Laurence was not a registered real estate agent. It is further alleged that Laurence knew that there was an attachment to the house and that the money received from Claasen was supposed to be paid to Hartlief, but he instead pocketed the funds for his own use and thus committed fraud. Laurence intentionally defrauded Claasen between March to May 2012, according to the prosecution. Laurence has bail of N,000. Magistrate Elina Nandago is set to deliver judgement on July 25. Inside Today Court hears testimony into 2014 murder Acacia High School learner Jesaya Kaipiti, 21, who was murdered during a shooting incident three years ago was allegedly handcuffed before he died. Page 3 Nam producers should take advantage of poultry import suspension Namibian poultry producers have been urged to produce more poultry to fill the gap created by the indefinite suspension of poultry products from South Africa (SA). Page 9 Suburbs reshuffle coaching pack Namibia Rugby Union (NRU) Premier League giants FNB Western Suburbs Rugby Club has effected some eye-catching changes to its existing coaching staff and technical department. Page 24 End of the road for SME Bank Staff Reporter Windhoek The beleaguered SME Bank – a joint venture between the Namibian government and private investors from Zimbabwe – was yesterday officially placed in the hands of the Master of the High Court to start its provisional winding up as ordered by Judge Hannelie Prinsloo in the Windhoek High Court. The Master of the High Court will now appoint a provisional liquidator to oversee the process. Kuzeeko Tjitemisa Windhoek Confused, stunned and anxious, employees at the troubled SME Bank yesterday alleged they were asked to hastily leave their previous jobs to join the bank so that it could Yesterday’s landmark ruling throws into turmoil the future of about 200 employees of the bank, who held a peaceful demonstration yesterday regarding their fate at the embattled financial institution. The imminent closure of the bank – which needed recapitalisation of N9 million to remain afloat – is a result of questionable investments of about N0 million in mainly little-known South African entities. During the marathon hearing, in which the Bank of Namibia sought closure of the bank, the court was told the N0 million is likely lost. secure a banking licence during the preparations for its launch at the time. They also had a dig at the Bank of Namibia, which they said had assured them their jobs were safe but has now provisionally succeeded in having the bank closed down. END on page 2 Photo: Emmency Nuukala Legal eagles… Advocate Deon Obbes and Bryan Eiseb, the director of legal services at the Bank of Namibia, share a moment after the High Court ordered the provisional closure of SME Bank. This follows a decision by the High Court yesterday provisionally ordering the liquidation of the poorly administered financial institution. Relating their woes to New Era yesterday, the Namibia Financial Institution Union (Nafinu) shop steward at SME Bank, Aluta Garoeb, Left in the lurch… Employees at SME Bank held a peaceful demonstration in front of the company’s headquarters against its closure. Photo: Emmency Nuukala SME Bank employees feel ‘used’ said that during a recent meeting with staff, reserve bank governor Iipumbu Shiimi made the staff believe they (reserve bank) are taking control to rescue the SME Bank, while in fact he led the charge to have the bank wound up. 'USED' on page 2 New Era Newspaper @NewEraNewspaper #NewEraNewspaper • •

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New Era Newspaper Vol 22 No 167