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New Era Newspaper Wednesday July 12, 2017

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14 YOUTH CORNER Wednesday, July 12 2017 | NEW ERA Photo: Contributed United in peace… Mark van Doorn (G 7) and Peingeondjabi Shipoh (G 1) learners of the Deutsche Höhere Privatschule Windhoek (DHPS) during the school’s day of kindness on June 30. DHPS to host more motto days Staff Reporter Windhoek Okakarara VTC alumnus now a successful businessperson OKAKARARA Former student Tutaleni Nande Muatunga, protégé of the Okakarara Vocational Training Centre (OVTC), is today a budding business personality in the coastal town of Walvis Bay, where he owns the Coastal Group of Companies. Muatunga is one of the hundreds of the centre’s former students who attended its 40th anniversary celebration over the weekend. He stepped out of its doors as a certificated elecrician in 1987 and was happy to reunite with old friends. “This is a good feeling, a good reunion with my old friends and colleagues whom I saw so many years ago at a place we used to be naughty,” Muatunga said. The 52-year-old Muatunga explained that the OVTC made him a good electrician and businessman, adding that most of the successful businesspeople and Namibia’s best contractors he knows came from the OVTC. “I want to see this centre become another school where our children would voluntarily choose to learn from, not because they have dropped out of high school,” he said. Nearly 300 parents, government officials and former students met to sing songs the centre’s choir used to sing, and noted that it played a major role in their lives and the economic development of Namibia. Centre manager Penson Mootu said the OVTC was founded in 1977 by the late school principal, Jan Malan. Mootu was a student at the centre that year and graduated after three years as an artisan with a certificate in joinery and carpentry. The 57-year-old Mootu was appointed acting centre manager of the OVTC in 1989 and later appointed centre manager. “This school went through various transformations from the Bantu Education system to the modern one it is today,” he noted, adding that former students should not be afraid to tell their stories of experiences at the school or centre. Okakarara Constituency Councillor Vetaruhe Kandoro- Photo: Nampa Received good grounding… Former electrical student at the Okakarara Vocational Training Centre (OVTC) Tutaleni Nande Muatunga, now a successful businessperson, giving a motivational speech at the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the centre. zu said whoever still perceives vocational training to be for high school dropouts, should think again. He urged the centre’s leadership to continue working hard and train more Namibians in practical skills so that they can build the country and its economy. OVTC offers certificates in bricklaying, plumbing and pipe fitting, hairdressing, fashion design, office administration, hospitality and tourism, auto mechanics, electricals, carpentry and joinery. The centre has 1,200 students this year and 70 officials, including the manager. – Nampa To ensure that learned virtues like respect, friendliness and mutual care are lived out and to provide new impetus to learners, the Deutsche Höhere Privatschule Windhoek (DHPS) will host more motto days on topics like friendship and peace in the future. On June 30, the popular motto ‘DHPS: one tree, many leaves’ day was held at the school when all learners from grades 1 to 12, teachers, the kindergarten, pre-school and the entire DHPS family participated. On this special day, titled the Day of Kindness, numerous activities were scheduled to strengthen the social skills and friendly coexistence of learners. Everyone involved crafted leaves and key rings to implement the quote, ‘We all are leaves on a tree, not one like the other, one is symmetrical, the other not, and yet equally important to the whole.’ (Gotthold Ephraim Lessing). The project group structured the activities of the individual classes in such a way that the self-confidence of the learners was strengthened and their individuality was emphasised. Pupils learned that diversity as well as compassion form essential parts of life and that it is important to approach and deal with one another in a respectful and friendly manner. The varied implementation of the topic was impressive: From rap songs on diversity and self-confident presentation on individual strengths through jointly designed class trees to trust and team building games. In addition to good entertainment and loads of fun, and mutual respect, friendly choice of words, empathy and a sense of community were promoted, which characterised the atmosphere all over the school premises and was reflected in many happy faces. The kindergarten and pre-school, as well as grades 1 and 2, looked forward to the visit by “big” grade 7 and 8 learners for joint crafting of leaves, reading and games. The complete work of art can be admired at the entrance area of the DHPS - the ‘DHPS tree’ with countless coloured leaves symbolising the diverse faces of the school and underlining the importance of each individual and the team spirit of all. It was great to experience the great cohesion and that every individual really is “an integral part of the big picture”. Photo: Contributed Preparing… Youth from Okahandja planning their first ever Youth Expo that is set to empower them to start their own business and create employment. The expo will be hosted on August 24-27 at the Nau-Aib Stadium. Expo to orientate the young towards business Pinehas Nakaziko Windhoek The first ever Okahandja Youth Expo, slated for August 24-27 at the Nau-Aib Stadium in Okahandja, is intended to orientate young people towards starting their own business and creating employment. The expo is to be hosted under the theme ‘Connecting youth minds in creating the future.’ Organiser of the expo, Hedwig Samuel, says the platform is aimed instilling a business sense in young people participating in the expo. “This expo is just to give the youth [an idea] of what type of business they could do in future and for them to do something creative and productive than being in bars, as well as to be the breadwinners of their families,” says Samuel. The expo, an initiative of the B on B Foundation and the Okahandja Youth Forum, is also meant to address the challenges facing the youth in Namibia, as well as create a sense of unity. “We would like to play a vital role in ensuring that the youth in Okahandja Constituency are [equipped] with skills and knowledge that will help them in implementing all initiatives to fight unemployment and lack of resources in Okahandja Constituency and beyond,” says Samuel. She adds that the initiative is meant to transform the lives of the youth by teaching them how to create income, create employment opportunities as well as to encourage among them the importance of education and developing the necessary skills. “We aim to provide young people with an opportunity to sell and showcase their businesses, to serve as a platform for young entrepreneurs to exchange information and business ideas and to create possible business links, as well as to boost the morale of our young upcoming entrepreneurs by encouraging them to get involved in the creation of employment for themselves and others.”

Wednesday, July 12 2017 | NEW ERA YOUTH CORNER 15 Pinehas Nakaziko Windhoek Helena Negonga, 28, is a strong-minded and ambitious woman hailing from the northern part of the country. Raised by a single mother together with her three siblings, finances were always a challenge in their household. This motivated her to start a small business while she was still attending the Polytechnic of Namibia, now Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST). “I used to do nails and used to charge N, and I would always give my mom a share of my profits. At that time, it was a lot of money for me,” says Helena. She studied accounting and finance at NUST from 2007. In 2009, Helena got her first job as a receptionist at Standard Bank and started paying her own school fees. She later moved to Nedbank, where she works at MMI Holdings as an employee benefits consultant. In 2013, she initiated her own company known as D’Helen Investments. She says with her company, she ventured into so many business ideas, including nail technician training, catering services, cleaning services, nail salon, kiddies’ parties, marketing services, educational tutorials, events management and so forth. “Last year I realised that it was best for me to concentrate on something that I loved the most, which with Helena Negonga is nail technician training, instead of doing too many things at the same time. I still do events coordination and catering, when time permits.” Negonga has so far trained over 450 women countrywide. “I’m helping them to help themselves and their families,” she says. “I constantly tell people to try and make money from what they’re good at and what they love the most, even in its smallest way possible. “Always dream big, but start small and if things don’t go well, at least you haven’t spent too much that you can’t get back on your feet again.” She also runs a campaign called “Feed the Men on the Streets”, which aims to support men who are looking for jobs alongside the road. “We also go deep in Katutura and feed the less fortunate, hand over clothing items and toys donated by friends and families.” In five years’ time, Helena sees herself running a beauty school and having one of the largest and leading events management companies in the country. Khomas learners to benefit from Nedbank education fund Photo: Contributed Going green… Learners from various school in the Khomas Region learned more about the environment through the KEEP Programme, supported by the Nedbank Go Green Fund at Daan Viljoen Game Reserve recently. Pinehas Nakaziko Windhoek The Khomas Environmental Education Programme (KEEP) under Nedbank’s Go Green Fund has committed over N0,000 for three years towards supporting environmental education in the Khomas Region. The programme, which was implemented by the Giraffe Conversation Foundation (GCF), is targeting environmental education for Grade 3-4 primary school learners, and has had an eventful and successful first year of implementation, with great feedback from various schools, which have had learners partake in the programme itself. The programme helps young people reconnect with nature and seeks to build a culture of environmental awareness, social responsibility and action in Namibia. Additionally, it canalso equip Namibia’s future leaders with the skills needed to live more sustainably and ultimately to improve their living conditions. KEEP aims to inspire young people to care for their environment by helping them better understand the impacts their lifestyles have on the fragile ecosystems around them. Currently in its second year of field implementation, KEEP has been running almost at full capacity and this year alone, over 1,500 eager enviro kids from all over Windhoek have already participated in the field excursions to Daan Viljoen Game Reserve recently. Also implemented in partnership with the Namibia Nature Foundation, the Nedbank Go Green Fund is aimed at supporting individuals and organisations working towards a more sustainable future. It supports the conservation, protection and wise management of Namibian habitats and indigenous plant and animal species. The Nedbank Go Green Fund also promotes the sustainable use of natural resources, enhances the understanding of indigenous species and natural ecosystems, and disseminates information on environmental issues and parameters among communities. Nedbank Go Green Fund manager Jacky Tjivikua says supporting environmental education and creating awareness regarding the wise management of local natural resources, plays an important role in Namibia’s sustainable development and teaching Namibian youth to care for our unique environment. usicians delight orphaned children Sabina Elago Windhoek The Magogoz Crew donated groceries worth N$12,000 to the orphans and vulnerable children of the Baby Heaven Home, Megameno Orphanage and Orlindi House last Saturday. The musicians spent the day with the children encouraging them not to give up on life, just because they don’t have parents or families, but to feel grateful that there are people willing to take care of them. Sion Mushinga, the group’s spokesperson, said the initiative was part of the group’s “Lets Feed Namibia” winter campaign through which they started recently to feed less fortunate children. They feed and spend a day with the children at their homes. “It was a great feeling which took us back to the time when we were young and filled with so much ambition and confidence to achieve hopes and dreams,” says Mushinga. The Magogoz believe that a different approach to charity work needs to be adopted, adding that the little they donated was just the start of a perpetual campaign by the group, which aims at bringing effective and meaningful change in the lives of those who need it the most. “The children are the future of tomorrow and charity starts at home, let’s all try and make a difference,” says Mushinga. He adds that the children’s homes are finding it hard to feed the kids every day. “The aunties and children were very grateful and they asked us to call again because they are struggling a lot. We also approached the Ministry of Poverty Eradication and Social Welfare to intervene in the matter of these homes,” he said. Baby Heaven Home provides shelter to orphans and vulnerable children, aged 0-15, and is based in Golgotha. Megameno Orphanage is situated in Shandumbala and takes care of 25 children, while Orlindi House is in Donkerhoek and takes care of more than 20 children. Happy young faces… Children of the Orlindi House with the Magogoz Crew last Saturday when the young musicians visited them to bring them food and music. Photo: Contributed

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