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New Era Newspaper Wednesday July 19, 2017

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10 Inside BUSINESS: ICT & GADGETS Wednesday, July 19 2017 | NEW ERA etflix now has 104 illion subscribers orldwide Netflix shares surged on Monday after the video streaming firm said it had about 104 million subscribers. The US company said the better-than-expected number was a sign that investment in new shows and movies was paying off. Netflix has produced shows such as 13 Reasons Why, about teen suicide, political drama House of Cards and The Crown. Boss Reed Hastings said it was “the rewards of doing great content”. Netflix shares rose more than 10 percent in after-hours trading in New York after announcing its second-quarter results. The firm said it added about 5.2 million members during the quarter, mostly from overseas. International members now account for about half of its subscriber total. Netflix has cultivated those audiences with movies such as Okja, a film made by one of South Korea’s top directors about a young girl’s quest to recover a giant companion from a multi-national corporation. The company also said it expected international members to help boost profits for the year - a first for that part of the business. The growth helped Netflix to report a 32 percent rise in second quarter revenues to US.8 billion, and it expects revenues to reach nearly US billion in the third quarter. Profits for the three months to June were US.6 million, up about 60 percent compared with the same period last year. Creating new content was critical to competing against other online rivals such as Amazon and YouTube, as well as broadcast television networks, Netflix said. Netflix said generating new content also meant streaming services were expanding the size of the overall market. “The largely exclusive nature of each service’s content means that we are not direct substitutes for each other, but rather complements,” it told shareholders. “The shift from linear TV to on-demand viewing is so big and there is so much leisure time, many internet TV services will be successful.” – BBC HTC backlash over pop-up ads on keyboard Phone-maker HTC says it will fix an “error” that let advertisements pop up on the keyboard on some of its phones. Many users expressed anger online that ad banners had started appearing above the touchscreen keyboard while they were typing. HTC’s latest smartphones are sold with a third-party keyboard called TouchPal pre-installed as the default. The free version of TouchPal does usually show ads, but HTC said it was unintended on its devices. HTC phones run the Android operating system, which lets people download and install a variety of third-party keyboards so that they can customise their typing experience. Android comes with a default touchscreen keyboard built-in, but many companies including Google and BlackBerry design their own. Other phone makers, including HTC, pre-install a third party keyboard such as Swiftkey or TouchPal. Criticising the software, TouchPal user Selina wrote: “It used to be good but recently ads keep popping up when I’m in the middle of something and it’s really inconvenient and annoying.” Others were less kind. “I am done with your junk app forever,” said Ramtin. “The way you show your junk ads whenever I want to write something is the most stupid and annoying way of advertising ever. You don’t care about anything other than money.” Some reviewers said they would switch from TouchPal and download a different keyboard from the Google Play app store. In a statement, HTC said: “This is absolutely not the experience we intended and we’re working to immediately fix the error and remove the ads as quickly as possible.” Responding to a review on Google Play, TouchPal said an issue with its server was responsible. However, many people remain critical of the company. “Ads should go nowhere near a keyboard app,” wrote intripletime on social media site Reddit. “They knew what they were doing.” – BBC PROCUREMENT MANAGEMENT UNIT NOTICE TO SUPPLIERS REQUEST FOR THE SUBMISSION OF COMPANY PROFILES FOR THE PROVISION OF GOODS, WORKS AND SERVICES TO NSA. 1. PURPOSE: To obtain company profiles from interested in conducting business with the Namibia Statistics Agency in respect of supplying of goods and services to be procured through the 2017/2018 Financial Year. 2. THE NEEDS OF THE NSA FOR THE 2017/2018 FINANCIAL YEAR ARE AS FOLLOWS, BUT NOT LIMITED TO: GOODS Supply of Newspapers, periodicals, books & other media publicity materials. Supply of Stationery/General Office Supplies Supply of Maintenance, equipment, tools and related materials & supplies Supply of Computer supplies and related goods Supply of Equipment, tools and materials Supply of Data and Communication network and related equipment Supply of Cellphone, iPads and other computer accessories Supply of Corporate gifts Supply of Crockery, cutleries, glasses and other related utensils Supply of Office Furniture Supply of Refreshment Supply of Security equipment and related supplies Supply of Promotional items Supply of materials for surveys fieldwork e.g. uniforms, bags, t-shirts etc. Supply of camping gears for fieldwork operations e.g tents, matrasses, gas cylinder, torch, batteries, car fridges, camping chairs. WORKS Supply of operational Equipment & office Equipment Supply of Electrical and Mechanical services Construction and Renovation of Office infrastructures Services of Elevators Pest Control. CONSULTANCY SERVICE Architecture Services Statistician Consultant including development of methodologies, system development, data collection and analysis, quality assessment, evaluation, training Review of policy Strategy Strategic Planning Audit Services Geographic Information Systems National Spatial Data Infrastructure Data Processing and management services Database & Data Warehouse management Proof reading, Languange editing and Document structure editing Population Projections Job Grading Psychometric assessments Document archiving Pastel services Labour Relations Development of integrated vital statistics system Development of system for causes of death Training of medical and non-medical officers on the implementation of causes of death system Evaluation of the Five year strategic plan for the Civil Registration Vital Statistics system NON-CONSULTANCY SERVICES Supply of Air Tickets and transportation Services Services of operational equipment Services of Air conditioners, Fire extinguishers Services of Security System ( access Control and Surveillance cameras) Short training Courses, symposiums & workshops Advertisements Printing Supply of Flower Supply of events management and decoration Hospitality and catering services Supply of Computer equipment (computer, Services, Switches) Licenses and Computer Software Rental photocopiers Branding services Cleaning Service Security Services Entertainment services ( live band, cultural ground performance) Hiring of event tents, chairs and tables 3. The document outlined below are mandatory in order to be eligible to participate in the provision of goods and services. A valid Company Registration Certificate An original valid Good Standing Tax Certificate An original valid Good Social Security Certificate A valid Affirmative Action Compliance Certificate, proof from Employment Equity Commissioner that bidder is not relevant employer, or exemption issued in terms of section 42 of the Affirmative Action Act 1998 A written undertaking as contemplated in section 132(2) of the Labour Act, 2007 A certificate indicating SME Statues (for Bids reserved for SME’s). 4. Kindly take note that, companies expected to submit company profile are those that have the above mentioned goods/works/services, listed on their founding statement/ company registration document. 5. Namibia Statistic Agency shall have the right to: a. Ask for clarification at the time of evaluating company profiles and b. Reject all company profiles. If the above-mentioned are not adhered to; c. Due to security reasons, some services may require vetting. d. Remove non-performing suppliers from the list NB: Faxing or emailing of documents will not be accepted. Closing date for Submission: 28 July 2017 at 12h00. Submissions of profiles are to be submitted in sealed envelope, to be hand delivered or couriered to; Namibia Statistic Agency, Head Office, FGI House, Post Street Mall, Windhoek, Namibia Tender Box Ground floor Attention: PROCUREMENT MANAGEMENT UNIT ENQUIRIES: Ms. R. Paulus: Tel. 061 4313293 Alex Shimuafeni Statistician-General & CEO Namibia Statistics Agency, P. O. Box 2133, Windhoek, FGI House, Post Street Mall Tel: +264 61 431 3200 | Fax: +264 61 431 3253 |

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