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6 NEWS Wednesday, July 26 2017 | NEW ERA Education extricates the poor from poverty – Endjala Matheus Hamutenya Keetmanshoop Chairperson of the social development trust of the Namibia Grape Company (NGC), John Endjala, says getting a better education is the only way that individuals could extricate themselves from grinding poverty and thus learners must take their education seriously. Endjala made the remarks at an event where he handed over jackets to learners from schools of the Kalahari circuit at Keetmanshoop last Thursday. In total the company through its development trust has assisted 78 learners from the //Kharas Region, who each received a jacket on top of the N8,000 already sponsored through secondary school bursaries to cater for learners’ hostel fees and other school needs. He exhorted learners to put everything else on the side and focus solely on their education, saying with an educational qualification they can be assured they will one day be economically empowered and be able to take care of themselves and their families. “The only thing that can get you out of poverty is education, and leave this boyfriend, girlfriend thing because the only partner that will never disappoint you is your quali- EXPRESSION OF INTEREST ASSET VALUATION The Agricultural Business Development (AGRIBUSDEV) is a State Owned Company with a mandate to manage and supervise the Green Scheme Programme aimed at improving food security in Namibia. The company requires service of reputable professional Valuers (individuals or firms) to conduct Asset Valuation at our Green Scheme Irrigation Projects. Scope of service required: Detailed Terms of Reference (TOR) are available at AGRIBUSDEV Head Office, or can be downloaded from the website or can be emailed on request. Closing date: 10 th August 2017 at 12:00 and the envelopes will be opened at 12:15. NB: Envelopes should be sealed and marked clearly: “ASSET VALUATION” And deposited in the Tender Box at: AGRIBUSDEV, 3507 Van der Bijl Street Northern Industry, WINDHOEK No faxed or emailed submissions shall be accepted. Contact person: Ms. Paulina HR Nepaya, Email: Tel: 061-424 818 Photo: Matheus Hamutenya Grateful… Some of the sponsored learners show off the cheque handed to them by //Kharas Governor Lucia Basson. fication,” he said. Endjala assured learners of his company’s continued support, as long as the learners do their part and get excellent grades, stating that the purpose of the sponsorship is to enable learners from disadvantaged backgrounds to perform to the best of their abilities. “If you pass we will give you the assistance you need, but it does not help that we pump in money but there are no results,” he stressed. //Kharas Governor Lucia Basson also urged learners to grab the sponsorship with both hands and produce good results despite their circumstances and social background. She said being from a poor background should not be a setback but a motivation for learners to work even harder so that they can get out of poverty, saying NGC has done its part and it is now up to them to study hard. She also called on other companies operating in the Land allocated to investor splits family Aron Mushaukwa Katima Mulilo The Kwala family from Imukusi area in the Zambezi Region are at loggerheads over the awarding of a piece of communal land to an investor who intends to develop the area and establish a lodge. The land in question is the old Hippo Lodge some eight kilometres northeast of Katima Mulilo. New Era was informed some family members agreed to sell the piece of land, and proceeded to approach the Mafwe Tribal Authority sub-khuta of Imukusi, where approval was granted. An agreement OTJIWARONGO Otjozondjupa Governor Otto Ipinge wants to abolish dumpsites in the region and set up recycling plants. He was speaking on Tuesday at a one-day consultative meeting with experts in waste management and the recycling industry. Local authority councillors from Otjiwarongo, Otavi and Grootfontein were also present. They discussed various matters including sorting and recycling waste, waste energy, waste as a product, recycling bins, sanitation, and reuse of waste for agricultural purposes and a green economy. “I want to see an atmosphere where we can sit and eat lunch at a dumpsite without thinking it was a dumpsite at some point. Towns in Holland have done it, we can do it here as well,” said Ipinge, while calling on the Development Bank of Namibia (DBN) to consider funding the region’s waste management activities. He said a lot of money is being spent to manage the waste, yet other countries generate billions from dumpsites. Solid waste processing plants region to come on board and help educate the children of the //Kharas Region with the profits they make from resources of the region. “I know that resources in the region are for all Namibians, but charity starts at home, so I invite companies to do the same and let us educate our children,” she said. Some of the learners who received jackets were very thankful, noting that their lives have become easier with the sponsorship from the company and they can now focus on studying. Kristofina Hango, a learner at P.K. De Villiers Senior Secondary School, narrated that since being sponsored by NGC, she has started having big dreams, dreams that almost faded due to hardships before the sponsorship. “NGC came along when my dreams were fading away, but I now have a future, I can dream again and I cannot use finance as an excuse not to perform,” she said. letter to sell the land was drafted and signed by three family members and a representative of the sub-khuta, which was then forwarded to the Ministry of Lands and Resettlement for approval. The letter in possession of New Era reads; “The Kaluka family (Simasiku family, Sakutiya family, Kwala family) agreed on the 29th of May ’17 before the Imukusi Lyanapu of Namalubi Khuta of Imukusi area to give Hippo Lodge to a Namibian national Hertz Hunter to develop the place into a lodge and give employment to the Imukusi community (and) for a lease of 25 years.” However, some members of the Kwala family oppose this agreement stating that not all of the family members were consulted. They have drafted their own letter which they also intend to forward to the Ministry of Lands and Resettlement. In the letter the Kwala family oppose the sale of the land in question. New Era has also learnt that the investor has already fenced the said piece of land and the Kwala family have described his act as an “illegal occupation of land without the consent of the entire community members”. “A fraction of community members have corruptly allocated land to the investor in a secretly manner without our knowledge,’’ further read the letter. In the letter the family pleads with the Ministry of Lands and Resettlement to intervene on a serious note because the family has “seen that there are illegal activities of land grabbing, illegal fencing and building of family structure going on at Hippo Lodge plot”, the letter states. Family member from the opposing group Dobson Kwala stressed the land in question belongs to everyone but not all were consulted when the decision was made to sell the land. “All operations at the plot should cease until all the family members agree whether we want to sell or not, we want the plot divided into two, so that we can also decide what to do with our part,” said Kwala. Efforts to get comment from the family members who agreed to sell the land proved futile. However a source who spoke to New Era accused Kwala of being against the khuta. The deputy director in the Ministry of Lands and Resettlement, Charles Musiyalike, stated he had not received either of the letters. He however pointed out that in case such a letter is received it will be forwarded to the Regional Land Board, which normally deals with such cases. Replace dumpsites with recycling plants: Ipinge fitted with the right technology can sort and convert the waste into reusable items and energy, which also creates employment opportunities and an income for the local authority. Meanwhile, the Otjozondjupa Sustainable Waste Management Forum will on August 1 begin implementing actions to realise its dreams to develop a waste management framework that will guide waste activities at Okahandja, Okakarara, Otjiwarongo, Otavi and Grootfontein. Ipinge launched the forum, which he leads as chairperson, on March 9. - Nampa

Wednesday, July 26 2017 | NEW ERA NEWS 7 We can repair desalination plants: Govt Albertina Nakale Windhoek The Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry has denied reports suggesting it lacks the capacity to fix two solarpowered desalination plants set up to supply potable water to Amarika and Akutsima in the Omusati Region. The two solar-powered desalination plants in question were donated by the German government in 2013 at a cost of about N0 million. Deputy permanent secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture Abraham Nehemia this week said government had enough competent people with the skills needed to repair the plants. His response came after the Namibian Sun reported last week that Nehemia had confirmed that government failed to repair the plants. He subsequently said training was conducted to reinforce the skills needed to repair the plants. According to him, government is looking to assign permanent personnel to operate the plants on a fulltime basis. “The desalination plants were donated in November 2013, which was four years ago. The government did not fail. This is a misinterpretation of what was said. “When the plants were installed, the population at the respective settlements was lower than it is today. Now it has tripled, which has added more pressure on the plants, and thus more breakdowns,” he explained. He said the repair cost could not be fully quantified, as it varies from time to time, adding that the main costs related to the repairs are the salary and transport costs. In addition, he said government was also looking at alternate ways to supply water to the affected communities. There were also reports that the plants have a computerised system that is monitored directly from Germany. In this regard, he said it was true the computerised system was monitored in Germany, as per the conditions of the warrant by the manufacturers, as it was a research project and a new system in a semi-arid country like Namibia. However, he said the communication channels existed and assistance could be requested from the German experts via email. “This is new technology, which the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry has to take on board, and spare parts [have] to be acquired from outside the country. The issue of government failing to repair is thus taken out of context. Government is doing everything possible,” the deputy permanent secretary explained. He said it must be understood that the plants were part of a pilot research project and were still being tested and monitored with respect to their viability, adaptability, affordability and suitability. Asked when the plants would be repaired for the local people to have easier access to potable water, Nehemia said the repairs would be carried out as soon as all the required parts were available. Currently, he said, potable water was being provided to the community by watertankers and two water-points installed by the Ministry of Land Reform. He said the objective of the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry was to have the plants running 24-hours a day, so that the local communities could have access to potable water in their localities. Govt should to listen to landless: Sampofu Aron Mushaukwa Katima Mulilo In light of the recent land invasion of municipal land reportedly involving 2,000 landless people at Katima Mulilo, the Zambezi Regional Governor Lawrence Sampofu has made an impassioned appeal to government to listen to the cries of landless Namibians. Officiating at the recent opening of a consultative regional land workshop that is a precursor to the upcoming 2nd National Land Conference slated for September, Sampofu said it was about time that government paid attention to the cries of its own people. “I want to use this occasion to urge those with problems related to land to knock on the doors of government because land is what we fought for. “If we cannot successfully resolve the land question, then our struggle for the liberation of our country would have no meaning to us,” the former People’s Liberation Army of Namibia (PLAN) combatant stressed. Sampofu was speaking at the official opening of the regional consultative land workshop yesterday, which was concluded last Friday and was being held in preparation for the upcoming 2nd National Land conference to be held in September in Windhoek. “The land question in Namibia has reached a stage where it needs to be answered and government needs to pay attention to the cries of landless Namibian. Hence, this consultative workshop about the land question shows a profound commitment by the government of the day in its effort to tackle the land question and listen to the people at all levels of our society,” Sampofu said. The workshop brought together representative from the four traditional authorities within the region, and Sampofu encouraged them to take advantage of the opportunity to “discuss analytically, the most crucial resource that we all cannot do without.” Speaking at the same occasion, the Deputy Minister of Lands Reform Priscilla Boois called on the participants to be mindful of the responsibility they had to provide and maintain a platform for open discourse on land matters. Boois further stressed that these regional consultations were pivotal and very inclusive, as they would allow participants to express themselves in their own language, which she believed would allow them to make a meaningful contribution. “Our ministry is hugely indebted to the people of Namibia for their support and patience as we strive to find the best ways to deliver on our mandate in a sustainable manner. Let us be open and listen to one another, and most importantly come out of these discussions with concrete recommendations,” Boois added. Boois also emphasised that recommendations from all the 14 regions “will be taken into consideration as they will be compiled together in the Final Draft document that will guide the heads of various delegations to articulate the views of the people and communities at the grass root level during the 2nd National Land Conference.” Withdrawal of cases demoralise police at Lüderitz Tuulikki Abraham Lüderitz Members of the Police Public Relations Committee (PPRC) are very disappointed to hear that few of the cases investigated by the police went to court for prosecution, as most of these cases were withdrawn, and some witnesses refused to give evidence. Committee members said the withdrawal of the cases, as well as the refusal by state witnesses to give evidence, would result in an upsurge in crime and therefore PPRC members feel there is a need to sensitize the public to desist from withdrawing criminal cases, while witnesses should be encouraged to testify in court once they have opened cases. The committee decided to work together with the Lüderitz Town Council and to constantly hold community meetings. This came to light when the committee recently met at the Lüderitz Police Station. The committee works hand in glove with the community to prevent crime at the harbour town. The committee further feels it is the responsibility of the public to work with the police to resolve crime. Chief Inspector of the Lüderitz police Paulus Hamupolo explained that most criminal cases reported at Lüderitz involve assault, general theft, rape, cellphone theft and housebreaking. Most crimes occur during the night at watering holes where drunken patrons occasionally brawl. He noted housebreaking cases were frequently reported and thus he encouraged homeowners to ensure there is always someone at their house when they leave town. Hamupolo further advised homeowners to always inform their neighbours about their absence so that neighbours can watch their property. He said a neighbourhood watch could also promote and enhance a sense of security. The aim of the meeting was to share information on crime in Lüderitz and to foster sound relations between the police and members of the public, and also to discuss alcohol and drug abuse. During this meeting they also discussed the need for parental involvement and control over their children and to enforce disciplinary measures. Below are some of the crime statistics for Lüderitz: In 2014 there were 479 cases reported. In 2015 crime slightly increased, as there were 481 cases reported, while in 2016 crime decreased to 438 cases and in 2017 from January until mid- July there were 226 cases reported to the police. At the same meeting the Lüderitz mayor Hilaria Mukapuli informed the committee members that the town council has identified open buildings belonging to the town council in different locations that could be used as sub-police stations. Mukapuli said Lüderitz has a Drug Law Enforcement Unit that has been in existence for four months, while the Lüderitz Community Against Subsistence and Alcohol Abuse Committee renovated one building previously owned by a fishing firm. PUBLIC INVITATION ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT FOR PROPOSED CONSTRUCTION AND OPERATION OF A NEW FUEL RETAIL FACILITY AT OSHIGAMBO OSHIKOTO REGION. Notice is hereby given to all interested and Affected Parties (I & AP’s) that an application will be made to the Environmental Commissioner in terms of Environmental Management Act (No. 7 of 2007) and its Regulations (2012) for the following intended activity. Project name: Construction of a Fuel Retail Facility Project Location: Oshigambo, Oshikoto Regional (along the M121 Road) Project Description: The proposed development will entail the following activity: • Construction of a Fuel Retail Facility Proponent: Melody Trading Close Corporation Environmental Consultant: Nghivelwa Planning Consultants All I&Aps are encouraged to register and raise concerns or provide comments and opinions. All I&APs will be provided with a Background Information Document (BID) comprising of detailed information for the intended activity. An open day public meeting about the development will be held at: Venue: Oshigambo Village, Date: 3 August 2017 Time: 11:00 am to 14:00 pm Should you wish to register as an I&AP and receive BID, please contact Nghivelwa Planning Consultants Office. Tel : +264 85 3232 230 Email: DEADLINE FOR COMMENTS: 10 AUGUST 2017

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