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New Era Newspaper Wednesday March 7, 2018

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4 NEWS MEAT BOARD OF NAMIBIA PROCUREMENT MANAGEMENT UNIT NOTICE TO POTENTIAL SUPPLIERS REQUEST FOR SUBMISSION OF COMPANY PROFILES FOR PROVISION OF GOODS, SERVICES, WORKS AND CONSULTANCY SERVICES TO THE MEAT BOARD OF NAMIBIA AS PER PUBLIC PROCUREMENT ACT ,2015. 1. PURPOSE: Meat Board of Namibia - GOODS WORK CONSULTANCY SERVICES NON-CONSULTANCY SERVICES - Mandatory Documents The documents outlined below are mandatory in order to be eligible to participate: The Public Entity shall have the right to: Closing date: Friday, 6 April 2018; Time: 12H00. NOTICE DUNAMIS CONSULTING TOWN AND REGIONAL PLANNERS on behalf of the owner of Erf 8705 Lossen and Lazarett Streets, Windhoek intends to apply to the Windhoek City Council for the following: Erf 8705 Windhoek is located along Lossen and Lazarett Streets. The property is currently zoned ‘Residential’ with a density of 1:900 and measures a bulk of 0.75 will enable the owner to use it a fraction of residential and business purposes of the proposed bulk of 0.75. On-site parking as required in terms of the Windhoek Town Planning Scheme will be provided. Further take note that the locality plan of the Erf can be inspected at the Windhoek Town Council Customer Care Centre Town Planning Notice Board, 80 Independence Avenue, Windhoek. Further take note that any person objecting to the proposed land use as set out above may lodge such objection together with the grounds thereof Wednesday, March 7 2018 | NEW ERA RFA develops funding model for local authorities Obrein Simasiku Omuthiya In an effort to smoothen and maximise on available funding to be allocated to approved authorities the Road Fund Administration (RFA) has introduced a procedure manual that will enable the The manual, according to RFA CEO Ali Iipinge, would enable the road fund to equitably allocate funds to approved local authorities such as local authorities, the Roads Authority, regional councils, The funding to the authorities, except the Roads Authority, is aimed towards the maintenance of urban and rural roads (including settlement roads), implementation of road safety initiatives and road In addition, Iipinge said they will introduce a Pavement Management System (PMS), which once implemented will ensure each budget submission must attach a layout plan indicating all the roads “This mechanism has taken into account the planning horizons of the RFA and other approved assist in the allocation of funds to approved authorities in consideration of the economic, technical and “A key outcome of the procedure manual will be the formulation of an independent Monitoring The MES shall carry out systematic reviews such as audits and assessments of activities and works Furthermore, the MES is to be used to monitor money, effectiveness of laying out the achievement of required objectives or targets, and quality to ensure compliance with set standards of activities “Therefore, a monitoring and evaluation charter ning, execution, quality and standards of technical Iipinge however cautioned that the exercise should not be regarded as a punitive measure and he said, it is aimed at streamlining operational ef- “The RFA would like to see proper budgeting, project planning and optimal utilisation of the allocated funds, at local and regional authority NOTICE ENVIRONMENTAL IMAPCT ASSESSMENT & INVITATION TO A PUBLIC MEETING ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT (EIA) FOR THE CONSTRUCTION AND OPERATION OF AN ENERGY STATION PRODUCTION FACILITY USAKOS DISTRICT, ERONGO REGION, NAMIBIA Notice is hereby given in terms of Environmental Management Act (No. 7 of 2007) and its Regulations of 2012 that an application for environmental Project name: Energy Production Station Project location: Usakos District, Farm Namibfontein - Erongo Region Project description: Production Facility Proponent: Public Meeting Date: 24 th March 2018 Venue: Time: 11H00 AM Deadline to register as I&AP: 23 rd March 2018 Deadline for submission of written comments: 6 th April 2018 To register, kindly submit your details to the HEScc Environmental Practitioner: Cell: 0812525929 PUBLIC MEETING NOTICE FOR ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT Africa Planning Forum cc (APF) hereby give notice to all potentially Interested and Affected Parties (I&APs) that an application will be made to the Environmental Commissioner in terms of the Environmental Management Act (No 7 of 2007) and the Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations (GN 30 of 6 February 2012) for the following: PROJECT NAME: Township Establishment of Outapi Extensions 20 and 21, Outapi, Omusati Region. PROJECT LOCATION: Outapi, Omusati Region PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The proposed project entails the Township Establishment of Outapi Extensions 20 and 21, Outapi, Omusati Region. Outapi Extension 20 is to be established on Erf 3339, Outapi Extension 6 and Outapi Extension 21 is to be established on Portion A of the Remainder of the Farm Outapi No 1116. The proposed development is to allow for the establishment of a higher density residential area consisting of approximately 189 erven in total. The proposed townships are to consist of Residential, General Residential and Public Open Space zoned erven. Streets are also to be created within the layout of both extensions. The proposed extensions are located within the Townlands Boundary of Outapi Town. The area has been largely influenced by human activity and urban development. The project further entails the creation of street and installation of the necessary bulk services needed for the township in terms of water, electricity and sewage. PROJECT INVOLVEMENT: The Proponent: Auas Properties Number Five CC Environmental Assessment Practitioner (EAP): Africa Planning Forum cc (APF) Public meeting Date: 8 March 2018 Time: 17H00 Venue: Outapi Town Lodge, Main Road, Outapi REGISTRATION OF I&APs AND SUBMISSION OF COMMENTS: In line with Namibia’s Environmental Management Act (No. 7 of 2007) and EIA regulations (GN 30 of 6 February 2012), all I&APs are hereby invited to register and submit their comments, concerns or questions in writing via Email: ; Fax: 061 271 228 or Tel: 061 271 220 on or before 19 March 2018.

Wednesday, March 7 2018 | NEW ERA NEWS 5 Man accused of killing exgirlfriend won’t apply for bail, for now Maria Amakali Windhoek A Namibia Defence Force (NDF) soldier arrested in January for allegedly fatally shooting his ex-girlfriend in the head has indicated he has no plans to have the court release him on bail yet. Johannes Neuaka, 39, made his second appearance in the Windhoek Magistrate’s Court on Monday. During his appearance before Magistrate Michelle Kubersky, Neuaka through his defence counsel indicated he had no immediate plans of applying to be released on bail. The court refused Neuaka court on grounds there is fear he will interfere with witnesses and considering the seriousness of the offence, and that it will not be in the interest of justice for him to be granted bail. The prosecution stood its ground, citing those reasons again on Monday. Neuaka was arrested on January 21, when he shocked the nation for allegedly shooting his ex-girlfriend Zya Juliet Shane Rittmann, 25, in the head. According to police reports, Neuaka who faces a charge of murder read with the provisions of the Domestic Violence Act, shot Rittmann with a 9mm Makarov pistol. Rittmann’s close relatives said that prior to the incident the pair relationship. After the shooting, Neuaka surrendered himself to the police. The incident took place at Rittmann’s mother’s residence in Michael Angelo Street in Damara location, Katutura. Neuaka at the time was a soldier in the NDF based at Osona military base. During court proceedings on Monday, the prosecution indicated investigations were yet to to be obtained as well, according to the prosecution. The court postponed the case for further police investigations to May 18. Neuaka was remanded in police custody until his next court appearance. Meatco distances itself from listeria outbreak Staff Reporter Windhoek Meatco is greatly shocked and appalled by an image of its Eloolo canned beef product being circulated on social media along with alarming articles on meat products that are unrelated to Meatco, saying it has nothing to do with the deadly outbreak of listeria in South Africa. The largest listeria outbreak has claimed 180 lives and sickened nearly 1,000 people in neighbouring South Africa, prompting Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique to ban the importation from South Africa of all processed meat products such as polony, the source of the current outbreak. Meatco, therefore, categorically cautioned the public to stop spreading the image of its Eloolo canned beef product because the product and all other Meatco products pose no threat connected to listeria or the articles relating to news in South Africa. Jethro Kwenani, the corpo- Meatco, says the company will vigorously monitor social media and other platforms in relation to listeria and he appealed to the public “to not spread news that may cause harm to our worldrenowned and loved Meatco products”. “Given all the processing in the abattoirs, it is essential that quality assurance is maintained. All Meatco’s processes are in keeping with international standards, and testing of the meat is done daily at Meatco’s internal laboratory,” reassured Meatco’s quality assurance executive, Rosa Katjivena. “Due to our stringent quality assurance methods, Meatco would like to guarantee the safety and quality of all our products,” Meanwhile, South Africa’s health minister, Aaron Motsoaledi, has urged the public to stop consuming ready-to-eat processed food products such as polony, viennas and chicken sausages. source of the listeria outbreak has been traced to an Enterprise food production factory in Polokwane in Limpopo province. The outbreak has claimed the lives of 180 people countrywide listeria cases having risen to 946. Motsoaledi briefed the media at the National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) in Johannesburg late Sunday afternoon. Motsoaledi said there is a massive recall of ready-to-eat processed foods normally stored in fridges. The minister appealed to the public who have these products in their fridges to take them out and clean their fridges thoroughly. He says the products must be packed away until an announcement is made soon on how they should be treated. He says while those in good health can still take a chance and eat polony, chicken sausages and viennas, those who are advised against eating them at all are pregnant women, people with TB, HIV and AIDS, as well as the elderly. Mushelenga unveils three capital projects Tuulikki Abraham Lüderitz The Minister of Urban and Rural Development, Dr Peya Mushelenga, last Friday unveiled three capital projects in Lüderitz, namely, the of a 1km road as well as the servicing of 55 erven, inclusive of roads, in Benguela Extension 3. During his keynote address Mushelenga waxed lyrical of the Lüderitz Town Council for having implemented the projects, saying this was in line with the Harambee Prosperity Plan (HPP). He said the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development funded the an amount of N.6 million while the servicing of 55 erven inclusive of roads in Benguela Extension 3 cost N.4 million. Phase 1 of the upgrading of a 1km road at Diaz cost N.7 million. Mushelenga noted the implementation of these projects was not an easy task as some challenges had to be overcome by the town council. cally located next to the masses in the informal settlement because most of He further said the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development has established the Local Economy Development Agency through which they have assisted all local authorities countrywide to enhance their economies in their various localities with the aim of growing the economy by ensuring projects employ and enhance livelihoods. He said Lüderitz has made sig- ment, therefore he urged Lüderitz residents to safeguard these projects through constant maintenance to ensure sustainability and value for money, as these projects are a result of taxpayers’ money. Further, he stated, considering the current economic situation, people should not despair as there are still other alternatives to fast-track development and one initiative can be through public-private partnerships/ joint ventures as an economic tool that people can use to tackle unemployment, poverty, and improve living standards. “This is the beginning of my tenure as the minister of urban and rural development and I call upon your unwavering support to take urban and rural development to greater heights by improving the livelihood of our people through local governance systems,” said Mushelenga. Lüderitz Mayor Hilaria Mukapuli congratulated Mushelenga on his new appointment. “We want to extend our gratitude to the line ministry under your capable leadership for the continuous community, through the Lüderitz Town Council. It is important to note that without your continuous support or injection, we could not succeed to these three important projects. Hence, we have to extend our appreciation for your contribution towards the realisation of these projects,” said the town mayor. INVITATION FOR REQUEST FOR QUALIFICATIONS Title: RFQ to establish vendor shortlist for the New Police Facility ICT Enquiries: Closing date of RFQ: The

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