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New Era Newspaper Wednesday May 9, 2018

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4 Wednesday 9 May 2018 NEW ERA NEWS Boy lives on nine years after doctors gave up hope •Matheus Hamutenya KEETMANSHOOP – ‘Your child has only two years to live,’ were the words doctors conveyed to the parents of Maxton Rinold Coetie in 2009 after he was diagnosed with neurological disorders. Today Coetie, or Maxton as he is affectionately known, is alive and about to celebrate his ninth birthday. The boy has since birth been bedridden, and needed a tracheostomy, by which an opening was made in the neck in order to place a tube into his windpipe to allow air to enter the lungs in order for him to breathe. He is on a feeding tube to eat as he cannot eat through the mouth by himself. But for Cherly Coetie, Maxton’s grandmother and legal guardian, the past nine years have been a blessing to the family, even though Maxton depends on medical machines to survive. S h e a c k n o w l e d g e s t h e challenges, such as Maxton’s breathing problems, structural brain malformation, severe dehydration, development delay and epileptic seizures from time to time, but she says his survival has been nothing but the work of God. “We got him when he was eight months, and as two years approached we were just waiting, thinking, when will it happen? But nothing happened,” she said. Maxton has been in and out of hospital, with the family needing to take him to the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital in Cape Town, South Africa, for medical attention from time to time. Coetie says although doctors have been helpful, they too said he is only alive by the grace of God, and that anything could happen anytime. “He is a survivor, a fighter, but we live day by day knowing it can happen anytime – it can happen even now as we speak, but I am glad he is part of our lives, and he has touched so many lives,” she said. Coetie usually relies on the Keetmanshoop State Hospital for oxygen supply, but on Tuesday, Marco Fishing Charity Trust donated an oxygen concentrator valued at over N,000, and his grateful grandmother said this will be of great help for him and improve the quality of his life. Coetie said her family cannot thank the company enough for making things possible for their boy and called on others in such situations to knock on the doors of companies, saying there are people who are prepared to help. She further urged people not to give up on children even when situations seem tough, and she implored people to appreciate life and whatever it gives. Battle of Sam Khubis remembered Defying the odds… Cherly Coetie stands next to Maxton Rinold Coetie’s bed at their Keetmanshoop residence. Photo: Contributed “We are grateful for this, Maxton has been in our lives and he taught me to be humble, and to appreciate life, and I am happy for that,” she said. REHOBOTH – The Rehoboth Baster community have since this Monday been commemorating the battle of Sam Khubis, some 50 kilometres south-west of Rehoboth. Chairperson of the Sam Khubis festival committee, Albert Alberts relayed to Nampa that the historical battle took place on 8 May 1915, when the German colonial army attacked the Baster people who had fled to their last stronghold of Sam Khubis. The fear of total annihilation by a better equipped German army created a strong sense of common destiny among the Baster people, said Alberts. “Early that morning, the Germans attacked our people at Sam Khubis, where a large part of the community had found protection. The fighting lasted until the evening. The Basters feared that the bigger artillery of the German army would mean a total defeat and possible extinction, but the Germans withdrew from the fight the next day,” Alberts continued. He further said the escalation of events started on 13 April 1915 when the German authorities demanded from the Baster Council that the armed Baster troops go to Otjiwarongo to guard prisoners of war. “If these demands were not to be met, all weapons in possession of the Rehoboth Basters had to be handed in to the German army. The Germans gave the Baster Council a three-day deadline,” he noted. However, according to Alberts, the following day, the Germans unexpectedly disarmed Baster soldiers in Sandputs. “Several of the Baster soldiers tried to escape in which one was killed and another one escaped to tell the Baster Council of the events. In the following days, several armed skirmishes occurred, leaving a number of Baster and German soldiers dead,” he remarked. This year’s activities in remembrance of the events kicked off on 1 May with a church service at farm Uitdraai, where the Baster vow was renewed. It proceeded to farm Garis, where the then Baster Kaptein, Cornelius van Wyk’s family was wiped out by the Germans. Alberts said the commemoration is important in the sense that the youth need to know what happened to their ancestors. “The commemoration is very important for our younger ones as they will be the future torchbearers of the Baster community and know about the atrocities against their people. The onus is on them to carry on with the commemoration to pass on the knowledge to their future generations.” On Monday after the worship service and lighting of the festival torch, about 50 men on horseback accompanied by people dressed in the traditional attire of the Baster, led by the Namibian Police Traffic unit, took the road to Sam Khubis via the B1 national road. The festivities continued with a drama yesterday on how the Germans attacked the Baster community on 8 May 1915, followed by a worship service and wreath laying, along with a moment of silence and gun salute for the fallen Baster heroes. – Nampa Throwback… The 8th of May is remembered as the day the German colonial soldiers attacked the Basters at Sam Khubis in 1915. These women dressed in traditional attire were part of the festivities at Sam Khubis yesterday. Photo: Nampa Details emerge in Gatonye killing •Roland Routh WINDHOEK - One of the women allegedly beaten by murder suspect Elwen Ganaxab and managed to escape his clutches before he turned PUBLIC INVITATION ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT FOR PROPOSED CONSTRUCTION AND OPERATION OF A NEW FUEL RETAIL FACILITY IN TSES, //KHARAS REGION his wrath on her friend, yesterday in the Windhoek High Court before Judge Alfred Siboleka testified about her ordeal. Ganaxab already pleaded not guilty to charges of murder and attempted murder in July last year whereafter Judge Notice is hereby given to all Interested and Affected Parties (I & APs) that an application will be made to the Environmental Commissioner in terms of Environmental Management Act (No. 7 of 2007) and its Regulations (2012) for the following intended activity. Project Name: Tses Service Station Project Location: Tses Village, along the B1 road, //Kharas Region Project Description: The proposed development will entail the following activities: The construction of a fuel retail facility, with associated convenient shop and restaurant. Proponent: Mrs. M. Mungunda Environmental Consultant: Matrix Consulting Services All Interested and Affected Parties (I&APs) are encouraged to register and raise concerns or provide comments and opinions. All Interested and Affected Parties will be provided with a Background Information Document (BID) comprising detailed information for the intended. A public meeting about the development will be held at: Venue: Tses Community Hall Date: 23 May 2018 Time: from 11H00 to 13H00 Should you wish to register as I&AP and receive a BID, please contact the Contact: Mr. C. AILONGA, Tel: (+264-61) 224197; Fax: (+264-61) 212165; E-Mail: DEADLINE FOR COMMENTS IS 30 MAY 2018. Siboleka granted a postponement of almost a year as the accused wanted to get money together for his defence. He opted to use the services of lawyer Mbanga Siyomunji on a private basis. It emerged however on Monday, when the trial was supposed to start, that Ganaxab had not paid Siyomunji. The case was again postponed to yesterday in order for Siyomunji to secure the funds. Ganaxab is in custody on an unrelated matter involving domestic violence. He is charged with beating to death Cathy Marlene Gatonye and attempting to kill Thalitha Patricia Khai-Gu Mungunda during August PROCUREMENT REQUEST FOR OPEN NATIONAL BIDDING Tender Number: Closing Date: G/ONB/NCAA-01/2018 11 May 2018 @ 10h00 Compilation and Printing ( 50 copies with additional on request) of Annual Report for the next three (3) years Web Please contact: Ms Athella Strauss, Tel: 061-702285, Mr. Bryn Stafford-Evans, Tel: 0832352151, 18 to 21, 2015 in Khomasdal. According to the charge sheet, Ganaxab met Gatonye and Mungunda at a bar during the late night hours of Tuesday, August 18 and the early hours of Wednesday, August 19, 2015. They later left the bar and drove to a service station in Khomasdal. After refueling the vehicle, Ganaxab withdrew money from a nearby ATM and the group continued their journey. Along the way an argument and later a physical fight ensued between Ganaxab, Gatonye and Mungunda and the vehicle was brought to a standstill. Mungunda managed to escape. Gatonye died on August 21, 2015 in hospital due to blunt force trauma to the head. She was beaten with fists and stabbed with a broken bottle. Elwen Ganaxab

Wednesday 9 May 2018 NEW ERA NEWS 5 Evicted family want compensation for mortgage contribution •Selma Ikela WINDHOEK – A family that was evicted from a house by the new owner is crying foul, asking to be compensated for the money they spent towards the mortgage of the house since 2003. The Kashishumbulwa family slept outside the yard, camping at the front gate, hoping that there would be some form of relief. The previous owner of the house Sheehama Amon Hashipala, it is alleged, was in a relationship with Rauna Kashishumbulwa for 15 years, and in 1993 had brought Kashishumbulwa into his house in Hakahana to assist with mortgage payment. Hashipala never lived in the house as he had accommodation provided by his employer. The Kashishumbulwa lived in the house with her children, none of whom where fathered with Hashipala. Kashishumbulwa’s children, who continued to live in the house until the eviction, are bitter that their mother spent so much money on the mortgage of the house until it was paid off, and they have considered it as their own, only to be evicted. “We have proof of payments from 1993 until the house was paid off,” remarked one of the children Rauna Paulus who wants what is due to them before they leave the house. Rauna is the namesake to her mother Kashishumbulwa. Attempts to reach Hashipala for comment were not successful as an unidentified woman answered the cellphone saying Hashipala is not at home and did not know when he would return. The new house owner Isak Haifete has been serving the family with eviction orders since September last year. A new eviction notice was issued again on March 7, 2018. Accompanied by the police, Haifete was this time successful in evicting Paulus from the house together her belongings. He also changed the locks. When approached for comment Haifete referred all questions to his lawyer. “When I bought the house there was no media present. And the person who called you [to the house] must give you answers,” said an irritated Haifete. Documents seen by New Era including a deed of transfer indicated that Haifete is the owner of the property and has approached his lawyers in the matter. Paulus said it is “painful after investing in the house all those years and not to be considered as owners.” They had paid monthly instalments and arrears on the mortgage. Paulus further said the mother, who has since moved to the north was at the time employed at the bakery and a part time kapana seller devotedly paid for the house until Paulus found employed in 2000. The family paid for the house until it was done in 2015 at the National A fistfight over goats killed by dogs •Obrein Simasiku OMUTHIYA – A farmer, Oscar Simasiku, has opened a case of assault against another farmer Ignatius Nkunga, alleging that Nkunga punched and assaulted him verbally at his workplace in the presence of his colleagues. Simasiku also alleges that Nkunga went to his cattle post and fired shots in the air to intimidate his cattle herders. The entire fight is rooted from allegations by Nkunga that Simasiku’s dogs killed three of his goats, a claim that Simasiku disputes. Both men registered counter charges with the police on the matter, confirmed the Zambezi Regional Commander, Commissioner Karel Theron. “Both cases are still under investigation, and once the investigations are done the law will take it course. However, there was a misunderstanding between the complainant and the investigation officer, of which the complainant believed that the police did not want to help him. So I called both of them and it was cleared,” said Theron. Nkunga is accused of firing gunshots at Simasiku’s cattle herders in March at the cattle post in the area of Masokotwani. Nkunga also has a cattle post in the vicinity. “My cowboys' dogs never went to his cattle post instead one went to Munyangano’s post, but Nkunga is insisting that it was my dogs yet there is no proof. He claims that three of his goats were killed, but we only saw one, which was dead and have never seen the carcass of the other two. I told him that we should sit and discuss the matter and have a common solution, but he never agreed to that,” said Simasiku. Nkunga refused to comment on the matter saying he has referred the issue to his lawyers. “That was just a slight touch, it is not even a punch. If I happen to punch you, you will definitely fall down. So on that note I will not comment further because the issue is already with my lawyers,” he stated. Housing Enterprise (NHE). The family is in possession of receipts and NHE documents regarding the house. Paulus is demanding to be compensated for the years they paid for the house. She said the family would REPUBLIC OF NAMIBIA OMUSATI REGIONAL COUNCIL REGIONAL PROCUREMENT COMMITTEE INVITATION FOR THE OPEN NATIONAL BIDS: OMUSATI REGIONAL COUNCIL PROCUREMENT COMMITTEE IS HEREBY INVITING ALL BIDDERS TO APPLY FOR THE FOLLOWING BIDS AVAILABLE IN THE REGION. 1. Bid Number: W/ONB/ORC-11/2017/18 – Omusati Region Description: Construction of one classroom for pre-primary at Opawa CS-Etayi Circuit 2. Bid Number: W/ONB/ORC-12/2017/18 – Omusati Region Description: Construction of one classroom for pre-primary at Ondeka CS-Anamulenge Circuit 3. Bid Number: W/ONB/ORC-13/2017/18 – Omusati Region Description: Construction of one classroom for pre-primary at Oukwandongo CS-Outapi Circuit 4. Bid Number: W/ONB/ORC-14/2017/18 – Omusati Region Description: Construction of one classroom for pre-primary at Oshikuyu CS-Etayi Circuit 5. Bid Number: W/ONB/ORC-15/2017/18 – Omusati Region Description: Construction of one classroom for pre-primary at Orange CS-Okalongo Circuit 6. Bid Number: W/ONB/ORC-16/2017/18 – Omusati Region Description: Construction of one classroom for pre-primary at Lukas Dama PS-Okalongo Circuit 7. Bid Number: W/ONB/ORC-17/2017/18 – Omusati Region Description: Construction of one classroom for pre-primary at Jerry Ekandjo CS-Outapi Circuit 8. Bid Number: W/ONB/ORC-18/2017/18 – Omusati Region Description: Construction of one classroom for pre-primary at Onaanda CS-Elim Circuit 9. Bid Number: W/ONB/ORC-19/2017/18 – Omusati Region Description: Construction of one classroom for pre-primary at Ondjungulume PS-Otamanzi Circuit 10. Bid Number: W/ONB/ORC-20/2017/18 – Omusati Region Description: Construction of one classroom for pre-primary at Alarki CS-Ruacana Circuit 11. Bid Number: W/ONB/ORC-21/2017/18 – Omusati Region Description: Construction of one classroom for pre-primary at Omakuva PS-Ruacana Circuit 12. Bid Number: W/ONB/ORC-22/2017/18 – Omusati Region Description: Construction of one classroom for pre-primary at Tsandi PS-Tsandi Circuit 13. Bid Number: W/ONB/ORC-23/2017/18 – Omusati Region Description: Construction of one classroom for pre-primary at Ontoko CS-Onesi Circuit 14. Bid Number: W/ONB/ORC-24/2017/18 – Omusati Region Description: Construction of one classroom for pre-primary at Ondeitotela CS-Anamulenge Circuit Closing Date: 11 June 2018 Closing Time: 11H00 Levy: N0.00 per bid (non-refundable) Payment Method: Cash payment or deposit to Omusati Regional Council – Capital Account: 3000283933, Bank Windhoek, Outapi Branch – 484173 (NB: Proof of payment must be presented when collecting a bid) NB: No Cheques are allowed! Enquiry: Administrative Technical Mr Erwin Kamati Mr Teeleleni Shaanyenenge Tel: 065-251019 Tel: 065-251019 Delivery Address: Directly into the Bid Box available at the Finance Division, Omusati Regional Council Head Quarters, Namaungu Street, Outapi. or Post it to: need the money to start over again. In addition, Paulus is worried that the family have nowhere to go. “We do not have a place to live in. We have to start all over again. It is scary and disappointing The Secretariat Regional Procurement Committee Omusati Regional Council Private Bag 523 OUTAPI if you see the housing situation in Namibia, it takes age to get an erven. I even enrolled myself at the municipality four years ago for erven but until now I am on the waiting list,” stated Paulus. Compulsory Site Visit: Date: 28 May 2018 (Oukwandongo CS & Jerry Ekandjo CS @ 10:00Am – 16:00PM) 28 May 2018 (Ondeitotela CS & Ondeka CS @ 10:00Am – 16:00PM) 29 May 2018 (Ontoko CS, Omakuva CS & Alariki CS @ 10:00Am – 16:00PM) 30 May 2018 (Opawa CS, Oshikuyu CS, OrangeCS & Lukas Dama @ 10:00Am – 16:00PM) 31 May 2018 (Tsandi PS, Onaanda CS & Ondjungulume PS @ 10:00Am – 16:00PM)

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