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New Era Newspaper Wednesday May 9, 2018

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6 Wednesday 9 May 2018 NEW ERA NEWS Kavango West clean-up campaign dates announced RUNDU – The Kavango West Region’s two-week clean-up campaign will commence on Friday, in line with President Hage Geingob’s call for a national clean-up day on 25 May. Geingob announced the national clean-up date during his State of the Nation Address in April. The campaign in the Kavango West Region will start at Siurungu village and Kakuro, followed by Maporesa and Karanawa on 18 May. Rupara village will be cleaned on 19 May, while Musese, Mbambi and Nankundu villages will be tidied on 20 May. On 21 May, the clean-up campaign will extend to Mayongora in Ncamagoro Constituency, Nzinze in Musese Constituency and Simanya village in Mpungu Constituency. The following day, 22 May, the cleaning activities will be at Kakuwa village in Mpungu Constituency, Naucova in Musese Constituency followed by Katope ko Mugoro, Tuguva, Hema and Mbeyo in Ncamagoro Constituency and Ncuncuni village in Ncuncuni Constituency. Nkurenkuru and other nearby places and villages will be cleaned on the day of the national clean-up - 25 May. The president said at the time that it is unacceptable that due to littering, Namibians have allowed the City of Windhoek to lose its position as the ‘Cleanest City in Africa’ to Kigali in Rwanda. The nationwide cleanup campaign was initially scheduled for 1 May, which is perennially celebrated as Workers Day (May Day). Meanwhile, Kavango West Governor Sirkka Ausiku told Nampa upon enquiry on Monday that a regional committee has been formed to deal with all preparations. Ausiku heads the committee that includes all members of the Kavango West Regional Council as well as local authority councillors and chief regional officer Mpasi Katewa. “We also have a technical committee which is headed by the CRO and the chief executive officer of the Nkurenkuru Town Council, Petrus Sindimba, to look at the logistics part of the campaign,” said Ausiku. The governor said she met with the two traditional authorities in the region – Ukwangali and Mbunza – to assist in other areas of the campaign. She said their structures, from the chiefs to village headmen and women, can assist in educating villagers to keep their environments clean. “The reason we met with the traditional authorities is that we just don’t want the clean-up campaign to be a one-off thing on the 25th, but we want the programme to continue on a monthly basis.” Ausiku said they aim to educate residents through radio programmes on the importance of a clean environment and to instil a culture of cleanliness. – Nampa Hardap clean-up campaign starts at Maltahöhe REHOBOTH – The Hardap Regional Council under the auspices of the Office of the Hardap Governor on Monday held a clean-up campaign in Maltahöhe. The campaign, held under the banner ‘Road to Rehoboth’, attracted over 400 people and formed part of the nationwide mass clean-up campaign slated for 25 May. President Hage Geingob declared 25 May as the national clean-up campaign day during his State of the Nation Address in April. In an interview with Nampa on Monday, Hardap Regional Governor Esme Sophia Isaack said the regional clean-up campaign serves as motivation and a mobilisation drive for the residents of the region to be part of the mass nationwide clean-up campaign. “As we all know our President Hage Geingob suggested 25 May as the nationwide cleanup campaign day and as residents of Hardap we elected a technical committee to mobilise the residents to be part of the campaign,” Isaack noted. She said judging from the turnout in Maltahöhe she has no doubt that the main event will be a huge success. The campaign in Hardap started on Monday at Maltahöhe, to followed by Gibeon (9 May), Kriess (11 May), Gochas (14 May), Aranos (15 May), Stampriet (17 May), Hoachanas (18 May), Klein-Aub (19 May), Mariental (21 May), Kalkrand on 23 May, ending with Rehoboth on 25 May. Isaack thanked the community members and other stakeholders that participated in the Maltahöhe operation, while lashing out at local business owners for not assisting the event, saying they should plough back into the community as part of their social responsibility. “Businesses should be part of these types of events and meet the regional council halfway in their operations. Only then can we make our region a conducive environment for all,” she said. – Nampa REPUBLIC OF NAMIBIA OMUSATI REGIONAL COUNCIL REGIONAL PROCUREMENT COMMITTEE BIDDERS ARE HEREBY INVITED FOR THE ANNUAL BIDS FOR PUMPING OUT OF SEPTIC TANKS AND REMOVAL OF HOUSEHOLDS REFUSE AT VARIOUS GRN INSTITUTION IN OMUSATI REGION REFERENCE NUMBER: NCS/IQ/ORC – 454/2017/18 TITLE: BIDDING DOCUMENTS: LEVY: ANNUAL BIDS FOR PUMPING OUT OF SEPTIC TANKS AND REMOVAL OF HOUSEHOLDS REFUSE AT VARIOUS GRN INSTITUTION IN OMUSATI REGION Bid documents are obtainable at the Finance Division, Omusati Regional Council Buildings, Namaungu Street, Outapi from the 9 May 2018. N0.00 VAT included (Non – refundable) ENQUIRIES: Administration: Mr. Erwin Kamati: Tel: 065 – 251019 Fax 065 – 251078 Technical: Department of Works: Mr IT Shiimi: 065-250800 Fax 065-250826 DELIVERY ADDRESS: CLOSING DATE: Friday, 8 June 2018 at 11h00 Deposit your sealed and clearly marked envelope in the Bid Box at the Finance Division, Omusati Regional Council Buildings, Outapi or Send it to: The Head of Procurement Management Unit Omusati Regional Council Private Bag 523, OUTAPI Tidying up… Community members pictured during the ‘Road to Rehoboth’ clean-up campaign held in Maltahohe on Monday. The nationwide cleanup day will be held in Rehoboth on 25 May. Photo: Nampa Fraud case involving police officers not finalised •Maria Amakali W I N D H O E K - Investigations into the case of fraud that saw four officers from the Namibian Police Force (Nampol) Drug L a w E n f o r c e m e n t Unit taking a stand in the dock is yet to be finalised. The officers are accused of having extorted N,000 from a man they accused of growing cannabis in his backyard garden, after they allegedly removed two cannabis plants from the garden. Making their second appearance in the Windhoek Magistrate’s Court on Monday, Nelson Geiriseb, 29, Naemi Katunahange, 28, Wendy Tjijeura, 28, and Nangolo Namngol, 28, who are all investigative officers in the drug unit, were informed that investigations into their case are yet to be finalised. Public Prosecutor Tatelo Lusepani informed the court that currently the investigative officer still needs to obtain two witness statements and closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage to finalise investigations. The four officers are charged with corruptly using their position for gratification and corruptly giving a false document which is in contravention of the Anti-Corruption Commission Act. Geiriseb and his coaccused were arrested in March after they were reported to the police by a drug suspect and released on bail of N,000 each. Court documents state that the four officers falsely arrested Peter Ludwig Muller for being in possession of cannabis plants on March 13 and made him pay an admission of guilt. Geiriseb and his co-accused allegedly worked in cahoots to mislead Muller into paying N,000 as a supposed fine. Court documents further indicate that the accused officers only recorded in the receipt book that Muller paid N,000 instead of N,000. According to police reports at the time, Muller reported the officers to the police after he became suspicious of their activities. Magistrate Mwilima Mwilima gave a final remand for police investigations. Geiriseb and his co-accused’s bail were extended until their appearance in court on June 27.

Wednesday 9 May 2018 NEW ERA NEWS 7 Omusati, Kunene governors to discuss Omakange land debacle WINDHOEK - Kunene Governor Marius Sheya and Omusati Governor Erginus Endjala are set to meet in the coming weeks to find a permanent solution to the longstanding Omakange land dispute. In an interview with Nampa recently, Sheya confirmed that he would be meeting Endjala and traditional leaders of the affected groups to chart the way forward on the issue. According to Sheya, he will take the matter from where his predecessor – the late Angelika Muharukua – left off. “This is a very sensitive matter Kunene Regional Governor, Marius Sheya and my predecessor was working on it. I am setting up a meeting with my counterparts so that we can find an amicable solution,” said Shaya, without specifying the date for the said meeting. The dispute stems from accusations that people from Omusati Region occupy and have fenced off large tracks of land in villages such as Omakange, Otjiurunga, Omuhama, Otjerunda, Otjondeka, Otjindjerese, Otuzemba and Ehomba. On his part, Endjala was ready to meet Sheya to put the matter to bed once and for all. Endjala said they were looking for the right avenues to sit the two factions down together to work out a lasting solution to the land dispute, which spans well over two decades. “The traditional authorities must put their dispute aside and allow for a political intervention,” said Endjala. “We will look for avenues where we can meet and map the way forward,” he added. Late last year, 91 traditional leaders from Kunene petitioned to President Hage Geingob, demanding for his intervention in the land dispute. However, this petition did not yield any response from the highest office in the land and the group reportedly resorted to mobilising and threatening to take matters into their own hands to address the land predicament. Traditional leaders from Kunene have aired their frustrations over the manner in which the Uukwaluudhi Traditional Authority, under the leadership of Chief Shikongo Taapopi, allegedly continues fencing off huge pieces of grazing areas that are part of the former “Kaokoland”, currently known as the Kunene Region. The Uukwaluudhi Traditional Authority meanwhile, has refuted these allegations, saying the purported land dispute is politically motivated. – Nampa Endjala trust Omakange’s potential to become logistics hub FOR LOCAL TENDER BOARD VISION STATEMENT We commit to make Otjiwarongo a vibrant socio-economic powerhouse. WINDHOEK – Omusati Governor, Erginus Endjala believes that the location of Omakange makes it an ideal place for business development and can become the logistical hub of northern Namibia. Endjala made these remarks in an interview with Nampa recently, in which he said Omakange’s business potential should be unlocked and maximised for the benefit of its inhabitants. “We should put our political or traditional differences aside and work on how Omakange can benefit us all,” said Endjala in reference to the longstanding land dispute between traditional authorities that has marred the area. Endjala said Omakange was in the centre of a triangle that links Opuwo and Kamanjab in the Kunene Region and Ruacana in the Omusati Region. “Omakange has a huge economic potential and can become the northern logistical hub. It will benefit both of us [Kunene and Omusati],” said Endjala. He said residents of the village, which is located 60 kilometres south of Opuwo, need employment opportunities. He said the leadership of both regions need to look at areas of growth, which can be of mutual benefit to them. “This can only be achieved by unlocking its business potential,” he said, adding, “Our people need a hospital. We need development to take place. Even this health centre at Omakange is not big enough. We need a proper hospital.” Over the last two decades, Omakange has been caught in land disputes, one of which has seen the Uukwaluudhi Traditional Authority leaders and traditional leaders from the Kunene Region at loggerheads. On the one hand, traditional leaders from Kunene are accusing their Omusati counterparts of illegally occupying and fencing off large tracks of land in Kunene, beyond their area of jurisdiction - at villages such as Omakange, Otjiurunga, Omuhama, Otjerunda, Otjondeka, Otjindjerese, Otuzemba and Ehomba - while the Uukwaluudhi Traditional Authority has refuted these allegations, saying the dispute was politically motivated. - Nampa 1. GRAZING CAMPS FOR LIVESTOCK RE-ADVERTISEMENT LEASE OF MUNICIPAL PROPERTIES INVITATION FOR BID: NCS-TB/ONB/OTM/6/18 CAMP NO. SIZE OF HECTARES CARRYING CAPACITY INSET PRICE/HEAD/MONTH INSET PRICE N$ ANNUAL INCREMENT LEASE PERIOD 1 2060 150 30.00 4,500.00 6% 5 years 2 1725 130 30.00 3,900.00 6% 5 years 3 1463 104 30.00 3,120.00 6% 5 years 4 732 52 30.00 1,560.00 6% 5 years 6 1500 115 30.00 3,450.00 6% 5 years NB: Deposit required on Grazing Camps for Livestock, 1X the offered monthly installment 2. HORSE CAMPS CAMP NO. SIZE OF HECTARES CARRYING CAPACITY INSET PERICE/HEAD/MONTH INSERT PRICE N$ ANNUAL INCREMENT 1 75 8 30.00 240.00 6% 5 years 2 17 2 30.00 60.00 6% 5 years 3 65 6 30.00 180.00 6% 5 years 4 108 10 30.00 300.00 6% 5 years 3. AGRICULTURAL PLOTS CAMP NO. SIZE OF HECTARES INSERT PRICE N$ ANNUAL INCREMENT LEASE PERIOD A 1.1 110.00 6% 5 years B 0.9 90.00 6% 5 years C 0.9 90.00 6% 5 years D 1.2 120.00 6% 5 years E 1.0 100.00 6% 5 years F 0.7 70.00 6% 5 years G 1.1 110.00 6% 5 years I 0.6 60.00 6% 5 years J 0.5 50.00 6% 5 years 4. LEASE THE BUILDING AT OTJIWARONGO CEMETERY TO OPERATE IT AS A MORGUE Tenders are hereby invited for the lease of the building to operate it as a morgue, at Otjiwarongo cemetery situated at Erf 1169, Ramblers Road, Otjiwarongo as from July 2018 to June 2023. The reserve price is N$ 1000.00. BID DOCUMENT Available as from 7 th of May 2018 2 Kreft Street Otjiwarongo, Namibia PREFERENCE POLICY Terms and Conditions as per Town Planning or Property Policy Apply ONLY SITE VISITS Wednesday, 23 rd May 2018 @ 11:00 LEVY N$ 1000.00 (Non Refundable) CLOSING DATE Wednesday, 6 June 2018 @ 12:00 ENQUIRIES DELIVERY ADDRESS OPENING OF BIDS Mrs Inge Kaveterua or Desmond Zauisomue Tel: 067 302 231 Fax: 067 302 098 Email: The Head of Procurement Management Unit Otjiwarongo Municipality 2 Kreft Street OTJIWARONGO, Namibia Bids will be opened in the presence of bidders/representatives who choose to attend at Otjiwarongo Municipality, 2 Kreft Street Club Hall @ 12:000 on 6 th June 2018 GENERAL/ PREFERENCE POLICY The council shall not incur any obligation with regards to E.O.I exercise and reserves the right to accept or reject any interest expressed or cancel the whole exercise . THE SLOGAN - “Otjiwarongo – Cheetah capital of the world” 2018.05.02

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