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New Era Newspaper Wednesday November 1, 2017

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18 WORLD Wednesday, November 1 2017 | NEW ERA KIEV A Chechen volunteer soldier who was accused of plotting to kill Russian President Vladimir Putin was wounded and his wife killed Monday when their The apparent assassination was the latest involving high-profile figures in Ukraine It also threatened to further damage relations between two neighbours which already Ukrainian interior ministry adviser Anton Gerashchenko said Amina Okuyeva died and her husband Adam Osmayev was injured when their car was hit by a hail of bullets “Adam Osmayev was wounded, but he will live,” Gerash- Interior ministry spokesman Yaroslav Trakalo confirmed Okuyeva’s death to the In- He later added that investigators planned to open a “premeditated mur- Putin assassination plot suspect wounded, wife killed in Ukraine Photo: Nampa/AFP Scene of attack… A policeman stands guard next to the site where Amina Okuyeva was shot dead in the small town of Hlevakha, some 30 km south from Kiev, late on Monday. Chechen volunteer soldier Adam Osmayev who was accused of plotting to kill Russian President Vladimir Putin was wounded and his wife Amina Okuyeva killed Oc- renowned husband-and-wife team fought as volunteers alongside Ukrainian forces battling Russian-backed insurgents in the east of the war-scarred state. Osmayev was accused by Moscow authorities of plotting to kill Putin just weeks before the Russian lead- He was held for two and a half years in a Ukrainian prison A second suspect in that case was sentenced in 2013 to 10 years in prison after being handed Osmayev had already survived an assassination attempt in Kiev The June bid to kill Osmayev was staged by a man who initially presented himself as a journal- The Ukrainian interior ministry later identified the as- The locally renowned husbandand-wife team fought as volunteers alongside Ukrainian forces battling Russian-backed insurgents in Monday’s attack occurred less than a week after Ukraine opened a terror probe into a bombing that wounded a nationalist Radical Party member Igor Mosiychuk was walking out of a television studio after giving an interview Wednesday when an explosive device went off near Mosiychuk’s bodyguard died on the way to hospital and a Both Mosiychuk and Ukrainian prosecutors said they suspected the Russian security ser- That blast was the latest in a string of politically charged bombings to have hit the Ukrai- Former Russian opposition lawmaker Denis Voronenkov was gunned down in broad daylight A car bomb killed journalist independent Ukrainska Pravda news site’s reporter had denounced the political courses And a colonel with the Ukrainian defence ministry’s intelligence service was killed when his car All three cases remain unsolved and Russia has rejected all charges – Nampa/AFP rofectus 19_10_17 ARE YOU TOUGH ENOUGH TO PULL A TRAIN? …THEN JOIN OUR WINNING TEAM PURPOSE OF THE JOB Responsible for the creative conceptualization and designs for the Advertising Agency, it’s clientele and New Era Publication Corporation [NEPC]. The Art Director will be tasked with creating and maintaining the visual look and feel for all advertising agency clients’ work, whilst ensuring that the New Era Publication Corporation branding marketing materials are in conformity with the NEPC Corporate Identity Manual. The Art Director will further need to translate marketing strategy into a visual language that speaks to the target audience and expresses the brand equity. Degree in Advertising & Graphic Design or Visual Arts (NQF Level 7) Five (5) years experience in an advertising agency Sound experience in having lead a creative team Valid driver’s license Excellent graphic design skills Sound experience in Adobe Creative Suite Ability to translate marketing strategy into persuasive layouts, logos and packaging Ability to manage a project from concept through production Sound advertising agency experience Good command of the English language and any other local language Ability to meet deadlines Ability to work under pressure Ability to work long hours Honest and trustworthy Translate marketing and branding strategy into look and feel Conceptualization of campaigns Management of campaigns Ability to use your teeth to hammer in steel nails Maintain visual look and feel for all work Facilitate creative meetings Ensure that agency clientele communications and marketing materials are visually engaging and the call to action message is clear MORE ABOUT THE POST This is a challenging position, and to attract the right person, a competitive remuneration package; which recognizes the competence and experience of the successful candidate would be negotiated. New Era Publication Corporation is an equal employment opportunity employer and applicants who are able and competent to perform the required duties are encouraged to apply. We are inviting applications for this position from Namibian citizens meeting the criteria for the position. Interested candidates should submit a comprehensive non-returnable CV The Human Resources Department New Era Publication Corporation Private Bag 13364 Windhoek Email: Or RECEPTION New Era Publication Corporation Cnr of Dr W. Külz and Kerby Streets Windhoek No faxed documents will be considered. Only shortlisted candidates A subsidiary of: Catalonia’s ex-leader seeking legal advice in Belgium BRUSSELS Carles Puigdemont, who was president last week by Madrid’s central government, spoke with a lawyer in Belgium on Monday as Spanish prosecutors sought rebellion charges against the But Paul Bekaert, who specialises in asylum issues, said “Puigdemont is not in Belgium to request asylum”, only to prepare a legal riposte to “On this matter (asylum) nothing has yet been decided,” “I spoke with him personally in “I have more than 30 years of experience with the extradition and political asylum for Spanish Basques, and it’s probably because of this Spanish media outlets reported that Puigdemont was travelling with several Bekaert was one of the lawyers for Luis Maria Zengotitabengoa, a suspected member of the armed Basque separatist group ETA, whose extradition from Belgium Spain’s chief prosecutor Jose Manuel Maza said he was seeking charges including rebellion – punishable by up to 30 years in prison – and sedition against the Catalan leaders who were Maza said they had “caused an institutional crisis that led to the unilateral declaration of independence carried out on October 27 with total A court now has to decide But several experts said it seemed unlikely that Puigdemont would be able to secure the status of “It’s quite exceptional to obtain asylum for a citizen of a European Union country,” Dirk van den Bulck of Belgium’s CGRA refugee He would have to prove a “threat of persecution” in his country of origin and an impossibility of being protected there, Van Den Bulck said, which would be a direct contradiction of “the respect of fundamental rights” Belgium’s immigration minister, a member of the Flemish separatist N-VA party, suggested Saturday that Puigdemont But Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel later poured cold water on the idea, and an N-VA spokesperson told AFP the party had not invited Puigdemont maintains that the result of the banned independence referendum on October 1 gave the region’s parliament a mandate to declare Friday that it was breaking Following this declaration, Madrid sacked Catalan’s leaders and took control of the semiautonomous region under a – Nampa/AFP

Wednesday, November 1 2017 | NEW ERA 19 TENDER INFORMATION As an added bonus for our readers we will publish the results of all tenders opened in public from Mondays to Thursdays on a regular basis. This information is noted and reported by a New Era Reporter Closing at NamWater 17 October 2017 2017. G/RFQ/NW-46/2018 Water Infrastructure Material Four bids were received for the supply and delivery of Steel Corporation. Bid prices as announced for: 2 923.70 8 556.05 3. Valco Pumps & Valves 0 122.80 4. Sinclair Services 721.88 G/ONB/NW-022/2018 Voltage Motors Corporation. Bid prices as announced for: 7 47.622 (tender amount not appearing on front page of bid document) 2. Pupkewitz Megatech 1 524.86 3. Dynamic Power Solutions 5 677.80 option 1 1 340.10 option 2 3 518.19 option 3 1 277.40 option 4 8 058.19 option 5 7 408.90 option 6 014 654.96 6. Central Technical Supplies option 1 2 414.68 option 2 6 922.62 option 3 1 238.29 2 525.97 6 483.40 G/ONB/NW-018/2018 Submersible Pump Sets Ten bids were received for the supply and delivery of Submersible Project to the Namibia Water Corporation. Bid prices as announced for: 1. Danste Industrial 2 354.00 7 209.15 3. Valco Pumps & Valves 9 850.00 4. Dovetail Civils 0 931.66 124.80 9 579.75 option 1 4 952.08 option 2 0 126.36 option 3 9 782.71 option 4 3 827.25 6 048.00 657.08 4 726.00 G/ONB/NW-019/2018 IT Equipment D3100 SAF to the Namibia Water Corporation. Bid prices as announced for: 1. GGG Investment 9 779.00 2. Nghikongwa Trading 3 015.90 3. GHM Investment 3 390.15 5 409.98 0 278.20 6. Utopia Investment 6 307.50 7. VCS Computer 7 325.00 8. Dovetail Civils 9 248.32 9. Statsol Trading 4 347.00 5 285.35 12. Kei-Di Investment 3 609.70 13. Wandeuya Investment 4 544.50 9 205.00 15. Namibia Computron Distribution 0 862.85 16. Kakangala Investment 9 450.28 Methods of Procurement Subject to section 27 (2) of the Public Procurement Act the following choices for procurement are available to the Central Procurement Board or a public entity: 1. Procurement of goods, works and non-consultancy services by means of: Apart from open advertised bidding, the other methods of bidding under the procurement of goods, works and non-consultancy services may be used if the public entity has reason to believe that open advertised bidding: Ø Does not support Government policies like empowerment and Ø Is too costly to apply, given the value of the procurement. In the case that any of these eight methods were used, the Board/ entity must report the grounds for the said choice of procurement on the basis of: 3.1 Open advertised bidding: Ø In a newspaper with wide circulation. Ø In case of international bidding in selected international media with wide circulation. Ø In the public procurement portal with a prescribed disclaimer. This type of bidding allows for a public entity to give an advantage or preference to Namibian goods, services, suppliers or persons in the empowerment (previously disadvantaged) categories in case of the open advertised bidding process. 3.2 Open national bidding: Makes provision for participation in open advertised bidding strictly to citizens of Namibia or entities incorporated in Namibia with no less than 51% Namibian Citizen shareholding of which no less than 30% is owned by previously disadvantaged persons where these limitations are part of the invitation. Method of bidding applicable when: threshold other conditions from more than one supplier in Namibia goods/services are available from international bidders. 3.4 Restricted bidding: May be used_ are only available from a limited number of bidders large or to small in comparison to the value of the procurement prescribed threshold suppliers appearing on pre-approved supplier eligibility lists drawn up and maintained by the public entity in a prescribed manner in order to make sure that suppliers of specialized goods and capability to supply those goods and services. has reason to believe that the goods or services are only available from a limited number of bidders, it must directly ensure to obtain bids from all known suppliers capable of supplying these goods and services. When this manner of bidding is use on grounds that the time and cost of considering a large number of bids is too large or to small in comparison with to the value of the procurement and prescribed threshold, it must, as far as reasonably possible, 3.5 Request for sealed quotations: May be used for the procurement of: small services or small works; if the estimated value of the are not available from three tenderers. may be prescribed, should be included. not be altered or negotiated. 3.6 Emergency Procurement: Used in cases of emergency and limited, as far as possible to the period of the emergency in order for competitive procurement methods to be maybe utilized afterwards. For the purpose of this section, “emergency” includes a situation where_ Ø The country is either seriously threatened by, or actually confronted with a natural disaster, catastrophe, or war; compromised; or publicly owned capital goods may seriously deteriorate if, unless action is urgently and necessarily taken to maintain them in their actual value or usefulness. 3.7 Execution by Public Entities: This method of procurement may be used in the case where one or more of the following conditions are present: Ø An activity is likely not to attract bidders, at least not at a reasonable price, in view of its size, nature, location or scattered suppliers. Ø An activity is such that, if carried out by a supplier, it would impose an unacceptable risk on the supplier because the cost cannot be determined in advance. Ø The risk of unavoidable work interruptions is better borne by the public entity than by a supplier. the only practical method for the supply of services under special circumstances. Ø An activity for a pilot project of particular nature for the development of a technology work method cannot be carried out by a supplier. Ø Staff members of the public entity carry out the service without are familiar with those operations. Ø A public entity has the capacity to do such work on behalf of the Government. Ø There is an emergency such as natural disaster which calls for immediate action; or Ø Any other condition as the Minister may from time to time determine by notice in the Government Gazette. (Source: Public Procurement Act, 2015) DISCLAIMER: NOTE THAT NEITHER NEW ERA NOR THE TENDER BOARD IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY WRONG INFORMATION OR ERRORS.

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